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100 Writing Prompts

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The day had started out as any other had. The kids had gotten up and trained with Bec and Garry before getting ready for school. They had gotten changed and had breakfast after their training session before the six of them had headed off to school. At school they had had a normal day, they ate lunch together, laughed and joked in class, but it was not really anything memorable. The day had been like any other until that evening.

After they finished school and done another training session with Bec and Garry, Charley and the others had decided to go for a surf but Charley being Charley and not wanting to let anyone interfere with his surfing had decided to go off the other end of the break and surf by himself. It had all been going fine, but everyone expect from Charley had turned to head back in after only a few sets with the waves getting rougher and rougher. Bridget had tried to signal Charley back in but before she could, it happened.

Charley went for a wave that he never should have; it was the sort of wave that he should have known would drag him under and into the rocks. Bec and Garry had been just a little further up the beach and had headed in after Charley when they saw him wipe out, but it was too late and both of them had known it.

That was the day that they all learnt just how quickly it could all go wrong if they didn’t listen to Bec and Garry, because after all they had told them to stay away from that end of the break and to come back in. It was no ones fault, but that was the day that Charley lost his life because he had thought he knew better.