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Histories of the Little King

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Personally, Regulus Black loved to simply stand on the deck on the Marauder as they drifted through the seven seas, and observe the waves as they formed, only to break again in a matter a matter of seconds, as well as the birds exploring the endless freedom of the sky.

They had no boundaries as for where they could go. Being a pirate was about as close as Regulus could get to that, but they still could do more than he would ever be able to.

His mates all thought that he had gotten insane at some point during their extended stay away from land, but Regulus didn’t care. As the Carpenter of the crew, there were a lot of times where he had nothing to do -- after all the wood took a certain amount of time to rot even while underwater and they didn’t get into enough scruffles that they frequently needed to repair the ship again.

Consequently it was mostly him, Pettigrew and Evans who were on lookout duty. And as the former was cooking and the latter was treating his brother after he had attempted to join Pettigrew.

So it was Regulus who was standing in the moonlight when there was a faint glow on the horizon. It couldn’t be the sun, since not only it was far too early for it, it also was originating from the north.

“Come on deck, scallywags! I be seein' somethin'!”

It took a minute until everyone was on deck and by that time, they had already gotten a lot closer.

“That ain't a good sign,” Evans announced as a tentacle greeted them from below.

“Are ye sure 'tis where we be supposed t' be?” Pettigrew questioned.

“Aye, 'tis where th' bastard said we would find his loot,” Sirius affirmed

Pettigrew swallowed. “'n thar be no way we misread th' map or somethin'?”

“Are ye doubtin' me, Pettigrew?” Potter questioned, angling his head and raising his eyebrow.

“O' course nah, Captain. Won't ask again.” Pettigrew smirked as he replied.

“See that ye don't or I'll leave ye on some backaway island, ye landlubber,” Potter threatened, but they all knew that he didn’t mean it.

“Do we wants t' continue fore, aye or no?” Potter raised his hand as he spoke. “Aye.”

“Aye,” Sirius replied instantly, following the Captains example.

The other three crew members created an awkward eye contact.

“We be promised a great, grand amount o' gold,” Evans reminded them with a sigh. “I say aye.”

“That be a nice, good point.” Pettigrew nodded. “Aye.”

With all eyes now on him, Regulus shrugged. “Me vote will nah matter either way.”

“Then fore we shall sail,” Potter declared.

Once they were actually on the island, Pettigrew and Sirius insisted that they heard the most beautiful singing, while Potter and Evans found it to be a little bit alluring.

“I 'ave no idea wha' ye all reckon so flippin’ great,” Regulus commented. “It ain't bad, aye. Far from as great as ye be actin'.”

“'n I do nah understand why ye do nah understand,” Sirius replied. “'tis th' most beautiful, grand singin' I 'ave heard in me life!”

And before Regulus could protest, the others took off one by one to look for the origin of the voice. He sighed and followed them, because it was better than waiting here while they all jumped into their doom.

Bloody fools.

There was a well trodden path leading into the woods and it was safe to assume that this was the way they had taken until they got to whatever the source was. Because honestly, a good majority of the people who would land here probably would look for the music and create it.

It was likely Sirens, now that he thought about it. After all, they were more than enough tales about them that anyone could figure out that it was sexual attraction that drew people in, something that Regulus didn’t experience.

The rest of his crew did, though, so he picked up his paste to catch up to them before they did something more stupid than average. And that was saying something, as their group was well known for their rash actions.

It took a minute or so of following the path while continuously checking for their footsteps -- sometimes he was really thankful for Pettigrew’s pegleg, it made the whole thing easier, as they had carved a rat’s foot on the bottom at one point -- until he reached a lake.

His crew was standing around a siren that was not at all like Regulus had expected. For one, the siren was male, which actually wasn’t all that weird once you thought about it -- they had to reproduce somehow after all -- and for another, the siren was actually clothed. Or at least it’s upper half was, the lower one was a tail, which wasn’t really practical for pants of any kind.

“What are you?” Was the first thing Regulus heard the siren say and he had to admit that the voice was rather pleasant to hear. But it did not make him ready to jump into the lake and drown as some of his mates looked dangerously close to.

“We be Buccaneers,” Sirius replied, as Regulus forcibly dragged him a few steps backwards.

“Interesting. May I know the names of you gentlemen of fortune,” the siren requested in what Regulus assumed to be a seductive fashion. Things like that never had any effect on him as,  for whatever reason, he just wasn’t interested.

“I be Sirius Black, th' Quartermaster. Those are th' Captain, James Potter, th' cook, Pettigrew, th' surgeon, Evans, 'n our carpenter, me brother Regulus.”

