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Worthy Child

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Harry woke slowly, rubbing his eyes as he threw off his warm cocoon. Opening his eyes, Harry squinted at the grayish light coming in his window. It was the holidays, his dad said, and Harry could sleep in, so there should be sunlight. Sliding out of bed, Harry ran to the window, surprised to find it frosty, and pressed his hands against it.

Through the clear, perfect impressions of his fingers, Harry could see fat, heavy flakes of snow falling.

"Dad!" Harry scrambled out his door. "DAD! It's snowing!"

Hands caught him and spun him around. "Tremendously exciting, my son."

Severus watched as Harry, dressed in appropriate winter garb, running and tumbling in the snow. He'd never seen the usually quiet, studious seven-year-old act so carefree. Not even flying with Draco had produced this strong a reaction.


Harry ran towards him and Severus scooped him up. "Are you cold?"

"Oh, no!" Harry hugged him. "Is this what the North Pole looks like?"

Severus snorted. "I believe there's more snow and many toy building workshops. What would you like Father Christmas to bring you this year?"

He felt Harry stiffen and silently cursed.

"I've never been on Santa's good list."

Mixie appeared with a tea tray while his dad wrapped a warm blanket around Harry and settled him on the couch. Harry's eyes widened when he saw the plate of Christmas biscuits and glass of milk. Dad never let him to have biscuits before lunch!

"Thank you, Mixie," Dad said, sitting beside Harry, a piece of parchment and a Biro in his hand.

Harry chose a star-shaped biscuit as he watched Dad put the parchment on the table. Dad fixed his tea and took a stocking biscuit, before turning to him.

"We're going to write a letter to Father Christmas."

Carrying Harry, Severus Apparated to Diagon Alley and headed to the Owl Post Office, to send Harry's letter. Wide eyes following the owl, Harry gripping his hand and tugged on it.

"Is Santa a wizard?" he whispered.

"Of course," Severus said, smiling. "Now, we've some additional presents to buy."

The decorations were elaborately and Harry's distraction allowed Severus to sneak in several "Santa" gifts. Balls of tinsel and enchanted mistletoe flowed above them as they left Flourish and Botts.

"Dad!" Harry whispered. "What're they doing?"

Severus looked to see a couple kissing under floating mistletoe. Groaning, he covered Harry's eyes.

Carefully putting candies on the warm gingerbread man, Harry smiled when he saw Mixie add black icing for eyes. They'd already made several "Harrys" and the house-elf promised they would make some "Severus" biscuits. Max nicked some biscuits when Mixie wasn't looking, making Harry giggle. Scowling, Mixie shooed him away.

Harry grinned as he watched them, his dad told him the two elves were married. "Mixie? Do house-elves kiss under mistletoe, too?"

For a minute, Harry was afraid Mixie was mad at him, until she laughed and waggled her finger at him.

"Youse too young to be asking, little master!"

Severus tucked Harry into bed, amused as his son struggled against sleep.

"Can we get our Christmas tree tomorrow, Dad?"

The words were punctuated with a yawn and Severus brushed Harry's fringe back.

"Yes, we'll get it and we'll put up our decorations, son."

"Thank you, Daddy," Harry whispered sleepily. "Especially for my Yule gift today. I love the 'jammas."

Kissing his forehead, Severus sat beside Harry as he fell asleep, a smile on his face. Severus shook his head at the child's fascination with kissing after the mistletoe incident.

Hopefully, Harry would forget kissing until well into his teens!