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Maze Of Moments

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He sees her after almost a year in a party a friend threw. He really doesn't want to be here but Jemma practically begged him to come so he could bring Leo along. He is about to leave when his eyes land on her, she's turned away from him but he would recognise her anywhere. She was the one woman that her memory stayed with him all this time. She was his one,the one that got away.

Grant takes a step towards her but stops dead in his tracks when a man wraps his arms around her tiny waist and pulls her closer. Her eyes meet Grant's when the other man's lips touch her and something passes between them. The look she gives him cuts him like a sharp knife, bone deep. For a moment he wishes that bullet that almost killed him had succeed and then shakes it off. Downing his drink in one sip her slams his glass on the bar and leaves. This is too much, he's out of the door in record time, ignoring Jemma's voice calling his name.

Sadly for him he didn't miss the look Skye gave him over the other guy's shoulder….