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Highschool Nostalgia

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Y/n's Pov:


It started with my job...


When I graduated high school, I didn't have a place to stay, a job, and my mom kicked me out of the house. I ended up asking if I could stay with my grandma in Florida for a while until I can afford at least an apartment. It was this way for about a year and a half until I actually found a job I like and I can manage my time with. When I moved out, I found an affordable apartment with two rooms, a living room, dining room, kitchen, and one bathroom. The bedrooms and bathroom were upstairs while the kitchen, living room and the dining room were downstairs.

"For the size of this place, I got a great deal!" I said to myself all giddy. "I wonder why it was so cheap? Maybe someone died here or something." said a familiar voice pulling me out of my happy thoughts. "Virginia, every time something unexpectedly good happens to me, you always have to bring down the moment. Why?" I asked with a small pouty face as I turned around to face her. "Sorry, it's what I do." she said with her head hanging down. "Sorry for hurting your feelings, but I just wanted to enjoy how surprisingly cheap the rent is here." I said as I put my arm around her. "Yeah, whatever. We should probably call the others out too." she said as she pushed my arm over her hoodie. I walked towards the front door to shut it. As I started walking back, Virginia gave me a weird look. "What?" I asked. "Why'd you close the front door?" she asked, her face painted with confusion. "You know what will happen when they see this place." I said with a small smile growing on my face. "And with that, I shall put my headphones on." she said as she sat down on the brown couch. Her hoodie was so... her. It reminded me of something I saw online the other day. It's a black hoodie with purple, grey, and white patches all over. "Time to hear my ears ring." I said as Virginia focused her attention back to her Tumblr page. I snapped my fingers as the other three assets of my personality showed up. "Hey guys, what'cha think of the new place?" I asked as I saw Peggy's smile widen. All three either giggle or start to lightly scream. Laura looked around and then gave me a thumbs up. Ramona started to giggle before she snapped her fingers. Then a large box appeared in the living room. She reached into the box and grabbed a large 'Frozen' poster from the Disney movie. "Nope." I said simply as she tried to sneak away with it. "I know you live for Disney, but that will either sit in this box or on my wall in my room." I said as she handed it over with a sigh. "You always shackle your creativity." she said with a pout. "Don't you guys start to fight, you know I'll start to cry and won't be able to stop." warned' Peggy as she stood in front of me. "Yes, please do not make Peggy cry. Last time, she wouldn't let go of my arm and told me that I needed to save her. I'm not doing that again." she said with a blank face, as always. "I'll try, but with the temper I get from her," I point to Virginia, "I might not have the willpower." I said with a smirk so big, it reached to both ears. I decided that I should get some rest so I can wake up to set up work in the morning.

My new job... YouTube.

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Y/n's Pov:


The great trip to Walmart...


As we were all starving, sitting on the couch watching Disney movies, I thought I could make us all a quick snack. That was until I opened the fridge to see it completely empty. I turned around and walked back to the couch. I grabbed the TV remote and turned off the TV. "Hey! We were watching that!" said Peggy with a frown. "How can you disrupt your favorite Disney movie?" said Romana with a face full of utter despair. "I can cause I'm the one who bought it and pays for the Netflix account." I said with a smirk as I moved my way over to block the TV and remote. "She does make a solid point." Laura agreed as she laid back on the couch. "So, we have a predicament here." I said as I gestured toward the kitchen. "What happened in the kitchen?" asked Peggy with a panicked face, "Did someone steal all the cookies?" "No, and yes." I said, "Someone ate literally all the food in the kitchen." "That would be me." said Virginia with a wide smirk and visible crumbs on her sweater. "Well, I need someone to go with me for more." I said, a little frustrated. "Um, we can give you some money, but if one of us goes with you, no one will buy the twin act." said Ramona with a guilty smile. "Fine, but if this happens again, no more guilty pleasures. Only fruits and veggies." I said with an evil smirk. Everyone gasped except Laura, who seemed fine with a healthy diet for once. I grabbed my purse and stuck my phone, keys, and wallet inside. Ramona handed me another wad of cash before heading back into the living room. Everyone looked at me as I opened the door, gave a salute, and walked out. I closed the door and head to my car.


