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Blood, Love & Tears

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It’s raining.

''It’s raining a lot more these days.'' Jimin thinks.

He’s walking back to his apartment after a long day at school. He needs to change and leave his heavy bags, filled with books at home so he can go work another long night shift.

Today was tiring for Jimin, even more so than usual, his teacher decided to give his class an extra project for this semester. Normally he wouldn’t mind the extra schoolwork but the last few weeks have been exhausting because of his job. A few minutes later he’s in front of his apartment, which he shares with his best friend Taehyung.  

He met Taehyung when he was 19, they were in the same class. Jimin being a shy person, didn't stop the social butterfly Taehyung from talking to him. They clicked right away and they’ve been best friends ever since, even coming to the point of living together.

He walks into their apartment, put’s his umbrella aside, before looking around for any sign of Taehyung. Their apartment has a simple livingroom, two bedrooms, a kitchen and a normal sized bathroom. It’s not too expensive and they split all the bills so they can manage going to university and also have a social life.

‘’Tae are you home?’’ Jimin shouts while he enters the apartment and takes his shoes and jacket off.

‘’Yeah, I’m in the livingroom.’’ Taehyung shouts back.

As Jimin walks to the livingroom with his heavy bag, he sees Taehyung laying on the couch with a bag of potato chips while watching some comedyshow.

Like always Taehyung is wearing only his boxer and a plain white t-shirt. With looks like Taehyung’s it doesn't matter what he wears, he will always look like a runway model. Since they are platonic soulmates they are used to seeing each other in much less without even flinching, so the sight of Taehyung in his boxers does nothing to him.

Jimin walks to the counter to grab himself a cup of water. While gulping down his glass Taehyung looks up and gives him a boxy smile before starting his daily rambling ‘’Are you going to work today?’’ he asks. Jimin puts down the glass before answering ‘’yeah, i have this shift from 10.30pm till 2am. I’m really tired and want to skip out but I really can’t miss anymore hours after my cold from last week.’’

Jimin works part-time at a highclass club only the elite could afford going to, called Havana. The shifts are hell but the pay is good. He won’t find any other job that pays this good.

Taehyung looks up and starts walking towards Jimin. He stops in front of him before lifting up Jimin’s chin and giving him a peck on the cheek.

‘’Awhhh, my cute chimchim is tired, do you wanna cuddle a bit before work?’’.

Jimin looks up at him as Taehyung is taller than him by a few inches, and puts his arms around the taller's neck so he can pull him in for a whole body hug. Jimin likes skinship and that’s nothing new to Taehyung, he knows Jimin loves to get hugs, kisses and cuddle when he is tired. Jimin is shy by nature so he doesn’t do skinship with a lot of people that’s why Taehyung gives him all the love he needs. He would do anything for his Chimchim.

They stand there hugging each other for awhile before Jimin pulls away and tells Taehyung he is going to shower and change so he can get ready to go to his job.

After finishing his shower Jimin walks to his closet to find something nice to wear tonight. Jin, his manager and one of his good friends, told him tonight was a special night and some important people would visit Havana’s so he should try and look his best. He takes out the thightest pants he owns, black leather ones, and puts them on.

He bought the pants a while ago with Taehyung, because the latter kept nagging at him to purchase them. Jimin can’t say he regrets the choice, because they do make his ass look great. Hard work pays off, after all he didn’t do those squats with Taehyung every week for years in vain. Always hearing the taller talk about all the nice dicking they would get after they finished the workouts.

After zipping up his jeans, he finds himself a nice loose white blouse and puts it on. Jimin walks to his mirror and puts on some smokey eye make-up which he learned to do from Taehyung. After he finishes his make-up he starts blow drying his newly colored silver hair. When he looks himself over in the mirror he smiles to himself because for once he is happy with the end result. He starts walking to the kitchen where Taehyung's cleaning up the mess they made the day before. Hearing the footsteps Taehyung turns around and gives Jimin a once-over, from head till toe.

‘’Turn around for me Chimchim, I need to see everything.’’

‘’Urghh, really?’’ Jimin grunts.

‘’Yup! Really, before I start groping every part of you, you can’t deny my request to see the almighty Jibooty in those pants!’’  

