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Collared Dragonlords and Mad Kings

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As far as slavery went, Balinor Ambrosius was living in luxury.

He had been the King’s personal slave for the last five years. No one else was allowed to touch or use him. He was loyal to Uther and Uther alone.

Oh, he had fought at first of course. He had originally surrendered to the mad King in an attempt to save the few remaining Dragonlords. Uther had given his word that he would spare them, and let them live as free men.

Uther lied. He had the remaining men and their families rounded up and enslaved. He used them to lure the rest of the dragons to Camelot so he could have them killed. The only one who was spared was Kilgharrah, the Great Dragon. He was chained up under the castle as Uther’s greatest trophy.

Uther had gone against his word, so Balinor fought.

Any other slave would have burned for such an offense against their master. Balinor was not any other slave. He could struggle, fight, scream, and swear all he wanted; Uther took great joy punishing him in front of anyone who wished to watch.

Balinor swore that he would never break. Even if he was collared like a dog, treated like some kind of pet, caged, humiliated, beaten, and raped over and over every day, he wouldn’t break. He wouldn’t give Uther that satisfaction.

Uther took it as a personal challenge. He began to carry a whip with him at all times, pulling it out and beating his slave for the most minor of infractions. Balinor had almost died twice because all his wounds got infected.

In those cases, The King would send Balinor down to Kilgharrah with orders to make the dragon heal him. An enchanted collar around his neck kept Balinor from using his magic unless his master gave him permission. Magic itself had been used to trap him.

Magic also forced him to obey any direct orders Uther gave him. The King rarely gave those, preferring to watch the Dragonlord defy him. He only gave them once and awhile when he really wanted something done.

Nine months into his enslavement, Balinor finally broke.


King Cenred of Essetir had arrived for a peace treaty. Slaves and servants alike were rushing through the castle, caring for Camelot’s royal guests. Balinor was the exception. Uther liked to keep the Dragonlord close.

“That’s an interesting slave you have there, Uther,” Cenred said as he gestured to the Dragonlord gagged and shackled at Uther’s feet.

“He’s my personal slave. No one else is allowed to use him. I’ve been training him, but he refuses to break. It’s been nine months already. He will break one day,” Uther explained, petting Balinor as if he was a dog. Balinor growled trying to pull away, but his collar was attached to the throne with a short chain.

“Marvelous, isn’t he? He is a Dragonlord. Oh, how the mighty have fallen,” Uther purred, grabbing Balinor’s chin and forcing him to look at his master. “He’s nothing but a wild beast, just like the dragons he used to be able to tame. Now I’ll become the Dragonlord for my dragon. Yes! That’s your new name. You are no longer Balinor Ambrosius. You are Dragon.”

Balinor shuddered at those words. Dragons had not been mindless, wild beasts. They had been intelligent creatures with names. Uther was spitting on the dignity of both Dragonlords and dragons alike with this new decree, and Balinor was positive the man knew it.

“He is marvelous indeed. Would you be willing to spare him for one night? I will not use him, I just want to see how royal slave of Camelot has been trained,” Cenred said.

Balinor prayed Uther wouldn’t give in. There was something about the way Cenred was looking at him, something that made him feel as if the man wasn’t going to keep to his word.

Uther looked quite conflicted. He wanted to make his guest happy, but he also hated for his pet to be out of sight. He sighed, letting go of Balinor.

“I will allow him to prepare your chambers for tonight, under the condition that you do not use him. If you wish to take a slave, then get my Dragon to fetch one for you. He can even get another Dragonlord to satisfy your needs,” he finally said.

“Of course, my friend. Thank you for your hospitality,” Cenred said with a smile.

Balinor was dreading tonight.


Just as he feared, Cenred was waiting for him with a lecherous grin on his face. Balinor tried to ignore it as he bowed.

“Where do you want me to begin, Sire?” he asked. Uther had given him orders to obey Cenred and be a good little slave.

“Take off your clothes. Your master said I couldn’t touch, but he didn’t say anything about looking,” Cenred said.

Balinor flinched as the enchanted collar forced him to comply. He slipped out of his thin breeches and tunic. Uther had never given him smallclothes. It made for easier access to ‘his little slut’ when the King wanted to use him.

He stood still as Cenred began to circle him, looking his body up and down.

“Uther was right. You do look like a naughty slave. I like them feisty,” he purred.

“I will go fetch you another slave if you wish, Sire,” Balior said quickly. He cried out in surprise when Cenred slapped him.

“Did I say you could speak? Go prepare my nightclothes and bed. Hurry up!” the King snapped.

