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After Daenerys’ interesting lunch with Margaery and Sansa, the former drove her back to her apartment. She didn't get her selfie but the paparazzi pictures would be enough. Plus, she just found out her "best friend" and favorite actress both had a thing for the guy she was currently fucking. A stupid grin hadn't left her face since lunch.

But she was exhausted, she just wanted to sleep, maybe she’ll dream about Jon and they could finish off what they started in that office. Daenerys still couldn’t believe she was robbed off hot, amazing office sex, she was robbed of Jon’s cock pounding into her-

"Dany! You're back. Hey, how was your day babe" Daenerys heard when she entered her apartment.

"Renly? What are you doing here? I thought you left hours ago?"

"Yeah, I just got here. Um... we have a situation"

"What kind of situation Renly?" Daenerys asked slowly. She already knew the answer and she was not in the mood to stunt with him.

"Well, there may or may not be pictures of me getting too close to my trainer."

"Again? What the hell Renly?"

"Babe, you know me, I'm a very physical person but the media read things the wrong way. I promise I only have eyes for you" Renly lied.

But Daenerys also wasn't in the mood to fight him so she gave in.

"So what are we doing this time? Romantic stroll by the beach? Dinner at La Els? Twitter flirting? Cute Instagram posts? What?"

"Dinner tonight, I booked us a table at The Dragonpit. Your favorite restaurant" Renly replied with a small smile.

"Okay, I'll meet you there at 8 sharp, will you call the paps or should I?" Daenerys sighed.

"I'll do it, you just show up. I'll take care of everything" He answered. "And Daenerys, thank you!" He didn't wait for her to reply before leaving.

Daenerys went straight to her room and threw herself on top of the bed. She still had a lot of time before her dinner date with Renly. She felt her phone vibrate but ignored it. It was probably Renly or Viserya and she wasn't in the mood to entertain either one. And before she knew it sleep came over her.

Jon slid into her agonizingly slow, making sure she felt every inch of him. Her muscles tightened as she begged him to go deeper. He lifted his hands to the sides of her face, gently forcing Daenerys to look him in the eyes. His eyes, mirroring hers, were dark and filled with lust.

His movements grew more urgent. He swelled inside Daenerys stretching her walls, the heat and friction of their bodies’ together building to heights Daenerys had never experienced before. The play of his muscles beneath her hands was beautiful. She wrapped her legs around his thighs, moving with him, their breaths mingling. His right hand found her left and he clasped it, pressing it into the bed, their fingers interlocked as their bodies entwined. This was the most sensual thing they had done. Daenerys could feel her orgasm coming and Jon started thrusting faster but as Daenerys was about to reach it he stopped and took himself out of her.

"Jon! What the hell! I was-"

"Oh, I have other plans for us love.” He smirked. “Girls?" He called out.

Plans? What plans was he talking about and girls? What was going on?

"We’re here" Daenerys heard a familiar voice sing.

"And we’re ready, daddy" Came another.

Wait Margaery? And Roslin Frey? And who was Roslin calling daddy? What the fuck was going on here? Why were they here? And most importantly why were they naked?

"Don't look so alarmed love, things are about to get interesting" Jon said as a naked Margaery and Roslin Frey join the couple in bed.

Jon started kissing Roslin Frey and she spread her legs so he could do more. Margaery looked at Daenerys expectantly and Jon's mouth left Roslin Frey's and he cocked his head towards Margaery.

"Kiss Margaery, Daenerys! Do it Daenerys! Kiss her! Dany! Dany-"

"Dany! Dany!! Dammit Daenerys wake up!"

"I'm not gonna kiss Margaery!" Daenerys shouted opening her eyes expecting to see a naked Jon, Roslin Frey and Margaery but only to be met by her sister's amused face.

"Okay... I won't ask." Viserya said laughing.

"It's not funny Vee, and what are you doing here?" Daenerys was actually grateful for the interruption, her dream got... weird.

"Well, I have a date tonight I wanted to borrow your black Cersei Baratheon dress. Oh and your black strap heels"

"A date?" Viserya never went on dates, like ever. She swore off guys when she was 11 because her crush asked this other girl, Tyene Sand, to the junior dance and not her. At some point Daenerys thought she might be gay but Viserya quickly shut down that thought when she brought home a different guy every night. Daenerys loved her sister but she’s glad she moved out, hearing Viserya getting fucked by different guys every night was just bothersome.

