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Wicked Love

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Jungkook loved the smell of the forest when the sun was at its highest in the sky. Animals hurried about around him, bunnies digging in the undergrowth, birds chirping and flying from one tree to another in search of a friend, deer grazing in the grass and leaping over fallen logs. The sounds of the forest were just as pleasing as the scent and he took the time to let to let it all sink in. Sunlight flickered through the leaves of the tall trees, lighting the path before him as he strolled slowly, bare feet making the softest of sounds against the soft ground.

To anyone else, the fairy looked like he was almost floating as he strolled, his large translucent pink wings fluttering behind him with each new noise around him. He was dressed simply in a pair of light cloth white shorts and a soft blue sleeveless shirt, so to anyone else, he looked almost like a human if not for the wings and the unnatural pink and white hair, though it was so very natural to him. When he turned his head just right, parts of his hair almost sparkled, catching the sunlight in just the right way. His eyes were also very inhuman, a strange sparkling pink color, almost like the color of a fresh sunset with flecks of stars.

He was a pretty thing, as all fairies were, with wide deer-like eyes, a sharp jaw, high cheekbones, plump lips, bunny teeth, wide nose and he greeted every animal that crossed his path with a wide toothy smile and a flicker of his wings. The air was soft and warm, sunlight streaming over his bare lightly tanned skin as he moved through the trees filling him with warmth and such a pleasant sensation he couldn’t seem to stop smiling.

It was a beautiful day in the forest and though Jungkook was supposed to be out playing with all the other fairies his age, he had better things to do. Instead of fluttering about in the clearing that centered the village he called home with all the other fairies, Jungkook was sneaking away into the darker parts of the forest with a cheeky smile on his lips.

He noticed immediately when the air shifted around him. When the sunlight found it harder to burn through the thick canopy of trees and the animals scurried back toward the way he had come. When the air shifted from pleasantly warm to a little cold, spiking shivers over his bare skin from the lack of sunlight. The sounds of the forest shifted just as instantly, the animals knowing better than to wander into the darker parts of the forest if they wanted to keep living.

Still, he heard the shuffling of animals around even if it was much less than before. Jungkook knew these animals were different than the ones he saw earlier but he did not fear them, even if many others did. They would never hurt him, not when he had the protection of the creature from the lake. Jungkook was safe to walk these woods without worry of harm and even if the air shifted around him, his demeanor did not. His smile did not soften, his stride did not slow and his wings fluttered all the more at the new prickling sensations in the air all around him. Magic was heavy in the air here and he wondered if the witch who lived near the lake was up to a visit. Taehyung was such a lovely young man and he always had such interesting things to show Jungkook when he had the time to stop by. Most of the other fairies were afraid of him but Jungkook saw no reason to fear. Taehyung may dabble in the dark arts but he had such a warm smile and he never laid a finger of harm on Jungkook.

Though, perhaps, that was due to his protection from the creature of the lake.

Jungkook’s heart fluttered in his chest at the thought and his lips twitched into a bright smile, his footsteps quicking in his excitement. He knew the path by heart, could follow it with his eyes closed or in the darkest of nights when the moonlight couldn’t even break through the thick overgrowth.

Sprouting in the very center of the darkest part of the forest was a large black lake, round, wide and deep. It was surrounded by large dark trees that opened up to the sky that was stunning late at night with the sparkle of stars and the moon. Settled around the edge of the lake were an assortment of rocks, some large and some small and some with trickles of waterfalls flowing through them from the river just above the lake. It was one of the most beautiful places Jungkook had ever stumbled upon years ago when he was a curious little fairy but he came to find the creature who lived in the lake was even more beautiful.

The first time Jungkook saw Yoongi, it was late a night, much too late for an innocent little fairy like him to be wandering around the dangerous dark forest. But Jungkook had been upset after one of the elders yelled at him for simply wanting to play with one of the human village children. He wasn’t going to hurt the little girl, he just wanted to play with her, show her some of his fairy dust and make her giggle like she never felt a single pain in her life, even if the bruises on her skin proved otherwise. But the elder yelled at Jungkook, told him he was never supposed to interact with humans. They were good fairies. They weren’t dark fairies. They didn’t lure humans to their death and Jungkook couldn’t understand why the elder had thought Jungkook wanting to make a little girl smile for the first time since she was born was such a horrible thing.

He went to the forest because he wanted to run away for awhile and that was when he stumbled upon the lake. The moon had been high in the sky, coating the still black surface in pale light and turning it into a mirror, reflecting the sea of stars so beautifully. Jungkook had gasped in awe, completely astonished that such a place existed in an area that was supposed to be full of evil and death.  

Then he saw him.

Settled on the biggest rock of all, placed on the ledge where the river ran, above the lake and surrounded by the small waterfalls, was a creature Jungkook had never seen before in his life.

Pale skin glistened in the moonlight, like diamonds glittering beneath the surface and it took Jungkook a moment to realize those were scales glittering like tiny rainbows in the streams of moonlight. The long scaled tail was the next thing he noticed, curling over the edge of the rock until only the tips of those glittering blue fins dipped into the still black water. The tail glittered like rainbows, shifting in color depending on how the moon shifted but the base color was such a pretty teal blue color. His eyes had trailed up to find what the tail was connected to and his entire world stopped in that very moment. Scales gave away to soft pale skin just around the belly and in that moment he knew he had found a merman.

Pale skin glittered all the way up his bare torso, showing off a thin waist, flat stomach, small pink nipples, and broad shoulders. His arms were covered in that beautiful skin as well but the back of his forearms had long translucent teal fins sprouting from the skin and his hands. One of his hands was combing through strands of white and teal hair that nearly sparkled in the moonlight while the other was resting against the edge of the rock, giving Jungkook a good view of the webbed fingers and sharp blue claws that appeared harmless but could certainly slice through skin like butter.

When his eyes finally flickered to the face of the creature, he found himself even more lost in awe of the beauty. His face was soft, eyes closed as he soaked up the moonlight. He looked utterly peaceful there as if he never noticed Jungkook watching him which gave him the perfect chance to ogle the creature.  

His face was round, cheeks a little chubby with a soft button nose, soft skin, heavy brow, small ears and the prettiest pink plump lips. His hair looked soft, a fluff of white and teal, mixed together to almost make one color, long enough to fall over his brow and curl over his ears. He was the most gorgeous creature Jungkook had ever laid his eyes on and even if had heard the warnings whispered through his people about the evil creature from the lake, Jungkook could see nothing evil about the beautiful man sitting before him.

And then those eyes snapped open, something catching his attention, perhaps Jungkook’s small gasp that he didn’t mean to let out.