Balinor scurried off to do so. He was aware of Cenred’s eyes on him as he worked. He prayed that the man really would stick to just looking, and wouldn’t touch him.

His prayers weren’t answered.

The moment he finished the two chores, Cenred pushed him against the wall and forced his mouth against Balinor’s. Balinor wanted to struggle; he tried to struggle, yet he discovered his body wouldn’t move.

In Uther’s attempt to make him behave for their visitor, he had also damned him. He couldn’t fight back.

Cenred pulled away, licking his lips. He reached down, grabbing Balinor’s cock, stroking it roughly. Balinor bit his lip as his body reacted to the stimulation.

“Get on the bed. Get on all fours and put your ass high in the air for me. You will not tell Uther about any of this. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him,” Cenred said with a grin.

Balinor didn’t even try to fight back. It would be easier to get this over with and pray that Uther wouldn’t find out. Knowing Uther, he’d be the one to get punished for it all if he did.

He listened as Cenred moved around the room. He contemplated turning his head to see what the King was doing but decided against it. If Cenred didn’t have an excuse to punish him, then he could hide what was going to happen better.

He grunted as two gloved fingers forced their way inside him. Thankfully, Cenred had remembered to oil them before he did so. Balinor gripped the sheets, closing his eyes.

Cenred wasted no time after he ‘prepared’ the slave. Balinor’s eyes shot open and he cried out in pain when Cenred roughly thrust in. The King laughed.

“I would have thought you’d be used to this, Dragonlord. Doesn’t your master fuck you all the time?” he said, gripping Balinor’s hips as he sped his pace. “I would have assumed so with all his bragging. Or does he prefer to watch you play with yourself instead? I’m sure your moans are intoxicating if the King of Camelot himself is so obsessed with you. The moment word reached Essetir about Uther Pendragon’s favourite Dragonlord, I knew I had to come see you for myself. He had you chained up like a beast. The other Dragonlords got to walk around the castle grounds. There had to be something special about you.”

Balinor grit his teeth. Why wouldn’t the man shut the hell up? He would take Uther’s animalistic grunts and groans over Cenred’s incessant babbling any day. Surprisingly, he found Cenred’s words far more degrading. He was not some prize to show off. He wasn’t something to put on display and to come see.

To his relief, Cenred was as pathetic in bed as he was a King. The man came with a moan, gripping Balinor’s hips. Balinor winced as he pulled out and slapped the Dragonlord’s ass.

“Get dressed and run back to your master, little dragon,” Cenred taunted.

Balinor was all too eager to obey. He didn’t feel too sore, so he most likely could hide this from Uther. His master would have no idea.


“Dragon, is there something you want to tell me?” Uther said.

Balinor tensed up. He had been acting completely normal. There was no way Uther could have figured out what happened already.

“No, Master,” he replied.

Uther got up from his bed and strode across the room to where Balinor was tending to the fire. He frowned, looking his slave over. He looked fine, save for a bruise on his cheek. The idiot probably spoke out of turn to deserve that one. He looked normal, save for the fact he was clearly tense about something. Uther was determined to find out what that something was.

“Oh? Is that so? Did you behave for Cenred? I order you to tell me what he made you do.”

Balinor’s eyes widened as he gasped. The collar began to burn due to the conflicting orders. He dropped the poker, starting to grab at his neck.

Uther smirked. That gave him the answer he needed to know. He shoved Balinor down on the ground, ripping his breeches off and shoving a finger into his hole. He received a strangled cry in return. He frowned as he removed his finger to find semen on it.

One condition. All he had given was one condition, and it was to not use his slave. He should have known the bastard would betray him. Still, an alliance with Essetir would be very fruitful for Camelot. He would have to place the blame elsewhere.

He hissed, leaning down and pulling Balinor up by his hair. The Dragonlord winced, still batting at the collar pathetically.

“You stupid whore! You just couldn’t resist, could you? Am I not a good enough Master? You had to offer yourself up to the King of Essetir just so you could brag that you’ve been fucked by us both.”

“, Uther. I---”

Balinor didn’t have a chance to finish that sentence. Uther slammed his head into the wall.

“You will call me Master! That is an order!” he snapped. Balinor blinked, slightly dazed.

He had prayed Uther wouldn’t find out about what happened with Cenred. Just as he thought, he was being blamed for the whole thing.

“Yes...Master,” he said.

“We will deal with this tomorrow. Tonight you will sleep naked in the corner, far away from the fire. Strip down!” Uther snapped.

For the second time that night, Balinor shuddered as the collar activated and took effect. He stripped himself down, balling his hands into fists.