Jimin gasps and glares at Taehyung for giving his ass a name but he has heard worse, so before Taehyung really starts groping him he turns around. Normally he wouldn’t mind Tae groping him but sometimes he gets these nasty customers who like to get touchy-feely so he would love to start the day with no groping. After about 5 seconds or so of turning, Jimin looks back at Taehyung and sees a smirk on his bestfriend’s face. He knows filth is going to come out of Tae’s mouth whenever he has that look. Damned Taehyung and his ’’no filter’’!

‘’You look great Chimchim! I told you those pants would make your ass look even more fuckable! If you get home tonight without limping we aren’t friends anymore. These pants are just screaming ‘i wanna get some nice dick far up my ass.’ he ends with a grin.

‘’Ohmygod Tae! Can you stop saying that.. I don’t plan to get laid tonight. I just want to make some money and maybe get some nice tips!’’ Jimin says with a slight pout.

‘’Awhh come on Jimin, it’s time to get yourself a suggardaddy at that highclass club you work at! Or at least a handsome cheabol with a 7 inch dick. Yep, I won’t allow you to take anything under 7 that’s just disrespect to the ‘’Jibooty’’. The booty is holy and only deserves the best dick there is!’’.

Jimin is used to Tae's dickjokes but that doesn’t mean his face doesn’t flush bright red everytime he starts talking about anything sex related.

‘’Tae! Stop it!! I dont want to get laid tonight! You fucking sizequeen! Stop talking about dicks in my or your own ass the whole time! It’s time for me to go and I better don’t get any texts from you about 7 inch+ dicks or I will block you!’’.

Taehyung gasps at Jimin's threat and starts opening his mouth to make another dirty comment but before he could Jimin runs to his room to get his wallet, phone and jacket. He puts some lipgloss on his lips and runs to the door to put on one of his nicer pairs of shoes.

‘’Bye Tae, see you later!’’ Jimin shouts before getting his keys.

‘’Bye Jibooty! And remember if you don’t get yourself some dick tonight, I will lock you out!’’ He can hear the smirk in Taehyung's voice.

Jimin rolls his eyes before leaving and closes the door.

He takes the bus to Gangnam, which he arrives at withing 20 minutes. Jimin is glad the bus trip was short because al the stares he got from the others in the bus were making him self conscious, so after the ride he called Taehyung to calm his nerves. Taehyung is used to this by now. Yes, he knows Jimin is shy and insecure, so all the attention doesn’t do him any good. Jimin’s mood is probably ruined because he think he looks like an idiot trying to outdo himself. Little did Jimin know people look at him because he is beautiful, his looks already being ethereal and otherworldly, the silver hair and smokey eyes adding up the to the effect. If his jacket was shorter it wouldn’t be just his face people would stare at Taehyung thinks.

Jimin used to have a toned body but after he got too busy with school, to work out, his muscles got smaller. He still looks good just minus the abs. His thighs are still thick and his booty still round and full because he keeps doing the squats with him. His cheeks are chubby, that’s why he keeps calling Jimin ‘chimchim’. He has a sharp jawline, full lips and eyes that turn crescent moon shaped when smiling, giving Jimin the cute but sexy type of face. All-in all Jimin is beautiful. If only he could see himself the way Taehyung and a lot of other people did. Taehyung sighs to himself when Jimin ends the call and hopes one day he will love himself just as much as Taehyung loves Jimin.

Don’t get him wrong, Jimin can still be sassy and stand up for himself when needed, but when it comes down to his looks Jimin is really insecure. Jimin had a shitty ex who made it even worse. Lucky for Jimin having good friends as he does, they helped him a lot while he was struggling with how he feels about himself. This has helped his self-image get a little bit better than before, but there are still some deep scars left behind that can’t be healed that easily.

While walking to Havana’s, Jimin sees the usual crowd in Gangnam, rich businessmen entering different bars to get themselves some expensive drinks, that Jimin could only afford if he decided to use his weeks worth of salary.

He sees more and more people looking at him, some even whistling. Jimin’s never liked the attention and nasty comments he got while going to work. They make him very anxious, so he starts walking faster to Havana’s before his mood sinks down even lower than it already was.

When he sees the golden sign with the bar’s name he exhales, he didn't even notice he was holding his breath this whole time.

