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“Alright, quiet down!” Aizawa called, shedding his cocoon of a sleeping bag as he entered the room, clutching a handful of mismatched papers. The noise of class 1-A died down gradually and, once it had reached an acceptable level of quiet, Aizawa continued.


“So, I’m sure some of you have heard by now about what’ll be going on in the next two weeks.” He set the papers down without a second glance, gazing around at the sea of faces in front of him. The speed in which Iida raised his hand, a hand so straight you could measure it with a ruler, was astounding and Aizawa didn’t bother to hide his sigh.


“Yes, Iida.”


“Might this have anything to do with the study leave being discussed by the other classes?” He asked, causing a wave of excited murmuring throughout the class by those who obviously hadn’t heard yet.


“We’re getting study leave…?” Kirishima hissed over to Kaminari, who looked equally as excited at the idea of a study leave, though in his case, the word ‘study’ would be easily forgotten. ‘Time off’ was more of an appropriate phrase.


“Well, yes and no. What it is, is an independent project that’ll be taking course over the next two weeks, which does mean that there will be no classes for that time.” There was a few loud, unashamed cheers, to which Aizawa’s brows lowered as he looked distinctly unimpressed. “And before you get excited, this is a team effort. You’ll all be sorted into pairs- pairs of my choosing- and you’ll have to work in those pairs until the two weeks is up. Got that?”


He could sense a feeling of unease settling over the classroom. He could practically see the questions in his students eyes. ‘What’s going on?’ ‘What’s the project about?’ and ‘Who’s gonna get paired with Bakugou?’ because getting paired with Bakugou was pretty much drawing the shortest straw.


“Alright, now listen up, ‘cause I’m not explaining this again. After you’re sorted into your pairs, you’ll be given a patrol rota for the next two weeks, drawn up by us and several other agencies. You’re to follow these rotas and write a report each day for the next two weeks.”


The mere mention of ‘report’ sent a few students groaning and grumbling, whilst a few others looked excited by the prospect. “Let me remind you that this is an independent project, meaning no help from me or any of the other staff here unless it’s an urgent emergency. If you fall out with your partner then that’s your problem and it’s up to you to solve it.”


He shrunk back down into the depths of his scarf, pulling the soft, yellow fabric of the sleeping bag over his shoulders. “Any questions?”


Whilst he meant that as a rhetorical question, several hands shot up.




“Will we be working under pro heroes again?” He asked, keeping his hand raised. Aizawa shook his head, “Nope, like I said, it’s all on you. They’re relying on you to stick to your patrols and do a good job, so don’t mess up. Kaminari?”


“Do we really have to do a report for every day?” He was almost whining at this point, head rested lazily on his desk. A few other students seemed to sag on the spot, almost in agreement with Kaminari.


“Yeah, you do. All of you, and don’t even ask what’s going to happen if you skip out on a report.”


Several hands were lowered with matching expressions of fear. That should be enough to keep them from slacking off, at least.


“If that’s all...I’ll be assigning your pairs now.” Aizawa shuffled, turning his back to the students as he picked up a stubby piece of chalk and began scribbling on the board.


“First up is Yaoyorozu and Tokoyami. Come get your rotas and then you can go.”


Yaoyorozu glanced at Tokoyami, who looked equally bewildered. They could just...go? Just leave? Well, alright then.


The two stood up in sync and, after collecting their shared rota, left the classroom as the other students watched them, almost in awe.


One by one, Aizawa called out the pairs. Next was Aoyama and Jirou, followed by Kaminari and Hagakure, Kouda and Midoriya and then Ashido and Bakugou.


Ashido pulled a face one could only describe as...well, indescribable, as she reluctantly rose from her seat to collect her rota as the rest of the class silently wished her luck. Bakugou promptly stormed from the room and, looking back one last time, Ashido spotted Kirishima giving her a good-luck thumbs up.


Well, it was the most help she was going to get.


As the pairs continued to be called out, Asui was zoning out into her own little froggy world. This could potentially be a fun project for her. It’d been a while since they’d done something practical to this level and she was growing tired of just studying. She needed something to stretch her legs out.


