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Evanesce: New World Season 1

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I was inside a very expansive room with various control panels and buttons all in a ring encircling an empty space with a small sphere floating near the ceiling. Off to the sides were bookshelves stacked with what seemed as an endless supply of textbooks, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and paperback.
    The door seemed to be being attacked by some burly force that was determined to break through. Distant cries of anguish ushered me to do something. Fast. Out of the corner of my eye I saw two young girls making my endeavor to do anything a lot more urgent. My body began to claw and prod the instruments and buttons, I had no idea what was going on, but my body seemed to know what actions to take.
    As soon as the last button was pressed, the muffled whir and hum accompanied by the sound of escaping vapour, similar to that of a factory machine, began to emanate from it. Slowly but surely the noise started to morph into the sound of an alarm.




    I woke with a start. I was back in my room in my own bed covered in sweat. It’s been the 4th night that I had the same dream. I would've either taken some time to write down the bizarre dream in my journal had it not been that I'd already written it down before, twice in fact, and I was late for School.
    Jumping out of bed in a hurry, I pulled on my clothes and grabbed my keys before running out the door and starting up my car. It was a Navy Bleu Convertible Scion that I purchased on Auto Swappers for. A cheap 5,000 dollars.
    The drive to my college was a short one, just a 5 mile drive. A total of 20 minutes if you account for distance, traffic, lights, and stop signs, with the occasional sudden stop for that one jay-walker that mini-cities seemed to have.

My grades weren’t high enough to get into the prestigious university that I wanted to attend, but I didn’t let that stop me from trying to get my coveted career. Instead I attended a community college. Hopefully I’d get enough credits to upgrade to a university but even if I didn’t the job I wanted only required a college education. And that was enough for me. Besides, the only reason why I was even bothering considering attending a university was to get better pay.

I wasn’t that good-looking at all. I had the stereotypical body proportion for your average american. But, despite my grotesque appearance, I have many friends. Though I was sure most were just pity friends, I didn’t care since I usually got lonely, and that was something that I was desperate to avoid. Which isn’t something that I was proud of, it was a sadistic weakness that god gave me, or whoever was the higher power in charge of creating us.

Days at school usually went by uneventful. Some classes were ridiculously boring, but what else would you expect from law classes. There was only so much you could do to spice them up. I dealt with them only for the reason that I needed a job, and this job was something that I would get close to loving.

A high pitched screech pierced my ears and everything suddenly changed. I was no longer sitting in my car. Instead I was standing on top of some roots of a gigantic tree. It was disorienting to have an abrupt change to what I was doing. One moment I was in my car listening to the incessant noise of the traffic waiting for the streetlight to change, the next I’m standing in the middle of the forest watching people trying to avoid being trampled while fleeing from something. There were people, and they were all running. Scattering themselves in the woods. All shapes and sizes. Boys, girls, Men, Women, skinny, fat, muscular, scrawny. But all had one thing in common. Fear. Thankfully a terrifying monstrous roar caused my fear to kick in and take control to allow me a chance to live.

It was probably peculiar to see a 200 lbs 5’ 9” young adult struggling to run away. Especially with the odd style of clothes I was wearing. Since I went to college, I had to be presentable to say the very least. For me presentable was wearing slacks, loafers, and a dress shirt, all topped with a purple zip-up hoodie jacket. That was as much as I would wear. I hate wearing “formal” clothes. They just limited my movement and made me overheat faster.
    I didn't bother to continue thinking about their situation as I fled into the trees as well. It was too much for me, running as fast as I could, but I pushed on imagining that whatever made them terrified was capable of killing.
    Shouts of pain echoed, bouncing from tree to tree. Followed by the sounds of shooting. Now I knew that they were indeed capable of killing. A few seconds later I had to stop running and catch my breath. I clutched my side as the pain began to sear my abdomen. A white hot burning sensation was all I could feel. My breath came out in short desperate gasps for air. Even that hurt.

I wasn't used to this much running. In fact I never did any running at all. The only reason why I even managed to get this far was because of the adrenaline. As I plopped myself down on the dead crisped leaves, I caught a glimpse of a large blue box.

“Now I know that I must be dreaming,” I muttered.

I forced myself up, ignoring the pain in my side, and made my way to the most random thing in the forest.

“First, I get teleported into the middle of some kind of deadly riot, and now in front of me is the object of my life’s obsession,” I breathed in awe, “The TARDIS.”

I was actually staring down the iconic Police Call Box of Doctor Who. I pinched myself to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming, and to my surprise it did hurt, a lot. It wasn’t the vibrant blue that it always was. The colour was washed out, similar to the War Doctor’s TARDIS. It’s hull was dented in some parts, paint scratched and chipped, and it was leaning on the tree instead of standing straight up. The doors, which were usually locked, were ajar. I peaked in and noticed that it was worse off in the inside than the outside. I climbed up and slid halfway in before its I was affected by its own gravity. Wires were hanging outside of their casings. The console in the middle of the tardis was damaged as well.

It was surprising that it hadn’t deteriorated more into a giant version of itself that I knew would eventually replace it in its death.

Outside the screams of people still rang out through the trees. I was tired and afraid. I didn’t want to continue to hear the terror of this new world I was in. Instead I tried my best to ignore the panic outside and mindlessly explored the TARDIS.