He skips the que outside the club entrance, while the people who were waiting there are giving him nasty looks as he walks directly up to the bouncer.

The bouncer, named Jackson, is one of Jimin’s friends at his workplace. Jimin started working at the extravagant club five months ago. The people working at the club are all really nice and feel like friends already to him. He has never adjusted this fast.

He would never have if it wasn’t for Jin helping him get the job and introducing him to the team. Jin is one of Jimin and Taehyung’s friend who they met at a gay bar in Itaewon a few years ago. They clicked right away, and their friendship is still going strong after three wholesome years.

Jackson looks up to see Jimin walking up to him.

‘’Hey Jimin, Jin is waiting for you in his office, wanting to talk to you about the guests tonight.’’ Jackson says with a smile.

‘’Thanks Jackson, I’ll see you later.’’

Jimin walks inside the club towards the security after Jackson let him trough. Two security guards are standing at the door to check the guests for any weapons or drugs. The club is one of the best in whole Korea, so they need to keep everything nice, clean and safe. They also check the employees so Jimin needs to step forward and let them check him like always.

He doesn’t like one of the guards called Yukwon. That’s because his hands always stick around a little longer than necessary on his behind. After he was done being checked, more so being groped, two other employees open the big black doors. Jimin enters and already sees that it’s going to be packed tonight, the music is loud like usual. The club is big with a first and second floor, five bars in total. Three on the first floor and two on the second. There are poles in each corner of the club with dancers, swinging and dancing, who are trying to impress the customers with their alluring moves. Waiters and waitresses are walking around in extra and skimpy clothes, serving the customers here and there while putting on their best smiles.

The club is one of the best so they only hire people that are goodlooking or easy on the eye but serious at the work they do. If it wasn’t for Jin he wouldn’t have had this job Jimin thinks, and sighs while thinking about himself being on his co-workers level of beauty.

He looks up to the second floor where Jin's office is, and also the workers resting and changing rooms. On the second floor there are also some private rooms, but only the more wealthy could afford those kind of rooms. A glass of whiskey served in those rooms probably costs more than Jimin his month salary.

Jimin walks to the stairs and goes up to the second floor, walking towards Jin’s office. At the front door of the office he knocks and hears a soft ‘come in’ before entering.

Inside the office he sees Jin behind his desk like always, looking up at Jimin and giving him a smile.

‘’Hey Chim, you look really good.’’ Jin says with a smile on his face.

‘’Thank you.. you told me to clean up so I tried my best, who are these important people that are coming today?’’ Jimin answers while there appears a flush of a soft tone of pink after the compliment on his cheeks.

‘’Honestly I don't know. The higher-ups called and told me to make sure these customers get everything they need.’’ Jin sighs. ‘’That’s why I’m going to let you and Hoseok serve them. You guys are part of our best crew.’’

Jimin bites his lips nervously before looking at Jin. Another night serving dirty old men Jimin thinks disgustedly.

Jimin nods at Jin before asking when they'll arrive.

‘’They’ll arrive around 11 p.m., make sure you and Hoseok have at least 2 of our best bottles with you before you enter their room. They also ordered some bottles of choice before hand. They will take private room #6 at the end of the hall.’’

‘’Alright, I’m going to find Hoseok and tell him the plans for tonight, see you later Jin.’’

Jin gives him another smile before resuming his work behind his laptop. Jimin walks towards the changing room, because he knows for sure Hoseok is there like always before his shift.

When Jimin enters he sees Hoseok sitting on the couch with one of the bartenders. He walks towards Hoseok and the bartender, when Hoseok looks up and sees Jimin walking towards him he gives one of his famous shiny smiles. The bartender, Tim, bows a little before leaving the room to start his shift.

‘’Jiminie! I missed you last week, I’m so happy you’re looking better now!’’ Hoseok screams while running to Jimin for a hug. Hoseok has always been loud, so Jimin doesn’t even flinch at the extreme volume he uses. Hoseok is another good friend of Jimin outside of work, due to the fact that they attend the same university.

‘’I’m happy to see you too. After seeing Tae's dumb face for the whole week I needed a desperate change!’’ Jimin playfully whines while hugging Hoseok.

