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Maze Of Moments

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Grant stumbled into their flat, he wasn’t exactly drunk. Just pleasantly buzzed! Oh, who was he kidding, Lance and Fitz had gotten him hammered. He toed his shoes off by the door and made his way towards their bedroom.

He leaned against the doorframe for a few moments watching his wife’s sleeping form. His wife, it still got him that she actually said yes and married him. Skye’s back was turned to him but her nightgown had ridden up a bit and her perfect ass was in view for his eyes only.

Grant skipped to her side of the bed and sat down, his hands already reaching for her soft skin. “Skye.” He murmured and his lips dropped to her neck. She stirred but didn’t wake up. “Sky-e!” He said in a sing-song voice and kissed the side of her mouth.

"You’re back." Her voice was sleepy as she turned to face him fully. Grant wasn’t sure how he was blessed with such a perfect creature, how someone like her loved someone like him. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she pulled him in for a kiss. "Did you have fun?" She asked as their lips parted.

"I’d prefer it if you were there." He moaned when her mouth trailed hot kisses down his throat, sucking bruises as she went.

"Yes, cause that’s all you need on a bachelor party, your wife." She laughed huskily and pulled him to lay on top of her.

Bobbi and Hunter were getting hitched again and Fitz thought a bachelor party was in order. Since strippers weren’t really their thing or allowed by Bobbi anyway, they settled for an ol’ good drinking fest in their favourite bar. Needless to say that Carl, the owner, had to kick them out.

"I wouldn’t mind having you were there."

His hand slipped under her nightgown and inside her panties. He chocked back a whimper when his fingers met wetness.

"Fuck, Skye! Already?"

He whined when his fingers slide effortlessly inside her tight body, his thump strumming her clit lazily.

"I’ve been ready for you all night!"

She laughed and pushed her hips in time with his fingers; feeling the delicious burning pleasure running through her mind.

"I need you."

Her breath hitched; Skye could feel it, her orgasm was just around the corner. She made quick work of his belt and zipper and before long her fingers were wrapped around his hard length. Grant groaned when she stroked him a few times before pushing his jeans as far down as they could go. He would never get over that first moment he slipped inside her, it always felt like coming home.

"I love you," he whispered before crushing his lips to hers. Skye wrapped her legs around his waist as her fingers pulled his soft hair harshly.

"Harder, Grant!"

She begged and he obligated, slipping an around under he knew he forced her leg over his shoulder. They’ve been together for so long that he knew exactly what would set her off.

"Fuck!" Her curse was choked by his lips when her walls fluttered around his shaft. He growled her name seconds later, spilling deep with her. Grant tried to move but she pulled him back against her.

"I love you too." She said kissing his temple as Grant nuzzled her neck. They both lived for nights like this one.