His eyes were as blue as the ocean, as deep and as dark, pointed in the corners and outlined in a natural black that surely wasn’t the makeup some of the fairy girls like to play with. Their beauty didn’t compare to the man before him and in that moment, Jungkook knew he was doomed.

He had run, as fast as his little feet could carry him before he finally took off flying in his own fear and embarrassment at being caught watching the merman groom himself in the moonlight. But Jungkook wasn’t a coward and so, the next night, he came back. And the next night, and the night after that until the merman finally grew sick of his sneaking around and introduced himself.

Jungkook sighed happily at the memory, clutching his hands to his chest as his heart thumped hard within. That was so very long ago, so many months and yet the memory of their first night together still made his heart swell.

Yoongi never hurt Jungkook, never even made an attempt to, stating that fairy flesh was too tough, too unpleasant and Jungkook kept coming back. He came to love Yoongi with every fiber of his little fairy body and he knew, deep down, Yoongi loved him just as much. The merman never outright said it but he didn’t need to. He said it in the way he kissed Jungkook, the way he touched him ever so gently with his dangerous claws, the way he held him.

Excitement fluttered through Jungkook’s chest and he picked up his pace into a light skip, much too happy to worry about a single thing today. He might get in trouble when he came back home for disappearing but he truly didn’t give a fuck. Maybe Yoongi was a bad influence on him but he honestly didn’t care. Yoongi cared more about him than any other person in Jungkook’s life. The elders thought he was trouble, the other fairies thought there was something wrong with him ever since he was born in the middle of the night of a full moon from a black morning-glory that sprouted up in a field of other white daisies. Dark fairies were born from flowers like that but no one could understand why one of them was in their field. Being just a baby, they took Jungkook in like their own but he knew the whispers behind his back, the suspicious glances he got when he walked through the village. They used to bother him but since meeting Yoongi, he no longer cared what they thought about him.

Jungkook heard soft voices all of a sudden and he paused in his step, tilting his head to the side in confusion. The voices were soft, much too low for him to hear what was being said but it made him curious. He was nearing Yoongi’s lake and he pondered if Taehyung might have stopped by for a chat with the merman. They were good friends, after all, and it was through Yoongi that Jungkook had met the witch.

Excitement flooding over his skin like the sparks of magic, Jungkook picked up his pace and skipped through the trees in his hurry to greet the both of them. It had been days since he last saw Taehyung and he was excited to see him. Of course, he was excited to see Yoongi as well but he saw Yoongi every day and it was just common for him to be overjoyed to see the merman.

But, as Jungkook broke through the trees to step into the small clearing around the lake, he froze in his spot because the man sitting on the small rock at the edge of the lake was not Taehyung. It was a man Jungkook had never seen before and something dark and ugly curled up the back of his throat because Yoongi was much too close to that strange man for Jungkook’s liking.

The man was human, that much was obvious, his hair jet black and his clothing human-made, layers of light robes wrapped around his lithe body. He was sitting on one of the rocks at the edge of the lake, his golden-toned legs free from the confines of his robe as they curled up, his small hands pressed into the edge of the hard surface so he could lean closer to the edge. It was hard for Jungkook to get a good look at his face from this angle, seeing as all he could see was a bit of profile but he picked up a chubby cheek, plump lips, and a soft nose.

What made his blood boil wasn’t the confusing entrance of a human man Jungkook had never seen before but the way Yoongi was looking at the man.

Yoongi had his webbed hands placed against the rock on either side of the human, thoroughly trapping him though the human didn’t seem distressed about it at all. Yoongi’s pale skin glistened in the beams of sunlight pouring over the lake and his hair was practically glowing, still only a little damp from the black water. His entire torso was out of the water, the strength in his toned arms and strong tail still in the water keeping him upright so he was eye level with the human. The part of his body where scales gave way into skin could be seen but the human seemed too focused on Yoongi’s pretty face to even notice.

The look on Yoongi’s face was absolutely sinful. His dark eyes were narrowed, sparkling ever so slightly and his plump lips were curled into a smirk in one corner of his mouth, his pink tongue pressing the corner. Jungkook knew that look. He had seen that same look countless time before the man kissed him, before the man fucked him and heat flared up the back his neck like an intense anger he had never felt before in his entire life.

What the hell was Yoongi doing openly flirting with that human? Why the hell was he looking at that human like he was going to devour him from the inside out? Anger, frustration, hurt and a hint of jealousy rushed through Jungkook’s body and being the fairy he was, only one took control the most. Jealousy smashed against his skull and his teeth sunk into the soft flesh of his plump bottom lip harshly.

“Swim with me for a little while.” Yoongi’s voice was that deep purr he always used when he was trying to get Jungkook into the water with him, or when he was feeling extra affectionate and Jungkook couldn’t understand why Yoongi was using that voice with him. “Come with me, Jimin.”

“Yoongi!” The name ripped through his throat almost like a screech and the merman flinched so hard he nearly fell back into the water, the sinful look evaporating into confusion and surprise before those dark eyes snapped to him. Jungkook thought, maybe, the man would look ashamed but instead, a flicker of anger went through those dark orbs.

Jungkook huffed, his cheeks puffing out and he stomped into the clearing, nearing the two of them without a care in the world. Anger was sharp claws against his stomach and he was hurt, his heart so tight it almost felt like it was burst. The human seemed to snap out of whatever trance he had been in and whipped his head around to find a filming Jungkook coming to a stop right beside him. He was pretty, of course he was fucking pretty. Yoongi only liked pretty things after all.  

“W-What?” The human, Jimin, glanced up at Jungkook in utter confusion and then shifted his eyes around the lake like he had no idea where he was. Fear trickled into his glazed daze and it was then that the reality of the situation smacked Jungkook in the back of his skull.

Yoongi was starting to growl, a deep dangerous sound and both Jungkook and Jimin’s eyes flashed to him at the same time. Jimin screeched in horror, throwing himself off the back of the rock in his fear and Jungkook breathed out quickly, his anger vanishing at the way Yoongi’s body was shifting in the water. Gone were the pretty pale skin and human face and in its place was hard blue scales, black slits for eyes and rows and rows of pin-sharp teeth. This was the creature Yoongi really was, the wicked creature his fairy friends always warned him about lurking in the deep waters of the lake. His arms were shaking in fury from where they were still holding himself up on the rock and Jungkook watched in slight fascination as the fins on his forehead shifted into spikes, prickling with dark blue poison and Jungkook thought Yoongi was just as gorgeous like this.

“The fuck do you think you’re doing?” Yoongi’s voice was harsh, nothing but a sharp growl but Jungkook understood him because this wasn’t the first time he had seen Yoongi in this form.

