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100 Writing Prompts

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Hi this is my 100 word writing prompts. Feel free to send me requests. The contents of the chapters will be kept here, with a list of all other fandoms I will write for but you can ask for any fandom and if I know it I will write for it. 


1. Dance - Crossing Lines * writing by KazOfScotland but as they had already posted a version of the story they are allowing me to.

2. Treat - Chicago PD

3. Sand - Hawaii Five-0

4. Salt - Sea Patrol

5. Clip - Rescue Special Ops

6. Bread - Without A Trace

7. Fish - Once Upon A Time

8. Race - Blue Water High

9. Poor - Code Black

10. Rich - Strike Back

11. Name - Chicago Justice/ Strike Back

12. Vault - Revolution

13. Crime - By Any Means

14. Photograph - Conviction

15. Quill - Bones

16. Punch - Valor

17. X-ray - Blue Bloods

18. Railroad - Quantico

19. Wreck - Knight Rider

20. Coin - NCIS/Chicago Fire

21. Ice - Primeval

22. Truck - Rookie Blue

23. Jeans - Strike Back

24. House - Wildfire

25. Flower - Criminal Minds

26. Shatter - MacGyver (2016)

27. Star - CSI:New York

28. Goal - The Brave

29. School - NCIS: New Orleans

30. Crush - Chicago Med

31. Desert - The Night Shift

32. Knight - Last Resort

33. Light - Chicago Fire

34. Train - Chicago Med

35. Contest - Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour

36. Money - DC's Legend's Of Tomorrow

37. Candy - The Resident

38. Oil - CSI: Miami

39. Flight - NCIS: Los Angeles

40. Fake - Rookie Blue

41. Apple - NCIS: New Orleans

42. Boot - Grey's Anatomy

43. Pest - Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

44. Burn - Chicago Fire

45. Lost - Republic of Doyle

46. Basement - Monarch of the Glen

47. Autumn - Heartland

48. Cold - The Flash

49. Dice - CSI

50. Splinter - Line of Duty

51. Crickets - Strike Back

52. Turf - Burden of Truth

53. Bubble - Crossing Lines

54. Surprise - The Brave

55. Gift - The Resident

56. Thunder - Chicago PD

57. Heart - Once Upon A Time

58. Pattern - Bones

59. Gum - Strike Back

60. Print - Blue Water High

61. Boat - Sea Patrol

62. Water - Once Upon A Time

63. Kiss - NCIS: Los Angeles

64. Winter - Blue Bloods

65. Snow - Strike Back

66. Secret - Chicago PD

67. Lie - Without A Trace

68. Camouflage - Primeval

69. Rain - NCIS/Chicago Fire

70. Death - Line of Duty

71. Border - Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

72. War - The Night Shift

73. Nature - Nashville

74. Disaster - Chicago Fire

75. Ancient - Valor

76. Rescue - Rescue Special Ops

77. Ink - Strike Back

78. Sleep - Crossing Lines

79. Collide - Grey's Anatomy

80. Jacket - Criminal Minds (to be posted)

81. Card - Criminal Minds/ NCIS: New Orleans (to be posted)

82. Gamble - CSI (to be posted)

83. Risk - Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour (to be posted)

84. Disc - Revolution (to be posted)

85. Surgery - Grey's Anatomy (to be posted)

86. Prison - DC's Legends of Tomorrow/ The Flash (to be posted)

87. Parade - The Brave (posted)

88. Fireflies - Bones (posted)

89. Piano - NCIS: New Orleans (to be posted)

90. Chest - Rookie Blue (posted)

91. Luck - Hawaii Five-0 (to be posted)

92. Warm - Primeval (to be posted)

93. "Bang" - Chicago PD (posted)

94. Trick - Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (to be posted)

95. Clock/Watch - Conviction (to be posted)

96. Rapids - MacGyver 2016 (to be posted)

97. Danger - Teen Wolf (posted)

98. Wave - Blue Water High (posted)

99. Hospital - Code Black (to be posted)

100. Challenge - Chicago Justice/ Strike Back (to be posted)

13. Crime - Teen Wolf (to be posted)

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Irish Detective Tommy McConnel kept it a close secret that he could dance, a hidden talent one could say. The reason why, he was a Northern Irish Traveller, the fallout from a secret that would give the illusion of him being gay was not worth it if you were to ask him. He’d already had one too many close calls due to his family being travellers without adding homophobia to the mix too.

His feelings on that changes once he joined the ICC team, but that did not explain why he was currently in a bar dancing with Eva whilst the rest of the team were enjoying their drinks. He had to admit that he enjoyed dancing with Eva, but what he liked most was the fact that no one really commented. In fact, Arabela was the only one who commented at all;

“You’re dancing with me next, McConnel,” she informed him as he and Eva returned to the table. She glance around the table at everyone else before settling her glare on him until he agreed to dance with her.

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Craig ‘Mouse’ Gurwitch glanced over his shoulder to make sure that no one had followed him into the locker room. He had a sort of treat planned for Jay Halstead in the form of a visit from his daughter. It had been quite difficult for the team with a couple of tough cases back to back, and over that time Mouse had seen Jay retreat into himself, so Mouse decided to take actions.

Eli Halstead had been in protective custody with her mum for four years, but she was finally allowed to come home. Whilst Jay knew that Eli was returning home, both Eli and Mouse had kept quiet on when she’d be back.

“Eli, are you here?” the computer tech asked once he had determined no one would hear him and he’d answered the phone to the teenager. He listened carefully to her answer before he hung up and made his way down to the front desk. If he was honest since the incident where he was held hostage only a few weeks previous, he always felt on edge going down to the front desk.

Twenty minutes after Mouse had went down to the front desk, Jay got up so as to go and check on why Mouse was taking so long. Just as he was about to go down to the front desk, he felt a sudden thud against his chest. When he glanced down he couldn’t help but smile when he realised that it was his fourteen year old daughter.

“Hey kiddo,” he whispered into his daughters hair whilst he hugged her tightly to his chest. He couldn’t quite believe the fact that he finally had his daughter back in his arms.

“Hey daddy,” she whispered back before pulling back and turning to face Mouse. “Mama said that you owe me two birthday treats, Mouse,” she said before both Halstead’s began laughing.


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Danny Williams hated the beach and Hawaii. If he was honest then he didn’t know if his hatred of Hawaii came from how different it was to New Jersey or the fact that he was there because his ex-wife moved their daughter there.

That wasn’t his main issue at that point in time, no, it was the fact that his insane partner with a resemblance to Rambo. Steve had challenged Grace to build a giant sandcastle which meant that he’d been made to sit with his daughter on the beach for the better part of the morning. If he was honest Danny loved the time that he spent with his daughter, but he hated Steve for causing him to spend so much time in the sand.

Steve must have noticed his annoyance because he nudged Grace over to Danny with a smirk.

“You need the sand to build sandcastles, Danno,” Grace told him before he started to tick her causing her to kick out and destroy Steve’s sandcastle to just a pile of sand.

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Something that Seaman Billy ‘Spider’ Webb had learnt very quickly that if he wanted to piss off Rebecca ‘Bomber’ Brown then he could do so by messing up her galley. But it was no something he did very often, or at least he tried not to.

But then the salt incident happened.

Until his last breath he will forever maintain that the salt incident was an accident on his part regardless of whatever else is said. And anyway he was just doing what he was told to.

The unfortunate aforementioned incident occurred when Bomber was put on the standing party which meant that someone else had to do the cooking. Unfortunately for Spider that was him. During the time he spent cooking nothing had really gone wrong, until he was tidying up and managed to spill all of the sugar and the salt thanks to 2Dads.

Spider had hoped that if he cleared it all up then Bomber would need never know. That was nearly correct, but somehow he’d managed to mix the salt in with the sugar, as he found out when Bomber made her coffee.

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Family was of the utmost importance to the Gallagher’s and despite that never once at work had they mentioned Tilda, the six year old daughter of Chase Gallagher and his wife, Sally. In fact no one had even knew Chase had been in a serious relationship, let alone married, until he left in the middle of a shift and didn’t return for near on a month.

When Chase came back he was more cautious before taking risks. That caution didn’t mean that accidents didn’t happen, which was exactly what happened when Lara, Heidi, and Jordan finally learnt about Tilda.

It was a straightforward rescue when it happened; Chase had been linked up to the ropes heading down the cliff to bring the young boy back up. Both he and Jordan had checked that their ropes were clipped on securely, but it was when they were half way down that one of those accidents happened. And then quicker than he could react Chase’s clip broke and he started to plummet down to the water below.

It took longer than Dean would’ve liked to pull Chase from the water and convince him that he needed to go to the hospital to have the few injuries he’d received checked. During that argument about it everyone heard Chase and Dean argue about a young girl called Tilda until Dean agreed to take them to meet Chase at the hospital. Lara could tell that something was bothering Dean following the argument with his brother but it wasn’t just concern regarding the fact he’d been injured.

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It is said that an addict had to reach rock bottom before they’ll be willing to get help, but what they don’t tell you is that the addict has to realise that it’s rock bottom and want to change. That is exactly what happened to Danny Taylor with a bit of assistance from the most important girl in his world.

Danny had been staying in the current motel for two weeks when it happened; a little knock was heard coming from his door, quiet enough for him to know it wasn’t the manager evicting him. He will admit that he was surprised to see a little girl stood at his door holding a piece of cheese and a slice of bread.

“Excuse me, mister, my mummy said I could ask but you can say no. Do you have a slice of bread for my sandwich?” The young child asked just before the woman who’d been watching for the whole time since he moved in appeared. As he looked at the mother and daughter duo he broke down at the realisation that he couldn’t even help a young girl who needed a slice of bread because he’d wasted all his money on alcohol.

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For once it was quiet for everyone in Storybrooke which meant that Hook and Henry finally go to do some bonding. Hook had promised to take Henry fishing when it was quiet enough for them to take a boat out, maybe even the Jolly Roger, so that Henry could catch his first fish.

So in the early hours of a Saturday morning Hook has awoken the young boy who he viewed as a son and took him down to the docks. Emma had managed to arrange for them to borrow a boat to take out.

Several hours later Hook and Henry were sat on the back of the boat. As Henry glanced over to Hook he saw the far away look the pirate is known to get when he’s thinking of his last. The young boy had to admit that he enjoyed the stories the older man would tell him when he had that far away look.

“Do you know that the first time I took your father fishing he couldn’t figure out how to cast? You are doing far better than your dad ever did,” Hook told Henry as the boy reeled in his first fish. The pirate felt that although he viewed Henry as his own son, he had to tell the boy about Neal.

What Hook and everyone else in the family didn’t realise was that Henry did not really think of Neal Cassidy as his dad. In fact, the young boy viewed Hook as being more of a dad.

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The kids at Solar Blue had been given a rare day off from training which was why they all came to a sudden halt when they saw their coach along with a slightly younger guy running sprints in the sand. Whilst it was normal for Garry to take part in the training sessions they hadn’t realised that he trained even when they didn’t.

Cassie and Loren looked at each other as they made their way down to the beach for a relaxed surf. They had heard the other guy suggest a race to Garry earlier on and it seemed as though Garry was taking it more seriously than the other wanted. Both girls were beginning to wonder if their coach knew how not to be serious about training.

Clearly the other participant in the race felt the same way as both men finally stopped just as the kids, excluding Charley who was still at home recovering, past by them. The two older males were downing their water before they started running alone the beach once again.


Four hours later Bec entered the kitchen to see Garry and, someone who she hadn’t expected to see again at Solar Blue, Mike Kruze making dinner. She knew that Garry and Mike had known each other but she hadn’t expected for Mike to visit Solar Blue.

“Don’t worry Bec, I checked for allergies first,” Mike stated as he put his hands up upon hearing her cough. He turned back to Garry as Bec settled her glare on him and the kids filed in for dinner. “This was meant to be fun, Garry!” was all Mike could say before they all started to laugh.

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The first time that Mario realised that his poor judgement had returned, he was lying in a pile of his own vomit on his bathroom floor with Angus standing over him. And if Mario was being perfectly honest, he had no idea why he was on the floor or why Angus was there. Maybe it had been a stupid idea to go out after work but if he was being perfectly honest, he didn’t care.

“Angus?” he asked, or at least tried to, whilst the bigger man moved him out of the vomit, He didn’t know what he had actually asked but it must not have made any sense as Angus never responded.

Mario must have passed out again because the next thing he remember was Angus waking him up and him being on the coach. Yeah, this was a very poor decision to drink and get high.

“Don’t look back, let this be a slip up, and stay sober, man,” he missed what else Angus told him but he got enough to know he had to stay clean.

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Somehow Michael knew. He knew that there was more to his dishonorable discharge than what he had said. He knew that there was more than just being comrades to hiss relationship with John. and if he was truthful, Damien hated it.

Then he found out about Michael and Kate. All he could say about it was that he was pissed. Now he was a firm believer that so long as both parties consented then everyone was free to fuck whoever they wanted to long as it didn’t affect the mission. Michael and Kate, they were going to affect the mission. So he said so and Michael’s response confirmed everything Damien thought.

“That’s rich coming from you,” the Brit spat out, to which his only response was to raise his eyebrows. “You fucked Porter!” the Brit explained as though that was the same thing.

“Yeah, but it never came up on a mission,” he confirmed with a layer of anger and threat in his voice. It may be a rich comment coming from him giving his history with John, but Michael had to understand.

