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“Kacchan! You can’t - you can’t do this!”

“Fucking watch me.”

The sun was only just peeking over the mountains surrounding the small village, casting the field and distant forest in an orange glow. The warmth of the atmosphere sharply contrasted the rage and indigance boiling in Bakugou’s gut.

He adjusted the sac slung over his shoulder, not bothering to look back at the pair he knew were standing within his four foot bubble.

“At least let us come with you, we can help-”

“Fuck you.” The words were sharp, intending to cut deep and hurt.

The only immediate response was a sharp exhale, and pebbles crunching under leather boots. He turned in time to snarl at his aprocher, stopping and drawing out a flinch from the cause of his rapidly swelling temper.

“I don't want your fucking help, I don't want anything to do with this bullshit.”

“That's not true. You don't mean that.” The green haired fucker at least had the decency to look meek.

“I do.” Bakugou bit out, “I’m leaving and I’m not coming back to this damn place.”


Fuck off Deku!” If it were not for the mismatched eyes he knew were watching his every move, he would have set the little shit on fire by now. As it were though, he was seriously considering doing it anyway. Frostbite be damned.

“You know the rules Kacchan! If not us then why don't you take-”

“Shut up!” Bakugou dropped his sac and closed the distance between then, grabing a fisful of Deku’s leather vest. “I don't want you or anybody following me! I’m not going to fucking be one of you weak-ass riders!”

The open shock on Deku’s face felt good, as if he had just slapped him.

“I don't need to rely on anyone else but myself, got that shitstain?”

“Y-You can’t, everyone-”

“What did I JUST say? Are you so stupid I’m going to need to repeat myself?” Bakugou’s grip tightened, and he felt a familiar popping sensation in the hand not buried in leather.

“I know you're f-frustrated! I can't imagine what it's like to not - to not have found your other half! B-but this is too rash! We should at least talk to-”

That was it. Bakugou’s hand lit up and he swung, aiming for Deku’s stupid fucking pitying face, but before it made contact, the fire was sizzled out by a cold hand trapping his fist. The sensation sent unpleasant needles radiating up from the contact, he jerked away from Deku and his pet .

“That's enough.” God Bakugou hated Todoroki. Stupid fucking dragon. Even when masquerading as a human the bastard always radiated this smug aura, like just because he was a dragon meant he was hot shit.

“Tell that to him.” Bakugou growled, shoving Deku back into Icy-hot. The dragon-playing-human caught the little fuck and despite his usual stoic face, Bakugou could see the slight twitch of his mouth. He was getting mad.

Good. He could use a real fight before he left.

But alas, Deku didn't know when to fucking give it up.

“There are only hunters past the ridge, you know this! The monsters fear humans, if one finds you it’ll attack!” His voice cracked as he spoke, fifteen years old and his voice still cracked? Pathetic.

“Good, maybe I’ll join them!”

His shout echoed between the jutting cliffs that protected the path leading up to the village. Bakugou swallowed, the weight of his words sinking in. No. He meant it. Fuck Monsters, fuck partners. He didn't need anybody, least of all some creature that supposedly he could bear his soul to?

Fuck. That.

“Y… You don't mean that. What if you find-” Deku’s voice was breaking again, looking at him with those stupid fucking eyes.

Pitying him.

Pitying the only one in the village who couldn't form a bond no matter how hard he tried.

“If I find my ‘other half’ out there then I’ll make damn sure to kill them.”

Bakugou turned on his heel to grab the sac he had packed last night and threw it back over his shoulder.

“You don't mean that.”

“And if I do?”

“I… I’ll stop you. We’ll stop you.” Deku’s voice became more firm, promoting Bakugou to glance over his shoulder at the pair.

Ugly painful jealousy blossomed in his gut.

Deku. The destined child, the “prodigy”. He was the smallest and weakest out of all of them, yet the village believed he was some hero of legend because Todoroki chose him? Because together they mastered things some seasoned pros struggled with?