"Yeah, didn't you get my text? I'll tell you all about it tomorrow" Viserya said and kissed Daenerys’ forehead "Well let me leave you to your sex dreams about Margaery. Bye" She continued with a laugh.

"I wasn't having a sex dream about Margaery I wa-" Daenerys shouted after Viserya and stopped when she heard the front door shut.

Argggggggggggggggggg!! She screamed into a pillow! Why was she dreaming about foursomes with Margaery and Roslin Frey?! She needed coffee or vodka... or both. She got up and went to her tiny kitchen to make the mixture. She checked the time and groaned, she had 2 hours before she had to meet Renly for dinner. But before she could enjoy her coffee and vodka mix the doorbell rang.

Why was she always interrupted by something or someone? She never finished doing anything! Whether it be food, or sentences or great sex or even thought-

Priiiiiiiiiiiiiiig the doorbell rang again interrupting Daenerys thoughts and again rang two seconds later.

"Jeez, I'm coming!" She shouted.

It rang again and Daenerys swore she would murder the person behind the door!

"I heard you the first time and the second tim- Jon?! What the hell are you doing here?" Daenerys asked surprised.

"That's no way to speak to your new boss"

New boss? Wait... Did that mean?

"I got the job? I'm the new face of Intimacy?"

"Why do you look so surprised? I thought it was obvious?" Jon frowned. He let himself in and Daenerys closed the door behind him. "I have something for you, a welcome to Jabot gift"

He handed Daenerys an Intimacy gift bag and she opened it to find sexy black lace lingerie.

"Oh, is this the gift you give everyone who joins Jabot?" Daenerys asked playfully but genuinely interested. After that weird dream she suddenly felt weird about them. Was she the only girl he was fucking or where there more?

"Why? Are you jealous?" He asked with a smirk.

Damn him and that smirk of his.

"Of course not, don't flatter yourself." Daenerys wasn't jealous. No, why would she be, it's not like they were dating or anything. But, what were they? Sex buddies? Friends with benefits? Are they even fri-

"Daenerys, don't overthink it, just go with it" Jon smiled.

"Um, do you want anything? I was just making a cof-"

"Try on the lingerie for me" He interrupted.


"Did I stutter love? Put the lingerie on so I can rip it off and fuck you on this kitchen counter"

"What? You're not ripping anything! This is probably the most expensive thing I own now, so no I'm not going to put in on only for you to destroy it!"

"Oh, I'm sorry I must have given you the impression that I was asking. Put it on! Now Daenerys!" Jon demanded.

But Daenerys stood her ground... for an impressive 15 seconds. You simply just cannot say no to someone like Jon. And why would you want to? Have you seen the guy? He was literally sex on legs. And Daenerys happened to enjoy sex, especially with him. So she obeyed and the two carried on from where they left off that morning...


"Open the damn door Daenerys!"


What the hell?

"I know you're in there Dany! Open the damn door!"

Renly? What the hell was he- Oh shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!

Their date last night! Daenerys completely forgot! He was going to kill her! She picked up her phone from the floor and sure enough there were 34 messages from Renly and 12 missed calls. And another 3 messages from Viserya reminding Daenerys about lunch with their parents at 2pm. Which was in...3 hours! Fuck she was screwed! Daenerys got up and saw a note on her bedside table.

It was from Jon, it had his personal phone number and his home address. Daenerys smiled as she read the note again. So he wanted this to be a thing, he calls her when he wants sex and Daenerys calls him when she wants sex. No strings, nothing. And it can't be "Friends with benefits" because they weren't even friends. Plus considering the fact that her boyfriend was gay she wasn't about to get any action any time soon, so this was exactly what she needed.

"Daenerys! Open the damn door dammit!" Renly yelled.

Daenerys rolled and eyes and opened the door preparing herself for his wrath.


"Renly, calm down! My neigh-"

"Fuck your neighbours and fuck you Dany! I sat there for 3 FUCKING HOURS WAITING FOR YOU!"

"Okay will you fucking calm down? I'm sorry I missed dinner but something came up!"

"Really? Were you hit by a car? Kidnapped? In prison? What was so important that you had to miss our dinner date?"

Sex with Jon Snow?

But she couldn't say that so she had to think fast! Think Dany, think. Where were you... Erm...

"I had to go to the hospital! I got really bad cramps and Margaery had to drive me there" Daenerys lied and almost smiled hearing how authentic she sounded.