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When Michael Stonebridge left Section 20 he reinvented himself into Peter Stone: well technically he had been born Michael Peter Stone but he’d added his mum’s surname to his when they moved to England. Now that he was back in the States as Peter Stone, he found that he felt different, less on edge.

He loved getting to put the bad guys in prison but he missed getting to save the world with Damien. However, he’d built a good team and he trusted them all.

And then his new identity of Peter Stone was blown all because of course the ex-Delta Force soldier just so happened to walk into Molly’s. He’d been dragged out to celebrate with Intelligence by Antonio but at that moment in time he was nursing a glass of whisky and debating how long it was before he could leave.

“Oi! Cocksucker!” Damien’s voice bounced across the bar bringing everyone’s attention to him. He could tell it was Damien’s way of projecting his ‘didn’t give a fuck’ persona.

Everyone watched as ADA Peter Stone approached the rather brash man in wonder but were shocked when they hugged and clapped each other on the back. “Arse!” he joked.

“Good to see you again, whatever your name is now,” Damien joked to which the only response was;

“What is in a name?” he knew that Damien’s appearance meant he’d have to explain who Damien is and who they used to be.

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Charlie had been injured two days earlier and ever since Miles had been looking for somewhere to lay low. It was Bass who finally suggested the vault. It had been a safe house they’d put in place just after the blackout.

That is what led them to where they currently were. Charlie slept, as did Miles, while Bass guarded them and checked on Charlie for signs of infection every thirty minutes. In a way Bass felt as though he’d been transported back to before the blackout when he and Miles had watched Charlie whilst she was ill because Danny had been ill as well.

In a strange sort of way he felt as though he and Miles were returning to how they used to be. He was grateful that he was trusted by Miles enough to watch over Charlie. Bass knew exactly how important Charlie was to Miles and what their connection was.

“Bass, mate, stop thinking so loudly and let her sleep. She’s okay for now, and she didn’t get injured because of you,” Bass had to admit that he was pretty sure this was the most that Miles had said in a very long time. In fact since the last time they’d been in this vault.

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“You assaulted a police officer again!” Jess sighed in annoyance at TomTom as he and Jack walked into the base of operations. She genuinely wondered if TomTom was trying to end up serving time instead of working it off. But she knew that he was valuable to the team and that’s why Jack always signed that TomTom could work off his punishment.

“Technically it wasn’t assault, I just told him to fuck off,” TomTom tried to argue but both Jess and Charlie settled glares on him. He knew they’d be annoyed, after all they were officers of the law even if their unit was a grey area. “It wouldn’t have even been a crime if they weren’t so stuck up,” he added which was just like a red rag to bull.

Jess slapped him on the back of the head.

Charlie began ranting about how the police officers were only doing their jobs and that they were only doing their jobs.

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Hayes Morrison walked into the office of Connor Wallace and halted in surprise when she saw him talking to someone on his mobile. Once he had waved her in (see, Hayes can be respectful) she approached his desk but paused once again when she saw the new picture behind him of himself, looking completely dashing, and a stunning sixteen year old girl looking as equally beautiful in a blue floor length dress. Wallace knew which picture it was that Hayes was locked on to, and he couldn’t help but feel a bit smug.

“You’re the one who left Chicago, Hayes,” he reminded her yet again. He knew that she hated the fact that Shay refused to talk to her but she had to realise that it was her who left. Sure he moved them to New York when he was offered the job of D.A. but he told Hayes, she never told them she was leaving.

“But you are the one who prevents me from seeing Shannon,” Hayes spat at Wallace as she looked back at the picture of the teenager in the blue dress. “I left Chicago but I didn’t leave Shannon. I tried to phone her everyday but you wouldn’t let me speak to her,” she argued with him as she realised just how much she had missed in her daughter’s life. When she left, never once had she imagined that she would be refused the ability to see her daughter.

“Firstly, I wouldn’t call Princess, Shannon unless you want her to slap you. Secondly, Shay decided not to have contact with you even although I urged her to. You are the one who left, Hayes; you are the one who lost her,” Wallace informed her before pointing to the door. It was his way of indicating her departure of his office.

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Booth was genuinely debating whether he should believe anything the squinterns told him. He honestly wanted to know how someone could kill someone with a writing quill. If he was honest about it, he’d say that they were making it up, except while he knew that Wendell could have a joke the squintern would never do so at the expense of a case.

“What do you mean they used a quill?” he eventually asked after none of the squints elaborated on what they meant or how they kill someone with a quill.

“Technically, it was a writing quill like what they use to write with in Harry Potter,” Booth could only groan and question how he worked with the squint squad upon hearing Wendell’s response.

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If you asked nearly any of the Shadowraiders then they would say that Gallo and Porter hated each other for no reason. If you asked Nora Madani then it was for a personal reason.

No one knew that there was history between her and Gallo that goes back to when she was eighteen. They didn’t know that Gallo had put her back together more times than either could count and as such no one understood that it was Porter who had the issues. Madani could not understand why Porter had to be such as jealous idiot.

Since day one she had been honest with Porter about her history with Gallo, but when they returned from Germany, Porter got controlling and jealous. In fact, he started to accuse her of hooking up with Gallo in the days it took to find them following the helicopter going down.

As s result of Porter’s jealousy they ended up at the point where they currently were. Porter having brought up history and Gallo’s solution being to punch him. Madani couldn’t blame Gallo one bit because, in truth, no one knew her better than he did, not even Porter.

And if Gallo were to be honest then he would happily take any punishment sent his way. Afterall, Porter deserved it.

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Jameson Reagan was the definition of ‘walking accident’ if you asked anyone who knew him. His partner, best friend and boyfriend, Vinny Cruz, had realised it after the third time that Jamie called to say that he’d be late because of some accident or another. Now though Vinny and Jamie were debating the merits of wrapping the Reagan in bubble wrap.

“You’d have a softer landing next time a car drives through you,” Vinny laughed before Jamie groaned as he tried to move his left arm. As soon as Vinny saw the pain that Jamie was in, he moved to help the youngest son of the Police Commissioner. The latino ‘ladies man’ felt guilty due to the level of pain that his partner was in; he genuinely wondered why it was always his partner who got injured instead of him.

“Or maybe the car should just drive through you instead,” Jamie retorted once he and Vinny had managed to move his arm into a more comfortable position. The x-rays had been taken an hour earlier, but the ER was busy and they were waiting for the results, so both were trying to make sure that Jamie didn’t do any more damage than there already had been.

“There must be some kinda dislike against you somewhere with how many accidents you have,” Vinny laughed before glancing around and kissing the younger man so as to ensure that he could make a retort. Sometimes he just had to shut the Reagan up before Jamie had a chance to make any comments.

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Ryan Booth hated his parents for sending him to India. He didn’t see the point in spending his summer there just because his dad and step-mother had decided to move to the godforsaken country. It was too hot, and too boring. However, he couldn’t believe that he was stuck on a train traveling from where he had landed at the airport to a little village that his dad thought was heaven on earth.

Ryan, however, was fed up of being yelled at in a language he didn’t understand because the rough journey was causing him to knock into other passengers.  He would much rather just be able to relax and brood until he arrived at his father’s to complain for the whole summer. Instead, he was attempting to apologise to a very angry woman who did not understand a word that he was saying.

Before he really knew what was happening a young girl who was roughly the same age as he was appeared next to him and began speaking rapidly to the very angry woman who had been yelling at him. He would forever be grateful that she had managed to stop the angry lady from yelling at him, but he was even more grateful when she took him back to where she took him back to her seat.

“I’m Alex,” the girl introduced herself as they both took a seat next to an elderly woman who, to Ryan’s unmeasurable relief, was nowhere near as angry as the previous woman had been.

“Ryan, nice to meet you,” and that meeting turned out to be the most fortunate one that Ryan ever had in India giving that she spent the whole summer helping translate for him. It turned out to be a meeting and friendship that continued for years.

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Mike Knight, previously known as Mike Traceur until he had been killed by the FBI due to his military history, liked to drive fast. But more than that, he was good at it. That was why he raced when he returned from war and was discharged, that was why he had agreed to drive KARR to begin with, it was why he wanted to drive KITT when he got the chance. It wasn’t just that he wanted to help others.

No he wanted to drive, and he wanted to drive fast.

And that is how he ended up in the situation that he was in. He had been racing his old cobra, and he had failed to slow down enough for the corner and then the car began to roll. He knew that this wreck would hurt, it would hurt more than the ones he had been in previously.

All he could think about was Doc Graiman’s reaction when he had been in his first accident; “Mike, really, you should be more careful!”

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Tony DiNozzo and Kelly Severide were both known to be womanisers, but what no one really knew was that it was just an act. They didn’t know that the act was to protect Tony from the fall out of if it became known that he was gay.

Tony was at the point where he wanted to commit murder in the bullpen. The annoying duo as Kelly had dubbed McGee and David were causing him issues by failing to complete their paperwork properly. He was meant to be leaving to go to Chicago at the end of the day but if the two junior field agents didn’t finish their paperwork correctly, Gibbs would never let him leave in time for his flight.  

As he thought of the fact that he was potentially going to miss out on time with the man he loved because of those he worked with, he withdrew a coin from his pocket. To most people it was just a random coin, but to Tony it was a promise, it was hope, it was proof that he and Kelly would have a future.

The coin had been a gift from a young kid that Kelly had pulled out of a fire just after he had left the academy, the now Squad Lieutenant had carried it up until Andy Darden had died and he’d broken his neck before hiding it from everyone until it pulled apart his friendship with Leslie Shay. Before Tony could really figure out what was going on, Kelly was at his front door handing him an old coin and asking him to move in with him. Kelly had offered to leave Chicago and move to DC if it meant that he got to see Tony every morning.

The NCIS Agent looked at the coin for a moment more ignoring the questions coming from the junior agents, they would find out exactly what that coin meant when he put his notice in. His trip to Chicago wasn’t purely for pleasure this time.

No he had a job or two to look into so that he could fulfil the promise that he and Kelly had made.

Chapter Text

Working at the ARC had been a full time gig since the day he joined. It wasn’t really something that bother Becker though, he was a soldier and that meant that he took orders and didn’t question them, but he had to admit that he loved that one weekend a month that he didn’t have to go anywhere near the ARC for unless there was an anomaly. His reason for loving that weekend was simple, he got to spend time with his daughter doing whatever took their fancy.

His nine year old daughter was the one person who always made him see the good in the bad, which was why he wouldn’t grudge her wanting to spend the day watching animated movies, even if at that exact moment in time he was regretting the movie of choice. Prior to the anomaly shout he and Alice ‘Hatter’ Becker had been watching Ice Age, and now he was stuck in an actual ice age, unable to move due to Connor’s stupidity causing him to bust his leg - being truthful he reckoned that if it wasn’t so cold then the fall probably wouldn’t have done as much damage.

Now all that was going through his head as he and Connor tried to put his leg into a splint despite the freezing cold causing their fingers to slowly stop working. It appeared that having just watched Ice Age that morning, he was going to freeze to death in an actual Ice Age that he couldn’t tell Hatter about. Afterall, his daughter was interested in all of the historical places that he had travelled to but she didn’t know that he had actually been there.

He honestly wished that he didn’t end up in these situations because he hated having to explain them to his daughter, but as he started to drift off towards unconsciousness due to the hypothermia he felt Matt grab ahold of him and start to pull him back towards the anomaly. He was curious as to how he would explain hypothermia and a busted leg to the nine year old, but he could focus on that when he was warmer he decided before succumbing to the darkness.

Chapter Text

Post traumatic stress disorder, otherwise known as PTSD, had been something that he had been warned about when he returned home and was discharged from the military. He spent the first month that he was home hiding from anything that reminded him of the war, until he was forced to go and pick up his goddaughter. He never freaked out, but he knew for sure he was safe, after all his truck, that had always been his safe place.

The first time that he hid in his truck was the night that fireworks were going off; he was a cop, he had pulled the trigger on his gun, had a gun pointed at him, been shot at since he had came home, but fireworks going off had set him off. He had been at home when the fireworks started going off, and before he even knew what was going on, he was back at war, fighting to save his own life and ensure that those he was serving with went home too. And then he was in his truck, holding the steering wheel as tight as he could, with his stereo blaring as loud as he could get it. He had fell asleep at some point because he was awoken by McNally knocking on the passenger side window the following morning because she had walked to his as he hadn’t turned up for their planned run.

It wasn’t long after that the truck became McNally’s safe place as she spilled everything that had been going on with Sam and her dad and her mother showing back up to him. The hunk of junk truck he had considered selling before he deployed the first time turned out to be the best place to feel safe. Who would have thought it?

Chapter Text

A week after they met at the side of the road on route to Las Vegas with Finn was when the two former members of Section Twenty couldn’t hold off any longer. Their relationship had been on the down low since Damien had patched up the pieces following Kerry’s death.

In the time since he’d started to talk to Finn and then since actually meeting sixteen year old Finn, Damien had wondered how he would tell his son about Michael. However, this situation had never been in the possibilities.

Both men had thought that they would have more than enough time to take care of ‘business’ whilst Finn went hunting for some decent food, turns out they were wrong. Because before they were anywhere even close to have taken care of business, Finn barged his way back into the motel room. At that point Damien had had Michael backed up against the wall with their jeans around their knees. Both men had frozen as Finn had backed rapidly out of the room complaining that he would have to burn his eyes.

They quickly cleaned themselves up, the moment and mood gone, before Damien went to retrieve Finn who he hoped was still hiding in the hallway and he didn’t need to go looking for him on the Vegas Strip.

