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Maze Of Moments

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Whatcha doin'?" Skye dropped beside Bobbi on the couch. It was a slow day and she was very bored and on occasions like this she enjoyed bugging the hell out of her teammates. 

"Shopping on line." Bobbi murmured her eyes never leaving the screen as she browsed through pages. 

"Oh, lingerie!" Skye clapped happily and leaned over. "Special occasion?" She teased as she took a look. 

"Something like that." Bobbi smiled cryptically and clicked on a bronze coloured corset with cute pink bows at the ends of it. 

"Wow!" Skye whizzed, mouth wide open. "That's very pretty but don't you think 1,435$ is a little too much for lingerie?" She asked eyeing her friend closely. Of course the corset was as perfect as it could get but kind of overpriced. 

"Who said I'm paying?" Bobbi smirked holding up a black american express.   

"You know what?" Skye said holding her hands up in surrender. "I don't wanna know what you and Hunter are playing again! Walking on you once was more than enough. I'm gonna go bug Ward now!"  She ran out of the room leaving a laughing Bobbi behind.