"Really? And you came back, drank wine and put on lingerie? I'm not an idiot Dany"

Daenerys looked down at what she was wearing and cursed! She should have let Jon rip it, at least then would have remembered to put on a robe or a T-shirt.

"Look, I-"

"I don't want to fucking hear it Dany! You made a fool of me and then you lie to me? Fuck you!"

"Okay, pipper down mister! You've done worse shit to me! Flirting with other guys! Touching your trainer's dick? And you were caught sending dick pictures and asking for them from fans! I helped you through all that and didn't ask anything! So don't you dare come in here and say I enjoy embarrassing you when this whole relationship is me covering up for your gay ass!" And as soon as she said the last sentence, she instantly regretted it. Renly didn't know that she knew he was gay, he just thought Daenerys had a lot of tolerance and was very stupid.

"Fuck Renly, I'm so-"

"Whatever Daenerys, I'm done" He said sounding defeated and walked out the door.

And all Daenerys could think about as she got ready to drive to her parents' house for lunch was how much she hated herself. Renly was obviously not ready to come out and wasn't comfortable with people knowing about his sexuality. Daenerys made a mental note to call him later and apologize because she was better than that and well, because she still need him to play her boyfriend.


The drive to Dragonstone was a very quiet one. Viserya, who was in the car with Daenerys, seemed to be having an internal battle with herself and Daenerys was still bummed about her fight with Renly and was anxious about this lunch. She hadn't seen her parents in 3 months. With job hunting and playing girlfriend and best friend to Hollywood A-listers, she didn't really have time for boring Sunday lunches with the family.

"Dany, we're here" said Viserya refusing to meet her sister’s eyes. Daenerys noticed she was acting very strange today, first she ignored her the whole way here now she couldn’t even look her in the eye.

What was going on?

"My babies" Rhaella Targaryen cooed when she saw her daughters. "Viserya honey go switch off the stove for me before I burn your father's house down." She kissed Viserya on the cheek and turned to Daenerys;

"Daenerys! Oh I've missed you so much!" Rhaella said planting kisses all over Daenerys’ face.

"I missed you too mom, and you look great by the way. Love the new hair do"

"Oh stop! But honey are you okay, you seem a bit down?"

Moms, how did they do that?

"Yeah I'm fine, just had a bad day. But it's okay mom I'll be fine." Rhaella didn't look convinced but she didn't say anything.

"Daenerys, gods be good, you look gorgeous!" Her dad's personal assistant Joanna said, "I saw you on KL!news with Margaery Tyrell and Sansa Stark!"

"Oh, they're good friends of mine"

"Oh and how are things going with you and Renly? I read about the whole, you know him flirti-"

"Joanna that's enough, please. Everything is absolutely fine between them. You should stop reading those trashy magazines!" Rhaella interrupted.

"Oh, yeah. I'm sorry Daenerys, you know me and my big mouth"

"It's okay, the media is just out to get Renly. There's nothing going on between him and his trainer. Let's go inside please, I'm starving!" Daenerys said nicely but with a hint of annoyance. Both women seemed to have caught on to it because they nodded and the three women went inside without another word.

"Daenerys! Finally remembered you have a family." A cold voice greeted, Aerys Targaryen. Daenerys’ father. They two had never really gotten along. Growing up it was so bad that Daenerys even asked her mother if Aerys was in fact her real father. He wasn't mean or abusive no, just extremely cold and distant.

"Oh don't be so hard on her Aerys, you know she's always busy!" Rhaella defended.

"Busy? Rhaegar is a doctor, a very in demand doctor, but he never misses lunch. Viserya is in a movie with big actors and directors that is shot in another town but she never misses lunch! She-" He said pointing to Daenerys "-is unemployed Rhaella! So what on earth is she so busy with!"

And that right there was the reason Daenerys hadn’t been home in over 3 months.

"Lunch is ready" Viserya said entering the room completely oblivious to the tension. “And Rhaegar just pulled up the driveway.”

"Let's go eat, shall we" Aerys said smiling at Viserya. Daenerys rolled her eyes and Joanna gave her a sympathetic smile.

"So, Viserya honey how was work this week? Meet anyone interesting?" Rhaella said trying to ease the tension when they sat down for lunch.

"Erm, yeah. Roslin Frey came to see a friend this week" Viserya said not looking up.

What was up with her?

"Oh I love her! She's gorgeous!" Joanna added her eyes filled with excitement.