“It wasn’t my fault, Master. He used the collar against me. You used the collar against me. It was your own orders that made it impossible to fight back!” he said. Now was not a good time to argue with Uther, but he refused to take this without the man at least hearing his side of the story.

“Dragon, if you value your life, you will do as you are told.”

“Kill me, then. You know I desire it.”

In hindsight, Balinor should have been prepared for the fist that made contact with his stomach. Uther screamed in rage, starting to hit and kick the slave. Balinor grit his teeth, taking it all. This wasn’t the first time he had suffered through a beating, and if he survived, it wouldn’t be the last. It would only weaken him temporarily.

Once Uther got that bit of his rage out of his system, he stormed to the door, leaving Balinor’s limp body on the floor.

“Guards! Summon someone to take this slave down to the dungeons! Chain him up in the coldest cell. I’ll come for him in the morning,” he ordered.

One guard ran off to do as the King commanded, while Uther returned to Balinor’s side. He lifted his pet’s head, spitting on his cheek. Balinor’s eyelids fluttered open as he narrowed them at his master.

“Kill me,” he muttered. Uther scoffed, dropping his head.



The night was long and cold. Balinor groaned as the guards dragged him into the throne room the next morning. They dropped him at Uther’s feet.

“Chain him to his usual spot,” Uther ordered.

The guards bowed, picking Balinor up again and moving him to his place beside Uther’s throne. The King watched as they chained the Dragonlord's collar to the throne. Balinor hung his head the whole time, too tired and cold to fight back today.

Once Uther was ready, he gestured for the doors to be opened. Cenred was waiting for him. The man looked somewhat annoyed with the fact he had been summoned but entered the throne room with his head held high.

“You summoned me, Uther?” he said.

“Yes. When I lent you my Dragonlord last night, I gave you one simple rule: you were not to use him. However, I discovered you went against my orders,” Uther said.

Cenred kept his composure. Balinor had to admit, the man at least knew how to act. He clearly had been expecting Uther to find out somehow and planned for that very event. His eyes widened as he gasped, putting a hand over his mouth.

“I’m so sorry, my friend! This is all a terrible misunderstanding. I will admit I did indulge, but it was because I was under the impression that you had changed your mind. When the Dragonlord arrived at my chambers, I gave him my orders. I watched him work. Once he was finished, he knelt at my feet and reached down my trousers. I moved away, but he insisted that you sent him to fulfill all of my desires. Why, the slut even began to hump my leg like some kind of animal! I never thought he would betray you like this, so I believed him like a fool. I am truly sorry, Uther,” Cenred said.

No, no, no, no, no! Balinor tried to shake his head. None of that happened. He wasn’t some whore who would hump a man’s leg for attention. Uther merely grabbed a fistful of his hair, forcing him to be still.

The King of Camelot clearly didn’t believe this story, but there was no way the council would approve of him going to war over a slave. He gave Cenred a friendly smile instead, tilting his head.

“I see! I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. I’ll be sure that this little traitor is punished for his crimes. He will receive ten lashes, and then I will remind him who his true master is. The court will be present to bear witness to all of the proceedings. We will gather in an hour,” he announced.

Balinor sighed. It would be painful and humiliating, but his punishment was milder than he had expected. He had survived the whip and public rape many times before, he would do it again.

“Prepare the council chambers. Dragon stays here,” Uther said, standing up.

“Master, you know it’s all a lie. If he betrays you over a slave, then who knows what else he’ll do,” Balinor whispered. Uther sneered, turning and kicking him.

“A slave; that’s all you are. You’re not an advisor or a friend anymore, Balinor. Your opinion means nothing. Stay silent.”

Balinor winced when Uther kicked him. His words cut deep. Memories of the days when the two were good friends were still fresh in the Dragonlord’s mind. He had once been a trusted friend and advisor. Even in those days, Uther had been possessive. Still, Balinor never imagined it would come to this.

He moved so he was in a more comfortable position before he leaned against the throne and closed his eyes. Maybe he could manage to get a little bit of sleep in the next hour. He sat in silence, listening to the people move around him.

He opened his eyes again when someone approached him. A slave stood there with a goblet in her hands. Balinor recognized her. She had been a wife of a fellow Dragonlord. Both she and her husband had been forced into slavery.

“Rosalind,” he said softly. Rosalind offered him a small, tired smile.

“The King has allowed you to have some water,” she said, lowering herself so she could give it to him. She held the goblet to his lips. There was something off about the taste, but he drank it eagerly.

“Between you and me,” Rosalind whispered, “there is a gift from Gaius too. It’s something to help numb the pain. Be strong, Balinor.”

