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Maze Of Moments

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It takes Skye a while to come back to herself and a sea of familiar faces are around her. She still feels dizzy though and with one word May has everyone within a feet from her and stares daggers to whoever even thinks of coming closer.

"What happened?" She asks finally after what feels like forever. Ward smirks at her and Skye isn’t sure if she wants to kiss him or kill him. Possible both, she’s still thinking about it.

She learned him from the start since he came back to the team. For example this new Grant Ward tended to be an adorable ass from time to time that so happened to also have an adorable ass that Skye likes to look at when he’s working out.

"You fainted," He explained taking a seat on the coffee table in front of her. "Straight into my arms." There’s that stupid smirk again! "You know, if you want my attention you didn’t have to go to extremes!" His laugh echoes around the room and makes her laugh too.

"Oh, fuck you!" She teases as she falls back against the couch.