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Maze Of Moments

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She always takes his breath away, in many different ways. Be it by knocking him on his back while sparing, dressed in something that will make him lose his mind or even better with a kiss. He lives for those moments, they are rare but he’s okay with it.

Phil had his fair share of women, he even loved some of them. But Melinda? She was the bane of his existence, the one single female that could make him or break him. His eyes fall on her the second she walks into the room.

Even twenty something years later she still knows how to turn his brain into a mush. Long gone is the young and carefree girl he met a long time ago, replaced by a strong woman now.

"You owe me a dance." He whispers in her ear as he moves to stand behind her. Arms poised around her waist and before she can decline the music changes and he leads her towards the dance floor, his eyes locking with hers. Challenging her. Never one to back down Melinda wraps herself around him as they move.

They both know they give the other guests quite the show. But at this single moment they couldn’t care less. For once he leads and she follows, they move round and round, one step forward, two backwards. Like they’ve always been.

He pulls her closer, her blood red lips driving him insane. They are just a breath away from him, he could lean in and crush them against his. But he doesn’t, instead he pulls her even closer and she gives him one of her trend mark smirks. She knows the power she has over him and she enjoys it.

The song comes to an end and they pull apart, she’s already walking away from him again. But before she can reach the other end of the dance floor he pulls her back in and crashes his lips against hers. Stealing her breath away, but it’s okay she has done it to him many times before. “Happy anniversary.” She pants as the they pull apart. He can hear Skye somewhere in the background cheering, a few cat calls from the Avengers but all he cares about is the woman in his arms and how she gave him another chance.

"Happy anniversary." He whispers back, forehead resting against hers, smiling. At this single moment Phil Coulson is happy. He’s happy because finally he has everything he ever wanted.