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Daenerys closed her eyes as she felt him part her legs, and slide into her. Her arms tightened around him as her hips came up to meet him, pulling him deeper inside of her. She cried out as Jon started to move.
Thrusting into her again and again, until he filled her completely.

"Faster, please" Daenerys panted still meeting his thrusts. Even though her eyes were closed she knew he was smirking. Jon didn't waste any time and started going faster.

His groans, her moans and Bryson Tiller in the background was all you could hear. Jon cupped her breasts and started playing with them while still thrusting into her.

Daenerys’ entire body tightened around him as she climaxed yet again.

"FUCK DANY!!" Jon growled flooding and filling her. He thrusted into her a few more times before flipping them over. Daenerys was now on top, and he was still inside of her.

"Ride me" He said.

What? Was he not tired? They had just gone 3 rounds and he still wanted more?

Sensing her hesitation, Jon took matters into his own hands. He placed his hands on Daenerys’ hips and started moving her up and down his dick.

"Mmmmmm fuck yes Jon, more.” Daenerys moaned.

This encouraged him to move faster and Daenerys also started to rock her hips trying to meet his thrusts. Seven heavens! Sex had never felt this good!

She felt her stomach tighten again and she could feel her 4th orgasm of the night coming. Jon flipped them over once more and looked Daenerys in the eye.

"Let go baby" he whispered sensually in that gruff voice of his and-


"Fuck!" Daenerys groaned "Not again!"

She had been having these "dreams" which were in fact memories for the past three weeks. But this one was the most explicit one yet. Her skin was tingling and she could still feel Jon' lips on her and for whatever reason it made her smile.

Now, the Targaryen wasn't in love with Jon Snow or anything, but he had been haunting her dreams and mind ever since that faithful night and morning 3 weeks ago.

She had met Jon at a party she attended with her sister, Viserya and her 'boyfriend', Renly. The term boyfriend was used very loosely. The two had dated for a couple of weeks on and off till Renly suggested they become exclusive because "he really liked her and wanted to see where this would take them" in other words "if I have a girlfriend people won't think I'm gay, so be my girlfriend." You see, Renly Baratheon was gay, gayer than gay actually, but he was also a big shot actor in Westeros and he didn't want to risk his career by coming out. Not a lot of people knew about his sexuality, he hadn't even told Daenerys. But after spending time with him it became pretty obvious. He wouldn't even touch Daenerys! And as Daenerys' sister Viserya, always said, "any guy that wouldn't want Daenerys was either blind or gay."

Daenerys had agreed to date him because well, she needed a famous boyfriend to help launch her modeling career. Their relationship was a win-win situation, Daenerys used Renly to gain fame and he used her as his beard. But lately rumors questioning his sexuality had escalated causing Renly to very touchy touchy and kissy kissy to prove a point.

At the party, Viserya and Renly and left Daenerys alone and that's when she met Jon Snow. Their meeting was brief but left had Daenerys on a high she'd never experienced before. So naturally, the Targaryen had spent the rest of the night seducing the gorgeous man and the two had fucked in the ladies bathroom.

After their little bathroom shenanigans, Daenerys had gone back to the party and tried her hardest to act like she wasn't just fucked thoroughly. Fucked properly, fucked like a dog in heat. Her acting must have been world class because no one suspected or noticed a thing, not even her wobbly walk. After the party there was an after-party party, it was a Hollywood thing, and she and Jon had met up to have their own party in a hotel room upstairs. An orgasmic and very satisfying party which ended the following morning.

The two hadn't spoken since and Daenerys didn't know how to feel about that. She knew one night stands were supposed to be only one night, but if the sex was that amazing there had to be an exception.

Slowly getting up, Daenerys unplugged her phone from the charger and opened the bible, aka Twitter, to start off her day. She saw her 'Margaery' was trending worldwide and rolled her eyes. One of her nude photos probably "leaked" again.

Speaking of, after she showered, Daenerys needed to ask Margaery if she could do lunch. Daenerys needed to be seen with an a-lister before she sent in her modeling portfolio to a few places. Renly was shooting for his new movie so she couldn't ask him. But she'd have to ask him to post a selfie of them on his Instagram, he had a large following and an even larger fanbase.

After a quick shower, Daenerys dialed Margaery's number and Margaery answered almost immediately.

"Guess what? Guess! Guess! Guess!" Well someone was excited.

