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On why having a cute wife makes life difficult

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Du Ah

The life of a barista is quite monotone. Early coffee rush for students and workers, then dead time until the next rush, usually around lunch time.
Du Ah started working in the cafè after graduating, to raise a bit to help pay his university taxes. Sure, he’s not the best in the Language Departement, but that wasn’t his goal. Being an average student is fine too.
In his three years of working, the most remembered customer is a young woman, around his age, with fair skin and dark eyes. He fell in love at first sight, and even more after hearing her melodious voice.

Her name is BeiWeiWei, at least that’s how she orders her drinks. He thinks he knows quite a lot about her. After meeting her for two years, he can sense her mood by the drink she orders.
Usually she is at least with one or more girls,spending some time chatting with them on the couches in the shop, and he feel blessed when he can steal some glances in her direction in days like these.
Being a shy guy, often made fun of by his coworkers, he never found the courage to confess his feelings.

Today is a good day, looking at the drink she is ordering. In his head, she is already WeiWei but Du Ah knows that such a level of intimacy is far from the one he has with her. Apart from the customary “Hello, what can I get you?” and “Here’s you drink, have a nice day!”, they never had any kind of real conversation, he doesn’t even know if she memorized his tag name.

“One strawberry bubble tea, please” WeiWei orders, with a smile on her face.
That means really good mood, according to her habits.
Du Ah is almost to show his stalkerish side by asking ‘Why are you in such a good mood?’ but luckily he can contain himself.
“Name, please.” He asks, out of habit.
He nods, before turning around and working on her drink.
Today isn’t a busy day, almost no one is around, and the atmosphere is cosy, almost like the one of a romantic drama.
Sensing the calm and relaxing mood, Du Ah starts to hum while looking at the cup in his hand and the marker in the other.
Oh well, I can always try… He thinks, before fixing the glasses on his nose, and scribbling a second time on the cup.

“One strawberry bubble tea for BeiWeiWei” he calls out a few minutes later. He hasn’t felt so anxious since the time he had to took the entrance exam for University.
WeiWei thanks him with a smile, before going back on a small couch near the windows.
Du Ah doesn’t even have the time to look for her reaction that a new customer comes. The man gives so much confidence that attracts your attention, even without the help of his looks.
His female coworker almost shoves him to the ground and takes his order. Du Ah is left without doing nothing but stare at the girl on the couch, when the sad voice of his coworker calls him to do the order. What happened?
While filling the cup he is left to think.
The man’s face is familiar, but the barista cannot say why. He is left wondering to himself, while preparing his drink.
Old customer? Classmate? Famous idol?
“One americano for….. WeiWei’s husband? ” His question ends on a high tone, between disbelief and surprise.
Being so loud, he attracts the attention of most of the people in the shop, and the beautiful girl he has a crush on, reaches the counter red-faced.
“Xiao Nai!”
‘She is so cute when she is mad!’ That’s the only thing Du Ah can think of, before realising what is happening before his eyes.

Xiao Nai hands now rest on WeiWei’s back, with a silent laugh on his lips. “I’ve missed you too.” He says, before taking the drink and bringing her back to her previous seat.
Du Ah is so on the verge to die.


(It’s also to be said that Xiao Nai’s revenge was done quickly this time. As he saw the love confession written on his girlfriend’s cup from the window, he had already made up his mind.
Having such a beautiful wife was so tiring sometimes, but it was worth the hard work.)