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Maze Of Moments

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You were flirting with that guy out there!" He yelled as they stepped inside their hotel room. Bobbi was having a blast until just a few minutes ago, before Lance decided to go all jealous-asshole on her and drag them away from the party. 

Which was a shame really, because Coulson had gone all out on the reception of Skye's and Ward's wedding. They were drinking and laughing and having fun until an agent tried to flirt with Bobbi. Which wasn't such a bad thing, it's not like she would up and leave him now! Not after all they've been through! 

"I don't know, Hunter!" She taunted. "If you like it so much maybe you should have put a ring on it!" She yelled back throwing one of her heels in his direction careful to miss him just for a few inches. 

"Let me remind you that I did put a ring on it and you took it off!" He hissed storming towards her. His arms wrapped around her waist and he threw her on the bed before he crawled on top of her, trapping her between his body and the bed. Bobbi writhed and pushed half heartily against his chest trying to get away.

"Maybe I want that ring back!" She moaned as he nipped at the sensitive skin of her neck, her long legs wrapping around his waist. 

"It's yours if you ask nicely." He teased crashing his lips against hers. 

 She got that ring back, all right.