She smiled to herself, pressing a fist into her palm. Yeah, this would be good.


“...and lastly, Asui and Mineta.”


At first, Asui’s first reaction was to insist to be called Tsuyu, having suddenly woken up from her little daydream, until she realised she was being paired with Mineta. Looking behind her, there was nobody left except for the short boy, grinning over at her with an expression that could only be described as absolutely lecherous.




Asui took a deep breath. Well, it wasn’t the end of the world. It was just Mineta and, even though he was the class pervert, he was practically harmless. They were on pretty good terms too.


But so long as he kept his hands to himself, no harm would come to him.


She could hear the quiet footsteps of Mineta approaching her from behind so she stood up, snatching the rota from Aizawa’s hand as she did so. She glanced back once more at Mineta, who stood behind her, as if he was waiting for something, before heading towards the door as Aizawa wished them both a rather deadpan ‘good luck’.




The pair stood outside silently for a few moments, as if coming to terms with the situation they were in. Asui had worked with Mineta before so it wasn’t much of a shock to her, but this might’ve been the first time she’d ever worked with him one-on-one.


Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted Uraraka and Sato stood by the end of the corridor. Uraraka took one look at Asui stood next to Mineta, and a hand covered her mouth. She clearly looked apologetic for Asui’s situation, but Asui offered a reassuring wave.


“Guess we’ll be up and close for the next two weeks, huh, Tsuyu?” Mineta grinned, almost sliding an arm around her, to which she took one very large step away, making her thoughts on the situation blatantly clear.


“Guess so.” Asui, despite her almost comic rejection, spoke rather bluntly, as if she had no intention of being close with Mineta. Now that they were outside, she remembered they had a rota to check. She held the paper up to read, before lowering it slightly seeing Mineta struggling on his tiptoes to make out the words on the page.


“So…” He began, without much to say.


“Seems like we’re patrolling the streets outside the campus tomorrow morning...and then around a few blocks nearby the day after.” Asui read out, “That doesn’t sound too hard.”


“What’s with the empty spaces there?” Mineta pointed a stubby finger where the time slots indicating Monday, Thursday and Friday were, indeed, empty. Asui tilted her head slightly, letting her tongue hang loosely out of her mouth as Mineta just stared.


“Huh...guess that means that we have those days off? I can’t see what else it could mean.” She glanced back at the door to their classroom. Asking Aizawa was probably not an option here.


Mineta pumped his fist in the air. “Means we have nothing else to do today, right? Awesome!” He said, victoriously, until Asui rested a hand on his shoulder. “Not so fast…”


She tapped her chin. “Mr Aizawa told us we had to write a report every day, right? I guess that would include today too…but that means we’d need to write a report on the days we aren’t on patrol.” She murmured.


Mineta suddenly looked unimpressed. “What are we supposed to write a report about on our days off? Today I woke up at 1pm and then spent two hours jacking off. Then I ate some cheese .” His voice carried on into a more deadpan tone as he continued to make a mock report of the mundane things he did during the day.


“I don’t think Mr Aizawa would want to know that that’s how you spend your days off.” Asui replied, plainly. “Or that you like to eat cheese.” Though speaking of cheese, she was feeling a little hungry.


“I don’t even like cheese.” Mineta replied in a small voice that almost, almost made Asui chuckle. This guy was a Class-A weirdo, that was for sure. This probably wasn’t going to be as bad as everyone else would think.


“Cheese aside…” She began, “If I had to guess, I’d say that they’re trusting us to use our time wisely, so that we’d have something substantial to report on every day.” She explained and Mineta nodded his head.


“I guess that makes sense.” He scratched his chin, “That way we wouldn’t have to write about jacking off and cheese.”


Asui almost sagged on the spot. “Nobody is forcing you to write about those two things. Heroes have no need to write about cheese and...whatever else it was.” She said, curtly ignoring the former of apparently what Mineta spent his days off doing.


