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Maze Of Moments

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She had been betrayed many times before but none stung like this. None cut that deep and bled for that long. Three years later and while she pretended that seeing him didn't hurt Skye felt like something was tearing her apart. What made it worse was the fact that he actually looked like he had regretted everything he did.

They would meet during this mission or that and he would look at her like one word from her could fix everything wrong on this earth. And then he went and got his powers and she was obligated to help him. He was one of them and she couldn't leave him behind. She couldn't just abandon him even if he did betray her. Because Skye wasn't that kind of person.

She swore to herself she'd do this the right way when she took up the task. So that meant no one left behind, even if that no one was Grant Ward.