The thought of Roslin Frey lead to Daenerys thinking about her dream again. She was sure her face was as red as the tomatoes on the Greek Salad she was eating.

"And how's Drogo, Viserya? Did you finally decide on the colour for your kitchen?" Aerys asked Viserya but kept his eyes on Daenerys the whole time.

"Aerys! Please!" Rhaella shouted.

"What's he talking about Vee?" Daenerys asked her sister.

"Oh? You didn't know? Viser-"

"Dad!" Viserya interrupted.

"What's going on Vee?" Daenerys asked slowly.

"We're living together okay! Drogo and I are living together but there isn't anything going on between us Daenerys! I-" But Daenerys didn't let her continue before storming out of there.

When was she planning on telling Daenerys this? Is that why she was acting all strange today? That snake! That Judas Iscariot!! That evil-

"Daenerys, honey, I know this was unexpected but she was going to tell you. And as she said there's nothing going on between her and Drogo" Rhaella said.

"Was going to tell me? When mother? When was she going to tell me that she is currently playing house with my ex? Huh when?"

"She kept if from you because she knew you were going to act this way! You and Drogo have been broken up for 2 years now! You need to get over him!" A slap in the face would have hurt less. Daenerys felt tears running down her face and before her mother could come closer, Daenerys moved back.

"I'm going to call a cab... thanks for lunch" She said walking away from her mother and towards the street.

"Dany, don't be like that! Dany! Daenerys!"

Fortunately there was a cab already there so Daenerys entered it before Rhaella could change her mind.

"Where to Ma'am" The cab driver asked.

"Er, Castle Black please" Daenerys said before she could stop herself, Jon's place. Well if he could drop by her place without any calling, she’ll do the same to him. She needed a distraction and she really wanted Jon inside her.

"Ma'am we're here" The cab driver said 15 minutes later.

"Thank you, erm can you wait for me for 5 minutes. If I'm not back in 5 minutes you can leave" Daenerys saw him hesitate and added, "I'll pay you an extra $20, please?!"

"Okay, but after 5 I'm leaving" He said talking the $20.

Daenerys had asked him to stay in case Jon turned her away or was too busy or wasn't there. She made her way to the lobby and gawked. This place was beautiful!

"Good afternoon ma'am welcome to Castle Black can I help you?" The receptionist asked when Daenerys got to the front desk.

"Er, yes. I'm looking for Mr. Jon Snow?"

"Mr. Snow? Is he expecting you?"

"Er no I'm surprising him"

"I see, well unfortunately Miss, Mr. Snow has a strict "No visitors" rule and unless you're on the exception list, which I doubt you're in, you cannot go up to see him. But you have a great day further okay?”

"Exception list? Well can you check that? Maybe I'm in it" Daenerys snapped not really in the mood for the receptionist’s prissy attitude.

"There are only two names on that list, I know for a fact you're not the first one so unless you're..." She clicked her laptop and continued "Daenerys Targaryen, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to ask you to leave"

"Well than it's a good thing I am isn't it" Daenerys said and pulled out her driver’s license.

"Oh... um very well then, Mr. Snow's penthouse is on the 45th floor. Just take the elevator and the pin is 9472. Enjoy the rest of your day ma'am"

"Whatever" Daenerys said rolling her eyes, heading towards the elevator. She got inside and pressed the 4 and 5 button. As the elevator got higher she got more nervous. When it reached the 44th floor it stopped and asked for the pin to order to move on to the 45th floor, Daenerys pressed it in and it started moving again. A second later it stopped and Daenerys walked out. There was a huge door ahead and Daenerys made her way there. There was no doorbell so she knocked.

No answer.

She knocked again and a few moments later the door opened to reveal a beautiful blonde in a dress shirt only.


"Can I help you?" The blonde asked looking confused.

"Erm, I think I'm at the wrong place I'm sorr-"

"No, no wait. Are you looking for Jon?"

"Is he here?"

"Yeah" She said and moved from the door, "Come in, Snow get your butt down here you have a guest!" She shouted.

She then turned to Daenerys and asked, “Can I get you anything?"

"No, thank you" Daenerys said with a small smile.

Well at least his whore was polite.

"No need to shout Val I hear per-" Jon stopped when he saw Daenerys.

"Daenerys, what are you doing here?" Jon asked looking confused. He was in a wife beater and sweats but still managed to look rich and powerful.

"I erm wanted to talk to you" Daenerys said, and well ask you to fuck me but she didn't add that part. Because 1. His whore was still here smirking at them and 2. His whore was still here.