Jungkook huffed, his anger vanished to be replaced with that burn of jealousy. “I could ask you the same thing.” He snapped, reaching down to grab the human by the back of his collar and tug him to his feet.

“N-No.” Jimin fought against his hold, his face flushed and his eyes full of absolute terror to the point that he couldn’t look away from Yoongi’s terrifying appearance. “No.” It was almost a whimper.

“I’m not going to hurt you.” Jungkook snapped at him, grabbing the human by the biceps and tugging him away from the edge of Yoongi’s lake, much to the merman’s dislike, earning more sharp growls. “Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to wander into the dark forest?” Jungkook rolled his eyes and went about the tightening the robes around the human's body that had gone a little loose, thanks to Yoongi’s spell over him.

Jimin was shaking all the way to his core, his small trembling hands coming up to grab at Jungkook’s wrists. “H-He wasn’t-He changed, I don’t-I don’t know how I-”

“Shh.” Jungkook shushed him and pat at his dark hair softly and it was obvious the man was finally starting to fully break out of the spell Yoongi had over him. “Go home and don’t come back.” He turned Jimin toward the forest, motioning to the path that was clear. “Straight that way. Don’t stray from the path, don’t look back and don’t speak to anyone. Go home.”

Jimin nodded his head eagerly, glancing up at Jungkook with a flicker of relief in his eyes. “Thank you.”

Jungkook crinkled his nose. “Don’t thank me. Now I have to deal with a pissed merman. Go.” He gave Jimin’s back a small shove and the man started moving without question. Jungkook watched him until he disappeared through the growth and the hoped the man got back home before someone else decided to turn him into a meal. Honestly, a man that pretty shouldn’t be wandering through the dark woods. He was just asking to get eaten.

Jungkook let out a heavy sigh before he turned back to Yoongi, finding the man exactly where he left him and just as pissed off. His eyes were nothing but black pools, as dark and deep as his lake but there was no sparkle in them, just black emptiness.

“You wanna tell me what the fuck you think you’re doing?” Yoongi hissed through rows of pin-sharp teeth but Jungkook did not fear him. He settled down on the rock in Jimin’s place and reached out to smooth both hands over Yoongi’s cold cheeks.

“You were flirting with him.” Jungkook pouted, his lips plump and his eyes narrowed. “You looked like you were going to kiss him.”

That seemed to completely throw Yoongi off guard. He blinked once, twice, and then his form changed in the blink of an eye. Back were his pale skin and human features which contorted in confusion. “That’s what I do.”

Jungkook’s pout grew all the more and he hooked his hands over Yoongi’s strong shoulders, linking his hands behind the merman’s head to pull him closer. Yoongi’s tail pushed him upwards so he was more out of the water, accommodating what Jungkook wanted from him.

“Why? You have me. You don’t need him.”

Yoongi blinked a few times in utter confusion, looking nothing like the lethal creature he was only seconds ago. “I have to eat, Jungkook.”

That made him pout all the more. “I thought you liked eating me.”

The lightest of flushes curled over Yoongi’s cheeks, a pleasant soft blue color that spread over his nose. “Eating your ass and eating your flesh are two different things.”

Jungkook knew that but he couldn’t help the feelings swirling through his stomach from the sight of Yoongi flirting with that man the same way he flirted with him. “You have me. You don’t need him.” He pressed, trying to bring Yoongi even closer to feel every inch of cold slick skin he could.

Yoongi’s eyes narrowed for only a second before realization crossed his features and he pulled back just enough to level Jungkook with a sly little smirk. “You’re jealous. You’re jealous I was going to eat him.”

Jungkook huffed and opened his mouth to retort something witty but instead, a soft petulant whine came out. “He was so pretty.”

“I like pretty things. They’re sweeter.” Yoongi pointed out, lifting one of his webbed hands to cup Jungkook’s cheek tenderly. “I love sweet things.”

“You don’t need him when you have me.” He mumbled through pouted lips and all Yoongi could do was chuckle, leaning forward to press the softest of kisses against his nose.

“I can’t eat you, Jungkook. Believe me, if I could, I would have.” He purred against the skin of his cheek.

Jungkook’s brow furrowed. “I don’t know how I feel about that.”

“I have to eat, precious.” He sighed out softly, breath cold against Jungkook’s warm flushed skin. “Fuck did you think I was doing all this time?” Jungkook grit his teeth and lowered his gaze to the rough surface of the rock. “I’m not a good guy, precious. We’ve been through this.”

“I know that. I know.” Jungkook mumbled out, shifting to glance over his shoulder were Jimin disappeared. “But he is.”

“What exactly do you expect me to do then, hm?” Yoongi pulled back just enough for their eyes to meet and though there was a hint of anger in his eyes, he also seemed genuinely curious as to what Jungkook had to say.

“I’ll find food for you.” Jungkook stated with a firm nod. “I know lots of sweet things in the forest.”

Yoongi laughed softly, kindly, brushing his thumb over Jungkook’s cheek lovingly. “Precious, I can’t eat the same things you do. It’s human or nothing for me.”

Jungkook pursed his lips. “Well, I’ll find you humans. But not him, not like him.”

Yoongi’s brow furrowed. “Precious, you’re not a dark fairy. You’re not going to lure my food to me, I can do that just fine on my own. This isn’t for you to worry your pretty little head over.” He leaned up just enough to press his cool soft lips against Jungkook’s brow. “But, for you, I won’t eat Jimin. Fair enough?”

It was the only compromise he was going to get out of Yoongi and since he didn’t want to fight with the man, he nodded lightly. There wasn’t much he could really do about it anyway. Yoongi needed to eat and his diet consisted of human. Jungkook couldn’t change that and it wasn’t like he hated Yoongi for that. It was as it was and that was something he had accepted long ago.

Yoongi was a wicked creature, a creature his kind had warned him about since he was a baby but Jungkook loved him with everything he had anyway. Still, it hurt a bit to see Yoongi be that way with someone else and it made him wonder, made him question.

“I’m enough, aren’t I?” He questioned softly, glancing up at Yoongi shyly. “I’m… You love me?”

Yoongi looked bewildering for a moment before he seemed to understand what Jungkook was asking him. His face softened, his eyes glistening as he leaned closer to rub their noses together. “Do I need to prove it, precious? Do I need to prove how much I love you all over again?”

Heat flushed through Jungkook at the promise in those huskily whispered words and he leaned closer, burying both hands in Yoongi’s soft hair. “Yes, yes Yoongi, remind me.”

One corner of Yoongi’s mouth quirked into a sly smirk before he pressed their mouths together. Yoongi’s lips were so soft, so plush and so cool against Jungkook’s and the fairy immediately melted into the kiss, a soft pleased sigh slipping from the back of his throat. Yoongi kissed him slowly, lazily, like they had all the time in the world to memorize the feeling of their lips together.