Because Toshinori liked them more.

Because they were going to be the successors.

His birthright.

Because he couldn't form a bond with some stupid subhuman fucks.

Bakugou scoffed and turned away, “If we meet again I’ll kill you both.”

“Please… Kacchan, don't do this. This isn't you.”

Bakugou furrowed his brows, and started walking, “You don't know me.”

Nobody knows me.



10 years later


It was an unimpressive village, in all honesty. Sure, Bakugou had seen villages in worse repair, far worse, but that didn't make this shanty-ass place any more appealing to the eye. He was in farm country though, so it was to be expected.

Upon reaching a pair of decorated pillars, Bakugou slid off Killer’s back. She snorted and reeled her head back to snap at him, a movement he easily ducked out of the way of. He flicked her nose and tutted at her, “Where you even trying?”

She shook her black mane in response.

He led the mare in by the reins, grip close to the corner of her mouth so she didn’t try to bite him again. As they entered the village, people stopped mid-task to stare. The standard response by now, after all - it wasn't every day the King of Beasts strode into town.

It took barely a minute for a short, stout man to come stumbling towards him, eyes wide and frantic, “You came! I can not believe you actually came!”

The man reached out to grab Bakugou’s shoulder, but he was intercepted by a bone-crushing grip to his wrist. The King of Beasts snarled at him, “Do. Not. Touch. Me.”

As expected, the man jerked back, apologies falling out of his mouth faster than he could really enunciate them. Bakugou took pity on the sniveling fool and let go of his hand, it’d bruise but otherwise the man was left unharmed.

He cut straight to the point, “You have a monster problem.”

“Y-yes, yes we do. Let us talk inside, please.” The bulbous welp made a pathetic attempt to straighten his ragged clothes out and turned around, leading Bakugou, and by extension, Killer, up a slope to a house that was nestled at the top of a hill. As they reached the top, Bakugou let go of his black mare, letting her wander away for the time being.

The house was small and looked barely held together, much like the other houses it overlooked. It must be a poor village, so his payment was going to be fuck all wasn't it? Stifling an irritated sigh, Bakugou walked through the held-open door.

He was directed to a table that had two mugs on it already, with a corked bottle between them. Bakugou took a seat on one of the cushions and peered suspiciously at the drink inside.

“We can not offer you much in the way of money, but we have food and furs.” The balding man started, kneeling opposite of Bakugou.

“Whatever. I’m here for the dragon. I was told that it is a Riot, correct?”

“Y-yes. That would be correct. I don't know much about monsters, heh, much less dragons. But I’d suppose it was full grown.” Baldy supplied, taking a timpid sip from his mug.

“What problems has it caused?” Bakugou took a swig of the mysterious drink, sake, it seemed. An unusual flavor, likely brewed in-village.

“Um. Pardon?”

“What has the Riot done? Burned crops, attacked people? Missing livestock?” He pressed, irritation beginning to surface again.

“I-Oh. Well. It hasn't really done anything to us yet-”

“Then why the fuck am I here?” Came the snarled response. Bakugou slammed his mug on the table and shifted his weight, rising to his feet.

“W-Wait! It’s killed people, just not from the village!” Baldy exclaimed desperately.

After a beat Bakugou sat back down and bared his teeth, “Start talking old geezer.”

“R-Right. Well, um. You're not the first Hunter that’s come through here, you see. You’d be the eighth… It’s killed every Hunter thats tried to take it down. F-food isn't very plentiful where it’s made its lair, so we think it’ll come for us soon. And if it does… Well. If seven of the best can't take it down, what hope do we have?”

“Maybe hire actual Hunters and not useless greenhorns?”

“W-well that's why we called you here. You're the best of the best right?” Baldy gestured to the teeth hanging from his neck, “You have the trophies to back it up.”

“Has it given any indication that it is planning to attack?” Bakugou eventually inquired after a heavy exhale.