As soon as he opened the motel room door, the teenager started demanding answers.

“What the fuck? I know you two have a weird friendship and honestly, I wouldn’t mind if you two were fuck buddies so long as I don’t need to see it!” Finn exclaimed, reasonably quietly, because despite his annoyance at having found his father and his father’s best friend with their jeans around their knees.

“Finn, calm down, I’ll answer anything you want to know,” he promised before he led his still grossed out son back into the motel room. “Firstly, it started as stress relief…” and from there Damien and Michael took turns trying to explain it all to the teenager.

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People always say that home is where the heart is, that it isn’t a house, it isn’t really a place, but instead it is where your heart beats steadily and you don’t have to worry too much. For Kris Furillo that wasn’t really true, to her home had to have four walls and a roof, be some kind of house. She had spent years moving from place to place having to sleep in her mums car more times than she really wanted to think about.

Then she met Pablo. He had been both the best and worst person for her to meet at the point in time that she was at. He had forced her to take responsibility and to care for someone other than herself. He had introduced her to her home, Wildfire and the house where the Ritter’s stayed and took her in.

She had went from nowhere, to house, to a home. And now she was getting ready to marry Junior, and she knew that she didn’t have to worry because she had a house, but more than that she had home.

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A single flower was sat in a vase on Penelope Garcia’s desk when everyone arrived back from their latest case. It had been a single blue iris that had appeared on the desk whilst she had been out of the room retrieving a fresh cup of coffee and then it was there when she returned.

The first person who asked about it was JJ, she had asked why Garcia hadn’t told her about her new relationship. All Garcia would say was that she wasn’t in a relationship. No matter how much JJ and, later, Emily would press, Garcia would not budge from her stance of the flower not being from a boyfriend.

Even Rossi had asked in his roundabout way, he had questioned if he needed to give anyone a talking to. In truth, Rossi was like a father to her and she would have loved to tell him who the flower had came from but she had been sworn to secrecy. So she held her quiet and only told him that he didn’t need to give anyone a warning on her behalf.

It was three days after the team returned that they learnt who the giver of the mystery flower was; Rebecca “Bexley” Leigh Morgan, the teenage daughter of Derek Morgan. The youngster had given the iris to Garcia after learning about flowers meanings at school and realising that the blue iris suited Garcia and she then decided that it was the the perfect gift for Garcia.

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If Jack Dalton was completely honest when asked about the missions he did with MacGyver then the one thing he was certain of was that Mac was going to ruin everything he owns but he’d never let them fail the mission. However, this time he would rather Mac had let the mission fail. Because this time it was his GTO, the GTO he had rebuilt with his dad, that was sacrificed to get them out of trouble.

Apparently part of Mac’s plan to get them out of trouble involved causing the windscreen on the GTO to shatter. According to Mac they needed a distraction, and ruining the windscreen of his beloved car.  

Normally, Jack could deal with Mac destroying his phone because at least it was easily replaceable but the car he had rebuilt with his dad, that was where all lines were drawn.

“Not the GTO, man!” had been Jack’s reaction when Mac had went to shatter the windscreen but annoyingly, his best friend ignored him completely. This was one incident that wouldn’t be easily forgiven.

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The last people that anyone would expect to do something romantic together was Don Flack and Danny Messer; that might be the reason why the two had failed to mention to anyone that they were dating. They would admit that part of the reason why they failed to tell people about it was due to the blatant homophobia they would face.

That meant that when they had time to escape from the horrors that they witnessed everyday they ensured that when they spent time together they did something fun or romantic, that meant that they could shut out the horrors of the jobs they did. Which if you were to really think about it explained why they were lying on the bonnet of Flack’s car staring up to the night sky over an hour away from New York in the middle of nowhere watching the stars all because Danny had never been stargazing before.

It was ridiculously romantic and no one would think that either of the two would be able to do romantic but somehow they two made it work. They made their relationship work. They just seemed to get each other in an awesome way.  

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Sport was one thing that they could do whether they were in America or one a beach or military base in another country. As such they played football or soccer when they had the free time to. Or horseshoes. All of which Jaz would cheat at when playing against McG so as to ensure that she won. 

It had started during the first deployment that Jaz and McG were on together. It had been a simple game of soccer, although why they decided on soccer no one really knew, but that was the first time that Jaz had to cheat against the larger man to score a goal. She had ran decided that the easiest way to score the goal past McG was just to try and tackle him, which resulted in her hanging off his shoulders tangling her legs into his forcing him to the ground. As such once he was on the ground she had jumped up and booted the ball into the makeshift goals before running over to Elijah excited to have won against Dalton and McG.

She was determined though that one day she would win against the pair without having to tackle McG. She would win without having to cheat, well she’d at least score a goal against him without the physical assault against him.

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Of course it had to be Chris LaSalle that had been chosen to do the career day event at his niece's high school. Originally it was supposed to be King that was doing it but due to him being required in court, it meant that either LaSalle or Brody had to do it, and somehow he’d drawn the short straw and been elected to go to career day.

The major downside to being the one doing career day was the fact that his niece had refused to speak to her since he had told her three days earlier. Apparently, from what Loretta had found out, Hadley was concerned that everyone would judge her because of her uncle. It wasn’t that she didn’t loved her uncle or respect what he did but she had struggled to make friends when she had first moved to New Orleans and she didn’t want to lose the friends that she did have.

The morning of career day was the worst argument between Hadley and LaSalle. The teenager had known that her uncle was just trying to do what was best for her, by ensuring that she went to school and got an education so that she would have a future, but sometimes she wished that he wouldn’t.

“You are doing this just to embarrass me!” Hadley had yelled at him after LaSalle had offered to give her a lift to school. He hadn’t needed to go to the office because of the career day so he had decided that instead of making his niece take the bus he’d just take her in with him. Apparently that had been the wrong idea as she began yelling at him. “Why do you hate me so much? Why do you want to embarrass me?” she needled him for an answer; she firmly believed that his was just a way to make her the laughing stock of the school.

“I don’t hate you, and I certainly don’t want to embarrass you. But I’ll let you into a little secret, Hadley. Families are embarrassing, kiddo, but they love you so much,” he told her as he tried to get her to calm down. He knew that she wasn’t angry at him, but he also knew that something was bothering her and she wasn’t ready to tell him just yet. “For now, I will let it go, but we will talk about this tonight, Hads, because whatever is going on, you gotta tell me,” he told her before he handed her, her backpack.

“Okay, Uncle Chris,” the teenager relented as she took her backpack and let her uncle lead her out to his truck. “I love you by the way,” she admitted just before she climbed into the truck with him.

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Lila Scout Rhodes honestly questioned her dad’s thought process at times. She was sat at the nurses desk with Maggie and April waiting for her dad’s shift to finish. Ever since she had collapsed at the train station her dad had insisted that she came to the hospital after school was finished and waited until he was finished his shift. That however gave her plenty of time to observe everyone and how they interacted, especially her dad and Dr. Will Halstead.

They acted as though they hated each other, but Scout had spent long enough studying people to know that neither of the two doctors hated each other. In fact, she knew enough that it was clear to her that if her dad would actually make the move that he wanted to that Will wouldn’t push him away or refute the move. She just wished that her dad knew that or would man up and actually make a move.

She knew though that the only way he would make the move would be if he was good and drunk in the same place as Will. She had learnt over the course of her life that her dad wouldn’t take risks that could end pretty badly for him whilst being sober, or mostly sober anyway. The worst risks from what she had seen were those that were related to a crush, and that was certainly what her dad had on Will, and vise versa.

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TC Callahan wanted nothing more than to actually get on the plane out of Syria and go back to Texas for a while. Mainly because he knew that Syd wouldn’t go home until he was going back to Texas. But also because he had needed to see Janet, Lynn and the twins, and make sure that they were okay. He and Topher had made each other a promise when they were in Afghanistan and although they were both out of the military and had made it back alive, he was going to keep it because Topher and the Zia’s, they were his family.

But worse than anything, he felt as though he had deserted Topher when he decided to go to Syria with Syd, and that feeling intensified when Jordan phoned to tell him that Topher had died in a car accident but, despite the fact that she was slightly banged up, Lynn was going to be okay. They were his family, but he had deserted them because he couldn’t handle the changes in San Antonio, and then when they needed him most he missed his ride home and was stuck in Syria for another month.

If that wasn’t desertion of family, then he didn’t know what was. But he couldn’t desert Syd either. She had kept his head on straight, she made sure that he didn’t do anything too stupid so that he would make it back home.

“C’mon, T. We’re going home,” Syd laughed as she grabbed ahold of his arm and pulled him over to the helicopter that would take them out of Syria and start their journey home.

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They had history. But someone needed to tell Sam that despite that Grace didn’t need a knight in shining armour. She was tough enough to stand up for herself. She had fought for her rank and position, and never accepted any help from her father despite the fact that he was an Admiral.

She knew that he was only protecting her because the amount of shit that they were in was beyond anything they had ever seen or experienced before, and he knew what she had waiting for her at home. She appreciated that he wanted her to get home and was willing to put her return home before his on return, but she wished that he would let her fight for herself instead of trying to be her knight in goddamn shining armour.

Whilst she had to get home to her family, she also knew he had a wife to get home to and that meant that he had to get home too. And one day, his view of her being a damsel in distress, it was going to be him that got hurt trying to ensure she didn’t. That was something that she couldn’t deal with. Something she didn’t want to be responsible for.

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Kelly Severide had lost more people than most people really thought possible giving the fact that for the most part he was a happy guy who was always looking for the future. But sometimes the darkness became way too dark for him to handle, and then someone would pull him out of the darkness. It used to be Shay, but now, now that she was gone and it was her death that had thrown him into the darkness again, it was Matt who was trying to pull him out of it.

They’d been drinking at Molly’s when Severide listed off the amount of people he had lost;

“My mum, Renee, Andy, Royce, Katie, Shay…” the list could’ve continued but Matt had decided to shut him up. He needed to get the Squad Lieutenant out of the dark hole he was in before he dug himself in any deeper.

“Your mum, Andy, Shay… they’d all want you to be happy and think of the future. They wouldn’t want you like this. As for Renee and Royce, you know that Renee is happy and with her brother and everything is good for him, and Royce, well we all know what she was like. Katie, she’ll answer the phone if you call her, she just needed to escape from what happened, not from you,” it was at that point that Severide got Herrmann to give them another pint each. Clearly he wasn’t ready for that conversation, but at least he had tried.

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It was unexpected when it happened. Both Will and Conner had just worked a thirty six hour shift each and had ended up on the same train. They’d been sitting together chatting in an attempted not to fall asleep before they arrived at their respective stops.

Under normal circumstances the two would never have even considered talking on the train, let alone sitting together, but despite their lack of willingness to spend time with each other outside of the hospital, they both didn’t actually have an issue with each other. The issue that they each had was that they didn’t know how to admit to the other how they felt.

Will had been rambling about one of the cases he had had that day when inhibition hit Conner before he could stop himself. The cardiothoracic fellow turned towards Will and before he could think about it, he leant forward and pressed his lips to Will’s. The reaction he got wasn’t the one that he had expected; he’d expected a punch in the jaw or some form of violence, but instead Will pressed back into the kiss as well. Chasing it as Conner pulled away.

It was a fleeting kiss on the train, but when Conner got off he couldn’t fight the smile that was stuck on his face. If that smile grew when he heard a knock on his door an hour either, and it turned out to be Will, then no one really needed to know. For now the two were quite happy to just see what happened between them.

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Most people questioned what was going between Mick Rawson and Sam Cooper when they saw the two of them sparring or training in some way, shape or form. They’d be pushing each other as far as they could. It wasn’t that they went out with the goal of pushing each other it was just that Cooper had realised that if there was a sort of contest to see who was better at something then it kept Mick out of his own head and stopped the past from haunting them.

However, that did not explain why Beth, Gina and Prophet had arrived at the office to see Cooper and Mick trying to beat the living hell out of each other with wooden sticks. Normally, when Cooper challenged Mick to spar with them the Welshman would make an excuse to as to avoid it, but it seemed that this time was different. But, it you were to ask Beth, who seemed to be the most mature of the lot at that moment in time, she would wager that it was due to the ongoing contest. She had noticed a few times in the past, that they were competing against each other. It was as though it was a contest to see if Mick could actually keep up and beat Cooper.

Regardless of what it was, the whole thing was amusing for both Prophet and Gina, who were always up for a reason to pick on Mick. It really did appear that the Welshman was a walking target recently, especially with cases, Cooper’s training sessions, and the team banter. But unless he said something then Beth was refusing to get involved. He was a grown man after all

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He was a thief. A goddamn thief and he was not afraid to admit it. He was a criminal. He had no morals. But if there was one thing he hated people assuming about him it was that he did it only for the money.

Now, Leonard Snart was the first to admit that he was a cold bastard. Hell, he had shot a guy, who was a member of his crew, in the head because he’d brought police attention to them. He hadn’t even blinked as he pulled the trigger, if he was normally he probably would have been a little concerned about the lack of emotion he felt regarding the act of taking someone’s life, but as far as he was concerned no one mattered except for himself and those he called his family; Lisa and Mick.  

But he was also set in the fact that he was a thief because he enjoyed it, not because he wanted the money or anything, but just because it was fun and it was all he knew. He enjoyed how precise he had to be to reach the targeted object of his theft. He liked to have a plan, and that was something that was needed when stealing objects.