When that small pink tongue flicked out against his lower lip, Jungkook parted his lips with a gasp, crawling closer on the rock just as Yoongi licked into his mouth slowly, spiking pleasure all along his skin. Their lips met again in a series of soft clicks, unspoken promises lingering between them before Yoongi finally pulled away, leaving the fairy a little breathless.

“Come swim with me.” There it was again, Yoongi’s deep sinful voice, his eyes narrowed and his lips curled into that same smirk he had looked at Jimin with. Only this time, it was more intense, more real and Jungkook immediately recognized the difference.

Before Jungkook could answer, Yoongi slipped away from him. He pulled the fairies arms away from his hair and then, with a quirk of his mouth, tossed himself backward into the water. The sound of the splash was loud in the quiet of the forest and Jungkook watched with wide eyes as the merman disappeared beneath the rippling surface of the water.

Jungkook slipped off the edge of the rock and got to his feet, shuffling around the edge of the lake to watch as Yoongi popped back up to the surface. The water was jet black, the surface still as Yoongi dipped down until only his eyes and part of his hair could be seen. He watched Jungkook intently as the fairy came to a stop in front of him and started to tug the shirt off over his head.

At first, Jungkook had hated getting his wings wet and he still didn’t like it all that much but for Yoongi, he would do almost anything, including this. Yoongi’s gaze burned along his skin as he dropped his shirt to the ground without care. A playful little smirk curled to one corner of his mouth as he hooked his thumbs into the hem of his shorts. He met Yoongi’s heated gaze and wiggled his hips ever so slightly, teasing enough that the merman let out a faint growl that bubbled the water.

If he felt up to it, Jungkook would have teased Yoongi for hours but right now, all he wanted was to feel those hands all over his body. Perhaps he felt a little self-conscious, perhaps he did need the reminder from Yoongi that the merman loved him just as much as Jungkook loved him. So he slipped the shorts down his hips, revealing his soft dangling cock to Yoongi’s heated eyes and kicked the fabric away.

Yoongi stayed put as Jungkook stepped toward the water’s edge, dropping down into a squat and reaching out to lay his palm flat against the surface. The water was cool, as it always was, but with the sunshine bright from above, warming his bare skin, Jungkook didn’t mind so much. His wings fluttered happily behind him, enjoying the feeling of the sun's rays for a few seconds longer.

Jungkook knew from experience that the best way to handle the bitter cold of Yoongi’s lake was to just jump inside all at once. So, with a playful smile on his lips, Jungkook flickered his wings until his feet lifted from the ground and he was hovering in the air. His wings beat quickly, like that of a hummingbird and they brought him over the surface of the black water, just above where Yoongi was watching him intently.

And then, abruptly, Jungkook dropped into the water.

The rush of cold was fast, knocking the air from his lungs and making him gasp out in surprise. Everything felt tight and wrong before a slick hand wrapped around his waist and brought him back up to the surface. Jungkook gasped for air as soon as he broke through the surface and the bubble of giggled came from his throat without care. He blinked water away from his eyes while Yoongi wrapped both arms around his waist and brought their bodies close together.

“You’re going to drown by doing that one of these days.” Yoongi grumbled near his ear, his hands cold but gentle against the bare skin of his back beneath the water’s surface.

Jungkook brought up both hands to rub the water away from his eyes and giggled all the more, his wings flattening against his back from being cold and wet. He could feel Yoongi’s strong tail waving in the water, pressing against his legs and keeping both of them upright before Jungkook wrapped both legs around the merman’s waist instinctually.

“You would never let me down.” Jungkook pointed out, brushing damp pink hair off his brow and letting his arms rest over Yoongi’s shoulders. They were so close, chests pressed together and mouths only centimeters apart. Yoongi’s eyes were twinkling with heat, his lips plump and pink just waiting to be kissed and Jungkook couldn’t resist.

Gone was the anger and jealousy and all his little fairy body could feel was the overwhelming /love/ he had for this merman. He giggled happily, fingers digging into soft teal hair and brought their mouths together once again in a heated kiss filled with tongues and clicking lips. Yoongi was so good at kissing, so good at catching Jungkook’s bottom lip between his teeth and nibbling ever so slightly on it until he felt like wiggling and moaning against him.

The water was cold all around them but Jungkook felt warm to the core with Yoongi’s mouth on him, capturing his lips over and over again in heated kisses that sucked the breath right out of him. And then those webbed hands slipped over his back, trailing the muscles there and where his wings sprouted from the skin. The rubbed over his side, around his waist and then grabbed hold of his thick thighs, claws digging in enough to dimple the flesh and Jungkook moaned into Yoongi’s mouth, heat rushing through his body to pool in the pit of his stomach.

Jungkook tightened his legs around the man’s hips, feeling the scratch of scales against the underside of his thighs and the soft press of skin against his swelling cock. Yoongi held him tightly, closely, trailing his lips from his mouth to over his cheek, down the slope of his jaw and over the arch of his neck as his head tilted backwards. Those lips felt like a bitter cold brand against his skin and Jungkook hoped the merman left marks for the other fairies to see. He wanted everyone to know exactly who he belonged to. He wanted everything Yoongi was willing to offer him.

“Yoongi.” He moaned out softly, his eyes rolling back into his head at the way Yoongi nipped the skin where shoulder met neck, claws digging into his thighs a little more. “Yoongi.” The name was almost a whine as he squeezed the man’s hips between his legs and rubbed up against him a little more, searching for friction against the throbbing heat starting to grow between them.

“Precious.” The whispered nickname had Jungkook trembling, pulling himself closer to feel those lips press over the sensitive skin of his neck. “I’ve got you, precious.”

Jungkook was about to ask, for everything and anything, but then the words caught in the back of his tight throat when he felt the flicker of something a little more warm against the curve of his thigh. He couldn’t help the pleased moan that came from his lips and he brought his head back down, grabbing at Yoongi’s hair to tug until the man lifted his head so their lips could slide together once again.

Jungkook devoured Yoongi’s mouth, leaning up with the strength of his thighs around the merman’s hips and kept Yoongi’s head tilted back from the grip on his hair. The merman let him do as he pleased, opening his mouth willingly and slipping his tongue out to meet each lick Jungkook had to give. His heart was throbbing, his chest tight and his stomach swirling, heat pulsing through him in waves that had him shivering and arching for more against Yoongi’s large hands.