Hoseok pulls back and grins at him before agreeing with him that Taehyung indeed has a dumb but beautiful face. Jimin smiles at him before explaining tonight’s plans.

‘’Alright, so tonight we're gonna serve some stuck-up, dirty, rich old men who think they are hot shit because they know the bosses. Which in turn means we have to keep smiling even when they start touching our asses so we won’t get fired? That’s what you're saying right?’’ Hoseok asks with a deep sigh.

Hoseok has always been very straight forward so Jimin gives him a sad smile before nodding in agreement to what he said.

’’Ugh.’’ Hoseok gave a wry expression  ‘’Well maybe if we’re lucky they won’t look as bad as we think, I wouldn’t mind some smoking hot rich guy touching my cheeks if he gives me a nice tip.’’ Hoseok answers with a shrug.

Jimin looks with big eyes at Hoseok before bursting out laughing, the latter joining him. Jimin being glad he at least doesn’t have to serve the patrons alone tonight, he knows he will survive with Hoseok. Hoseok being the one who can always cheers him up after a bad day.

After they talked a little bit more, they headed downstairs to the bar so they could get the specific bottles Jin asked to get. Seems like Jin gave Tim, the club bartender, a heads-up because when they arrived at the bar Tim had already prepared two bottles of Dalmore, one bottle of Armand de Brignac Midas and even two bottles of the most expensive vodka there is, DIVA Vodka.

As if the first two brands weren’t expensive enough, DIVA vodka costs an outrageous ten million won. Jimin has never seen anyone order this very expensive drink.

‘’Wow!.’’ Hoseok exclaimed shocked at the bottles. ‘’These people must be loaded if they’re able to buy TWO bottles of DIVA!’’ Hoseok almost shouts at Jimin. Jimin nods to Hoseok before walking behind the bar for some trays. Jimin his nerves spike up after seeing the expensive bottles up close. He knows for sure he’s going to get fired if he fucks this up tonight.

People that can buy these kind of bottles without batting an eye must be some real big shot men he thinks.

After getting the trays, some ice and glasses, Hoseok and Jimin walk upstairs, making sure they dont walk into any other customers. The club is getting more packed by the minute and the music turns louder so they have to be very careful with all the expensive bottles they put in ice. After all they can’t afford to make any mistakes. Literally.

They walk towards private room #6 at the end of the hall. Jimin feels his hands getting sweaty. He doesn’t know what to expect from these VIP’s and that scares him quite a lot because he really can’t afford to fuck tonight up. He needs this job.

They stop in front of the entrance to room #6. Jimin looks to his right to see that Hoseok already put on his professional smile. Jimin takes a deep breath before he does the same, and knocks on the door.

They both wait for a few seconds before they hear someone telling them to come inside.

When they enter, the first person they see is Jin sitting next to.. wait what? Jin.. is sitting next to a young and handsome guy.

Jimin stops to look at the handsome guy sitting next to Jin. Of all kinds of people he expected to serve tonight, he didn’t think the rich patron would be a really handsome guy, who’s probably not that much older than him. Most of the customers they get in private rooms aren’t younger than 30 years or so, so this is something new to Jimin. The handsome guy has green hair parted to the side so most of his forehead is showing, he has a sharp jawline and even whilst sitting down Jimin can see that this guy is an actual fucking giant. The handsome guy looks at Jimin and Hoseok before giving them a toothy smile. Jimin can see the dimples vorming on his cheeks and damn, do they look good on the guy.

He hears Hoseok wishper a ‘’what the fuck…’’ next to him. They both stare at the handsome patron before Jimin hears Jin clearing his troath. Jimin gets himself together before bowing the most he can with expensive bottles in his hand and gives his biggest smile to the handsome guy next to Jin, Hoseok does the same after he too gets his shit together. They both walk towards the table to put the bottles and glasses down.

While Jimin is setting the glasses and bottles down he sees that there are two more guys across the couch where Jin and Mr. Dimples are sitting.

He turns around and locks eyes with one of the two other guys sitting on the couch. Jimin’s breath is caught in his troath, denying him air.

Now don’t get him wrong, this ain’t some sappy K-Drama. This isn’t love at first sight. It’s not the moment where he sees the world in the guys eyes. No. It’s really simple, Jimin is just looking at the most handsome face he has ever seen.