Yeah, sure, he would steal things that would bring him a lot of money but that was just because they were more difficult and he really enjoyed the challenge. But, if there was one more comment made by the legends that he only stole for money, he would release a world of hurt on to them that they would never have imagined.

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When Conrad came back from Afghanistan he had be fine for a while. He started working at Chastain and despite the issues there that he knew he would have to overcome everything was fine. For a while he was perfectly fine; he had work, and Nic, she was always a highlight of his day. Then it all got too much.

If you were to ask him, Conrad couldn’t tell you what trigger it, what caused everything to go from fine to a downward spiral towards addiction before he even knew it. He had been doing just fine and then he got injured in the ER and had to take medication and painkillers, which was when he realised that they did more than numb the physical pain; they numbed the emotional pain that was caused by what he saw over in Afghanistan.

By the time that Nic caught on to what was going on, it had been months and he was popping pills as though they were candy. He didn’t even want to stop, because they made him numb which meant that the guilt over those whom he couldn’t save wasn’t haunting him as much as normally. He tried to explain it to Nic but no matter how hard he tried, it never made any sense. No she thought that what he was doing was stupid and that he needed to get help.

They fought for a week, luckily as far as Nic was concerned, Conrad was off work during that week so she didn’t need to worry about him screwing up with a patient. But no matter how much she tried to get him to see sense, he just couldn’t see where the problem was if it was numbing him to everything that he had witnessed.

In fact he didn’t realise the problem until he failed to show for a shift and Nic had decided to go and check on him when he didn’t answer. When she entered his apartment she hadn’t expected what she saw; Conrad lying on the floor of the kitchen, unconscious and surrounded by bottles of pills.

She had rushed him to the closest hospital that was Chastain only to discover that her fears of the cause Conrad’s unconsciousness was in fact right caused by him overdosing. Once he had been treated and returned to the consciousness he had had prior to the addiction, he and Nic had broken up but not before she had ripped him for trying to ruin both their lives.

She was right though, and he knew it, he had screwed up royally.

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CSI Tim ‘Speed’ Speedle glared at his best friend and colleague Eric Delko who, he could tell, was fighting back a smile at his poor fortune. It was a well known fact that Speed hated things like oil and rubbish and anywhere were germs, and molds, and other horrors could grow. Which was why he hated his friend even more. Trust Delko to have been injured meaning that he had to wade through the large container of oil in search of the murder weapon whilst Delko got to lift the finger prints and trace from around the container.

“This is disgusting!” he muttered for the umpteenth time that day which just led to the younger man laughing at him. He really did hate this part of the job, but he had to admit that he was looking forward to whatever revenge he would get on Delko once this case was all said and done.

“The less you complain the quicker you will be done,” Delko called back in response, and the response that Speed gave was not one that someone who works for law enforcement should give, especially whilst on duty.

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Five years is a long time to be gone, it is an even longer time to be undercover, but it can also be terrifying when that time comes to an end. Former NCIS Special Agent Mike Renko understood that first hand because he was returning home almost six years after his death was faked to allow him to take on a high clearance level assignment.

The assignment hadn’t been meant for him, in fact it was meant for Callen, but when he Janvier shot him in the jaw, Hetty decided that it was probably a good time for him to cut ties with OSP. He took a while to recover but it also fitted in with his cover identity and as such he was pleased to take it, but he had never expected the operation to go on for as long as it had.

He had been undercover when Janvier shot him and hadn’t been home in the six months prior to that day. Once he had finally woken up in the hospital and was allowed to be released Hetty had had him straight on a flight to Europe. And that is where he had stayed, only trading an email or brief phone call with those he loved once a month. The lack of contact had been isolating along with the nature of his mission meaning that he couldn’t trust anyone, could never turn off.

However, in less than thirteen hours he would be back in Los Angeles, the identity of Daniel ‘Mike’ Schmitz would be put in a box, and hopefully never pulled back out. He had to admit, that he was looking forward to getting home, to getting to speak to his friends and those he called family for more than ten minutes once a month.

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How do you lie to someone that you had to sit next to for eight hours a day? The answer is one that Nick Collins wished that he had. He had been partnered with Oliver Shaw who just wanted to ask questions about what had happened when he and Andy had been undercover.

Both he and Andy wanted to tell everyone the truth but had be ordered not to until everything involving the case they had been working had been through the courts and it was finished with. He wished that they didn’t have to fake the nature of their relationship; that they didn’t have to lie and pretend that nothing happened at Niagara Falls.

After three months in such tight quarters and the previous closeness and attraction that they had felt towards each other had come to a head. They had gotten together a fortnight before they had left for the undercover assignment. When they went to Niagara Falls it had been a quick decision to get married, and they didn’t regret anything about it other than the fact that they weren’t allowed to tell anyone yet.

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“Hadley!” the voice of Christopher LaSalle yelling down his hallway from his kitchen caused his fifteen year old niece, Emilia Hadley Jones who was more commonly known as Hadley LaSalle, to groan and hide her head under her pillow. “Hadley if I do not hear you up and moving in the next minute I will get the cold water!” he added in a voice that left no room for argument. The young LaSalle decided that the risk was worth it and burrowed further into the warmth of her bed.

Chris gave his niece the time it took him to finish making her breakfast before he made his way down the hallway to her bedroom. He knew that this time of year was difficult for Hadley because of how much family she had lost. All he could hope for was that Hadley would be better now that everything had died down a bit and that she was back talking to people regularly.

“Hadley, you had better be up and at ‘em,” the NCIS Agent from Alabama called to his niece as he banged his fist against her door. “I’m comin’ in if I don’t hear you movin’,” his voice rolled through the door, the tone of annoyance telling the youngster that she had better get up rather than test her uncle’s patience. Whilst he was normally the cool uncle and guardian, he had been known to take extreme measures to ensure that she got to school on time, including soaking her with freezing cold water.

“Alright, I’m up!” he heard her call before he turned and made his way back down the stairs to ensure that he had everything he needed for his trip to Alabama. He knew that, everything going to plan, he should be back that evening, but then again when did anything ever go to plan with their case.

Ten minutes later, his niece ran into the kitchen, her bag swung over one shoulder with her hoodie through the straps, her boots in one hand and her other hand holding her still wet hair in a bun. If he had been a cruel uncle he would have laughed at her, but the last time he had done that in this situation it resulted in her not talking to him. Instead he just grabbed her boots and dropped them at the kitchen door.

“Grab some breakfast, you can eat it in the truck,” he ordered her as he quickly checked that there wasn’t any forms on the table or in her bag that he needed to sign. “King wants you to head to the office when you are finished, just until I get home,” he reminded her as he smiled at her rushing around the kitchen like a headless chicken.

“Okay, where is that apple? I swear, there was one left last night,” she mumbled as she tied her hair up whilst checking the fridge for the piece of fruit she appeared to have mislaid the night previous. “Uncle Chris, do you know where it is?” she asked only to turn to see the apple in question on top of his bag.

“Take one of the bananas instead, Hads,” he suggested, as he watched her pull two of the aforementioned bananas out of the fridge. What he didn’t expect was for her to walk over and place one of them on top of his bag before grabbing the apple. “Hey, what are you doing?” he questioned, slightly outraged at her stealing his apple.

“It was my apple, Uncle Chris, remember, King said you were to stop stealing my apples!” she commented before she took a bite out of the apple to prevent him from stealing it again. “I’ll get more after school though,” she said softly, hoping this wouldn’t turn into another apple battle, which is really a story for another time if you were to ask Hadley.  

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Dr. Nathan Riggs, Cardiothoracic Attending, was aware of the differences between how he worded things with his daughter and his parents and those who he worked with. His mum was proud of the fact that she spoke English, not American thank you very much, and Maori. As a result both he and Kita had learnt to speak American whilst outside of the house and English whilst at home or with family. That however could lead to both of them slipping up at times. And is the exact reason why two residents and Doctor Webber were looking at Riggs’ sixteen year old daughter in confusion.

Riggs had been in surgery when the ambulance brought in the young girl and as such he hadn’t heard exactly what his daughter had to said but the rumors he was hearing suggested that residents thought she was lying because she had told them she had been trapped in a boot. Why his daughter had been in the boot of a car he didn’t know but he would guess that she would’ve had a good reason for it.

“You do know that it is physically impossible to get trapped in a boot,” the young resident who to be honest Riggs was just waiting for to drop out of the program. It wasn’t that the young doctor was a bad doctor per say but it was more that they would be better suited elsewhere that wasn’t surgery as they didn’t have the ability to reassure a patient that everything was going to be okay even if they weren’t sure of that fact as doctors. Riggs would admit that it could just be him being pessimistic but as far as he was concerned if a doctor didn’t have the skills and ability to deal with patients in the most terrifying moments then they should be there.

“No, like a boot on a car…” Kita tried to explain but in all fairness the young doctor wasn’t listening to her.

“Kita got stuck in a trunk, I have no idea how but that is what she is saying,” Riggs replied as he put his chart down on the desk and made his way over to his daughter on the hospital bed. “How you feeling, Kiddo?” he asked as he ran his hand over her head in that fatherly way that somehow always reassured his daughter. He didn’t really know how it worked but it did so he did it every time the youngster ended up in hospital.

“I’m okay, papa,” she assured her father. “Just a little out of rhythm and a little bit fast, Whakaae ahau, papa, I promise,” she whispered as she leant into his side. She was thankful for his presence though. “Doctors Webber and Deluca said I have to wait to see a Doctor Pierce but apparently she is really nice,” she told him quietly.

“Okay, why don’t you tell me why you were in a boot and then we’ll get Doctor Pierce to see if you need to stay or not,” Doctor Riggs suggested to his daughter, before he got her to lean back.


The morning after she had been taken into the ER following being trapped in the car boot, Kita woke up to several doctors standing in her hospital room. She smiled briefly to them as she glanced to her right to see her dad sat in the chair next to the bed, his feet stretched out and crossed at the ankles, his arms folded across his chest, his head tilted forward. She wasn’t surprised to find that her dad was asleep, he had worked a twelve hour shift before she was brought in and then he had insisted that he wasn’t going to leave her in case something happened, it turned out that he was a really worry wart.

“Deluca, can you present?” the other cardiothoracic doctor, Maggie Pierce, requested quietly, keeping her voice low to avoid waking Riggs.

“Patient is Mackenzie Nikita Riggs, fifteen years old, brought in after being trapped in a car trunk for 90 minutes during a motor maintenance class. She is being treated and monitored for carbon monoxide poisoning and SVT episodes,” the rather annoying resident who had told Kita that she couldn’t have been trapped in a boot said instead of Deluca. She knew that because it was Deluca who had taken her for her tests the day before and had told her all about what was going on.

“How have we been treating these symptoms?” Pierce asked hoping that one of the doctors would get the answer right. She had seen her fellow surgeon waking up and was in no mood to see him rip into the residents on rounds.

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Somedays Mae Jarvis questioned why she was friends with Matt Simmons and Clara Seegar, especially on days when they would pry into her private life, and today was one of those days. They had just spent several days in Europe trying to trace a group of five missing high school graduates from four small towns in Wyomming. But now that they were travelling back to the States, her two friends had once again returned to their favourite hobby of prying.

She had sat her phone on the desk whilst she helped on of the girls who had been taken sort out her sling and place her arm in a comfortable position. She had felt sorry that the girl wasn’t able to rely on the friends she had travelled to Europe with and as such was more than willing to give her a hand if it was required until she was back home with her family. But that meant that her phone was easy for the two to get to. It just so happened that whilst she was helping the girl, she received a text message that lead to no end of questions from the two.

Pest: How’d the case go? You back tonight?

And that was the start of it. Endless questions, subtle glances whenever she was around people outside of their team. And it continued until the next case. When she handed her phone to Simmons as Clara and Jack were on speaker  and she was curious about something on the body at the scene. Once she had explained the mark she had found and Jack had said that they would meet back at the police station an hour later, the questions from Simmons started. She had briefly wondered why until she realised that she had received another text which he had seen.

Pest: Gonna be gone a few days. Will let you know more later. Love you.

“Are you ever going to tell us who this best is?” Simmons kept asking repeatedly throughout the whole case, which lasted a week and too make it even worse Clara had joined in.

Sometimes Mae considered telling them who she was dating and why they were in her phone as Pest but if she were to be perfectly truthful, she enjoyed having the secret. Sure, Jack Garrett knew but that was just because his family couldn’t keep anything a secret for long, and two months into their ten month long relationship, Ryan had told him about the fact that he was dating Mae. Although the former medical examiner had expected him to be angry or upset by the fact, she was relieved when he had given his approval and had wished her luck facing his wife.

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Nearly all the firefighters at Firehouse 51 had a scar relating to a fire. Most of those scars were due to burns but then again what do you expect when they run into buildings that they are telling people to get out of. It is expected that they will end up with scars. A burn is just a part of the job description really.  

However some of those scars came with some really interesting stories. Some of the stories were of big fires the types where it is expected that at least someone will get a little burn, but others, they came from incidents that resulted in rather amusing stories. One person who had a scar with a story like that was Matt Casey.

It was Peter Mills who had asked about the scar on the Lieutenants shoulder after he had seen it in the locker room after shift. The young candidate had left it for a few shifts but then he realised that it was just going to keep him curious and so he had asked. If he was to tell the truth he had thought that the scar was caused by a fire that Casey had responded to, he had never expected what he was told.

