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Maze Of Moments

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“Okay, now you’re shitting me.” Skye took a sip from her beer throwing a dubious glance towards Lance. How their conversations always turned into ones of the sexual kind she would never know.

But then again Lance was an easy person to talk about those things. Sometimes you just needed advice by the source rather than go asking around and heaven knows Lance saved her too many times.

“I do not!” He huffed leaning back against his chair. It was one of those moments where they got to be alone and talk relationships and shit. He helped her with her thing with Ward and Skye made sure Lance knew how to make Bobbi forget the stupid things he did.

“You and Bobbi have a sex tape too?” She voiced in disbelief.

“Not just one.” They both jumped as Bobbi materialised beside them. What was it with specialists and their ability to scare the shit out of people.

“Why?” The question was out of Skye’s lips before she could stop it. “I mean ours was accidental. So why would you make one willingly?”

“For starters because I look fucking hot!” Bobbi said holding a finger up and Lance nodded beside her. “And second because I was away too often. I’d rather he jacked off to me then a bimbo with big boobs.”

“You’re the weirdest couple I’ve ever met.” Skye laughed shaking her head lightly.

“We try.” Lance winked.