“I’m Remus Lupin. Pleasure to make your acquaintance,” the siren held out his hand and Sirius stepped forward again and took it before Regulus -- who was busy with Pettigrew at that time -- could stop him. “'tis bloody great t' meet ye.”

The siren scanned the other members of the crew -- Regulus did not know what he was looking for -- halting at Evans.

“Isn’t it against the code for women to be on board?”

“Aye, but she be th' bloody best surgeon out thar,” Potter informed Lupin. “Screw those who say otherwise, we'd be squiffy t' give her up.”

“Mary Read be naught compared t' her,” Regulus agreed.

“I see.” The siren nodded and swam a small circle.

“Would ye like t' join us?” Sirius blurted out after a few seconds of silence.

What the hell? Was his brother insane? That was a goddamn siren he was inviting to join their ship. Had he lost whatever was left of his sanity after the copious amounts of rum he had consumed?

“I think I would like that, actually.”

“Ye can nah jus' invite random scallywags here jus' 'cause ye reckon them attractive!” Regulus protested. “Nah t' forget that that tail ain't useful.”

“Ri’ht. I knew that.”

His brother wasn’t usually this stupid. Occasionally, yes, but not normally in important situations…

That was a lie, aye.

“I lose the tail once I leave the water,” Lupin informed them and wasn’t that convenient for him?

“Maybe jus' this one scallywag,” Captain Potter debated before turning to Lupin. “Now listen here, ye landlubber. Ye're either gonna do as says I, or we'll brin' ye right back t' yer island. Do ye understand?”

Lupin nodded meekly.

“Great! Th' first thin' ye can do be scrub th' deck.”

Which Lupin promptly proceeded to do once they were on the ship. Maybe, just maybe, Regulus could actually learn to live with this.

He wouldn’t count on it, though.

“Thar be another ship!” Pettigrew exclaimed from the crow’s nest shortly after the sun rose. “Spanish, by th' looks o' it!”

Captain Potter turned to look at it with the telescope.

“Comin' from th' Americas. Ye scallywags know wha' that means.”

Evans nodded. “A whole lot o' gold.”

They all exchanged excited grins, needing no more encouragement than that, except for Lupin, who seemed to have an issue with this.

“But, it isn’t right! They didn’t do anything to deserve this! It’s not just.”

Regulus snorted. “Ain't no justice in th' world 'n thar ain't naught ye can do about it. So why bother pretendin' thar be?”

For a second, it looked like he had convinced Lupin, but then he continued. “What if they have weapons? What if they shoot us?”

“I be hopin' fer a fight,” Evans muttered.

Regulus smiled and patted the cutlass in his belt, then his pistol hidden in his shirt.  “Then we shall fight. 'tis been a while sine I had th' pleasure.”

“Do nah forget wha' ye promised,” Potter reminded him.

Lupin sighed. “Alright, I guess.”

They had no problems, getting on that Spanish ship, but once they were there, it was clear that Lupin had no idea whatsoever what he was doing.

And, even though he himself did not know why, Regulus took pity on him.

“Lupin!” He said, finishing the siren’s partner with ease. “'tis clear ye cannot fight wit' th' cutlass, so ye can help me get th' booty.”

Lupin sighed in relief. “That seems a lot more doable. Thank you.”

“Do nah say that. It makes ye appear weak.”

“I don’t think being polite can be harmful,” the siren argued as they moved to the bug. “I realize that it’s not the case yet, but they would underestimate me easily. Plus, occasionally, I may be able to talk the whole crew out of a problem. People trust me.” He shrugged.

“Aye, 'cause ye 'ave some sort o' magic in yer voice,” Regulus reminded him. “But it ain't workin' on me 'n will ne'er do that.”

“I know. It is really refreshing, actually.”


“Yes. I know that you’re really thinking what you’re thinking.” He sighed. “I try my best to limit what I can do -- though I admit that it is only recently that I have started doing it.”

“Aft ye joined our crew?”

“Indeed.” Lupin lowered his head. “I hadn’t really thought about it before, I admit. It was you who made me realize it with your distaste. I don’t know if we will ever be friends, but I would like to be.”

“Let us get th' booty first,” Regulus proposed. “After that we decide if we can be friends or not.” By the sounds of it, there was still fighting going on, meaning that they would have to get out of this quickly. And that Regulus would likely have to fix the ship later today.

But hey, they would have a lot of gold for materials. And for rum. He would definitely need the rum to be able to cope.

“That sounds like a reasonable plan,” Lupin thankfully acknowledged the tough spot they were in. “Let us do this.”