“I-uh. I don't know. It stalks the cliff ridge above the village a lot. It looks like it’s sizing us up.”

Bakugou frowned, dragons were largely silent hunters (not to mention never nested this close to a village). Even Riots - the most aggressive of the species - hid out of sight until they launched their attack. Making its presence known is highly unusual for an adult. He could be working with an adolescent, those usually were stupider and sometimes gave themselves away before they attacked.

Unless it was diseased.

“Fine, I’ll take care of your fucking problem. By the time I get back I want the food and furs packed up, I don't have time to wait around for you to get your heads out of your asses, are we clear?”


Bakugou downed the rest of the sake in a single swig and left the house without another word.

Tracking down Killer had been a pain in the ass, but he found her eventually behind Baldy’s house. She snapped at him when he got close, managing to snag some of his red cloak, “Oi! Cut that shit out you useless pack animal.”

Her nostrils flared, but the cape was dropped from her teeth. Fucking maniac.

After mounting her he rode the path down and out of the village. He ignored the eyes and less-than-subtle whispers. They were not worth his time.

Once out of town, he pulled the reins back and slowed Killer to a stop. Cliffs surrounded the village like a protective wall, shielding the farmland and homes from the outside world. They towered tall and steep, leaving little potential points to climb up them.

From what Bakugou could tell, the area above was rocky, and likely held many dips and smaller crevices that would under normal circumstances make for a decent den; however it’s proximity to the village would have deterred any normal dragon from claiming the territory.

He spurred Killer back into motion and began to study the cliffs, searching for potential paths upward. It was all sheer rocks, as if someone had cut the cliffs with a knife, leaving nothing but smooth edges all the way up. Bakugou wondered how many hunters the dragon killed versus how many of those morons tried to scale the rockface and fell to their deaths.

He snorted at the thought.

It had to have been at least an hour before Bakugou dismounted Killer, ducking under her teeth as he approached the rocks. It was a steep climb, but from what he could see - his best bet upwards. He had climbed more dangerous slopes before, and he’d do it again.

Monsters never liked to hide in easy to reach places afterall.

He knelt down to adjust the straps along his boots, and tightened his sword on his belt. His quiver and bow were securely tied underneath his cloak, leaving him armed and prepared for the fight to come.

After a quick crack of his knuckles, Bakugou leapt at the cliffside, digging his boots into small chips formed by the natural wear of the stone. He pulled himself up, hands grasping at a small outing and heaved himself upward, feet finding dips or protrusions in the rock to support his weight. Red eyes scanned each rock, every step, as he knew the higher he got, the deadlier the fall. After killing the Crimson Riot - a riot dragon that had gone mad three years ago - Bakugou would be damned if he didn’t go down in a proper fight.

It was not Bakugou’s first rock climb, and he pulled himself over the edge with relative ease. He was seriously considering forgoing the cape next time, that shit is heavy. Once he caught his breath he peered over the edge to see Killer standing where he left her, she’d probably wander off to fuck - knows - where soon, but he was confident enough he’d find her again. Always did.

Now, he had a dragon to kill.

Dragon’s were the rarest of the monsters, preferring to live in small colonies away from humans and by extension, hunters. In his life Bakugou had only encountered three dragons in a hunt, he defeated each one he fought. Not without some scars, those fuckers were tough, but their deaths cemented his place as King of Beasts.

He wore each of their foremost fangs around his neck as a badge of honor, proof that he was stronger than anything, any one.

Even so, a dragon - especially riot class - was not a monster to fight unprepared. Bakugou had no doubt in his abilities, but he didn't survive as a hunter for nine years being an idiot.

He kept low to the ground, moving in slow practiced steps to avoid making noise. Without knowing where exactly the beast’s lair was, he would be vulnerable to ambushes or running into the creature unprepared.

