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Drunk Words Are Sober Thoughts

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The Time of the Pictures


The first time Tae came back to BTS’ house drunk was after a party he had gone with some of his actor friends. It was something neither him or the other members did usually, because there was an image to keep, they had to be careful with their health and they always had ARMYs in mind, reminding them not to do stupid things; though, they sometimes gave themselves the chance to go out and have fun.

This was one of those occasions.

That night Tae had danced like crazy, sang karaoke, he talked to a lot of people, he made lots of new friends and he had drunk… he had drunk a lot; so much in fact, that he wasn’t even sure of how he had managed to get back home (he didn’t know if it was on a taxi or if he called their manager or if he had simply flown to their door), the only thing he knew was that he was there and there was no one awake -or, at least, no one was giving any signal of being awake.

Since everybody was supposedly asleep, Tae had a moment of realization, when he looked around himself and discovered how beautiful was the house when there was silence, everything quiet and dark (well, not dark, he had just turned the light on), the clean smell and the smell of hardwork (he’d never thought about it before, but that was exactly what should represent BangTan, the smell of hardwork). He had to save that peace somehow, so he didn’t even hesitate to take his phone off his pocket -such a sudden action that his phone almost crashed on the floor, he was lucky he catched in the air.

Tae started taking pictures of everything around him, a thousand pictures; some selcas were taken without using the frontal camara, there were pictures of his feet, pictures of the inside of their fridge and a lot of photos of the hallway that lead to the living room, where he had notice a light and some voices.

When the boy finally arrived in the living room (walking that hall drunk wasn’t easy at all) he found the tv on with some anime that he had already seen, and the maknae, Jungkook, that was sitting on the couch, leaned to the arm of it, watching the screen with a concentrated look. It took some minutes to the younger to notice that Tae had entered the room with a smile and a flashing phone. Jungkook’s eyes were hurting because of the flash Tae was using.

“When did you come back?” he asked his hyung trying to recover his normal sight, while Tae sitted next to him looking at his own pictures with dreamy eyes “Jin hyung said you were coming back late but I thought he meant late as in midnight, no late as in 5 a.m."  he claimed looking at the time in his friend’s phone. Jungkook didn’t want to admit it, but he had decided inicially to wait for him, but then he started to worry when it was getting later and Tae didn’t appear.

Taehyung smiled. A very diabolic and hilarious smile at the same time.

"We were dancing” he said with a funny voice; Jungkook was starting to notice that something was different in him “You would’ve loved it”.

You could’ve invited me, the maknae thought, but he didn’t say it. It wasn’t like he actually wanted to go anyway.

“‘Cause you’re such a good dancer” Tae said after that, looking at him with sweet eyes “and for some reason I don’t have enough videos of you dancing” he said and then looked at his phone again.

Jungkook finally understood that he wasn’t sober when he noticed how Tae tried four times to write his password failing each one of them.

“Here” he said, taking Tae’s phone away from him to write his password. Jungkook remembered his hyung’s password because it was 'Jiminie Oppa’ and it made him laugh (he was almost sure Jimin was the one who wrote it; if not, there were some things to talk about).

Once the phone was unlocked, Tae gave a blank stare to the screen for a solide minute while JK waited for some reaction. The maknae leaned his back on the couch, waiting for something to happen, but Tae didn’t do more than keep staring at the phone. He probably didn’t remember why he wanted to use his phone in the first place. El older boy turned to Jungkook to ask him about that, but something caught his attention first.

“I love your arms” he said when he saw how Jungkook was sitting, with his hands behing his head, making his biceps more visible. After that, Tae opened his phone’s camara and took a picture of Kookie’s arm that was probably blurry because he moved too quickly “It’s clear that you exercise”

That comment made Jungkook laugh. Tae was always touching his arms, it was pretty obvious that he liked them, but he couldn’t remember if Tae had actually said that to him before. He had to smile, and he was sure he was blushing.

“And I like your smile” Taehyung added. Jungkook’s smile grew as much as his cheeks got reder and the glow in Tae’s eyes shined brighter. Jungkook had to put his head down looking at the floor, flustered by the comment, touching his cheeks that were burning.

While the younger was dying out of burning face, Tae kept on taking pictures of him and asking him to smile at the camara, something Jungkook was not going to do because 1) he didn’t want Taehyung to see how flustered he got, even if he’d probably forget it the next day, and 2) because he knew that Tae would most likely publish it on Twitter and he didn’t wanna look like the reddest tomato of the farm in front of all of the ARMYs.

While the younger kept refusing to look up, he felt how Taehyung’s body was falling on him. He moved aside to get some space from Tae, still not showing his face, but the older moved with him. Jungkook looked up a little so only his eyes were visible and saw that his bandmate was taking selcas lying on him, as if he was posing with him. The maknae couldn’t help but laugh.

“There’s that laugh” Tae said to the camara as if he was recording a video “don’t you guys love Jungkookie’s laugh?” he asked to his phone’s lens, getting it closer to his mouth, making Jungkook laugh louder. “I’m really thankful because I can hear it in person” the older admited. Then Tae was quiet, making visual contact with his phone without saying anything, waiting for who knows what… when he suddenly made his 'v’ pose with all the seriousness in the world.

That was too much for Jungkook, who bursted out laughing harder, making Tae laugh too, though this one didn’t know why the maknae was so happy, he just posed. They both kept on laughing about the other’s laugh for a moment until Taehyung put on a straigh serious face and JK imitated him.

“Would you take a picture with me?” the older asked, giving his phone to the maknae “please” he added putting on his best puppy face, touching his cheek with one finger.

Jungkook was about to tell him no, but after seeing that face he just couldn’t, so he put the frontal camara on, put his arm around Tae’s shoulder and gave his best effort to look good in the picture knowing he had messy hair, didn’t have make up, and he sure had some tired eyes because of the tv and the lack of sleep, just in case if Tae wanted to plublish it.

Jungkook stared at the picture, admiring how awful he had come out, while Tae was looking over his shoulder saying that they had never looked better.

“Thaaaaaaaaanks” Taehyung said hugging Jungkook, letting the maknae even more buried against the couch “I love it when you are nice to me” the older added while kissing JK on the cheek, who was frozen after that. Tae was frozen too, but his body fell, so his lips ended up going from Jungkook’s cheek to his collar bone basically, making the maknae tickle. Jungkook started laughing again.

“I love that laugh” said Tae one last time before getting up in his clumsy way, noticeably dizzy, shaking his clothes as if he had been sitting on the grass. After that, with some funny steps, the older went out of the living room humming to some song in an intelligible Daegu satoori.

The younger stayed sitting on the couch  with Tae’s phone in his hands, blushing, thinking about his own existence for a couple of seconds, until his own hand woke his up from the transe, slapping him.

It was time to sleep and try to forget that fun and awkward moment.