"Oh gods you're useless Snow!" The whore said confusing Daenerys. "Hi, I'm Val, Jon's friend. You are?"

His friend? Yeah right! Friends don't open other friend's doors wearing nothing but their friends shirt. So Val or whatever wasn't fooling anyone.

"I'm Daenerys, nice to meet you"

Val’s eyes widened, “So you’re Daenerys! Jon can’t-“

"Val was just leaving, weren't you Val" Jon said glaring at her. She rolled her eyes at him and smiled.

"You never let me have fun" She smirked and headed for the door, "Oh and don't be too loud kids, the walls are thin" She added winking at them.

"Don't mind her; anyway what are you doing here?" Jon asked

"Are you sleeping with her?" Daenerys asked ignoring his question.

"What? Sleeping with who? Val?" And he started laughing, like not the ‘ha ha’ kinda of laughing but a full on hearty laugh.

"What's so funny?" Daenerys snapped not seeing the joke.

"You love, you're funny"

"Whatever I'm leaving."

"Dany, Val is the single most annoying person I've ever met! A thorn in my ass. We've been best friends since we were in diapers. She's like a sister to me and I'm not one for incest, so no I'm not sleeping with her nor have I ever. Now start undressing"

"Excuse me?"

"This is what you came for right? So love, start undressing I want to ravish your body on my kitchen table. It's been a while since I've had a decent meal there"

Daenerys smiled and started unbuttoning her shirt when Jon interrupted her.

"Slower Daenerys, slower"

And she complied, unbuttoned the rest slowly and watched as his eyes turned dark. As she was doing so, Rihanna's song Skin came into mind.

Daenerys closed her eyes and played the song in her head. She started to move to the beat and with each item of clothing she discarded her problems slowly went away. Her aloof father; her Judas of a sister and her fight with Renly. When she was left in her underwear only, Jon stopped her.

He took her by her waist and pushed her against the nearest wall. Not a moment later he attacked her lips. They both fought for control and for the first time since they started this thing, Daenerys won it. That caused her to smile and she lost it just as quickly. Jon’s hand went to cup her right breast and he ripped her bra off.

"Jon!" That was the 2nd pair of perfectly good and expensive underwear he'd ruined.

"I'll buy you another one, a thousand more even!" He said laying Daenerys on the counter, "Now let me eat" he growled and he started kissing Daenerys' stomach.

He was going lower and lower teasing her but it felt so good she didn't even complain. He then slowly removed her lace throng and put it in his pocket. Jon spread her legs apart and kissed her inner thighs.

"Jon! Yes, yes. Yes!" Daenerys breathed out and when his tongue met her clit her body shook and a low moan escaped her lips. Jon had a very capable tongue so her peak didn't take long to come. His mouth then went to her nipples and she began to unzip his pants. He was already hard and Daenerys palmed him over his briefs.

"Fuck, Dany I need to be in you. Now!" Jon said his voice filled with urgency. He entered Daenerys rough and hard, just how she liked it, and her body ached. He kept thrusting into her in an uneven rhythm and the position they were in allowed him to go even deeper. Daenerys bit his shoulder trying not to scream out in pleasure and alarm his neighbours. After a while Jon’s thrusts got faster and Daenerys rolled her hips to meet his thrusts. Her stomach tightened and this time she didn't hold her screams in. Jon groaned at the sound of them, became undone soon after. He then collapsed on top of her and their lips made contact again. But before their make out session could become too heated, Jon's lips left Daenerys’ and she whimpered.

He laughed and said, "I've got a conference call in..." He looked at his Rolex, "20 minutes, so I'm going to take a quick shower and get ready. You make food and run yourself a hot bath then after the call we'll finish off" And pecked Daenerys’ lips once more.

"But I'm not hungry" Daenerys cried getting up from the counter and winced at the discomfort.

"Yes, but you're going to need the energy for tonight.” Jon winked. “The kitchen is fully stocked so you can make whatever you want.”

Daenerys opened the closest cupboard and it contained cereal. Everything was there, oatmeal, corn flakes, All bran, muesli, wheat bites, everything. She chose Coco Pops and sat down to eat, still naked. A few minutes in- Daenerys ate every slow, Jon's phone buzzed and her curiosity got the better off her and she decided to take a peak.

Val: I asked you not to be loud you asshole!

Shit, Daenerys’ face flushed and she started giggling. Oh well, she thought.