Eventually, his slinking around payed off. To his right, he heard the sound of scales scraping on stone, a sign of the dragon moving. Bakugou remained hunched and silent, finding cover behind a jutting boulder, carved almost unnaturally to be like a spiked pillar, deep rivets dragged along its sides. Likely a scratching post for the dragon.

From his position, he was only able to make out the end of the monster’s red tail. He shifted, biding his time until the dragon moved again, and used the creature’s distraction to jump behind a smaller boulder closer to the dragon’s resting place. With no indication that the dragon heard him, Bakugou crouched down and peered around the curved side of the stone, finally able to size up what he’d be up against.

Well, shit.

The riot was full grown, that was for sure, deep crimson scales covered the monster’s entire body, even the long horns protruding from its head were a deep red; giving away the creature’s age. The lack of any blackening around its eyes, horns, or any sort of stripe going down it’s neck put the monster’s age at a young adult. While with the fins coming from the sides of its - his - head displayed gender. The monster radiated power - which was to be expected, he had killed seven hunters before after all.

Bakugou wasn't intimidated, but he knew he’d have to be on his A game if he wanted to live. He carefully unclasped his bow and quiver from under his cloak, reattaching his quiver at his hip instead. The best way to kill him will be to get the fucker in the air, exposing his soft and vulnerable underbelly. After tightening his cloak around him he took aim and let the arrow fly.

There was a ping as the arrow instead of sinking into flesh, bounced off stone. He missed.

Instead, where the dragon’s shoulder should have been was now empty, the monster on his feet and teeth bared at the boulder Bakugou was behind. Impressive, the creature wasn't as stupid as he looked. After a moment’s consideration, he loaded another arrow and stepped out from behind his cover.

“Alright you big fuck, I’m sure you know the drill by now. So lets make this quick, yeah? I don't have all day.” Bakugou said, dropping the pretense.

This one deserved a real fight - and damn had it been a long time since he had been so excited for a good old fashioned battle.

The dragon’s head lowered, mouth quirking awkwardly in a way that could only be described as a grin and let flames dance out between his teeth.

Bakugou returned the look with a sneer of his own, “You should be feel flattered, not every monster gets the honor of dying to the King of Beasts.”

The dragon snorted and with an explosion of power, charged forward, barely giving Bakugou any time to react. He whirled around, and fired an arrow, this one sticking into the dragon’s side. The monster reeled on his hinds legs and slammed his shoulder down into the ground, throwing Bakugou off balance enough for a long tail to catch his ribs, sending him flying to the ground some feet away.

He coughed, “You little shit.”

The dragon didn't give him the time to recover, instead opting for charging forward again. Raising up and slamming his deadly claws down where Bakugou’s head would have been if he hadn't rolled out of the way. Another arrow was loaded and fired, this time striking the beast in the shoulder.

It was enough for the dragon to pull back in a recoil, giving the King of Beasts a chance to jump to his feet and fire another arrow. It flew too high when he had to jump out the way of the dragon’s claws.

Bakugou managed to put some more distance between them, and he fired another arrow - nailing him again in the arm. Not aiming for killing shots yet, instead trying to coax the dragon into the air.

The dragon lit the stones on fire in retaliation with a roar that could shake the heavens. Elation sparked in Bakugou’s gut as he hid behind his cloak, protecting him from the worst of the flames. He pushed his cloak back when the monster relented and aimed another arrow, this time closer to his neck.

“Fire enchantments motherfucker!” He hollered boisterously, dancing back to avoid that damn tail from getting him a second time.

Molten eyes regarded him for a moment, before narrowing into barely visible slits. The dragon’s body started trembling and the scales that had been lying flat against his skin starting rising, dark red spines growing along his back and the sides of his tail.

“Should have done that from the start you useless lizard!” Bakugou laughed and rolled out the way of another aimed swipe. He tossed his bow to the side for now, arrows were useless when riot dragons were in their ‘hardened’ forms. Instead he pulled out a sword and brandished it at the red monster with a manic grin.