“Unless the hero was a hero of cheese. Cheese quirk.” He pointed out, wearing the stupidest smile Asui had ever seen on a boy before. Asui began to wandering towards the stairs, prompting Mineta to follow her.


“There could be a cheese hero out there somewhere. I wonder what a cheese quirk would be though…” She pondered the useless sentiment. Mineta raised a hand, “Well, obviously it would be the power to cheese-ify liquid and stuff, right?”


“Ch….Cheese-ify?” Asui raised an eyebrow. Why were they talking about cheese again? How did this come to be a topic?


“Yeah like...I dunno, how do they make cheese?”


The pair made their slow descent down the stairs as Asui shrugged. “Do you churn it? Or maybe that’s just with butter…”


“I think they just like...let milk go stale or something. I dunno. Still, that’d be pretty cool. You could cheese-ify grape juice and make grape cheese.” He almost beamed, like he’d just had a massive revelation.


Asui didn’t point out the fact that she’d already seen a brand of cheese with grapes in it already, but the prospect of a cheese hero was something she should definitely suggest to Midoriya, just for fun. He’d probably appreciate the joke, anyway.


As the pair reached the lower floor, Asui wondered why Mineta had gone quiet all of a sudden, but when she looked down, all she could see was the familiar, almost smug, grin plastered on his face. One that usually foreshadowed something lewd.


“So if there was a cheese hero, do you reckon there’s a hero for jacking off too?”




“...what about if you mixed the two so he could cheese-ify his sp--”


“I said no!”



Luckily for Asui and Mineta, there wasn’t much of a lunch rush in the cafeteria as the two entered- Asui with a rumbling stomach and Mineta with a big, suspiciously tongue-shaped slap mark on his cheek.


Their strange little conversation about cheese was actually quite funny, until he’d veered it off into a ditch that had resulted in getting a smack, even though Asui secretly had found the idea to be both ridiculous and entertaining, but she’d never admit that to him.


Instead, she grabbed a tray from next to the display warmer and gazed down at the variety of choices made to them both, absentmindedly helping Mineta to balance his tray on the long metal grid use to shimmy trays down the line.


Since there wasn’t a massive queue, they got their food fairly quickly- Asui picked out some kappa maki and a cheese salad, to which Mineta quirked a brow, and a small pot of jelly. Mineta just grabbed a bottle of grape juice and a cupcake, which wasn’t much of a breakfast meal, Asui had to say, but who was she to judge?


They sat down in a corner and Asui set the rota flat on the table.


“Since we aren’t on any patrols today...we should find something to bide our time, right? Something productive…” She pushed a finger to her chin, fiddling with a pair of chopsticks in her other hand as Mineta rested his cheek against the flat of his hand.


“Something productive…” He smirked, “How about something ‘reproductive’.”


“Or we could just sit around making pervy jokes and fail the assignment.” Asui replied lightly, munching on a maki, though she was both impressed and disappointed by the quick wordplay on his part.


Mineta seemed to contemplate whether it was worth failing the assignment just to have this. He quickly and wisely decided that it was not.


“So...where do we start? Maybe a little one-on-one study session?” He suggested, eyebrows raised and Asui couldn’t even sigh at that moment, although…


“Sure.” She beamed. “I think that would be a good start.”


For a moment, Mineta was clearly taken aback by the fact Asui had taken his proposal seriously and she had smiled so purely he almost felt a little guilty. He worried his knuckles, trying to figure out what to respond with, before settling with, “Uh...yeah, alright.”


“Good! Ribbit!” Asui chirped, moving onto her jelly.


“What are we gonna study though…” He spoke, staring off to where a group of students had entered the cafeteria. “We’re both pretty smart and the next test isn’t for ages yet.”


“Yeah, but we’re smart because we study a lot. If we slack off, then we’ll only be hurting ourselves.” She said wisely, “Although...since we haven’t been learning new topics, per se. I think I have an idea…”


Mineta looked interested all of a sudden, “Yeah?”


Asui practically drained the entire pot of jelly in a second as her froggy mouth twisted into a wide froggy grin.


“Yeah! Ribbit!”