Something warm and soft rubbed over the skin of his thigh and Jungkook melted, slowing their kisses down into something more easy, more loving, while that softness caressed his skin gently. He was panting into Yoongi’s mouth when that warmth finally slipped between his legs and ever so carefully curled around the length of his throbbing cock. It squeezed, making him choke on a moan and bury his head in Yoongi’s neck, clinging to the man a little tighter as he was brought to full harness with the warmth squeezing him tightly.

There were many things about Yoongi that Jungkook loved but this, this, he was absolutely desperate for. Yoongi’s cock was nothing like Jungkook’s. It wasn’t always showing and Yoongi only let it out when he was feeling extra affectionate with Jungkook, which happened to be right now. Usually, it was tucked away, just below where scales became skin but right now it was slithering its way along Jungkook’s cock and pulsing pleasure all through his body beneath the water.

The tapered tip found its way to the tip of his cock, slipping ever so carefully against the slit and Jungkook moaned loudly, uncaring about how they were very much still out in the open and anyone could walk right upon them. Jungkook didn’t care, all he cared about was the way Yoongi was holding him, making him feel things he had never felt before meeting this creature.

“Y-Yoongi.” He moaned out softly, digging his short nails into the skin of the man’s broad shoulders for some form of purchase. He felt lightweight in the water, like he was floating and with Yoongi’s hands on him, grounding him, he felt invincible. “More.”

Yoongi’s entire body rumbled with his soft laughter and Jungkook let out a yelp of surprise when that long tapered cock gave him a tight squeeze. “You’re a brat, you know that? Fucking spoiled.”

Jungkook whined softly and tilted his head back, grounding his hips hard against Yoongi’s tail. “Rock, take me to the rock.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes but he hitched Jungkook further up his body and then started swimming, using the strength of his tail to move them across the water to the rock Jungkook was pointing at. The same rock Yoongi had nearly seduced Jimin on and maybe Jungkook was still a little bitter about that.

“Up, Up.” Jungkook wiggled against him, his lips pouting out and his gaze lidded.

“Spoiled.” Yoongi breathed out, shaking his head fondly as he grabbed the edge of the rock with one webbed hand and then lurched up out of the water. He settled Jungkook on the warm surface easily enough, the roughness against his as making Jungkook crinkle his nose but the sunlight was warm against his wet skin and his wing fluttered happily behind him, happy to dry off in the sunlight.

“Love me.” Jungkook grabbed both of Yoongi’s cheeks and brought their mouths together to purr against his skin. “Remind me.”

Yoongi hummed, almost a purr and captured Jungkook’s mouth in a firm kiss before pulling away, leaving the fairy whining for more. Jungkook’s gaze was slightly blurry, lust too heavy in his mind to focus properly and he was much too aroused for how little they had already done. But the thought of Yoongi touching him, kissing him, taking him had Jungkook worked up so much his cock was pink at the tip and twitching ever so slightly against the curve of his hip.

Jungkook saw a hint of Yoongi’s teal cock before he lowered himself into the water, his entire lower half disappearing under the surface as he kissed his way down Jungkook’s chest. He hummed and shifted around, letting his legs dangle over the edge of the rock, on either side of Yoongi’s body as the merman licked the droplets of water from his skin, making more heat pool in the pit of his stomach.

For someone so dangerous so lethal, he was so soft and gentle with Jungkook. His plump lips dropped all the way to his cock, webbed hands curling over the inside of Jungkook’s thighs to press them further apart. He went willingly, his chin tucking against his sternum as he watched with wide, lustful eyes as Yoongi started to lap softly against the skin of his cock.

Yoongi had such a pretty mouth, such a very pretty mouth and considering what he was, Jungkook didn’t really have a way of fucking him. But this, he could do this and he thrived on it. He watched, breath hitched in the back of his throat, as Yoongi’s mouth dropped to the base of his cock, nose buried in the soft curls of pink there. His breath was cold against Jungkook’s most sensitive skin and he shivered, his thighs closing instinctively but were stopped by Yoongi’s strong hands against his skin there.  

Pleasure prickled over his skin and Jungkook could only watch as Yoongi’s mouth ran up the length of his swollen pink cock, finding the head and sucking it between his plump pink lips. Jungkook groaned, his eyes wanting to close but he kept them open, too enraptured with the way Yoongi’s eyes slipped closed and he looked so fucking pleased suckling the top of his cock. Though his mouth was cool, it felt amazing against the flushed skin of his cock and Jungkook curled his hands tightly against the rough surface of the rock before finally lifting them to dig into Yoongi’s hair, catching on the strands and gripping tightly.

Yoongi groaned, the vibration sending sparks of heat through Jungkook’s cock and he whined, chewing on his lower lip as Yoongi took more into his mouth. His pretty lips stretched further around his girth until he was lifting higher out of the water and taking Jungkook all the way to the base. He choked out a moan, his hands holding tightly onto Yoongi’s hair as the merman started to bob his head, suckling and swirling his tongue around the hot throbbing skin. His cheeks were so flushed such a pretty color of light teal, the same color as his blood and Jungkook thought he looked amazing like that, his lips stretched around the fairy’s cock, his eyes dazed and his skin flushed. It made him think that was how Yoongi would look if Jungkook could fuck him and he whimpered at the pulse of pleasure that crashed through him with the thought.

“Yoongi.” Jungkook breathed out, licking at his own lips to taste Yoongi’s lingering taste on his skin. “Y-Yoongi, you’re so pretty. So pretty with your mouth on my cock.” Yoongi moaned, eyes fluttering closed and he sucked a little harder, making Jungkook clench tightly. “Mmm, Yoongi, I want more. I w-want you on me. I want you to fuck me.” He gave his hair a sharp tug, making those dark eyes snap open at him. “Right here, fuck me right here, Yoongi. Make me yours. Fuck me right here and remind me w-who I belong to.”

A flicker of wicked heat passed through Yoongi’s gaze and then carefully, slowly, he pulled of Jungkook’s cock. It was torturous, the way his tongue lapped up the length before his lips suckled at the tip and then pulled off. His mouth was so slick and his gaze heavy as he pushed out of the water and crowded Jungkook back on the rock, hands on either side of his hips and breath cold against his heated lips.

“Oh, precious.” He purred, his voice deep and husky, making Jungkook shiver and reach out to grip his shoulders tightly. “I love the way you beg me.”

“I-I need it.” Jungkook urged, kicking his feet out to hook one leg around Yoongi’s tail, wanting the man on top of him that very moment. “I need you.” He was whining, almost begging but he didn’t care. He knew how much Yoongi liked it and he knew Yoongi would give him exactly what he wanted, and more. “I love your cock, Yoongi, I love it so much.”

“Don’t you just.” Yoongi agreed, his plump lips curled into a filthy smirk as he towered over the fairy, dipping his head down to capture his mouth again. “Desperate for it, aren’t you?”