The books the 12th Doctor kept were still here, though some had fallen out of the shelves and were strewn across the balcony. Underneath the console was what I had dubbed the garage after failing to remember what the actual name for all the machines was.

This had to be the version of the Tardis from when Capaldi regenerated. Its appearance resembled the mess of what happened during his regeneration into Whitaker. But could this really be where it ended up? I had no idea. Her season still hadn’t come out yet so I wouldn’t be able to find out.

I decided to see if the actual TARDIS still worked so I went back to the console. Parts of its controls were missing and half of it was naked without its shell. I noticed a piece of paper taped onto one of the computer monitors that the Doctor had used to watch what went on outside in the past. Courtesy of M was written in messy handwriting.

I took it off and took a closer look.

“Someone put this here, for me,” I whispered. “No, no. Not everything revolves around me. This could’ve just been someone from this world who had no idea what they stumbled upon,” I tried to reason.

“Somebody Help ME!”

“Skylar? Skylar!” I ran out as fast as I could.

This time I couldn’t ignore the plea for help. Her voice was so familiar to me. The voice of my former best friend, Skylar. And even though I hadn’t talked to her in a long time, I couldn’t let anything happen to her. I followed her shouts to the place where she was.

A large group of people were being terrorized by what looked like soldiers. Men holding guns and rifles were shooting at the survivors who weren’t compliant. And a somewhat familiar girl seemed to be next. One of the men was holding her by the hair as he smelled her neck with a creepy smile plastered on his face.

“Stop it! Leave them alone!” I demanded.

I picked up a nearby branch off the floor and in an act of stupidity I ran at one of the soldiers swinging it. His face contorted with annoyance and amusement. I stopped short, frozen in terror, as he aimed his weapon and shot me in the chest.

“Stupid runt,” he spat.

I slowly dropped to the floor, stunned by what had just happened.

“There are no such thing as heroes, just prey,” the man’s mouth spread into a crooked smile, showing off his yellow teeth.

The voices began to muffle as blood began to rush in my ears. My shirt was getting soaked in blood fast, but I felt no pain. I looked up one last time as my vision began to fade. Our attackers threw the dark skinned girl down to the floor right in front of me. A gun was pointed at the back of her head as she sobbed. And in a brief moment I was able to place a name to her face. Skylar. But she didn’t look like her somehow. I tried to think hard why but my mind was slowly growing silent.


The next thing I knew we were running away from gun fire. I was still groggy and I could feel that I was losing a lot of blood. I wasn’t sure if moving me when I was shot in the chest was a good idea but I was glad to be moving away from the hostile soldiers. I could hear gunfire as our mysterious saviors tried to hold them back, at least long enough to help us escape.

“I’m so sorry Skylar,” I grunted.

“I don’t know who that is, but if you want to apologize to her then do me a favor and try to stay alive. We’re going to try and get you some help,” the girl who was helping me pleaded.

“We have to get to another camp Logan, do you have any idea if there’s one nearby?” she shouted to the back where the survivors were following.

“Uh...I’m not sure. When we left we…” Logan was cut off by a bullet that found its way into his head.

“LOGAN!!” her shriek deafened me.

Everyone shouted in fear as several volleys whizzed past us. We were a lot luckier than Logan was since they hadn’t hit anyone, well they were luckier than me at least.

“We have to get to the TARDIS. It’s safer there,” I offered weakly.

“Lead the way,” she accepted.

We were the first ones to arrive at the ship and enter. I removed myself from her grasp in order to begin to work the console. I was putting a lot of hope in the Tardis to work considering the shape it was in. But from what I knew, it was okay to use as long as its reality didn’t leak out. The show never really explained how exactly the Tardis was drived. But I somehow already knew.

As everyone started to come in, they gaped at how enormous it was inside compared to the outside. Those who got past the initial shock of the Tardis turned to shoot daggered glares at me, I ignored their behaviour as I had no clue what their problem was, while others turned to help their friends inside.

“It’s a bit cramped. I don’t think everyone will fit inside,” Skylar’s comment disappointed me.

It was the first time I heard someone criticize the ship’s iconic “Bigger on the inside” trope. But I couldn’t judge since I didn’t do the trope either when I discovered this.

The Tardis began to shake. Outside the trees shuddered. Something big was coming, and not everyone was in yet. Whatever was coming wouldn’t wait for them to get in and if we didn’t leave then everyone would die.

“We have to leave, now,” I turned to the girl who seemed to be their leader.

    She looked at me in disbelief, “I don’t care who you are, but we can’t just leave them out there. I’ve been with them for so long that I can’t abandon them.”

    “But if we stay, then all of them” -I motioned towards all the people inside of the ship- “Will be dead.” I winced as I struggled to remain conscious.

    “We…” I cut her short by knocking her out with a broken monitor. I dropped the machine in disbelief of what I’d just done.

    Other people looked over at me as I start up the engines. My vision kept blurring, not allowing me to select a destination. Ignoring my disability I set the Tardis to select random coordinates. I finally let myself give in to the fatigue. The last things I saw was my sight turning into a purple hue as the Tardis doors closed, inciting a cry of panic for both the people inside and outside.

    A volley of bullets was audible inside as the windows were splashed with the blood of the people who were left outside as the Tardis dematerialized.

    “I can’t save everyone,” I sobbed as darkness washed over me.

January 1, 2018