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Maze Of Moments

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She feels weak on the knees as they pull apart. It has nothing to do with the fact that Skye hasn’t kissed anyone like this in years. No, it’s not that the reason her heart is about to burst out of her chest, or that she forgot how to breath for a moment. It’s all because of him, it’s all because of Grant. 


They made mistakes, both of them, terrible ones but when something is meant to be no one can stop it and they were. They were always meant to be no matter how hard people around them tried to keep them apart. 


“I missed you.” He says resting his forehead against hers, panting and she knows he doesn’t mean it in the way of not seeing someone for too long. She knows that what he means is that he missed this light side of her, the light side that balanced his dark one. Skye missed it too, she missed the way they used to be, so easy and not complicated. 


“I missed you, too.” She admits diving in for another kiss.