“There’s a reason that we don’t allow Severide to cook,” the Truck Lieutenant commented as he looked over at his best friend who was sat further down the table. “For a firefighter he isn’t very good at not starting them while cooking. He decided that he wanted to cheer up Schuyler and as such decided to try and bake a cake at two o’clock in the morning. I woke up to the fire alarm going off, and when we were putting out the fire, he dropped the cake on my shoulder,” Casey replied as Shay had sat laughing from start to finish. Clearly, she had known the story and heard a few time.

“A cake?”

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Some people would say that they had lost their parent or parents but as Jake Doyle looked at the young girl who he was raising as his own daughter he wondered if any of them actually meant that they had lost their parents as in the parent had disappeared from the face of the earth. Watching Ruari made him realise that one day, sometime soon, he would have to explain everything that had happened to her father and mother. That was certainly one conversation that he wasn’t looking forward to.

After everything that had happened since Benny had ended up in jail; finding out that Benny was going to be a father, the Emma Michaeltree Case, the terrifying situation of believing that Nikki had been pregnant; Jake was honestly surprised that Ruari had never asked about her own parents. It seemed that she was quite content to just go on as if he had always been the one raising her. He didn’t mind though, it was easier to just let her go on as she was, it meant that there was less chance that she would blame herself for her mother leaving.

In fact the subject wasn’t mentioned until Jake had rejoined the RNC. He had been sat in the office of Doyle and Doyle with Ruari and Leslie when the eleven year old asked;

“Why don’t I have a mum?” and with the questioned, Jake knew he had to tell her about how exactly she had lost her parents. Leslie had never known Jake to be the sort of person who would stop and think so she was rather shocked when he took pause to think before he spoke to his daughter.

“You know how your daddy was killed in a car accident before I became your dad,” if there was one thing that Jake had been adamant about, it was that Ruari would always know that her dad hadn’t always been him. “Well, your mum struggled to deal with her feelings about it, she felt lost because she didn’t know how to not be with your daddy, so you came to stay with me. Your mum had visited you everyday but she was still finding it really difficult, and so she left for a while because she had lost her way,” whilst the eleven year old would probably been able to actually understand everything, Jake knew it was his duty to protect her from all the pain that he could.  

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It was just their luck. Well, if he was perfectly honest though Archie was now a firm believer that the MacDonald’s would have bad luck before good luck. It seemed as though anything that could go wrong, would go as wrong as it could.

And that, of course, is exactly what happened.

Archie had no idea what his father and Killwillie had been up to, but whatever it was, he should have expected the disaster that would inevitably happen. The disaster that did happen, with an extremely loud boom, and quite a lot of smoke coming from the basement. And truthfully, Archie’s first thought was not even concern for his father and Killwillie but rather annoyance at the sheer thought of having to have the basement once again. That thought only last for the briefest of moments before he followed everyone else in their rush to get to the basement to ensure that his father and Killwillie, regardless of how much they may drive him up the wall, were in fact still alive and completely intact.

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The summer was always busy at Heartland, between working with the horses, and the fact that it was the school holidays meaning that Georgie was competing more, but also that Georgie and Katie weren’t at school either. With Lou being away as well, it had been the most hectic summer that Ty, Amy, Jack and Lisa had seen at Heartland in a fairly long time.

The first day of Autumn once everything had settled and both Georgie and Katie were at school and nursery, Ty decided that he and Amy needed time to themselves. And thus, he had the idea of a trail ride and picnic to get them away from the normal hecticness of Heartland, and the veterinary practice.

Ty had to admit that he loved seeing the amount of pleasure and enjoyment that Amy expressed as they had taken Spartan and Harley out, he loved that fact that she also seemed to be free, as though all that stressed her out and weighed on her was lifted from her shoulders as she galloped off on Spartan. That was the exact reason that Ty decided that they needed to do something just for the two of them, and if he was honest, even he felt less stressed by the time they got back to Heartland.

It had just been a quiet date and it wasn’t even that romantic or the type of date he thought she really deserved but it was exactly what they needed. Maybe that was why Autumn was the time that they both looked forward to the most. Because it gave them both a chance to just be them.

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Crime fighters and criminals should not be friends. It is just something that didn’t work. But the criminal most certainly should not know the secret identity of the crime fighter. But especially not when the crime fighter is a vigilante and a crime scene investigator at the same time. And you most certainly should not be friends with a criminal who helps the criminals you put away escape to join their gang of rogues if you are a crime fighter.

However, it is safe to say that Barry Allen, known to most of the population as the Flash hadn’t been given that advice. Or he hadn’t listened to it, but that is what led him to be in the situation he was in.

Afterall, if he hadn’t been friends with Captain Cold, then the criminal would never have broken into the storage area where artifacts were stored prior to being transported to the museum. When Barry had arrived, he hadn’t really known what to expect, and his confusion and apprehension had just grown as he realised that there was no robbery on going.

Then the temperature dropped and he knew, he just knew, that it was Leonard Snart, his criminal friend. Mick Rory was probably with him as well, and the banter and piss taking was about to start, because who ever said it was a good idea to be friends with a criminal was clearly wrong on that front.

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Addiction is a horrible thing, and it is also something that came in many different forms. For Warrick Brown, he was addicted to gambling, to the fact that everything relied on luck. While he would gamble on sports games, he would gamble on anything.

At that exact moment as he was processing the crime scene in the casino, he wanted nothing more than to place money down at the dice game and roll the dice to see if it was his day. He knew he couldn’t, and if he could avoid it then he would do everything he could do so. He knew that if he ever went back to gambling then he would be finished as a CSI in Las Vegas.

He also knew that it was his fault that Holly had been killed, that if he hadn’t needed to place that bet then he would have been there to watch her back and she would probably still be alive. It didn’t surprise him that Grissom was pissed when he found out what Warrick had been doing, but what had surprised him was that Grissom never fired him but instead made sure that he got the help that he needed.

Since the day that Holly died and Grissom gave him the ultimatum of his job or gambling, he hadn’t made a bet, hadn’t played a game of cards, or even rolled a dice. It didn’t mean that he didn’t consider it every single day.

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Several times during the course of Steve’s time as a police officer both his daughter, Livvy, and boyfriend, Aidan, had been in the position of waiting for news on Steve in the hospital. Under normal circumstances they would be waiting for Emma to bring them the news but for the first time ever Livvy had to receive the news directly for the doctor about just how seriously her dad had been injured.

Neither Livvy nor Aidan felt able to break the silence surrounding them as tears cascaded down Livvy’s cheeks as she finally allowed herself to grieve for Emma. It was something that broke Aidan’s heart but also filled him with relief; the fourteen year old had never dealt with the death of her mother a year previous. Instead of dealing with her emotions following Emma’s death Livvy had focused on getting better and returning to school after living in with her dad. Aidan had moved in not that long ago but he had been there for the father and daughter since the day of the accident that had killed Emma so he had to admit that he was  glad to finally see her expressing her feelings about it.

“Dad not leave!” Livvy eventually cried out as she ended up cling to Aidan’s jacket. That was when they both realised what Livvy was actually scared of; losing both her parents and being alone. It was something that he would never allow to happen but he also knew that the teenager wouldn’t believe him if were was to tell her at that exact moment.  

‘You know he is tough, Livvy.’ That was all Aidan could sign before the young girl had to act older than she was and face the doctor bringing her the news on her father's injuries. He wished that he could make it easier on the fourteen year old, but he also knew that she was strong enough to deal with anything she had to face.

Several hours later, Livvy and Aidan were sat on either side of Steve’s hospital bed discussing what she had been studying at school before he had arrived to pick her up. They had been informed that it may take Steve a while to wake up and that he would probably be rather confused when he woke up, but that wasn’t to be worried about due to the blow to the head he took.

“You two are too loud, some of us have a headache,” Steve Arnott whispered, catching Aidan’s attention. The Detective Sergeant also slowly moved his hand to knock his daughter’s arm to bring her attention towards him. He waited until her eye’s settle on him before he spoke. “I am sorry. I didn’t want to scare you,” he whispered again, his throat dry and as he had said earlier, he also had a serious headache.

“Not your fault that you took a baseball bat to the head, and they had to pull splintered parts of it out,” Aidan explained as Steve turned to raise his eyebrows in question regarding what had happened to land him there. As had been mentioned earlier, they had to wait for news on Steve more than once.

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Sometimes they were able to just relax and be free of all the terror that they witness and that followed them. It was rare but when they got it both Michael and Damien took that time. So when they finished the mission in South Africa and they decided to go to America for the road trip to Mexico they made sure to camp out during it.

That need to experience the freedom and calmness is what lead to both of the soldiers lying on the ground of Yosemite national park listening to crickets chirp loudly in the background. They never really planned to do things like that but sometimes one or the other just needed to feel that freedom, and one of them did the other usually followed. They had been in so many life or death situations that they had this near primal need to ensure that the other always had back up in a situation where they would be vulnerable.

Whilst they had began a sort of friends with benefits things when they had made it back to the hotel in South Africa before they returned to England, they had ignored it the whole time they had been away on their road trip. Now though in the quiet, it was Michael who allowed his hand to slide over to Damien’s, it was meant to be reassurance, not romantic. But romantic it was, in the silence, they breathed in slowly appreciating the freedom from the terror.

Maybe their friends with benefits would be more than that, but for now both of them were just glad to be relaxed in the near silence of the night. Sure they would eventually have to go back but for now it was just them and some chirping crickets.

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If you asked anyone, anyone who knew them, then they would tell you that Molly Ross and her Uncle Billy Crawford were the best of friends. They had been stuck to each other for as long as most people could remember. When Billy would come back to visit during breaks from school it wasn’t surprising to see the young man out and about with his niece. So it wouldn’t be surprising to most people when they heard that it was Billy who first introduced the soccer star to the sport. Or for them to find out that it was Billy who figured out that his niece preferred women before she had even considered telling them.

Molly had been just four years old the first time that her Uncle Billy took her to play soccer. He had been visiting for the weekend and took her out to the playing turf to teach her how to do a bit more than just kick the ball rather aimlessly. That was the first time that she had slid across the turf, and if Billy had know what would happen, he would probably have waited longer, because from that day on, every day, she was out on the turf chasing the ball and sliding through it. Her knees were constantly stained and her clothes constantly muddy but that was what she enjoyed.

It was on that same turf that she and Luna had shared their first kiss. It hadn’t been planned, in fact neither of the two had considered it before. They lived in a small town, everyone knew everyone near enough, and being gay just was not really an option. A lot of people in the town looked down on homosexuality, especially those who believed everything that the preacher said. That first kiss on that turf though, it was like everything made sense to them both, everything that they had been feeling but hadn’t been able to name, it now had a name.

Then she got sick. Really sick, and everything started to change. And it was all because of the new field that she was playing soccer on. She wished, that it was her old turf, that it was still making everything make sense. But when she had went back to the turf after that seizure that she had, the protective nature that always made everything feel right wasn’t there anymore.

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With the exception of his daughter and Sebastian, Tommy McConnel didn’t get close to anyone, ever. His family had destroyed any chance of him trusting someone ever again as far as he was concerned. For crying out loud, what could you expect though when his own father had put a ten thousand pound price on his head, although where is father had got the money from he had no idea, but it was enough to make him careful around people. So he was keeping to his bubble, he’d how he was expected to, but he wouldn’t get close.

Then she sauntered into his life, all English accent and proper procedure and began taking a sledgehammer to the bubble he surrounded himself with. If it had been a wall he was surrounding himself with then he’d understand the sledgehammer but it wasn’t. But she was determined to get through to him.

She punctured his bubble the day she found out he had a daughter, Saoirse; it had been late, late enough that they were just getting ready to leave when his phone had rang and he had walked out. The Major knew about his daughter and the fact that she’d still be in Northern Ireland with a family friend and that she phoned or Skyped her father everyday. What Tommy hadn’t expected was for Sienna to appear next to him ten minutes after he had left the room; he had figured that they would all just head for wherever they were staying and he’d be left to clean up. She’d told him that the others were leaving but she would stay to help tidy the files away if he wanted. Then she noticed the young girl on the laptop screen in front of them.

Sienna had greeted the girl, wished Tommy a goodnight, gone and tidied all the files and left it until the following afternoon to ask questions about Saoirse. Surprisingly, when Tommy didn’t want to answer, she didn’t force him, she just moved onto the next question which wasn’t so bad. But what had punctured his bubble was the fact that every few days she would ask how Saoirse was, or make sure to stay back a bit to help sort the office so that the father and daughter got more time to speak to each other.

The second thing that she did that further punctured his bubble was that she opened up to him about her family, and she didn’t judge him for his. Yeah, she was far too curious for her own good but what was he to do about that; he would just have to live with the curiosity. She didn’t mean it in a bad way, but it was more like she genuinely cared. She never judged him for the price on his head, only his father.

The final blow to the bubble leading to it bursting was her dying in his arms. She begged him to tell her parents that she did good. The parents that had forgotten it was her birthday. He had held her, assuring her that she had done good and that he was proud of her. And she had thanked him before she died.

After that, although he was still cautious, he got close to the rest of the team because he realised that he did need people and that Sienna had been right about that fact. So maybe the sledgehammer she’d gone after his bubble with was more to knock home the fact that he needed other people too and not just himself.

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Billings, Montana, United States of America

29 September 2012 (1452)


A parade had seemed like a good idea at the time when Lindy McGuire had suggested that they went to see the school parade prior to the high school football game. She should have known better than to suggest that her son and granddaughter do anything that involved them acting their age. If she was being honest she could excuse Kenny-Jo for being childish given that she in fact was just a child of the mere age of nine.