"Erm what? Victoria's Secret called you up and asked you to walk for them?" Daenerys teased but with a hint of bitterness because that's something that could actually happen. Margaery had everyone calling her, from Dior to Versace to Lannister. And Daenerys was a little jealous... Okay more than a little.

Margaery Tyrell was Daenerys’ best friend. And they were as close as best friends go in Westeros. She was born rich and famous and Daenerys had met her by chance actually. Margaery was also a model and she wasn't that great. Okay, that was Daenerys’ jealousy talking again. Margaery was actually one of the hardest working people Daenerys knew, a close second to Daenerys actually. But while Margaery was signed with ELITE MODELS WORLDWIDE, Daenerys didn't even have an agency. She was managed by her mother best friend, Shae. And Daenerys loved Shae, she really did. But nobody wanted to hire a model without an agency behind her and an unknown manager. Daenerys had been to every huge and small modeling agency in King's Landing and Dorne but none of them wanted her, so getting gigs was very hard.

That's why she had Renly and Margaery, they were her way in. She was already known as Renly's girlfriend and Margaery's best friend and that sometimes helped her. But Daenerys couldn't wait till she was her own person. Instead of being Daenerys the best friend or Daenerys the girlfriend, she would be Daenerys the supermodel, Daenerys the A-lister and Daenerys the-

"Dany? Are you there? God you do this all the time"

Shit! "Oh, Marg I'm sorry, I was just imagining you walking their runway! You would rock it!" Daenerys said with fake laugh.

"I love you" Margaery laughed "But no it's not Victoria's Secret, not yet anyway, it's Este Lauder! They want me to be the face of their new ad campaign! Isnt' that amazing?!"

Daenerys suddenly felt dizzy and sat down on the bed. So that's why Margaery was trending on Twitter.

"Dany? Daenerys? Are you still there?"

"Um yeah, Margaery that's wonderful! I'm so happy for you- Oh, Shae is calling me but we have to celebrate call me later yeah?" And Daenerys dropped the phone before Margaery could answer.

The face of Este Lauder? THE FACE OF ESTE LAUDER?!! Daenerys been dreaming about that since she was 5 years old! Margaery knew that!! It was DAENERYS' DREAM! They spoke about it just last week! Margaery stole HER DREAM! Daenerys grabbed the closet pillow and started sobbing.

Thankfully it was Sunday so she didn't have to go anywhere, not that it mattered because even on a weekday she still didn't have anything to do or anywhere to go. Joys of being an unwanted, unemployed model.

And that's how the Targaryen spent her Sunday. Crying, stuffing her face and watching slash horror movies. She even made a "Fuck Margaery Tyrell" account on Twitter, with 17 followers and counting.

This wasn't how she had envisioned her life would turn out! She was supposed to be a supermodel, date hot guys like Jon Snow and be adored by millions. But instead she was in a relationship with a gay guy, she hated her best friend, she was a model without an agency and she was having sex dreams about a guy that would never be hers.

I can do it big
I can do it long
I can do whenever or however you want

It was Daenerys phone, but she wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone, so she let it ring. But the person was persistent because they kept calling so Daenerys decided to answer it.

"What?!" She practically yelled.

"Yikes, is that how you speak to the woman who just got you a meeting with people from Intimacy?" It was Shae. Daenerys should have known, Shae was the only person that would call her this late and this many times.

Wait- what did she just say?

"What did you just say?" Daenerys asked getting up.

"Yes, you heard me! We have a meeting with people from Intimacy tomorrow at 10am. So I need you asleep now because I need you all fresh and well rested for tomorrow!" She said.

"This isn't a joke right? Because if it is, is it's not funny Shae"

"When have I ever been a jokester Daenerys?" She asked.

Oh my God she was serious! Daenerys really did have a meeting with Intimacy!

"Now go sleep, I'll fetch you at 9:30 sharp, don't over dress. Simple jeans or leggings and a T-shirt will do. Night Daenerys" and Shae dropped the phone.

Holy fuck!

Daenerys had a meeting with Intimacy, the fucking Intimacy, not some local clothing shop that paid her in oversized clothing, but with an actual brand. A huge brand even, Intimacy was a luxury lingerie company. They specialized in expensive, sexy, lacy nightwear and they were giving Victoria Secret a run for their money. It was under the multi-million dollar company Jabot... which was owned by- Jon Snow. The same Jon Snow that fucked her in a bathroom and again in an expensive hotel room. The same Jon Snow who had been haunting her dreams and mind for the past three weeks. The same Jon Snow that kept her underwear from that night... underwear from Intimacy.

Holier fuck!