As much as for the saying goes ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’, well this just came true.

The guy has big, brown doe-eyes (and no it’s not love at first sight but) he could look at those mesmerizing eyes for hours on end. It was as if he was transfixed on the stunning looks the stranger before him displayed. As a moth drawn to light, sucked in. You can’t blame him for being into clicheé things after living with Taehyung, the dramaqueen. The stranger Jimin was gawking at, has a nose as sharp as a brandished knife, and lips more pink than the most soft roses you can imagine. He has a jaw for days too and his hair being a beautiful dark shade of hazelnut brown, parted in the middle so you can see a bit of his forehead peeking through. Jimin his eyes shamelessly dart downwards. Flushed at his own reaction he stares at his feet for a moment before looking back up. Mr. Handsome is wearing a simple black tuxedo and white blouse, an expensive looking watch on his wrist too. Even though the clothes look simple, you can see It’s made of the best quality and hugs his sculpted body perfectly. The dark haired man is sitting with his arms crossed and his legs parted. Even with his jacket on you can see the biceps flex from miles away. Jimin his eyes keep going lower and stop at the his thighs. And damn, those are some thighs, ‘’I wouldnt mind dying between those thighs,’’ Jimin thinks while he checks them out for a bit longer. Jimin probably doesn’t notice he’s almost drooling while openly and not so subtly, checking out one of their important VIP patrons.

What brings Jimin back to earth is Hoseok whispering ‘’What the actual fuck’’, again, but this time a little louder. Jimin, now out of his trance, looks up to man he was checking out 20 seconds ago. Jimin knows he fucked up when he sees a cocky smirk on the other's face. ‘’Shit. Shit. Shit.’’ Jimin thinks and starts panicking, his eyes widening a little bit. He turns a bright red from head to toe. He looks around and sees everyone looking at him.

The guy that’s sitting next to the smirking man, who also looks like another god send and at the same time goddamned model, is looking at him with a big frown on his face. Jin having his mouth wide open, looks horrified to say the least. Dimple guy, next to Jin has a grin on his face and looks more than amused. Jimin starts to panic again and looks next to him at Hoseok. ‘’Well at least Hoseok doensn’t look any better than me’’ he thinks when he sees Hoseok with his mouth open and his eyes on the guy next to the dark haired man. Jimin is interrupted during his private conversation with himself when he hears another cough, but this time from Mr. Handsome himself, which he was checking out fully not even a minute ago. Jimin looks towards the man who still has that same cocky smirk on his face, which he can’t deny that it’s the sexiest smirk he has ever seen.

Jimin's thoughts are interrupted again as an amused voice sounds through the room.

‘’Aren’t you going to pour us some drinks?’’ The dark haired man asks, tilting his head to the side while looking Jimin in the eye. Jimin freezes for a solid five seconds before his brain starts progressing that the man is talking to him!

‘’Y-yea.. Yes ofcour-Ofcourse sir, righ-right away!’’ Jimin stammers and turns around to get the glasses so he can pour the drinks. Jimin’s face feels hot and he can feel the sweat on his forehead, dripping down. It doesn’t help at all that he can still feel everyone’s eyes on him!

‘’Ohmygod Park fucking Jimin can’t you act normally for once around hot guy’s for five fucking straight minutes? You made a total fool out of yourself infront of that incarnation of Eros and Apollo, ‘’you are soooo fired after this. Shit. Shit.SHIT!!”  Jimin scolds himself inside his head while whimpering softly to himself. Hoseok joins Jimin not even 10 seconds later with pouring drinks. ''Seems like this one is also back to earth.'', Jimin thinks.

They open the first bottle of Dalmore, put some ice inside the glasses and pour the luxurious whiskey until the glasses are half full. They start serving the drinks to each patron without looking at them. When Jimin moves so he can put the next glass in front of the patron, a hand appears in front of his face. The dark haired patron with thighs of steel is holding his hand out so Jimin has to give it to him personally. He nervously hands the drink over to the patron, while doing so the patron brushes his tumb along Jimins.