~Time skip to Wally World cause I'm pretty sure you know the basics of how to drive a car *insert smirk*~


I walked through the sliding automatic doors to smell cake and chips. 'I swear they want me to have a heart attack.' I thought to myself. I used all my willpower to walk to the back of the store. I didn't realize that it was a super Walmart until I got lost. I kept pushing my half full cart until I accidentally hit someone. "Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry!" I said as I grabbed his hand. I hoist him up to see a somewhat familiar face. "This might sound weird, but do I know you from somewhere? You look really familiar." I said as I was trying to remember the name that matched the guy's face. "Well, I was on Vine and I make Youtube videos." he said. "Oh, and my name is Thomas Sanders! Sorry, I didn't answer your question sooner." he said with a nervous laugh. "Wait, Tommy?" I asked. "No one's called me that since..." his voice trailed off as he looked up at my eyes. We both stood there staring into each other's eyes until I hugged him. "I didn't know you moved to Florida." I said as I pulled away from the hug. "Yeah. After I graduated, I moved into some cheap apartments not that far from here." he said with a smile. "Are your apartments about 20 minutes away from here?" I asked. "Um, just about, yeah. Why?" he asked. "Cause I think we live in the same apartment complex." I said with a smile. "You wanna finish shopping then come to my place?" I asked. "Sure, I just have to make sure the sides didn't- I mean, I hope I left the place clean." he said before waving and walking off. We both decided to finish shopping, then meet by the doors in the front of the store.


~Small time skip to after the checkout, right by the doors.~


I stood with my cart as I waited for Thomas at the front of the store. 'I wonder what he was hesitant about earlier.' I thought. I was immediately pulled out of my thoughts by a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see Thomas with a big goofy smile. "Let us be on our way to my pigsty." I said as I ran with my cart to the parking lot.


~Another short time skip to the outside of your door with Thomas~


I took my keys out of my bag, then opened the door to let Thomas inside. I walked in after to close the door behind us. I guess he heard something from the living room, so he went to go look. All I heard was a Thomas gasp and then a few female gasps. 'Uh-oh.' I thought before walking towards the quiet room full of silent people. I walked up to Thomas and looked at the couch. There were my sides, all frozen in place with mouths open wide. "Um, I can explain." I said while turning to him. All he did was snap his fingers. I closed my eyes and waited for the questions to roll in, but they never did. I opened my eyes to see to see four other men that look just like Thomas? "You have sides too?" I asked him. "Yup, I was trying to avoid talking about them at Walmart, but I guess I didn't have to." he said with a small smile and a shrug. "I guess we should introduce our sides now." I said. "Ok," Thomas started, "This here is my Logical side, but we call him Logan." he said pointing to the one with a dark button up shirt and a necktie. "This," he paused while pointing at the one with a cardigan wrapped around his neck and a baby blue shirt, "is my Morality, but we all call him Dad or Patton." "This over here is my Creativity and fanciful side," he paused while pointing and walking towards the side with a prince outfit and a red sash, "but we call him Princy or Roman." "And last but not least, my Anxiety," he paused once more to point to the one with a black and purple oversized hoodie, "and his name is Virgil." he finished. "Ok, well I guess it's my turn." I said as walked towards my sides. "This," I pointed to Laura, "is my Logical side, Laura." "Over here is my Morality, Peggy." I said while pointing at her. "Hey, pointing your finger at people is not very nice!" she slightly yelled. I giggled a little and moved on. "This Princess right here is my Creativity, Ramona." I said while pointing to Ramona. She flipped her hair dramatically and we both laughed. "And our little bundle of sunshine, my Anxiety, but her name is Virginia." "I still don't see what's wrong with the name Virgin." said Peggy. Patton nodded his head while Ramona and Roman snickering next to each other. Thomas and I turned to them and gave them a glare and they stopped laughing. I turned back to Virginia and swung my arm over her shoulder. She had one earbud in her ear, so I took the other one and put it in. The song that was playing was The Bad Guy from Thomas' Ultimate Storytime tour. 'Of course she's listening to a song by Thomas.' I thought. I hugged her once more, then took the earbud out. I turned to see Thomas had hugged Virgil as well. "Well, what do you guys want to do?" I asked Thomas and his sides.

