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February 2018 1 Million Words Bingo

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Adam grins at his boyfriend before he ducks under his covers. It's only been a couple months since they first kissed and this is the first time things have gotten more physical. While both of them have sexual experience from previous relationships, Adam is the only one with experience with another man. While he'd never been much for taking the lead in the past, he's finding himself enjoying it.

He tugs off his Tommy's boxers and settles between his legs. He strokes Tommy's cock a few times, though it's not really necessary as they're both incredibly hard. After a few teasing licks, he takes him into his mouth. He picks up the tricks that he learned from the many countless times he did this during high school and if the way that Tommy's hand is tightening in his hair is any indication, he's enjoying himself. He lasts longer than Adam expected, but it's still over pretty quickly.

"That was, wow," Tommy says, pulling Adam up into a kiss. "I've gotten blow jobs before, but never like that."

Adam smirks. "Helps when you also have a cock."