But her son. Her grown son, who spent months at a time overseas fighting to protect the freedom of all of those in America, was the world’s biggest child if you were to ask her. The two younger McGuire’s were at that moment in time mocking the cheerleaders that were leading the parade float. It would appear that Joseph was the ringleader, but that by no means excused Kenny-Jo for encouraging him.

Lindy smiled slightly upon seeing Adam Dalton approach the father and daughter duo. She hoped that he would be able to keep the two in check. However, it would appear that she was completely wrong about Dalton’s maturity level too.

Billings, Montana, United States of America

29 September 2012 (1455)


Adam Dalton walked over to where his boyfriend was standing with his daughter, and placed his hands over Kenny-Jo’s shoulders, before asking Joseph what they were doing. And if he was being perfectly honest he should have known what the answer was going to be.

“Mocking the cheerleaders!” the nine year old replied sounding way to proud of herself. He had briefly considered telling the pair that they really, really, really, shouldn’t but then he watched one of the cheerleaders trip as a result of them trying to blatantly flirt with any guy under twenty five who was standing on the sidelines watching the parade. Even he had to start mocking.

Maybe, them all going to the parade had been a pretty bad idea. Joseph had been in a mood to piss off as many people as possible over the previous few days, and it seemed that it was continuing that day, and Kenny-Jo, Joseph’s mini-me had decided to join in too. Adam knew, he just knew, that it would be a miracle, if they made it back to the McGuire ranch without Lindy ripping in to them all for mocking people at the parade, but hey, that was part of being a normal family as far as he could tell.

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A gift between two people who love each other is something to be cherished, it’s something that shows love and appreciation of the other. It could be something as simple as buying them coffee or lunch and taking it to them at work.

The issue however begins when the recipient and giver are no longer in a relationship. They both still cared about each other, but neither wanted to admit to that, because that would be suggestive that they’d made a mistake. So instead of cherishing the fact that he had brought her breakfast, instead she began to question why and make it out as though he was trying to bribe her into doing something.

Now, Conrad would admit that he had done that previously, but on this occasion, it was literally just a case of him wanting to do something nice so she’d hopefully have a good day giving that his had started out with him having to meet with his father. The fact that she thought he did just so that he could benefit had succeeded in making his bad day even worse.

Sometimes, a gift is just a gift, other times it is a bribe, but this time it was just to make her smile.

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The whole of the Intelligence Unit was exhausted and the weather was just making them all more miserable. None of them had been home in four days, it had been raining non stop for three of those four days. Mouse had been stuck in the office or the basement for those four days but now he was back upstairs and he was firmly wishing that he was back home.

He could feel Jay’s eyes wander over to him every time the lightning flashed through the sky. So far he had kept the jumping to a minimum as the thunder roared. However, he knew that sooner or later he was going to lose track of when to expect them and he was going to hit the ground waiting for enemy fire or something of the likes. He wished that he could escape until it was all over; he didn’t mind that Jay knew, but he did not want the others looking at him that way. Like he was crazy.

The thunder just kept roaring, and he kept getting more and more anxious about what was going on, and the others finding out about his PTSD. He knew that Ruzek had seen him at his worst, and that the others knew that he had been one of Jay’s CI’s. But he wasn’t the same as he had been then, he didn’t need to get high or drunk to the point that he fell into unconsciousness to deal with the PTSD and the guilt of what had happened in Afghanistan.

He was finally on a level, and he didn’t want to look back, or have the others look at them as they did back then. Only Jay hadn’t changed how he looked at him, Jay had always had his back and he probably always would.

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Family is normally made up of blood for those that live in Storybrooke, it was something that didn’t apply to Henry Mills though, mind you if you were to look at his biological relations then you would probably think that was for the best. If Henry really considered that fact then he would probably have realised that the situation he was in wasn’t all that surprising.

Regina Mills, known in the Land With Magic as the Evil Queen, had decided for a reason that Henry would never understand to pull the heart out of Hooks chest and threatened to crush it. In that moment, Henry realised that although Emma had placed him for adoption she was his mum, she had stayed in Storybrooke because he asked her too, and Hook, he was far more of a dad that Neal could ever have been. Hook always made sure he was okay, he cared about Henry and Emma, not just Emma and trying to be who everyone thought he should be.

Now, he wanted to know why, why the woman who classed herself as his mum, wanted to take the closest person he’d ever had to a dad away from him. Sure, he had had Neal but he had never felt a proper connect to him, not like the one he had with Hook, it had been Hook who had always checked on him, never Neal, all Neal cared about was Emma. But now he was about to lose Hook, and he knew if Regina killed Hook then he’d lose his mum, Emma, as well.

“YOU CAN’T!” He yelled, tears had escaped by this point, and he could see Hook looking at him, pleading for him to leave so that he wouldn’t have to witness what would happen next. “YOU CAN’T TAKE HIM! I DON’T WANT TO LOSE MY DAD!” the only people he had admitted that to anyone outside of Emma and Hook. The tears were cascading his cheeks, and he could see that Hook was shocked by the admittance in front of everyone else.

The pirate had known that the young boy had been scared to admit it in case everyone else judged him for not caring as much about Neal as he did for Hook. For the fact that he was closer to Hook.

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Doctor Temperance Brennan, more commonly known as Bones if you were to ask Special Agent Seeley Booth, had finally learnt how to educate her interns and, to an extent, had learnt how to communicate with other people. The interns had been grateful to get to learn from her prior to her finally learning how to educate them but afterwards they found it far easier to learn from her.

It was one of those days after she had began to teach them in a way that they could all follow, not just that Zack Addy could follow, that she pulled aside Vincent and Wendell and began to explain that each injury to the bone led to a specific type of pattern on it. It wasn’t even in her condescending way that she used to explain things to them, but in a way that said that she cared about them learning. Once she had taken them to the bone room and had shown them all the different patterns that she could think of she tasked them to look for patterns in the bones of the latest victim.

Someday’s, they still felt as though she believed they were nowhere near as good as Zack Addy had been, but they could see that she was doing her best to teach them, and they were beyond grateful that she was willing to adapt her blunt ways to help them learn. Maybe, the patterns in bones were normally set with only a few variations, but it seemed as though Doctor Brennan was breaking her pattern when it came to teaching the interns.

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Now, Michael Stonebridge wasn’t really the sort of person who judged others but sometimes he had to wonder about his partner, his best friend, the one person who ensured that he came home alive. One such occasion that he began to wonder about the things that Damien did was when the American had emptied out his pockets.

As he said, he didn’t judge, but he honestly wondered how all Damien had in his pocket was his cigarettes, lighter, three bullets, his mobile, and a packet of gum. The fact that he had his phone, cigarettes and lighter wasn’t surprising, if he really thought about it neither was the bullets, but the gum, he had to wonder about that one.

The question of gum wasn’t raised until the next time that Michael saw Damien empty out his pockets, there was more in them this time, but there was still a packet of gum, the same packet of gum actually. He had been just about to ask when Dalton ordered them onto another mission and the topic was dropped as both he and Damien ensured that they had everything they needed before heading back to the crib.

The mission that Dalton sent them on could only have been described as a cluster fuck, but that is a different topic; but the part of it that was important, was the fact that this was his chance to ask the question. Damien managed to end up on the wrong end of a knife resulting in him requiring stitches back at the crib and a new pair of jeans. So once he had changed, the American, a prankster around the right people, walked over to Baxter, the young kid would could take the pranks and retaliate just as well as Michael could, and held out the packet of Gum having already pulled his own piece out.

Now Michael was interested, because that Gum had been in his pocket for weeks if not months, and he genuinely wondered what Damien was up to. Then he saw it, Baxter pulled the piece of gum, there was a small struggle, and then a ping, and mouse trap like contraption hit off Baxter’s thumb. The swearing was enough to tell Michael, that Damien had been carrying that packet around just waiting for the chance.

It was true, his partner, best friend and the one he trusted to have his back was a total child. He could see Richmond agreeing with her as Damien and Baxter kept winding each other up.

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All Fiona ‘Fly’ Watson had wanted to do was print off her homework assignment before she went to school for the day. However, when she went to collect her assignment from the printer all that was coming out of it was pages and pages of surfing statistics and reports from competitions. It wasn’t really a shock when she considered the group that they had, however, the fact that she recognised the reports and statistics was what shocked her.

“Which one of you is wanting the information on me and Simmo?” she called out after a minute when all the statistics and reports had printed out, and all that she was waiting for was her assignment. She had known that when she agreed to come back to help coach the kids before she went on to compete on the circuit that they would be curious about her and Simmo. But this was something that she had never expected.

“That would have been me,” Corey answered just as Fly walked into the kitchen and dining area only to dump the statistics and reports in the bin. He was shocked that she did that, after all he had spent a lot of time looking into the records for Simmo and Fly because he wanted to make sure that they really did know what they were talking about. “What did you do that for?” he demanded to know, the annoyance at what she had done clearly evident in his tone.

“Anything you want to know, you can ask me or Simmo instead of snooping on the internet,” she told them as she finished packing her bag ready to leave for school for the day.

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The day that Seaman Billy ‘Spider’ Webb, Petty Officer Boatswain Peter ‘Buffer’ Tomaszewski and Lieutenant Nikki ‘Nav’ Caetano left the HMAS Hammersley for the last time they all felt mixed feelings about it. After all you can’t serve with the same crew for so long and move onto the next without feeling at least something.

Spider felt very conflicted over leaving; on one hand this was his chance to progress up the ranks, to make something of himself, and prove to all those people back home who thought he’d never make something of himself because he got his girl pregnant before he finished school wrong. He wanted to make his daughter and family proud and moving on from the Hammersley would do that. But at the same time, regardless of the benefits for himself and Lotte, he didn’t want to leave the second family he made aboard the Hammersley. They let him be himself, regardless of how immature that was, they never judged him for past mistakes, they were always willing to stand by him if he needed them.

Peter Tomaszewski, the Hammersley’s Buffer, or at least that is what he had been for years, he enjoyed the small boats, like the closeness of them, the fact that they were informal compared to the big ships. If he was honest, he felt guilty over the relief he felt about being transferred off of the Hammersley. He’d had one too many close calls in recent history and whilst he knew that the crew of the Hammersley would do everything they can to ensure he made it home alive, he was looking forward to the fresh start. Sure he was moving away from the only family he really had left but he knew he had to do this. It didn’t mean he couldn’t come back to Cairns if he ever wanted to put in a transfer request, it just meant that it was time to see what he could do on his own.

Lieutenant Caetano was literally split between her two selves when it came to her feelings regarding leaving the Hammersley. The side of her that was Nav was looking forward to the chance to teach at ADFA and pass on what experience she had gained, and teaching the youngsters the fine art of navigating through the difficult parts. The part of her that was Nikki felt her heart being ripped out at the sheer idea of leaving the place that kept so many parts of ET alive. Whilst the Hammersley was bitter sweet for her anyway given that she had the fantastic memories of when ET promised to wait six months for her, of the first time they met, she also had the memory of finding his body that day. Of having to admit that they were engaged and that he was leaving the Navy. She knew she had to go but it was difficult.

And as the three of them walked away, they couldn’t stop the turmoil but they also knew that just because they were leaving didn’t mean that they lost that family and they would see each other all again. Maybe not all together, but it takes a lot to destroy a family

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Captain Killian ‘Hook’ Jones had never really considered what it would be like if he ever had to leave the sea. He didn’t mind spending time in Storybrooke, especially if he got to spend time with Emma and Henry. The upside about being with Emma and Henry was that Henry wanted to learn to sail which meant that he got to spend time on the water.

Genuinely, the more he thought about it, if it wasn’t for the wee family he had made, Hook could honestly say that he would happily spend the rest of his life on the water. He had always felt calm and at ease on the water, it was home and his family, the only other time he had felt it was when he was with Emma and Henry if he was honest. His true love and son. His family.

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If they ever made it out of this situation alive, injured or even half dead, they were going to kill their boss. Now threatening to kill Henrietta ‘Hetty’ Lange was about as smart as walking through a fuel spill with a lit match. The Duchess of Deception, as she was know in the intelligence community, was not someone you wanted to cross.

But Hetty was also the sort of person who knew everything, which meant that she knew that both G. Callen and Mike Renko had been avoiding the attraction between them for several months. It wasn’t so much that they were scared of it, but more so that they didn’t know how a relationship worked, neither of them had ever been really good at them, and just because one of their covers could have a relationship didn’t mean that they could.

However, the reason for them wanting to kill Hetty was simple, she sent them on a mission, and when it all went FUBAR. Hetty’s solution was for them to hide in a gay club, and somehow that had lead to Mike having Callen pinned to the wall with his tongue shoved down his throat just as both Hetty and Maci gave them both the all clear. They knew that Hetty knew what they had been doing, Maci didn’t because she’d been ground support, and they also knew that they had to get out of there but it didn’t mean that they had to like that their first kiss was because of Hetty and then interrupted by Hetty as well.

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It was cold and frosty as the two walked through the park on patrol. It was just before midnight and the temperature was really low but there was a missing boy and they had been asked to help patrol Central Park until the boy was found. As they walked around their breaths were visible in front of them, but as the Latino considered it, he realised that if you were in any way someone who liked romance, then it could actually be considered as Romantic.

Jamie kept glancing over at Vinny as the two walked through the park, he knew that something was playing at his partner, friend and lover, but he couldn’t put his finger on what it was. He had wondered if it had anything to do with the case, but if had been because of the missing boy then he knew that the Latino would have said something about.