A small gesture that sends shivers all the way from his slightly damp neck, all the way down his toes, making Jimin shudder. Jimin pulls his hand back faster than he normally would and looks up again at the him. That was the biggest mistake he could ever make, because that same smirk is still on his face and it makes Jimin blush even more than before, thinking he probably looks even more bright red than an actual fried kimchi cracker, if that’s even possible. Jimin averts his eyes from Mr. Handsome before turning back to stand next to Hoseok. The first person to speak up is the Dimple guy telling them to also pour a glass for Jin, which the latter tries to refuse but Mr. Dimples insists, so Jin has no choice but to accept with a greatly faked smile so he won’t look rude for rejecting the drink before. Jimin pours a glass for Jin and puts the glass in front of him, offering him it in a very polite manner with both hands. After pouring all the drinks and setting the glasses up for the patrons, Jimin and Hoseok stand up straight.

‘’Can we do anything else for you, ..Sirs?’’ Hoseok asks with a wide smile while looking at the grumpy but handsome guy.

They’ve already made fools out of themselves so it probably won’t change the first impression the VIP patrons have of the waiters, but they should always be as polite as can be and give their very best smiles. Maybe that will save their asses Hoseok thinks to himself.

Jimin doesn’t know where to look and ends up looking at Jin instead, but it seems that Jin is too busy making heart eyes at Mr. Dimples. He can still feel Mr. Handsome's eyes on him and he can see the smirk on his face from the corner of his eye. ‘’Is he ever gonna stop smirking!? It should be illegal to look that good! Uhg! And when am I gonna stop giving everyone nicknames with MR. ’’ Jimin thinks, frustrated at himself.

‘’No, we are good.’’ Grumpy guy huffs annoyed with his deep voice.

Jimin and Hoseok bow with a smile and start walking towards the door relieved they can get out, catch their breath, but just as they open the door of the room, a smooth voice stops them.

‘’Actually, I want you to stay here to serve our drinks for the rest of the night.’’

Everyone in the room turns towards the voice, and just Jimin’s luck that the voice belongs to Mr. Handsome. He noticed it wasn’t a request, it was a command. Everyone in the room could hear the authority in the patron's voice.

The waiters get out of their shocked state, straighten their posture and turn to look at the patron with a smile.

‘’Ofcourse Sir, we will just stand aside and pour your drinks whenever you need.’’ Jimin says with a smile.

‘’Mhmm, I want you guys take a seat too. You. Come sit next to me.’’ the man says while pointing at Jimin. He pats the leather couch. ‘’Sit.’’

Jimin, stunned, lost his breath. Stuck in his throat, he tries his best to keep a smile on his face. Jimin gulps hard as he recovers his composure and takes a shaky breath, before looking at the dark haired man.

‘’Yes sir.’’ Jimin answers.

Jimin walks towards the couch to sit next to the handsome darkhaired man, Hoseok walks towards Jin and sits next to their manager, across Jimin. Lucky for Jimin the couch is big enough for both of them and more. As Jimin takes a seat, he makes sure there is a decent amount of space between him and the patron, for now, so the patron can’t see the beads of sweat rolling of his foreahead or hear his shaky and shallow breaths. But sadly, luck has never been on Jimin side, and after about ten seconds the patron quickly shifts closer next to him. The patron closed the gap so quickly and smoothly, he didn’t leave any space, for not even air could squeeze trough. He even made sure their thighs are touching.

And it doesn’t stop there. He casually puts his arm over Jimin’s shoulder, without even a care in the world. Jimin stops breathing for a few seconds and looks at his lap while fidgeting with his small chubby fingers. He doesn’t know what’s happening, it’s al going too fast for him. The patron is so close to him, Jimin can smell his probably very expensive cologne. A muskt smell, but with a hint of something sweet in it. A lingering scent he forces himself to remember.

‘’So what’s your name, pretty?’’ Mr. Handsome asks, his voice ringing in Jimin’s ear.

Jimin his brain malfunctioning, he doesn’t know if he just heard that right. ’Did he just call me pretty?’ Jimin thinks, thoughts running wild. He looks up with wide eyes at the patron, his mouth opening a little bit as if he was going to say something. Jimin has always been a little on the short side, but Jimin noticed this patron is also a giant even while sitting down. He doesn’t mind hurting his neck for this view he thinks before managing to answer.

‘’Ex-excuse me?’’

