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Maze Of Moments

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Skye watched them from the doorway as Grant rocked Daniel back to sleep. The little boy usually slept through the night but his parents being away had stressed both him and his mother. People would argue that at seven months babies couldn’t understand but Skye would have to disagree.

It took a lot of convincing to get Bobbi to agree to a night off so she and Hunter could celebrate their anniversary but she finally gave in. According to Hunter, Skye was the ‘baby whisperer’ and Grant was a well trained specialist that could easily take down a small Hydra army while changing a diaper. When Bobbi had gave them that unimpressed look she always does Skye had just shrugged shoved a duffle bag in her hands and showed her the door.

Ten hours later everything was going just fine. Daniel had been fed, burped, changed, bathed and slipped into one of his cute Shield onesies (courtesy of Grandpa Phil) and put into bed. That was until twenty minutes ago that he woke up screaming up a storm (because that kid always screamed, he got his temperament from his daddy, in case anyone wondered yes, Lance was the drama queen of the group) Grant told her to go back to sleep and patted down to the nursery to see what’s wrong.

That’s how Skye found them, sitting in the rocking chair, Daniel laid against Grant’s bare chest as he boyfriend rubbed the baby’s back soothingly humming ‘The Wheels On The Bus’. Apparently that got the little rascal to sleep. Daniel’s cries had quieted down to small whimpers and he was slowly drifting back to sleep.

"You look good!" She teased winking at him as she walked towards them.

"You think so?" He asked a small smile tagging at the corner of his lips.

"Yeah, a hot guy with a baby in his arms? That’s like a chick magnet!" Skye laughed softly as she dropped a kiss on the baby’s forehead.

"There’s only one chick I’m interested in." He shot back and laced their fingers together. Grant tagged her hand lightly and she got the message lowering her lips to his.

"Well, I know for a fact that the said chick is so letting you into her pants again when you’re done here." She whispered in his ear huskily and Grant had to swallow back a moan.

"Skye?" He called when she was almost out of the room.

"Yes?" She poked her head inside again.

"Do you ever think about kids?" He asked holding his breath. ‘Because I do’ he wanted to add but didn’t. Since Bobbi had Daniel all he could think of was having a family with Skye. They weren’t there yet but he desperately wanted to know if someday in the future he was going to be putting their children to sleep.

"With you?" She asked and he nodded quickly. "Always!" Her smile was so sincere and bright that made his heart do a back flip or two. "If you come to bed in the next ten minutes I might even let you practice a little." Her laugh echoed down the hallway as he put Daniel back to his crib carefully and followed her to the guest room.