Without a moment’s pause the dragon charged him again, something Bakugou avoided narrowly, but his dodge left him open for the tail that swung around, sharp spines burying themselves in his side. He screamed his pain and was once again flung, back slamming against the boulder he had just taken shelter behind.

“Fuck.” Bakugou hissed, stood, and grabbed his side. The punctures were deep, but missed the vital parts of him. He’d be fine.

Red talons entered his vision briefly before on instinct Bakugou thrust his sword forward, burying it deep in the dragon’s foot. It shrieked in pain, and pulled back - allowing the sword in Bakugou’s death grip to slip out as he did - putting distance between them once more.

Taking note of potential weak points in the dragon’s new armor, Bakugou rushed him with hopes of taking the dragon off guard. He dug the edge of his blade into a gap between lifted scales, warmth hit his face as blood spurted from the wound. The skin underneath the scales was tough, not giving him the chance to sink the blade in proper before the dragon’s head reeled around and slammed into Bakugou’s left arm.

The splintering crack of bone was heard and Bakugou flew.

Bakugou cried out, tasting salt from the sweat of his upper lip. He curled in onto himself briefly, labored breaths same in desperate pants while he forced the adrenaline back down, if he lost control of his body now he would die.

He wobbled to his feet - left arm hanging completely useless at his side - just in time for the dragon to right itself. Bakugou chuckled at the limp the reptile now sported, “Alright, a limb for a limb eh? We match.”

Popping sounds filled the air and Bakugou charged forward, letting the magic burn his arm as he fired at blast at the dragon. It snarled at him and hid behind a tattered wing, keeping his eyes safe from the fire.

Bakugou took the distraction to get closer, firing another blast, this one just dancing off crimson scales as it were water. The scales were fireproof - but the sensitive skin underneath was not. Explosions cracked from his palm as he gripped the dragon’s left leg, blood staining his hands from the pierce of scales, and poured all the power he could into a single blast.

Fire scorched the open stab wound, putrid smell of burning flesh staining the air. The dragon howled in pain and jumped back, but it’s footing had been lost and the dragon crumpled to the ground.

Bakugou’s body moved on instinct. Forgoing his sword, he flew to where the dragon’s head had slammed against the rock and grabbed a horn. With a harsh jerk, he turned the dragon’s head to the left and straddled his neck, effectively pinning the dragon to the ground.

“I won!” He wheezed, blinking sweat from his lashes, “That means I own you now, got that?”

Red-orange eyes met them, a perfect mirror to his own. The eyes were neither entirely red, nor entirely orange, instead had a swirl of both mixed together, flecks of yellow catching in the right light. The hues played off each other like the very fire the mighty beast could command.

The pupils dilated, and slowly, the scales Bakugou realized were digging painfully into his inner thighs relaxed, becoming smooth once more beneath him.

It was only when Bakugou allowed himself to sit on the dragon’s neck proper that his actions sunk in. He had spared the dragon. He had spared a monster.

The King of Beasts never spared a monster.

Bakugou stared at the dragon’s face, currently relaxed and the eye he could see was closed. His breathing was labored, much like the Hunter’s own, and he could see the traces of pain in the creases between his brows.


Why did he spare this useless creature? It was far from the strongest monster he had faced, yet as the battle high started to come down, he felt a sense of accomplishment that should not be there.

Taking down a dragon was no easy feat, but not even the drawn out battle with the Crimson Riot had been that fun. When was the last time he truly enjoyed a battle?

Bakugou stood and stepped off the dragon, returning to where his sword had been flung away during the brawl. The tip was chipped off, he noticed after he examined the blade. He would need to get that repaired before his next hunt. After sliding the weapon back into its sheath, movement against stone got his attention.