“Yes.” Jungkook breathed into his mouth. “Yes. Yoongi, I am. I need you. I want you, only you, right here, right now. I /need/ you.”

Yoongi made a soft sound, something completely inhuman before he pulled away. Jungkook gasped, his eyes going wide in confusion as Yoongi slipped away from him and sunk down into the water, eyes twinkling with something Jungkook couldn't read.

“Y-Yoongi.” He leaned over the edge of the rock, his breath caught in his throat. “Come back, don’t leave me.”

“I’m not fucking you on that rock.” Yoongi murmured, dipping down enough in the water that only his mouth could be seen.

Jungkook’s brow furrowed in confusion. “W-Why not?”

“Because you only want me to out of your own sense of bitter jealousy.” Yoongi pointed out, not even sounding upset about it. “I’m not risking slicing up your beautiful back and wings on that rough surface just because you have this absolutely stupid need to prove something.”

Jungkook’s entire body flushed with shame and he ducked his head, pursing his lips together as a soft whimper came from his throat. “I’m sorry.”

“Now stop being a brat and come down here so we can do this properly.”

Jungkook nodded his head and carefully urged himself off the edge of the rock, dropping into the water and into Yoongi’s awaiting arms. He did feel a little ashamed of himself. He wanted Yoongi, he always wanted Yoongi, but maybe he did let what he witnessed earlier get to him a little too much. He was a fairy, after all, he felt emotions in strong waves and it wasn’t his fault. He knew Yoongi had only been trying to feed himself and as much as it looked like he was going to kiss Jimin, the reality was, Yoongi was more likely to bite the man’s face off then kiss him.

“I’m sorry.” He murmured against Yoongi’s cheek as the merman made him hook his legs around his waist once more. “I’m sorry I’m like this.”

“Don’t be.” Yoongi pressed his lips to the soft flesh of his brow and pushed them away from the rock, the surface of the water rippling with the movement. “I love the way you are.”

Love flushed through Jungkook, quickly replacing the shame and embarrassment and he giggled softly, pressing his nose against the curve of Yoongi’s throat, right where his pulse was thumping slowly. “You do?”

Yoongi huffed softly. “Would I put up with your shit if I didn’t?”

Jungkook wiggled, laughing softly and shook his head. “No, you wouldn’t.”

“Have faith in me, precious.” Yoongi’s voice was soft again, tender and loving as he casually swam them backwards through the lake, his tail flickering with the curled and spiked dual tip breaching the surface every once in awhile. “You’re all I want, all I need.”

Jungkook hummed happily, contented. The burn of arousal was still pulsing through him, his cock still hard trapped between their bodies but he was happy to drift through the water like this with Yoongi, his wings free to flutter above the surface from how the man was holding him.

“I still want you.” Jungkook murmured against his throat. “But this is nice too.”

Yoongi pressed his pretty smile into Jungkook’s hair. “You started this and we’re going to finish it.” There was the soft brush of warmth against Jungkook’s thigh and his skin burned from the touch, lighting that fire in his stomach all over again.

“Promise?” Jungkook pouted his lips against Yoongi’s skin in a kiss and wiggled his hips just enough to press his ass against that warmth. It slithered over his skin, curled against the globes of his ass before settling against one of his thighs contentedly. Unlike Jungkook, Yoongi actually had control over what his cock could do and that was always a little thrilling.


They floated through the water for a little while longer, Jungkook’s wings and back growing warm from the sunlight and he was grateful that Yoongi had the foresight to deny him what he wanted. The rock was rough, the surface sharp in places and surely, it would have caused him pain. They had made love on rocks before but that was when Jungkook was feeling rough and Yoongi was willing to give him what he wanted simply because he wanted it and not because he had felt bitter over something.

Eventually, Yoongi twisted them around to the other side of the lake, a familiar spot secluded from the rest of the area, tucked away behind a growth of trees and the jut of rock. This was the place Yoongi truly called home, where they could be alone with the prying eyes of the dark forest animals. Here, the sand was feather soft and oh so gentle against his skin as Yoongi laid him back down. The water lapped against the shore gently but the arch was the perfect angle, leaving Jungkook’s upper body out of the water while Yoongi’s tail could remain inside, as it always needed to.

Yoongi fit between Jungkook’s willing spread legs perfectly, webbed hands digging into the sand on either side of his shoulders to hold himself over him. It was darker in this alcove, the sun unable to slip through the thick of trees and so it was a little cooler but Yoongi looked stunning above him, his eyes heated but soft, his lips plush and cheeks still slightly flushed.

As much as Jungkook loved Yoongi like this, as much as he wanted Yoongi to fuck him just like this, nice and slow into the sand until the water lapped up his hips and pleasure curled through his body so intensely he couldn’t breathe, Jungkook wanted something a little more. He still felt a little sorry, a little guilty, for questioning Yoongi’s loyalty to him and so he wanted to do something special for the merman.

Carefully, lovingly, Jungkook slid his soft palms over Yoongi’s cheeks, smiling at the way the merman leaned into the touch, dark eyes closing to savor the feeling. They leaned into one another easily, lips meeting and bodies colliding. As soft as the kiss was, there was a flickering heat between them was starting to demand attention. Jungkook could feel the pulse of Yoongi’s cock against his thigh and his own was starting to droop from neglect, even if it was still oh so hard.

But for a moment, just a moment, they grew lost in the feeling of their mouths together, tongues, lips and teeth meeting to leave impressions that would last a lifetime.

It was Jungkook who broke the kiss, gasping for air while Yoongi dropped his mouth to his throat, nipping at the skin before sucking it into his mouth, leaving behind a mark Jungkook would be proud to show off. A whine bubbled its way up his throat and he swallowed it down before it slipped free. His hands curled around Yoongi’s shoulders tightly, nails digging into the soft skin as if to pull him closer or push him again.

And then Jungkook shifted them. All it took was a decent shove against Yoongi’s shoulder, a squeeze of his thighs and Yoongi understood what he wanted. They flipped around, Yoongi’s back hitting the soft sand while Jungkook straddled his tail, sitting in the shallow water with a soft smile curled to his lips.

Yoongi looked up at in curiously, one brow perked but he was smiling, webbed hands coming to grip his thick thighs carefully while Jungkook settled down on his thick, strong tail. Yoongi looked so pretty when he smiled like that, small flat teeth on display and the corners of his eyes crinkling. His hair was curled at the ends from being damp but the color looked so appealing against the dark sand, some strands sticking to his skin.