“So...explain that to me again.” Mineta said slowly, not making an effort to tear his eyes away from where Asui’s tank-top was revealing more than he could ever hope for. Asui frowned, watching his distracted eyes with unamusement.


“I will if you stop staring.” She replied, lowly. Mineta cleared his throat, wiping the drool from his chin and redirecting his attention back to the map laid out on the floor of his room, where Asui continued.


“If we spend today studying the layout of the surrounding area and the places we’ll be patrolling, then we’ll know everything there is to know, from where a criminal could run to hide, to which spots will be hard for the police to get to. Make sense?”


“So if we look closely and figure out what spots are easier for us to be trapped by villains, we’ll have an advantage, right?”


“That’s the theory, but since it’s just patrol work, I doubt any big villains will show up. The most we’ll have to deal with will probably be purse-snatchers and delinquents.” Asui nodded her head, “I’m sure we’ll be fine.”


“So long as there isn’t too much to do. Patrolling sounds like a good way to scope out the ladies!” Mineta gave Asui a thumbs up and whilst Asui felt very tempted to give him a well-deserving smack, she merely agreed with him.


“Yeah, maybe I could find a cute girl to take on a date....ribbit.”


The look that slowly morphed onto Mineta’s face brought Asui nothing but delight.


“ you like girls, huh?” He scratched the back of his head awkwardly as Asui smiled vacantly at him, knowing full well he had no idea she was teasing him. “Yeah. have a problem with that?”


He shook his head and his hands frantically, “No, no! Like, it’s cute-- I mean, I’m happy for you, I guess!” He insisted and Asui wasn’t exactly sure what to make of that, least he wasn’t acting like a jerk about it, though that wasn’t exactly an impressive feat.


Mineta gave her another thumbs-up, although a little shaky, “Maybe we could go pick up girls together.” He practically stammered and Asui actually chuckled at his effort to find some kind of mutual interest between the two of them.


“You’re such an oddball.” She pointed out, “Though if you wanted to impress girls, I guess you’d do a better job actually taking advice from a girl.” She poked her chin absentmindedly, “Of course, you’d have to do that without being creepy for once.”


Mineta’s face fell into exaggerated dismay, “You think I’m creepy?!”




His head drooped as he sighed and Asui watched him with a blank expression. This guy wasn’t exactly the master of taking hints, was he? She patted his back with an oversized hand. “Don’t worry, I understand. You’re a typical virgin who gets a bit too excited about boobs because he’s probably not had any female friends. Doesn’t mean you have to go crazy over the first pair you see, though…” She added, lowly, and Mineta flinched.


“Wow, that’s cold…” He whined, feeling a large stab of embarrassment shoot through his chest. This girl really said what was on her mind, didn’t she?


“It’s true.” She added, tongue lolling from her mouth slightly, attracting Mineta’s short-spanned attention. “ about this.”


Mineta raised his head slightly to meet Asui’s gaze, curious to what she was about to propose.


“We’re going to be working together, right? ‘Cuz we’re classmates, right?”




“Obviously I’m not gonna let you slack off to chase a girl.” She pointed at him with a stubby finger and Mineta shrank back slightly, looking indignant and disappointed. “But, instead of working together as classmates, wouldn’t it be nicer if we worked together as friends?”


Mineta’s expression dropped into something more neutral and a light pink tint seemed to spread across his cheeks to the tips of his ears, as if the concept of friendship actually surprised him somehow. “Huh?”


“I mean, I consider all my classmates my friends. Even Bakugou…” She trailed, “But I don’t mean friends like that. I mean friends-friends...good friends. Does that make sense?”


Mineta’s eyes lit up quicker than Asui could catch and he leant forward, clasping his hands together as if he was blessed with a gift from the gods, but Asui held up a hand quickly before he could open his mouth to say anything.


“But, only under my conditions.”


His face fell again, but he didn’t complain.


“First, don’t stare so much. I’m flattered that you think I look nice, but there’s no time for that and we’re not close enough.”


Mineta chewed his lip, but nodded anyway.


