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A Broken Promise

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Hartley leaned back against the wall, trying to calm down. Blood was running down his face, he could feel it, and his left leg was definitely broken. Wincing slightly, he tried to move further away from the door, just in case, but it was getting more and more difficult for him to breathe.

He knew he promised Barry that he wouldn't go by himself after a meta-human who could change water into poisonous gas, but Hartley couldn't just let him escape after what the man had done to Barry.

Sadly, he might have miscalculated when he assumed that the meta-human wouldn’t try to attack anyone near the place he was renting.

As he heard glass breaking somewhere near him, Hartley exhaled quietly, ready to protect himself, but when instead of dark green smoke he saw a familiar red flash moving towards the corridor where the meta-human was, he sighed, relieved.