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Argument of the Ages

It's just another lazy Saturday with Thomas, Y/n, and their sides watching Disney movies. It was all calm until Y/n started to get hungry.

Y/n's Pov:

We were watching my favorite Disney movie, [insert movie]. I sat next to Thomas, Virgil, and Virginia on the couch while Roman and Romana sat in each other's laps on the floor. Logan, Laura, Patton, and Peggy were all under one blanket on the floor in front of the TV. Logan and Laura protested but gave in to the soft and sensitive moral sides. Once we were all settled, we decided that we would watch a Disney movie since both Thomas and I don't own any other movies. About halfway through the movie, I started to get hungry. "Hey guys, can we do an intermission real quick? I'm really hungry." I asked. Everyone agreed we would have 20 minutes to eat and go to the bathroom if needed. I head towards the kitchen, Thomas, Patton, and Peggy followed after. I opened the fridge and pulled out a box of cold pizza. I turned to see all three of them practically drooling over the pizza. I laughed and kept walking to the dining room table. I set the box down and started to open it. Thomas was about to take a piece when his hand got slapped. Not by one, but two bright yellow gloves. One looked feminine, while the other looked masculine. 'Not now!' I thought as I turned around. Once I fully turned around, I saw one of my 'Dark Sides', Deceit; and a man that looked like Thomas but with a cape and stubby top hat (Btw: Both Deceits female and female have the snake face like the makeup and outfits like the one Thomas used in his video.). "Deceit!" Thomas and I yelled in unison. We both looked each other in confusion.

"Who's she? never heard of her." both of the mysterious figures said in unison with wide grins going ear to ear. "Wait, you know Deceit?" Thomas asked openly. "Well,y-" I was suddenly interrupted by the dark trait, "What? She never told you about us?" the deceitful trait said with a sly grin as they circled the two, unsuspecting prey. "What do you mean?" Thomas asked, him still asking an open question. "She's always had sides, 'Dark' or not, she always knew about us." Deceit said with a more evil smile spreading across her face. "Wait, you always had sides, and knew about your 'Dark' ones, and you never thought to tell me? I'm your best friend!" he said as he raised his voice a little. "I'm sorry, but I didn't know what to do!" I said as tears pricked my eyes. He looked over at me, but then lightly whimpered and looked down. "Thomas? Are you ok?" I asked worriedly. I could feel my anxiety rise by the minute. 'Now that I think about it, where are the other sides? I didn't cast mine into the dreamscape, and I don't remember Thomas casting his there either.' I thought.

