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“They say I’m gonna die,” the young girl whispered, “are they right?”

This broke her older sister. “Yes baby,” She choked out during sobs. She lied on her side next to her child sister, Jillyen, and pet her thinning, coffee-colored hair. Alyssa shuddered with grief.

“I’ve made my peace with what’s to come.” Alyssa’s blue eyes snapped up to her younger sibling. The twenty-year-old quieted as she watched Jillyen’s eyes droop.

“Jillyen?” She squeaked as she sat up. Alyssa got no reply. “Jillyen?” Alyssa asked frantically. She held Jillyen’s shoulders and shook her softly. When Jillyen showed no reaction, Alyssa pressed her ear to Jillyen’s chest. Her eyes widened. “No… No! It’s too early!” She screamed while a male nurse ushered her out of the bleak hospital room.


The sun had set just moments ago and freshly fallen snow blanketed the ground. The small North-West Montana town was eerily quiet. Alyssa walked home apathetic. She was dressed in black head to toe and clutched a bouquet of deep purple Gladiolus flowers and Forget-Me-Nots.

“Hey, sweetheart.” Alyssa jumped at the sudden appearance of a person behind her.

“What do you want?” She frowned shifting to look at the three men who looked down on her slim frame. The first man frowned at her angry tone and quickly swiped the flowers out of her hands. She watched wh some of the petals fell from the flowers. Her head whipped up to the man before a hard palm of his hand struck her across her pale face. A solid mass hit her hard in the stomach causing her to land on her ass. The man stood over her with a lustful look.

Fight or flight finally kicked in as she kicked the man’s ankle and ran into the treeline to her right. She panicked as she heard the footfalls in the snow behind her. She let go of a scream when two burly arms grabbed her by the waist.


Alyssa lied on the forest floor. Broken, bloodied, violated, and dying. Her auburn hair was matted to her face by blood and melting snow. She groaned trying to move any part of her body. Her cerulean eyes started to droop same as Jillyen’s green orbs earlier in the week.

She felt her life fading. “Jillybean…” She mumbled through a split lip and busted teeth. “I’m... sorry… I’ll.. see.. you soon… sweetheart.”

“Stop talking whore.” A sharp kick to her side caused her last two ribs to break. Alyssa didn’t even have the strength to scream.

“Just off ‘er Jeremy,” The tallest of the three muttered as he lit a cigarette, “We ‘ad our fill. No point in ‘er thinking that she can recover.” The third man snickered at the tallest words. Alyssa’s eyes widen as she struggled to back away.

‘Jeremy’ the man who kicked her, pulled a small pocket knife. “Sleep, tight whore.” He gripped the back of her head before plunging the knife into her heart. She opened her mouth to scream, but only made a whimpering sound. The man grinned as he watched her sapphire eyes grow dim. Within another few seconds, she died.