Balinor was about to respond, but Rosalind rushed away. He paled slightly when he saw the guards heading towards him. It was time.

They were rough as they unchained him from the throne, forcing him to his feet and leading him towards the council chamber. Balinor held his head high, Rosalind’s words echoing through his mind.

The guards brought him to the front of the room, forcing him to kneel in front of a standing Uther. He narrowed his eyes at his master.

“Lords of Camelot and Essetir, this slave is guilty of betraying his master and misleading one of our most honored guests. Normally the punishment for this crime is death by fire, but I am showing my slave mercy. His sentence will be ten lashes, then I will remind him of his place. He is mine, and mine alone,” Uther announced.

Balinor couldn’t help but scoff. That was barely a punishment. Uther had done far worse to him before.

“Stand, Dragon,” Uther ordered.

Balinor shuddered as he was forced to stand. He continued to hold his head high in defiance.

“I will wipe that smug look off your face,” Uther hissed. Balinor only smirked in response.

Uther sneered as he slapped the Dragonlord. Balinor didn’t react. He didn’t want to give Uther that satisfaction.

The King removed the whip from his belt. Balinor took a deep breath. Ten lashes...he could survive that. He had received worse before.

“Stay still. Do not move,” Uther said, moving so he was facing the Dragonlord’s back.

He raised the whip, bringing it down. Balinor hissed in pain. One down, nine more to go. He clenched his fists as Uther continued to bring the whip down. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve…

Balinor finally cried out when he was hit for the thirteenth time. Uther stopped, smiling.

“You could have stopped your punishment earlier if you only screamed for me. You had to be stubborn instead,” he said. Balinor only growled in response.

“Now to remind you of your place,” Uther said. “Bend him over the table. You know what to do.”

Two slaves came forward, heads bowed. Balinor let them guide him. He didn’t want another slave to be punished on his account.

“I’m sorry, Balinor,” one of the slaves whispered. “This isn’t going to be what you think it is.”

Balinor blinked in confusion. It was only when the other slave positioned his leg and he heard the sound of clanging metal. He turned his head and paled at the sight before him.

Uther was holding a heated brand.

Balinor began to struggle. If Uther branded him, he would never be free. Everyone would know who he belonged to.

“Please, don’t do this. Have mercy,” he begged. Uther only laughed.

“Hold him still,” he said. The two slaves reacted, putting all of their weight on Balinor. Uther pressed the brand against Balinor’s inner thigh.

The pain was excruciating. Whatever Gaius had given him was useless against the heated metal on his skin. He began to scream and struggle, his eyes filling with tears.

Uther held the brand to the Dragonlord’s skin longer than necessary. The smell of burning flesh filled the air. The only mercy Balinor was given was when the mad King pulled the brand away.

“It’s beautiful,” Uther purred. He reached out and touched it, ignoring Balinor’s cry of pain. No one could deny that his Dragonlord was his and his alone anymore.

He pulled Balinor off the table, starting to beat him with the rod. Balinor cried out once more, trying to shield himself from the blows. He screamed as his side began to burn. Uther had managed to crack one of his ribs.

“Please! Stop!” he shouted as the edge of his vision began to darken.

Thankfully, Uther did stop. Balinor sighed a sigh of relief.

That relief was gone in an instant. The King grabbed a fistful of the Dragonlord’s hair, pulling him up and slamming him down on the table. Balinor was too tired and in too much pain to fight back. He closed his eyes and prepared for the inevitable. Uther didn’t even bother to prepare him properly as he began to thrust into the limp body below him.

It was a mercy when Balinor finally passed out, the darkness taking him as he screamed.


When he woke up again, Balinor found himself in Uther’s bed. The first thing he felt was agony. His wounds had been bandaged, thankfully. Uther had given him that small mercy. His foot was shackled to the bed with a long chain. He had been in this position before. He would be able to move around the room, but wouldn’t be able to get close to the door.

“Good evening, my Dragon,” a voice said. Balinor flinched, turning his head to the source. Uther was sitting in a large chair by the fire, watching his pet closely.

“Master,” Balinor said softly.

Uther stood up and went to Balinor’s side. He reached out, caressing the other man’s cheek. He was pleased to see that unlike the other times, Balinor didn’t flinch away.

“Are you going to behave for me, Dragon?”

Balinor closed his eyes. This morning, he would have spat in Uther’s face and told him to go fuck himself. Now, the voice in his head that told him to fight back was silent. He thought about the brand on his leg. Everyone would know who he was now. There was no point in fighting back.

“Yes, Master.”