“I want to feel you.” Jungkook murmured softly, shifting over Yoongi’s tail until he was settled in the proper spot. Yoongi’s cock had disappeared back inside during their shifting around, a way to protect it, but now Jungkook was rubbing his hands carefully over the scales of Yoongi’s tail, searching for the slit he knew was there. “Let me play with it, Yoongi.”

Yoongi made a soft nose, something between a moan and a choke and his grip on Jungkook’s thighs tightened. It took a moment of coxing, of Jungkook rubbing his fingers gently over Yoongi’s tail before he found the slit and the reaction was almost instant.

A small teal blue tip poked through, greeting Jungkook’s fingers and making the fairy giggle, pleased. The tip brushed over his fingertips before the rest finally started to slip free and Jungkook watched with wide eyes and Yoongi’s entire long, thick cock came free from inside his body.

It was the same color as his hair, a light teal color and was slick with a darker blue color, his own slick that Jungkook knew all too well. There were no ridges, no strange parts, it was simply one long tapered vine that grew so thick at the base that when Yoongi was about to come, it couldn’t even fit back inside himself.

Jungkook loved it. He wrapped his fingers around the tapered tip, smiling at the way it wiggled between his fingers, eager for his touch. He was careful as he stroked his hand up and down the length, fingers spreading when they reached the thick base which happened to be his favorite part. It was thicker than his own cock, and much much longer, almost the length of his entire hand and forearm combined.

Yoongi’s brow furrowed and Jungkook’s gaze jumped from the cock in his hand to his lover’s expression, both such very interesting things to watch. He was careful as he started to stroke the length, using his other hand to let the tip curl through his fingers. It liked to wrap around things and though Yoongi had control over it, sometimes it liked to do things on its own, like slip through Jungkook’s fingers to find his cock, which was now at full attention, hard against his stomach. He shivered at the feeling of that warm tip sliding over his slit repeatedly, making him wince and whine, wiggling against Yoongi’s tail as he squeezed the base hard, feeling how hard it was becoming.

“I love your cock.” Jungkook murmured, lips slick and eye dazed. “Will you fuck me with it, Yoongi?” He glanced up at Yoongi, seeing the merman’s face flushed and his eyes blazing with desire. “Will you fuck me just how I like?”

“Whatever you want.” Yoongi grunted out, his eyes flashing black for almost a moment and part of Jungkook wanted the man to change. The last time Yoongi fucked him in his true form had been the most amazing thing he had ever felt but his cock changed in the form, became sharper, more tapered, and his tail was a dangerous thing. They had to be careful and Yoongi refused to fuck him like that ever since one of his poisoned spikes caught on Jungkook’s hip last time. Jungkook had been fine, thanks to Taehyung, but Yoongi still refused and Jungkook had no desire to force him.

“Like this.” Jungkook shifted around, his knees digging into the soft sand beneath the water as he brought himself up and shuffled closer.

Yoongi’s cock twisted around for a moment, seeking warmth before Jungkook’s fingers lured it closer. They both shivered as his cock slithered over Jungkook’s skin. It was moving desperately, searching for heat and it was obviously Yoongi had little control over it anymore. It was looking for the heat it knew Jungkook had to give and he smiled softly, spreading his thighs and grabbing the base with one hand to lead the tapered tip between his thighs. It brushed along his hip, over the sensitive skin of his flushed cock and then down, over his hanging sack and then pressed against the flesh behind that, rubbing until Jungkook was whinging between his clenched teeth.

“A little more.” He breathed out, pupils blown and eyes wide as he urged the tip further backwards.

There was a while where Jungkook could only take so much of Yoongi’s cock but those days were long past them. He shivered and gripped the base with both hands when the tip found what it was looking for. The slick was heavy, thick, coating over his entrance and Yoongi’s hands shifted from his thighs to grip the ample globes of his ass, spreading his cheeks so his tentacle-like cock could slide between them.  

“Oh fuck.” Jungkook’s moan was loud, almost echoing around them but it felt too good for him to care. Yoongi’s cock was throbbing hotly against his skin compared to the cold water and Yoongi’s cold body and his entire body started to tremble from the feeling.

“Oh, precious.” Yoongi’s voice took on the deep husky growl that it always did when they were doing this and Jungkook moaned, his eyes flickering closed for a second to savor the way Yoongi’s cock slicked over his entrance. Water lapped at his knees but they were water shallow enough that most of his body was dry, droplets of water lingering over his skin. “You’re gorgeous, precious.” Yoongi whispered out, his eye wide, pupils down so much that only black could be seen and the flush had spread down over his collarbone, his pale skin flickering from the pleasure already surging through him.

“Fuck me, Yoongi. G-Get inside me. Oh fuck.” He rolled his hips back against the tip, eager to feel more and was pleased when he felt the pressure against his puckered rim.

All it took was one slick push and Yoongi’s cock breached through the rim, making Jungkook’s back arch, his head to toss back and an unbidden moan tear through his throat. Yoongi’s burning cock shot through him until his ass was settled against Yoongi’s tail, the thick throbbing base stretching him wide.

Jungkook could feel it wiggling all around inside of him, rubbing against his walls and finding that special little place inside that made him toss his entire body backwards, his hips rolling in small gyrations to feel just that little bit more of Yoongi’s thick base rub against his stretched entrance. The burn was there but pleasant, his eyes rolling back in his head from how fucking good it felt.

Yoongi’s hands left his ass to grip his thick thighs once more, claws dimpling the skin as he held on tightly. Yoongi wasn’t capable of thrusting. That wasn’t a thing the merman could do. Nor could he slide his cock in and out of himself because of the swollen base. But, he could do this. He could pulse and thrive inside of Jungkook, making him whine and whimper for more and he gyrated his hips in small sharp circles, unable to contain himself from how utterly amazing it felt.  

He could feel Yoongi’s muscles clenching beneath his hands which he had pressed into the man’s stomach, right above where tail met skin and though Yoongi wasn’t nearly as vocal as he was, he knew the merman was enjoying this just as much as him with the soft grunts and flickering gaze.

Pleasure crashed through Jungkook’s body in waves to the point that he could no longer hold himself up with how intensely Yoongi’s tentacle cock was writhing inside of him and when he tipped forward, Yoongi was there to catch him, arms going around his back, careful of his wings. Jungkook wiggled his hips so he could settle properly against Yoongi’s front, trapping his cock between them and arching his back so his ass was tucked in hard against Yoongi’s tail, the base trapped deep inside. It wasn’t the best angle but they wouldn’t need much more than that. Jungkook tucked his head into the curve of Yoongi’s neck, planting sloppy kisses wherever he could reach and Yoongi rubbed soothing webbed hands over the parts of his back he could reach, careful of his claws catching on the thin translucent skin of his wings.