Eventually the young Reagan decided to just ask the other man what was going on. The answer he got was not what he expected when they were on duty, maybe if they had of been at home, but not when they were out on patrol.

Vinny had glanced around and checked if there was anyone who could see them, and when he saw that it was clear, he leaned in and pressed a kiss to Jamie’s lips. “I love you.”

Neither had said the words before, but in the romantic quiet of the winter night in Central Park, both had felt that it was the right moment to do so, and as such Jamie placed a kiss onto Vinny’s cheek and repeated the same words. 

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Childish was one word that could be used to describe Damien Scott when he wasn’t on a mission and that was definitely the word Michael would use when they were home in London. His partner, best friend, and the one person he would always trust to have his back was a total child.

It was the middle of bloody winter, and they had just gotten back from a short mission in the Middle East, where it was significantly warmer than the minus degree weather being experienced in London. Now why Damien was up at two o’clock in the morning, Michael would never know mainly because he didn’t think he wanted to know. But anyway, as Damien had passed by the living room window he had happened to glance out to realise that it had snowed, and it was that perfect snow that hadn’t been crushed or taken any imperfections yet. And Damien, he wanted to enjoy that.

Hence why both soldiers were stood outside building a snowman at three o’clock in the bloody morning. Because the childish American, otherwise known as Damien Scott, wanted to play in the snow before it was all ruined and melted away. Michael sometimes wonder if Damien was as childish as he was to avoid his past, what he had lost, what he had ended up doing, but truthfully, despite the freezing cold and the stupid time, he was glad that Damien was enjoying himself and having a laugh after the clusterfuck that had been their last mission.

And if he got his revenge for the stupid hour and freezing cold by pushing snow down Damien’s back, maybe it was okay to be a bit childish anyway.

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When Jay told Voight that there was more to his vendetta regarding Lonnie Rodiger killing Ben Corson he had been telling the truth and regardless of how much Voight thought he knew, no one knew the truth. Ben was more than just his best friends younger brother.  

He had kept the truth about his connection to Ben a secret from everyone outside of Allie, Danny and Gail, until he told Antonio as they sat in Molly’s. Despite him and Allie promising never to speak of it until Ben was eighteen and old enough to understand, he couldn’t lie any long and had to tell someone. And Antonio, he wouldn’t tell anyone unless he had too.

“He’s the younger brother of a girl I dated in high school. And his parents, Danny and Gail, they came to my graduation from academy. I still see ‘em on what would be Ben’s birthday. Me and my partner were first on the scene. And… I see a shoe, and then I push the reeds back… and there he is. My son I can still see his face,” the tears were fighting to escape, to overflow as they did any time he spoke of Ben. Although he and Allie had made a mistake in high school and they lied to Ben for the eight years he was alive, Jay would always see Ben as his son, because that is what he is.

“I remember his dad alibied him out. But they never had anything on Lonnie, nothing?” Antonio questioned, and Jay was thankful that his friend did mention his connection to Ben because he was sure that if he had, the dam would have burst, and he really did not want to do that in public again.

“No. They caught him jerking it outside an elementary school a week prior to finding Ben. They found kiddie porn on his computer… and secret pictures that he’d taken of Ben,” he was glad of the anger that had boiled up, because when he was angry he didn’t have to deal with the grief and overwhelming heartbreak that Ben’s death had caused.

“You gotta be kidding me.”

“Uh-uh. We all knew Lonnie did it. But, you know, his dad lied, and they got a good lawyer. So I get to see Lonnie walking free while Ben didn’t even get to be a teenager,” Jay answered in discuss before he continued to drink his whiskey. He knew that Antonio could easily tell him the same as Voight did, that homicide was doing all they could to find Ben’s killer, but somehow he knew that Antonio would do the same thing as he was if it had been Diego or Eva.

“Hey… be careful,” was all he told him instead. “Hear me?”

He couldn’t answer him verbally, because honestly he didn’t know what he was going to do, what he did know though was that he could at least make Antonio think that he’d be careful with it all.  He was certain of one thing though he was going to get Ben justice even if it meant that he had to do it himself.

And his and Allie’s secret from Ben would never be spoken and he’d just have to take it to his grave, something that would haunt him as much as seeing Ben lying in those reeds dead did.

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Danny Taylor had no issues telling the truth about the fact he was an alcoholic, he didn’t have any issues admitting that he always wanted another drink, that it never went away. He had told people before when he was trying to talk them down, he had told people that he struggled with it when he needed to get them to believe that he understood.

But this time it was more difficult than that. This time he had to lie about it, he had to make them believe that he understood what they were struggling with but he also had to make them believe that it would get better. He hated having to lie to people but he would rather lie than have the missing person commit suicide.

“Are you sure that I can better?” the woman asked him, her voice was choking back sobs and he could see the tears cascading down her face. She was begging him to assure her that she was going to be okay. “Really, I can get better, it won’t be difficult forever?” she begged him to assure her again.

“I struggled for years, Sarah, but I am fine now, you have a far better support system than I did, and you know what, you are going to be fine,” Danny just kept repeating despite that fact that he knew it was all a lie. That he isn’t fine. That he still struggles.

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Being in uniform and following orders was something that Captain Hilary James Becker was used to. He’d joined the military straight after sitting his A-levels and then made his way through the training at Sandhurst.

In his whole adult life he had never not been a soldier. He fought side by side with the men he led unwilling to make them do something he wouldn’t. And then he came home from deployment to new orders and he’s packing up himself and his daughter and moving to London inside of a month.

It hadn’t been an issue for him when he was wearing his normal clothes during that month he was getting himself and Hatter ready to move. But once he joined the ARC he found it strange that his uniform was all black, he understood why, but he had just spent nine of the previous ten months wearing camouflage coloured uniform in a war zone. The issue with it was nothing major, he just found it strange, different even.

Then Hatter made a comment when he arrived home in his uniform instead of his normal clothes. She had always said that his camouflage uniform made her think that he was going to sneak up on her, but apparently the black of the ARC’s uniform made him look like a ninja - and she liked Ninja’s.

So maybe it was a weird reason to be okay with changing uniforms but his daughter had always had a way of making him laugh.

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It had actually taken quite a bit of planning to get ready to move to Chicago. Whilst Tony had always enjoyed his job, and to be fair in the beginning working with Gibbs had been exactly what he needed.

But now, Tony knew it was time to leave, hell he and been meant to finish his last day at NCIS at five o’clock at night. However, it was currently eleven forty at night and Tony had twenty minutes left before no longer being an Agent with NCIS but he was still searching through databases for information on the victim. The soon to be former NCIS Agent was adamant though that as soon as the clock turned to twelve he was leaving and never returning. He had already emptied his desk and passed on the relevant folders; Vance had been willing to listen when he told him what was going on within the MCRT and that was all going to change the following day.

Having taken a moment to stretch Tony glanced towards the windows allowing his mind to wander, Kelly was in Chicago right at that moment in time, on shift, and either out on a call or lying on his bunk trying to sleep. Despite the fact that he would be working long hours, and Kelly’s shifts lasted for twenty four hours normally, Tony was looking forward to being in Chicago and getting to spend more than forty eight hours together at a time. It was raining outside and in that moment, Tony decided that it was fitting; D.C. being so gloomy in both the way he viewed it with how he got treated and the weather, whilst the weather in Chicago was apparently sunny and welcoming. It was very much like the emotions he felt toward the two cities.

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Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott had always stated that he was a father first and a police officer second. He had always felt that way since the day that he held his little girl, Livvy, in his arms. Sometimes, he questioned that though, in situations when he was ridiculously close to being killed.

The first near death experience happened when Livvy was merely two years old, too young to remember her father if he was to die, but being a police officer was all that he had wanted to do, and so when he got the all clear to go back, despite the fact that it cost him his marriage, he went back. He knew then and there, that he would eventually be in a position when he would have to decide between living for his daughter or continuing as a Officer of the Law. He was just glad that it was several years later.

The day he was promoted to the DS in the Counterterrorism was one of the biggest days of his professional life, after all, Counterterrorism was the taskforce that was most respectful. Now, though, after the bogus Fahrenheit order and the near death experiences as a result of lacking backup as his men were against him standing up for what was right, he had to consider what he would do. There was maybe only one more incident left in him before he gave up and handed in his resignation.

Hell, he had even considered moving back home if it meant that he would still be alive for his daughter. His debate over what to do was ended the day that he was given the transfer papers for AC-12. And he accepted, because, he was too close to death to risk not being there for his daughter if anything happened.

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The mission in Mexico had been unexpected to say the least. Ryan and Mae still hadn’t told anyone outside of Ryan’s family about their relationship. Matt and Clara knew that Mae was dating someone, but so far neither had managed to work it out, for which she was grateful, but sometimes Mae wished that she could tell them what she was really up to.

She wished that she could tell them that those weekends that she had off, when they were guaranteed that they weren’t going to be pulled into a case, that she was meeting Ryan at the Mexican Border. But a part of her wanted to keep that part of her life to herself for the fear that something would happen to Ryan and then she would have to deal with the pity. But she also wanted to avoid anyone else thinking that she was only apart of the IRT because she was in a relationship with Jack’s son.

The moment when she saw Ryan waiting for her at the border between America and Mexico was normally the moment when she realised just how lucky she was. She knew that her relationship wasn’t out in the open for many reasons but she was fortunate that despite the distance and the hardships both her and Ryan trusted each other. And even more so, she was lucky that Ryan understood the demands of her job even if they both hated it at times.

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Thomas Charles Callahan, known primarily by everyone as TC, was proud of his time in the rangers, maybe not of how he ended up joining the rangers but definitely of the service he had done. It had given him a purpose and a family outside of his brother, Thad. The friendship he had built with Topher was one that he firmly believed only death would break.


And it turns out that it was true. He had gone back to the war, the need to escape San Antonio too great for him to deny any longer, and then Topher was taken from the world without warning. Topher was taken from the world without warning. He honestly wished he hadn’t left with Syd this time.


Thad had been killed whilst TC was fighting the war, just like with Topher. However, he had been there for Thad instead of him not being there like with Topher. Not getting to say goodbye to Topher made him decide this was one of the worst things he’d missed due to the war.

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Deacon knew that today was going to be tough for Scarlett. It had been three years since she had lost Amelia Rose, and whilst it was getting easier for Scarlett, he knew today was always the exception. That was why his truck was parked outside easy for her to go.


Scarlett was like him, when it all got too much, they headed to the vast outdoors where they could easily just disappear. This year, he knew that she would need that escape. It was the first time that Scarlett and Gunnar were together since losing Amelia Rose.


It had taken a while for the two to get together and find their even footing. And for this one day a year, he would do whatever it took to make sure they both made it through. They deserved it, the chance to be together sooner than he and Rayna.

It was much later that day, just around dusk that Deacon heard his truck pull up in the driveway. Gunnar was helping Daphne put the finishing touches to some songs that she had written. Scarlett had left Gunnar there when she’d picked up the truck that morning.


Daphne had hijacked Gunnar for the day which had kept both him and her distracted. Maddie had been rehearsing for her upcoming concert all day.


They had all spent Amelia Rose’s birthday saying goodbye in their own ways. And someday Daphne would share the song she had written with Gunnar with everyone else too.

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It was always Chicago. Or at least that is what it felt like. Disasters always seemed to be hitting them. And if they were perfectly honest, everyone at Firehouse 51 was fed up of it. Every time there was some sort of disaster it seemed to be them who had to respond and then it was one of them who got hurt.

Now that is not to say that they didn’t know that their jobs were dangerous, they ran into unknown situations every shift, bombs and terror attacks just weren’t things they had signed up for. Guns and violence and drugs, sure that was what they had expected, the disasters they kept ending up with, they were something different.

For crying out loud, someone blew up a hospital and they nearly lost Shay. Disasters just kept happening and it was not something that they wanted to have to deal with again anytime soon if they could avoid it. But, the next alarm that went off just might be the one that took them to another disaster.

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It has been said previously that there was history between Gallo and Madani that no one knew about with the exception of them and Porter. Hell, that was what lead to Gallo punching Porter, not that anyone would have blamed him if they had heard what Porter had said. It may be ancient history, but that didn’t mean that it didn’t still cut them deep when it was mentioned.

After Madani had broken up with him, Porter had decided that it was Gallo’s fault, just like how he believed that they had hooked up before they were taken to Germany, and just like how he thought that Gallo was to blame for her abusing the painkillers. And because he blamed Gallo for it all, Porter decided that the ancient history of the past wouldn’t get to lie. He would make comments to Gallo as he walked past him, and because of that fact that Porter outranked Gallo, the helicopter pilot could not do anything about.

Madani was the one person who he was determined not to tell, their history was ancient and something that deserved to be left in the past as far as he was concerned, because he didn’t want to cause her pain. The day that Porter brought up the history between them in front of her and everyone else, was the day that everyone found out the truth about their past.

“You do know, that he never bought me any drugs or alcohol, he gave me food, and dragged me to the recruitment centre! Gallo put me on this path so that I would get sober!” she had yelled out at her former boyfriend in anger. She ignored everyone else and their looks and comments before she turned and walked away to avoid hitting the Senator's son.

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It was a quiet day in the Rescue Special Operations building. There had been a few calls but other than that it had been an easy day. Dean was considering if maybe it was too good to be true when his brother tapped his shoulder.


