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Worthy In Your Eyes

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Violet didn't walk in the door until 9 o'clock, when she had told Matt it would be 8. She felt horribly guilty, since they only had so much time together. The second she walked in, heavenly smells assaulted her senses. Her eyes and her heart had to adjust to the scene in front of her.
Her table was set, candles lit and everything--with food already at both place settings. The gorgeous, amazing human that was somehow hers walked up to her, towel thrown over his shoulder and a smile on his face.

"Welcome home, honey." He kissed her cheek and assaulted her with dimples.
Shade just blinked up at him, "You're not mad at me?"
He laughed, "No. Of course not. You were working. Plus, I wasn't ready by eight anyway. Gave me some time to put up some finishing touches. Don't expect anything too fancy, it's just tacos. But I wanted you to come home to something I made for you." Matt beamed at her and she thought her heart might literally explode.

"Matt...." She whispered, still trying to get her jaw off the floor, "You're so amazing."

He is so getting a blow job tonight, she thought to herself.

For now she settled for kissing him sweetly, staring up into his loving, hazel eyes. What the fuck had she done to deserve him? Whatever. He was there. With her.
"I could get used to this," She joked, grinning at him.
"C'mon, babe. It's getting cold."

They enjoyed their tacos, and some margaritas, and realized they had catching up to do. So much had happened on tour and things were busy in the studio and at Victory--but they had spent the whole time since he'd gotten home fucking without much talking. All his stories of the road made her miss being on it with him and all her stories made him realize how much he was missing.

"This was really great, Matt...I still can't believe I get to be with you...after all that time we spent denying one another...if I ever fuck this up, just kill me." She chuckled lightly to herself, knowing she was getting a little tipsy. Standing up, she walked the few steps to Matt and plopped into his lap, putting her arms around his neck.
"You're welcome, Violet. And if anyone's gonna fuck this up, it'll be me. I've done a bang up job, so far," His dimples fired and soon they were making out at the dinner table.
Matt pulled away, "I should put the food away."
"I'll get it later, baby," Shade stood up and tugged him behind her.

Once in her--in their--bedroom, she pushed him back on the bed and made quick work of his pants.
Shadows dug his heels into the mattress when Violet wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. He whined highly when she swallowed more and more of his length, swirling her tongue around his end. He cupped both sides of her head in his large hands when she pulled off of him, sucking hard as she did. He groaned deeply when he could feel his head push against the back of her throat again.

An idea occurred to her, an idea she probably wouldn't have tried sober.

Violet swallowed him again, loving all the little noises he was making. Then she rolled the dice and went for it, lightly scraping her teeth along the underside of his cock.

"Shade, what the ever living fuck--" Shadows arched back and practically shoved his dick into her mouth as he came without warning. Violet swallowed all he had and then soothingly massaged her tongue over where her teeth had been until he was completely spent.

"Violet--" He panted, "Where the fuck did you learn that..." Matt laid helplessly back on the bed.
Shade grinned as she wiped her mouth and sat up over him triumphantly, "It's kind of Gates' thing."

Matt wiped two hands over his face and struggled up onto his elbows. Furrowing his brow, he looked up at her, "Are you fucking serious, Vi?"
Her smile faded and he shoved her off of him, zipping up and standing.
"Shads...I didn't think you'd care..." She lowered her lashes, all but cowering on the bed, "I just wanted to make you feel good."

"Don't give me that, Violet!!" Matt pointed a finger at her angrily, "I fucking made you dinner--when I don't cook, sweetie--and you try something on me that you know Brian likes?! When he's around you turn into a fucking totally different person now?? What the fuck is going on, Shade?!? When Syn's here it's like my girlfriend fucking LEFT. Why does he affect you this much, huh?? How am I supposed to take that as your boyfriend? Fuck this, Violet. Go find him tonight, maybe he can make you squirt again." Matt fired at her before he grabbed his jacket and left her apartment, slamming the door behind him as Violet sobbed onto her bed sheets.

Matt grumbled to himself when he walked into the apartment and all the guys were there and still up at 1 a.m.
They all turned and raised their eyebrows at him.
"What the fuck are you doing here?" Syn asked first.

Shadows narrowed his eyes at the best friend that was currently unknowingly causing him grief, "Got the same question for you Gates."
"Jade's in another state. Away games."

Matt poured himself a drink as the sex twins glanced at one another, "We're fighting. No big deal."
Zacky rolled his eyes, "What did you do, Shads."
"Me?! She fuckin' bit my dick, dude." He gave both of them a dirty look, referring to Zacky first, "I'm sure you know, just like apparently Violet does, that it's Brian's 'thing.'" Matt shoved past Synyster and slammed the door to his own room.

Zack stormed into his room first, "Are you fucking complaining about getting head from her, seriously?!"
Matt glanced at Z, but then got in Brian's face, who had followed him in, "No. I'm complaining about whatever the FUCK is going on between you and MY FUCKING GIRLFRIEND!!"

Shadows made everyone else jump when he reared back and shattered his glass against the wall--glass shards and whiskey going everywhere. His hazel eyes burned down into Brian's.
Synyster had walked in the room hesitantly, knowing this wasn't going to go well, but knowing he wanted to help his friends out. But now that Matt had said those words, a flush spread across his cheeks and he lowered his lashes.

"That's what I fuckin' thought." Shadows seethed and left the room to get another drink, Gates stumbling after him.

"I've explained this to you, Matt! In the bar that day at the hotel after....our night together. You know what she means to me and you know it confuses the fuck outta me, but you also know that she loves you more than anything else on this goddamn planet--more than she could ever love me. And you've also told her you're fine with that."