When Jungkook couldn’t roll his hips anymore, his thighs straining from the effort, Yoongi took his place. He placed one hand on Jungkook’s lower back, keeping his ass in place so he could thrive deep inside of him. Jungkook choked on a whine, nipping at the soft skin of Yoongi’s throat and couldn’t hold back anymore from the wave and wave of pleasure rolling over him.

Good fairies weren’t supposed to feel things like this, one of the elders told him the first time he came back from a night with Yoongi. The first night he showed up with teeth marks on his throat and a limp in his step. They didn’t know who did it to him, didn’t care to know, only cared that he was doing things only dark fairies did. But Jungkook never understood. If they had the means to have sex, why weren’t they supposed to do it? He had a well-working cock, a cock Yoongi was rather fond of, and an ass worth just as much and yet he wasn’t supposed to use them to prove to his lover how much he loved him? It sounded stupid to Jungkook. Making love with Yoongi didn’t make him a ‘dark’ fairy. He was just a fairy who loved his merman and didn’t give a fuck what anyone else thought about it.  

“M-More.” Jungkook moaned out against Yoongi’s skin, tucking in close as his cock writhed inside of him. “There, oh, Yoongi, so good. So g-good to me.” He choked on a moan when Yoongi’s claws dug hard into his skin, holding him in place so he could pulse and fuck into him properly.

“Touch yourself, precious.” Yoongi’s purr was a deep wrecked thing and though Jungkook would love to touch his cock, would love to feel the tightness, he didn't want to. He wanted Yoongi to do it but the man was always cautious with his claws so close to such an intimate part of his body.

Jungkook shook his head, damp hair sticking to his skin as his entire body trembled from the pleasure. “Like this, m-make me come like this, love.”

Yoongi’s growl was deep, guttural, animalistic and Jungkook whimpered in response.

It wouldn’t take much more, Jungkook knew that. He could come like this, untouched, had done it countless times before and he wanted that right now more than anything. He dug his knees harder into the sand, arched his back and started rolling his hips again, in tight little circles just to chase that feeling and Yoongi moaned into his hair, holding him so tightly he was bound to crush him. Jungkook answered his moan with one of his own, shoving his hips down against the thick base and letting out another loud whine at the way the tip abused that special place deep inside of him.

“I love you, precious.” Yoongi’s words were soft, so soft Jungkook almost didn’t hear them but they were pressed into his hair and he hiccuped, tears prickling in the corners of his eyes from how overwhelming everything suddenly felt. “So much.”

That was all it took. Pleasure build up through Jungkook like a rushing river against a dam and then the dam broke, bursting free and Jungkook screaming into Yoongi’s throat, body going tense from the pleasure slamming through him. He felt his own come explode between them, coating their stomachs and part of Yoongi’s tail but Jungkook paid it little mind, continuing to roll his hips down in small sharp circles.

“M-More.” He whined, his eyes closed tightly to savor how Yoongi’s cock was swirling inside of him, pulsing and thrusting like it was ready to burst free. “I-Inside, love, come, please. I n-need to feel-” He was cut off with a moan when the tip rubbed over his sensitive abused special spot. “Please.”

Yoongi made a deep sound, something that sent chills all over Jungkook’s skin and then it happened. Jungkook flinched from the force but held tightly onto his lover as Yoongi’s cock pulsed and throbbed, releasing gush after gush of burning hot liquid deep inside of him so he would be feeling it for days.

When Yoongi came, it wasn’t in a soft spurt like Jungkook. No, he came in waves and Jungkook could only lay there and take it, whining and whimpering into Yoongi’s throat from oversensitivity until his own cock twitched with a ghost of a climax that left him digging his nails hard into Yoongi’s skin.

The noises Yoongi made when he came were nothing like Jungkook had ever heard before, soft chirps and purrs coming from deep in the back of his throat until they finally settled down into a low purr that rumbled from his chest.

Finally, the pulsing stopped and Yoongi’s cock slide free, trailing slick with it and Jungkook winced at the feeling of thick goop slipping free from where he had just been so thoroughly fucked. Yoongi murmured soft apologizes into his hair, petting through it softly as he waited for Jungkook to come back down to the world of the living.

“So much.” Was the first thing Jungkook managed to saw through a sore throat. “You came. So much.”

Yoongi snickered a pleased sound and rubbed at the sensitive spot between his wings. “You sound surprised.”

Jungkook swallowed hard and slowly blinked his eyes open. All he could see was Yoongi’s sharp jawline and so he lifted up on shaking arms, not sitting up but just leaning to see the tender, loving expression Yoongi was giving him. HIs heart fluttered in his chest all over again, like the first time Yoongi looked at him like that.  

“So much.” He whispered, eyes slightly wide and lips curling up into a smile. “I love you, so much.”

Yoongi chuckled again, his lips curling up into that pretty smile, showing off his gums and crinkling his eyes. “Me too, precious.”

Jungkook hummed, buzzing with happiness and the after-effects of being so perfectly fucked. He could feel Yoongi’s tail flicking lazily and though the cold water was still lapping at his skin, Jungkook reached backwards to find his entrance. Yoongi watched him with a curious gaze, one eyebrow perked as his fingers found his abused hole, slightly puffy and swollen. He hummed, pleased and rubbed the goop until he could tuck his fingers inside, wincing at the intrusion. Yoongi’s eyes widened slightly, his lips pursing before Jungkook curled his fingers, caught some of Yoongi’s come on his fingers and pulled it back out.

Carefully, Jungkook sat up, shivering at the feeling of the goop slipping free from inside of him to spill all over Yoongi’s tail and disappear into the black water. He brought his fingers to his mouth, eyes locked with Yoongi deliberately as he shoved them into his mouth. Yoongi choked, eyes wide, cheeks flushed and lips parted as Jungkook sucked the thick teal goop from his fingers, moaning faintly at the taste. For someone who loved sweet things, Yoongi was the sweetest of them all. He licked his fingers clean, taking his time and smirking slyly at the way Yoongi’s breathing went a little heavy.

“You’re so sweet.”

“You’re a fucking mess.” Yoongi grunted out, pupils blown but lips tugged into a smile.

Jungkook giggled happily and laid back down over Yoongi’s chest, planting a kiss on the corner of his mouth while Yoongi’s arms looped around his lower back, just beneath his wings. “You love me.”

“Mmm.” Yoongi hummed against his mouth, his dark eyes twinkling. “Yeah, I do.”

Pleased, Jungkook slotted their mouths together and savored the feeling on Yoongi all around him. Later, they would clean up, dry off and lazy about on the rock in the sun until Jungkook had to go back home but for now, for now, he curled up to his lover happily and fell into a light sleep to Yoongi’s soft purrs and gentle strokes over his soft skin.