“I’ll see you at dad’s tonight?” Chase asked with a nod as he was preparing to leave. He had to meet with his daughter’s teacher and as such he was finishing before everyone else.


“Sure,” Dean responded clapping his brother on the shoulder.

The call came in two hours later. And Vince has to admit as they pulled up to the car accident that if he had know it was Chase’s car he would never have let Dean come. The accident most definitely didn’t look safe or like the occupants would walk away uninjured.


Chase’s car was on its side with a van pinning it to the fence it was leaning against. Seeing that brought Dean’s heart to his throat, it was bad enough that it was his brother but as he raced towards the car he knew his six year old niece was in the car too. Thankfully when he reaches the car he could see that it wasn’t as bad as it could be.


And then it was all just a blur as they went about removing Chase and the six year old that only Dean and Vince knew about. In fact it wasn’t until both Chase and Tilda were on their way to the hospital that Dean actually thought about how bad it nearly was. In all honesty, it was a call he never wanted to respond to.

When Chase awoke to the distinct smell of the hospital disinfectant, his first thought was to wonder where his daughter was. Before he could consciously question it Heidi and Jordan respond.


“Dean is with the girl you were with. He said to tell you that she is okay,” Heidi assured him. Either Dean had told them that he was would ask about Tilda first or he was still out of it that he was thinking aloud.


“You are thinking aloud but we need to let Dean know you are awake. Layer you need to tell us about Tilda,” Jordan answered before he and Heidi left.

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There was just something about the ink covering the skin of Damien Scott that did something to Michael Stonebridge. Prior to meeting Scott, he had never really been interested in tattoos but for some reason the ones that covers Scott’s skin. It was mesmerising. Treating the cuts that covered Scott’s torso was always difficult, especially if it was in the area of any of Scott’s multiple pieces of artwork. Truthfully he was dreading the inevitability of the day he had to stitch back together a wound that tore through the artwork.  


“Hey Mikey!”


It wasn’t until Scott spoke that Michael realised that he had gotten lost in his own mind. He didn’t want to ever explain to Scott why he got lost when it came to the ink on his skin.

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The office was too quiet without Anne-Marie. She had always been there filling the space without really trying. He missed her and he hated that he had left her alone. He hadn’t even thought to worry about where she was.


The relationship he had had with Anne-Marie was different. She wasn’t just a work colleague, she was his friend and his roommate. In all honesty, it had been Anne-Marie who had convinced him to stay when Sienna died.


At night he lay in his room looking at the ceiling try to sleep but unable to stop the thoughts of why Anne-Marie was there. He could maybe get a couple of hours sleep a night if he was lucky.


Truthfully it felt like a living nightmare. Everyday returning to his and Anne-Marie’s flat where she wasn’t filling the space any longer. He just knew he had to get out. He and Saoirse would need somewhere else to live to finally let him sleep again. To finally let go of Anne-Marie.

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The shooting was tough on everyone. Hell, Sloan had to take Lexie to be put on a psychiatric hold. He and Cristina had been forced to operate on Derek at gunpoint. Alex has nearly died in an elevator.


However, Derek was acting as though he was the only one who had been affected. His wife had miscarried at gunpoint after telling Clark to kill her instead. But Derek was so wrapped up in himself that Meredith couldn’t even tell him.


Derek would rather act like a jackass, get drunk, and then drive like a maniac. He didn’t care about the effect that it was having on everyone around them. Lexie was still struggling and being around a drunken jackass was definitely too much.


A month later and Jackson was done with Derek and the attitude he was having. He didn’t mean for it to happen, but before he could think about it. His fist had already collided with Derek’s jaw. Derek fell to the floor glaring at Jackson.


“You need to get your head out your ass and think about everyone else too!” The future plastics surgeon yelled at the Chief of Surgery before he stormed off.

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Captain Adam ‘Top’ Dalton had left in the middle of the night with no warning to his boyfriend or the teen girl who he viewed as his own daughter, and hadn’t been hear from in six weeks whilst he was on a classified assignment. Under normal circumstances the whole team would have went, but apparently only Dalton was needed and such his boyfriend was concerned.

Both Dalton and his boyfriend, well maybe he should say partner now after the amount of time they had been together, Sergeant Joseph ‘McG’ McGuire, knew that if the higher ups knew of their relationship it would be frowned upon in the least, if it didn’t lead to them being brought up on disciplinary actions. However, they had both gotten good at separating what happened at home and what happened whilst they were at work. At work it was Top and McG, at home it was Adam and Joe.

Due to the fact that both Dalton and McGuire served on the same team, with Dalton being the team leader, it normally meant that even if they weren’t on the same assignment they each had a rough idea of what was going on and when the other was due to return home. This time though, McGuire knew nothing of where Dalton was, how long he was gone for, or even what he was doing. Maybe that was how Dalton had wanted it but by the time he’d been gone for a month both McGuire and his daughter, Kenny-Jo, had began to wonder what it was that Dalton was doing, or better yet, if he was okay.

They finally got their answer six weeks after Dalton had left in the middle of the night, when the father and daughter duo had woken up to noise coming from the kitchen area. Having known that McGuire’s own mother was at work, the teenager had been order to stay in her room until he said otherwise. Which is why he had walked into the kitchen only to be pushed up against the counter by Dalton…

The rest as they say is history, or it was until Kenny-Jo banged into the kitchen door five minutes after McGuire had headed down on the suggestion that she wanted her breakfast and he was taken too long. She was surprised to see Dalton standing in the kitchen, he looked exhausted but she was glad to see that he was home. However, she decided that his idea of a good surprise and hers were very different. Her father, though, he just seemed pleased to have his boyfriend, partner, whatever they wanted to refer to themselves as, home.

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Step One.

Have an FBI Agent call the aforementioned entomologist, botanist, mineralogist and conspiracy theorist out to a crime scene that involved them having to look into all of the earlier mentioned fields. It does not have to be an FBI Agent that requests the entomologist, botanist, mineralogist and conspiracy theorist to the crime scene, it can be any type of professional involved in the case; a cop, the Medical Examiner, the Crime Scene Investigators, any of them really.

Step Two.

Have strange minerals show up in the soil samples from the crime scene. These minerals don’t have to be anything outrageous but just something that shouldn’t be at that exact crime scene due to the location or the type of ground. This will get both the mineralogist and the conspiracy theorist side excited.

Step Three.

This is an easy step. Have a group of strange flowers or plants surround the victim’s body or the crime scene. This means that the botanist will be attempting to figure out what is the reason for the strange plants being there. This will also be helpful for step five.

Step Four A.

Have the entomologist, botanist, mineralogist and conspiracy theorist, who is hopefully the same person, have to collect evidence or process evidence in the same area as the Medical Examiner or Anthropologist opening up the body cavity. There is bond to be some conspiracy theory that will occur.

Step Four B.

As the body is being opened have an insect that probably should not be there exit the body cavity. In this case, a group of fireflies flying out of the body cavity will do. The entomologist would more than likely be attempting to identify the insect and figure out it origins. The conspiracy theorist will probably be attempting to figure out what mob or government sanctioned hit squad killed the victim and filled them with the aforementioned insects.

Step Five.

This step does not need to be done, but it could potentially make the entomologist, botanist, mineralogist and conspiracy theorist very excited. Ask them if they believe that the unusual minerals, strange flowers and the insects in the body cavity could potentially be related. The aforementioned person should start trying to figure it all out whilst attempting to figure out the reason why someone would go to so much trouble to make a case so interested.

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Officer Andrea ‘Andy’ McNally loved her job, loved the people she was introduced to, and loved getting to help people. She didn’t get scared when someone would point a gun at her, well not in that exact moment because she knew that if anything happened to her, she had at least helped save someone or stop someone from committing any more crimes.

She’d taken more than one bullet in her vest, she’d had her husband - boy, did she love getting to call Nick that - point a gun at her head and pull the trigger. She knows that he knew there wasn’t any bullets in the gun,she trusted him to know that he wasn’t going to shoot her.

However, she’d never once been scared, never felt her chest tighten so tight in panic that she thought that she was going to stop breathing. The one time that it most definitely happened, the time that she felt as though she couldn’t breathe, was the day that she, Nick, Chris and Gail had been sent to check out a noise disturbance. Before Nick and Gail had even made it to the door to knock, the door and opened and Nick had been met with a bullet to the vest and another to the leg. Gail had been flung down by Nick as the first bullet had hit his vest, but Nick went down hard and fast but not before the second bullet hit him too.

She had froze for the briefest of seconds before her training kicked in, both she and Chris made their way towards the pair, Chris grabbed Nick whilst Andy got Gail and they pulled the pair out of the way of the path to the door. The whole time Andy felt as though her chest was getting tighter; why did it have to be Nick? Once she was next to the two, she watched Chris help Nick pull off his vest before he pressed down against the former soldiers leg to try and stop the bleeding.

She watched her husband breathe, albeit slightly out of rhythm and slightly laboured, but what was to be expected when he’d just been shot in the leg and vest. Whilst she watched him, she radioed for backup and an ambulance. Andy knew that both Gail and Nick needed to be checked out, Nick had sent Gail to the floor with quite the knock to her head.

It was several hours later as she and Nick walked out of the barn and towards Nick’s truck that she finally managed to breathe normally again, her chest loosening off the tightness that had been pressing on it ever since the first bullet hit Nick. She had never thought that she would be that scared over something that she’d been trained for, but she was kind of glad that she had been, because whilst she had been scared for Sam and Luke when things similar had happened, it was never to the point that she felt as though her chest was going to stop working, and she’d lose half of her heart.

It made her smile though as she thought of something Nick’s goddaughter had said about soul mates sharing the same heart, and she realised that maybe it was true, and maybe she and Nick were soul mates. She did know that she never wanted to learn what it was like to lose her husband, and best friend.

“You okay?” Nick asked, wincing slightly as he slid into the passenger seat as she settled in the driver’s seat. His hand slid across to rest just above her knee, a little bit of pressure, just to reassure her that he was there and that he was in one piece.

“Never do that to me again,” she ordered him, unable to explain it, but somehow he knew and just smiled and nodded in agreement. “I love you!”

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Mouse was blown up in an IED whilst overseas, which was what got him discharged from the Army Rangers. He had also taken a couple of bullets during his time in the Rangers and it was honestly some of the worst pain he had felt.


He also knew that Jay has had a fair few close calls, had had a couple of bullets get to close for comfort over there. Both of them had been in the Humvee when it hit the IED and later on once they’d been rescued, Jay had taken a bullet to the thigh.


Bullets and bombs it was a part of their time in the Rangers, and sure Jay got shot in Molly’s. But neither expected to be in this position. Not in Chicago at least.


They had just been getting ready to leave the church when it happened. Three loud pops. Pop. Pop. Pop. Mouse froze unsure of whether he was in Chicago or Afghanistan. And then he felt Jay throwing them both to the ground. He’d done it just before everything went bang!


The next thing Mouse knew, there was an explosion and fire burning somewhere in the distance. There was a weight trapping him and Jay.


On the mention of Jay in his inner thoughts it brought Mouse’s mind to the fact that before he froze he saw red. Red meant blood. Blood meant Jay was hurt. The computer tech was quick to search for the wound and apply pressure to Jay’s shoulder.


It wasn’t until later until once Will had patched his brother up that Mouse mentioned it.


“We really can’t escape bullets and bombs!”

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Again. It happened again. Why it was always him, Stiles would never know. But he would swear that the Hale’s, and in particular Derek, had it out for why. Because why else would he be the one that was kidnapped by a group of rouge hunters.

The blood flowing down his face onto his t-shirt was just another unfortunate consequence of the fact that he knew Derek Hale. He could swear at times that he hate him. He hated Derek Hale. He hated him, he hated him, he hated… oh shit!

The first blow to the head knocked all thoughts out of his head for the first time in forever. The second knocked him out, but not before he saw Scott and Derek bust into the Hunter’s den. At least this time Derek didn’t leave him to die. The last time had been far too close for comfort.  

Once he regained consciousness, Stiles came to the decision as Derek pinned him to the wall ensuring that the only blood on him was from the cut on his head or the spray of the other hunters blood, that Derek Hale equaled danger of kidnap or possible death for Stiles. And one of these days Stiles wouldn’t be surprised if he did end up dead.

“Stiles! Quit freaking out!” Derek growled, causing Stiles to seriously consider his safety and how close he was to actually dying due to the older werewolf.  

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The day had started out as any other had. The kids had gotten up and trained with Bec and Garry before getting ready for school. They had gotten changed and had breakfast after their training session before the six of them had headed off to school. At school they had had a normal day, they ate lunch together, laughed and joked in class, but it was not really anything memorable. The day had been like any other until that evening.

After they finished school and done another training session with Bec and Garry, Charley and the others had decided to go for a surf but Charley being Charley and not wanting to let anyone interfere with his surfing had decided to go off the other end of the break and surf by himself. It had all been going fine, but everyone expect from Charley had turned to head back in after only a few sets with the waves getting rougher and rougher. Bridget had tried to signal Charley back in but before she could, it happened.

Charley went for a wave that he never should have; it was the sort of wave that he should have known would drag him under and into the rocks. Bec and Garry had been just a little further up the beach and had headed in after Charley when they saw him wipe out, but it was too late and both of them had known it.

That was the day that they all learnt just how quickly it could all go wrong if they didn’t listen to Bec and Garry, because after all they had told them to stay away from that end of the break and to come back in. It was no ones fault, but that was the day that Charley lost his life because he had thought he knew better.