“Second, if you grab me I’ll smack you. If you’re that depraved that you want to keep grabbing, go ahead, but the more you do it the more it’ll hurt and we won’t be friends.”


Mineta went a bit red at the suggestion, but agreed. Asui watched him for a moment, before leaning over and playfully poking his forehead. “I’ll stick you to the top of Tokyo Tower with one of your balls and make sure nobody comes to help you. It’s a long way down, too.”


Mineta snorted, but back away, “No way, I’m not good with heights! Too big…” He complained, rubbing his forehead as Asui sat back. “Good, then you won’t do it.


“So is that it? To be good friends with you?”


Asui hummed, deep in thought, before nodding her head. “That’s it for now- and don’t think just by being friends that you can do anything pervy to me. If you break these conditions then we won’t even be normal friends. You’ll have to call me Asui.”


Mineta seemed horror-struck by the implications of Asui making him call her such. If she insisted to be called ‘Asui’ it meant she wasn’t even going to consider you a friend, and if Asui didn’t consider you a friend then that was the end. You were practically being exiled from class 1-A.


“Does that make sense?”


“Y-Yes! Tsuyu!” Mineta practically sat to attention, taking the prospect of this quite seriously now, much to Asui’s amusement. It was true he probably didn’t have any female friends, so maybe this would be good for him.


“Since we’re good friends now, you can call me Tsu. I think this’ll be a lot of fun!”


Seeing Asui’s bright, beaming smile and rosy cheeks was almost enough to make Mineta cry on the spot, so much so he leant over but upon remembering Asui’s conditions he just kind of waved his arms about with a shockingly intense expression.


“Were you going to grab me?”


“N-No, I was totally gonna hug you but then I remembered so…” He replied truthfully, but awkwardly, as he continued to just wave his hands in a manner that reminded Asui of Kaminari. “ we are.”


“Are you gonna keep waving your arms like that?”




Asui chuckled, patting his purple, sticky hair. “You look like Kaminari after he overuses his quirk.” She pointed out, and Mineta snorted. “Yeah, yeah, like-” He pulled a droopy, vacant expression, “ Wheyyy….”


“Ribbit! Eheheh~!” Asui watched as he finally stopped, pulling his face into an awkward expression. This was weird for him, he hadn’t had any close friends that happened to be girls in the past. All the girls in class treated him just the same, they were sweet enough and to be fair, the class was just one big friend group, but this was a little different.


Asui was awesome- she was an amazing hero, she seemed to be friends with everyone she met and easily spoke her mind, not to mention she was totally hot to look at and her costume really brought out her--...


He stopped, clearing his throat as if to shake the thought from his mind, to which Asui glanced over at him with confusion. No, he had to be cool here. Normally, his depravity knew very few bounds, but for the sake of not getting stuck up on the top of Tokyo Tower and losing Asui as a friend, he had to play it totally cool.



Still...Asui was really, really, really, pretty, even if she liked girls. Not...not that that made a difference or anything...


“You’re staring again.” Asui pointed out as he was deep in his mental tangent. Granted, it wasn’t at her boobs. He just seemed to be zoning out in her direction, but it was still a little strange. Mineta shook his head slightly and sat back.


“I always stare at cute girls.” He said, like it was some kind of defense. Asui had always noted his staring was creepy when he was thinking of something perverse but apparently this time he wasn’t actually thinking anything like that. Well, it was a small victory.


“Why don’t you stare at the map instead.” She encouraged, pointing down at the large map of the city, to which Mineta deadpanned, “Ah, yes, Musutafu City is clearly the cutest girl of all. The way the roads cross over each other really gets me going.”


“Musutafu-chan is very cute, please be nice to her.” Asui grinned.


“I mean...somewhere out there, someone has a fetish for cartography.” Mineta laughed darkly and Asui snorted, but did her best to wipe the large grin from her face. “Well, someone has to. Anyway, that’s enough now, let’s go back to this.”


As Mineta excavated a notepad and a few pens from one of his drawers, Asui began to point out potential spots that would make fighting difficult or that would put the heroes at a disadvantage so they were ready for their patrol tomorrow.