‘’I asked your name.’’ he states with an amused smile, noticing the slight stammer and perplexion.

‘’Ahh.. Uhm, Park Jimin, Sir.’’

‘’Hmm.. Jimin, fitting. My name is Jungkook. You have to call me by my name instead of Sir from now on.’’

Jimin's eyes keep turning bigger by the second. This seems unreal. Meanwhile everyone is looking at their interaction with shock and disbelief, except Mr. Dimples, who’s more than amused than anything else.

Jimin calms himself slightly before answering. ‘’alright si- I mean, Jungkook.’’ Jimin stammers again in a small voice before looking at his lap again so he can start playing with the ring around his finger.

‘’Good, what do you want to drink pretty?’’

Jimin looks up in shock for the 100th time that night, and locks eyes with Jungkook. Jungkook is looking at him with an amused smile.

‘’No thank you sir. Ah! S-Sorry I mean no thank you, Jungkook’’ Jimin corrects himself quickly.

‘’I insist.’’ Jungkook replies immediately. This time without the amused smile and a glint of danger in his eyes, it feels like he can’t say no. Jimin gulps and nods his head.

‘’You gotta answer with words, pretty.’’ Jungkook states before the smirk is back on his face again.

Jimin’s eyes dart back to his laps as he nervously bites his lower lip while thinking about everything that’s happening right now, and Jungkook who keeps calling him pretty isn’t calming his nerves at all, more of the opposite is happening. He doesn’t notice Jungkook following his every move, as if a hawk watching it’s prey just before diving down. Meanwhile the others in the room, who are perplexed and don't have the guts to interrupt the confusing but amusing interaction, do notice the look in Jungkook's eyes. 

‘’Sorry Jungkook, I will get myself a glass of whiskey then.’’ Jimin answers before standing up to get himself a drink, but Jungkook pulls him back on the couch by his wrist. Jimin can feel the heat radiating from Jungkooks hand, almost as if it's burning his wrist, before Jungkook lets go. Jimin doesn’t move again out of bewilderment. Instead Jungkook gets up and pours Jimin a drink before sitting down himself and handing the drink over to Jimin, without forgetting to brush their thumbs again. Jimin his face flushes bright red again.

Jimin thinks that he probably won’t wear any other color on his cheeks tonight, or for the rest of his life if this keeps going on. He thanks Jungkook before taking a sip from the expensive drink he thought he would never taste in his whole mediocre life. He grimaces, his mouth turning a little sour. He isn’t really a fan of alcohol even though he works at a club. Jimin doesn’t mind it once in a while with friends but not on regular basis. After taking another sip of the nasty expensive drink, trying to keep his expression clear, he looks next to him and sees that Jungkook is staring at him. Jungkook gives him a small amused smile.

‘’I can see that this isn't one of your favorite drinks. You don’t have to force yourself to drink whiskey I can get you anything you want, pretty.’’

The nickname is really starting to get to him,  Jimin doesn’t know what to answer so he just nods. After the nod he remembers Jungkook wants to hear words.

‘’I prefer cocktails.. over whiskey.’’

‘’Mhm, cocktails.. you like sweet things, I see..,’’ Jungkook hums before leaning down towards Jimin and whispers seductively ’’I wonder how much sweetness this little body of yours holds.’’ into his ear.

Jimin’s jaw goes slack and his heartrate doubles. His head feels like it’s going to explode. He forget's that there are other people with them in the room, Hoseok and Jin are looking with worry at Jimin's reaction to whatever Jungkook whispered in his ear, while the other two patrons keep sipping at their drink and watch the scene unfold in front of them. Jimin doesn’t know what to say and he doesn’t get a chance to progress what just happened because Jungkook starts ordering Jin to let someone bring them cocktails.

‘’What flavors do you want pretty?’’

Jimin looks down at his favorite place tonight, his own lap, because he is still flustered before answering Jungkook.

‘’Uhmm.. Strawberry.. I guess?’’ he says and internally gives himself a big pat on the back for not stammering.

‘’I wouldn’t have expected anything else from you, pretty.’’ Jungkook says before turning back to Jin and tells him he wants the sweetest strawberry cocktails served to them every 30 minutes.

‘Oh no… this is going to be one hell of a night..’ Jimin thinks.