"Well, I'm glad you asked, friend." Thomas said as he looked up again. I looked over at him to see a few snake scales on his face. They were coming from behind his ears, and going all the way up to his forehead. 'This is really bad.' "Well, with us involved, did you think this was going to go well?" my Deceit asked with a fake frown. "Where are they?!" I asked 'Thomas'. "Oh, please don't make this into a Batman movie." he said as he stepped closer to me. "I'm not trying to, but you're kinda pushing me into a corner here." I said, pausing the seriousness for a minute. "Um, is this a bit?" 'Thomas' asked with confusion. "Don't you dare make a Supernatural/ J2 (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) reference in Thomas' body!" I said, dramatically pointing at him. "What are you talking about?" he asked. "Well, you're clearly Thomas' Deceit, just in control." I said matter-of-factly. "Don't talk like that please." my Deceit said with a face of hurt and disgust. "Why?" I asked. "Because it makes you sound like Laura." she said with her face scrunched up to show her dislike for Laura. "Ok, we strayed from the first question, where are the other sides?" I asked trying to bring the conversation back on track. "They are hidden away where you can never find them." she said with a short, evil laugh. "Actually," A familiar voice intervened, "We were just locked into our rooms." I turned around to meet the familiar voice. "Laura!" I said as I ran to hug her. "What is this for?" she asked. "For her." I said as I pointed to Virginia. "Well, there is no reason to thank me. If one of us is un-nerved for some reason, then it is my job to try and ease it or calm it down temporarily." she said as she fixed her ponytail. "Yeah, thanks, I guess. You did calm me down a little." Virginia said as she pulled her hood back over her head. "Ok, again, back off track. How do we get Thomas back?" I asked as I turned around and pointed to 'Thomas', or Deceit. "Oh, that's easy." Laura intervened again. "Well for me at least." she said with a slight shrug. "What do you mean?" I asked as I walked towards her. "Well..."

~~~CLIFFHANGER cause I'm evil and lazy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯~~~

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"Ok, again, back off track. How do we get Thomas back?" I asked as I turned around and pointed to 'Thomas', or Deceit. "Oh, that's easy." Laura intervened again. "Well for me at least." she said with a slight shrug. "What do you mean?" I asked as I walked towards her. "Well..."

"What do you mean, 'Well'?" I asked concerned. "The best way to explain it is that you need to let the 'Dark Sides' take over you and we will do the rest." she said as she readjusted her glasses. "I'm sorry, I swear I hear you say let the 'Dark Sides' take over. Um, yeah, that's not happening." I said as I pointed to my Deceit. "Um," my Deceit paused, "rude much?" "At this point, I don't owe you an apology." I said with venom dripping from my voice. "Wow, dramatic much?" she said with a sly grin. "Whatever! The point is that if you want to save Thomas, then you have to let her take over with the others. Then we will be able to save both of you." Virginia said. "I-I don't think that I can do that. I have to keep you guys safe!" I said as I could feel the anxiousness rising in me. "Y/n, I know I'm the one who's making you uneasy, but you have to for us, for Thomas." Virginia said, practically begging me. "I-I wait, there has to be another way." I pleaded. "Y/n, all of us want what's best for you and Thomas, but for you both to be happy, you both need to be fully 'present'." Romana said with quotes around the word present. "Fine," I said partially for them, but also for reassurance for myself, "I'll do it, but for Thomas."

I started walking towards my Deceit but stopped. "Um," I started, "How exactly do I let her take control?" "Well kiddo, you have to make physical contact with her and verbally give her permission." Peggy said as she worriedly looked at me with sad eyes. "Ok, I got this." I said as I took a deep breath. I was about to take a step forward when my Deceit started to laugh. "You know I'm not deaf right?" she asked with a mischievous smile. "Yeah, well then you know what I want and why." I said. "Oh Y/n, sweet little Y/n, you will never get Thomas back." she said with a laugh. "I know your lying." I asked her. "Are you scared? Are you scared that you are going to be forgotten, left behind, dead for the flies?" I asked, with each word stepping closer. "You would never understand how I feel!" she said as she turned her back to me. "Not yet, but soon." I said. I then swiftly charged towards her and hugged her. I guess I caught her off guard because when I looked at her face, she was wide-eyed. She looked at me with small tears in her eyes, but then started laughing. She wiped away the small tears as she slowly started to smile. "What is with you? First your sour and now your sweet?" she asked with another large smirk. "You may be a good actor, but I'm better. I am literally made of lies and self-comfort." she said as if it was completely obvious. I started to hug even tighter with fear. "I-I grant you permission to take over my body." I said silently. "I'm sorry, what was that?" she asked mockingly. "I said I give you permission to take over my body." I said with a more stern tone to my voice. "Can you repeat that one more time?" she asked with the most obnoxious grin possible. "I said-" I was about to repeat myself and pull away from the now uncomfortable hug when I started to feel dizzy. She then dropped me on the floor and took a step backward. I looked back at the sides to see them replaced with more sinister outfits and faces.

I gasped as I turned back around to see nothing but black. All I could see was black nothingness for miles. "Please tell me I'm not in 'The Empty'." I said as I kind of giggled at my Supernatural reference. "Oh, please stop joking. This is very serious." said a somewhat familiar voice. I turned around to see...