M. kept drinking and didn't look at Gates as he whispered, "Yeah, well maybe I'm not okay with it anymore."

Brian started to get worked up when Matt suggested he might even consider such a thing as ending it. Poking a finger into the bigger man's chest, Syn stood a little straighter as tears pricked his eyes, "Don't you fucking give up on her, man."
Matt's hurting hazels finally lifted to meet Syn's, "I...I just...I don't know what to do..."
Brian tried to lighten the mood, "Did you like it?"
Shadows lowered his voice and his eyes, "I came so fast, dude."
"I know it's a little weird, but she was just trying--"
"Don't distract me, Bri! I see what you're doing--"

Zacky could see this wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, "I'm going over there. Fuck both you guys, seriously."
They both watched him leave and turned back to one another.

"Have you even noticed?" Matt took another drink.
"Noticed what?"
"She's a different woman now whenever you're around. You had to notice how different Jade is."
Syn smiled a little, thinking about Jade and their night out, "Yeah, she'"
"See," Matt poked back at Brian, "You like it when she acts more like Violet."
"And now Violet acts more like Jade. But only when you're in the room. God this is so fucked up."

"Matt, you have to understand that's who Jade is normally. That's who I know her as. You guys don't, because she changes around Violet. Most women would. Vi's intimidating. Now that Jade's being herself--confident--Violet doesn't know how to handle it yet. Just give her time. She'll get used to it."

Shads slumped against the counter, "I'm tired of giving her time. I only have three weeks here and I want to spend it all with her, not this stranger that you turned her into. How the fuck did you recover from the other night, anyway?? I'm guessing she made you tell her what you meant."

Gates stood his ground, folding his arms, "Yeah, I told her. She was mad. But then I explained that it's really her fault I have a thing for Violet at all, since she fucking tricked me into bed with her. I love Jade, more than I could ever love Violet, but the few memories I have of that first night aren't of me being with Jade, they're of me being with Violet. It's fuckin' weird, man. Scream just brought that out. So she apologized and told me she didn't care that we've slept together, or if we did again. And then I made her, well ya know. Like Violet."

Shads chuckled sarcastically, shaking his head, "Maybe you should've gone over there instead of Zack." Then he sulked off to his room.
Brian sighed, letting him go for the moment--hoping that he'd feel better once sober.

Zack's heart broke when the door opened to his goddess--tears streaming down her face.
"Honey," He wrapped her in his bright arms, "Don't cry. He'll be okay. Shhhh."
Violet couldn't help but sob into his shoulder, "It was going so well, Zack. We had this amazing night...and then he...he walked out on me!!"

Vengeance stroked her hair, "Don't say it like that, baby. You were both a little drunk, yes? It'll blow over. C'mon, just let me hold you tonight, okay? You gotta go to work tomorrow."
Shade nodded and stopped crying, looking up into his bright eyes, "I don't deserve either of you, Zacky. This is what happens. I ruin things."
He led her towards her bedroom as he comforted her, "No, baby. This isn't your fault. Matt knew what he was getting into. If he can't handle it, that's his fault, not yours."

Zacky took of his jeans, but left on his boxers and tshirt as he climbed into bed with her and flicked off the light. He turned on his side so she could curl up into his chest as he held her.

"I love your smell, Zack..." Her glassed over eyes looked up at him in the dim light. He jerked and grinned a little when he felt her hand going down into his boxers.
"Shade, c'mon. It's late and you're drunk. And getting over a fight with another man. I didn't come here to fuck you, just hold you."
"I'm not drunk anymore, Z. And I love you. Just make me feel better, please? That's why we're all in this fucked up mess, right? To make each other feel good?" Her begging purple eyes gave him no way out.

Smiling adorably, he held her jaw in his hand, "Touche, dear." He softly placed his lips to hers, working up into a deep kiss until their tongues and bodies intertwined. Knowing she needed to get to sleep--and not wanting to control himself at the moment anyway--he quickly stripped off her clothes and his, rubbered up, and took her slowly as he gazed into her sad eyes.

They immediately brightened and a slight smile pulled at her lips--replacing the frown that had been there. This made Vengeance smile back, slowly rocking his hips into her as she held onto him.
Violet got lost in those beautiful green eyes as he moved a strand of hair away from her face to gently kiss her cheek, kissing her tears away while her hands played with his short black hair. Moving her hands to his jawline, she made him kiss her lips again--softly biting at his lips rings that she loved so much.


He rested his forehead against hers as they both closed their eyes, "Vi..."

His thrusts were shallow and gentle, spreading a happy warmth throughout her whole being. She let it wash over her, helping her forget the events of the last hour. When Zacky barely picked up his pace, it had her arching back and biting her lip. Looking over her perfect features, watching her get closer to climax, he tried to hold on.

Kissing her ear, he whispered hoarsely, "I'm gonna come soon, Violet...please, baby..."

"Don't worry, Zacky, I'm....almost...." She curved her hips up to meet his and there it was--that gorgeous burst of wonderfullness deep inside, "God, Zack--" Violet moaned into his shoulder, shaking, as he groaned and pushed up against her--coming inside her just a moment later.

"Violet..." He tried to breath as they held tight onto one another long after their aftershocks were over, "That was...."
"Intense..." She whispered from where she was snuggled up against him, "I love you, Zacky. You're always there for me."
Vengeance kissed her lips lightly, "Well, you've always been there for me, too, babe. I love you, Vi. Now go to sleep and know tomorrow it'll all be better."