He turned around to find the dragon’s face inches from his. A yelp that Bakugou would never admit to escaped his lips and he stumbled back. On instinct he drew his sword and prepared to stab the dragon, but it’s rounded pupils showed no fight left in them - only disgustingly puppy-like curiosity.

The red scaled nose nudged against the blade, the egotistical little fucker probably knew it wouldn't pierce the scales easily. He growled and returned the sword to its proper place on his hip. Of course doing so brought immediate regret as the dragon clearly took that as a sign of friendship and nudged against Bakugou’s stomach a few times.

Bakugou cut that shit out real fast and shoved the head away from him, “Get away from me you fucking lizard!”

The dragon let out a series of short breaths - laughter - he recognized. “Oi! Don't you fucking laugh at me, I’ll kill you!”

It was infuriating how completely calm the dragon was now. It rocked back on his hind legs and sat down, eyes watching him the way a fascinated toddler would. Ugh.

Bakugou decided it would be best to ignore the stupid thing, it’d get bored eventually. He scowled when his eyes settled on the remains of his bow. With a groan, Bakugou approached the broken weapon and picked up a splintered half of it, holding it up to the dragon “Really? You had to break this? Do you have any idea how much gold this fucking thing cost me?”

The dragon trilled, looking far too pleased with himself.


The Hunter let the broken bow fall from his hand, it was too far gone to be repaired, so he would have to invest in an entirely new one.

“I should skin you to pay for my new bow.” He threatened, but like before, the dragon appeared completely unphased by the threat. “Tch, you probably don't even understand what I’m saying, stupid reptile.”

That got him a raised brow-ridge.

Of course, Bakugou knew dragons and most monsters were just as sentient as humans, but he often tried to forget that. It was easier to stomach killing mindless animals than intelligent beings.

Bakugou stood and flinched when his arm jostled too much with the movement. He would have to set and bind it before he did anything else. He didn't want to remove the arm cover he had until he got to a place he would be able to handle it, since he knew it was likely the only thing keeping the swelling down now.

How the fuck was he going to get down the cliff face?

Bakugou groaned and brought his right wrist up to his mouth, using his teeth to slide the sleeve off his good arm. His whole arm hurt like a mother fucker, but the noticeable deformity was on his forearm, likely being a break in his radius or ulna.

The Hunter drew in a breath and pressed down on the bulge, searing white pain pricked behind his eyes. He stopped and took a gulp of air, his chest constricted as his brain did it’s damndest to convince him to leave it alone. If left alone it would get worse, he knew, but fuck . Broken bones never got any easier to deal with.

He walked over to a rock about hip height. He laid his left arm over it, suppressing the hiss of pain that threatened to come up from the action. Bakugou drew in a breath, and with his right hand, he pressed the bulge he knew was his bone back into place. His entire being screamed at him to stop, and he knew if not for the sleeve stuffed into his mouth he would have bitten off his tongue.

An eternity passed before finally a snap echoed through the cliffs and the bone was back in place. Probably.

Bakugou spit the cloth out and dry heaved over the rock, fuck bones.

A rumbling sound brought him back to reality, thankfully, he didn't puke but damn did he feel disgusting anyway. He lifted his head to see the useless reptile, and the cause of the broken bone, sniffing at the limb he just finished fixing.

“If you fucking touch that arm I swear to the Old Gods I will end you.”

The dragon gave him a chargined look, at least the fuckwhit had the decency to feel bad about it. It’s expression suddenly changed and before Bakugou could react, a hot tongue was pressed against his cheek. He choked out a shout then immediately placed his right hand on the red fuck’s face and let an explosion rip from his hand.

It pulled back with a snort, but otherwise looked no worse for wear. “Don't fucking touch me you overgrown iguana!”

He was met with laughter again, and Bakugou scowled at the monster, he was thoroughly regretting sparing the little shit now.

An idea popped into his head, he couldn't get down the cliff himself, but he had a servant now right? Maybe letting the worthless fuck live had been worthwhile.

“Oi! I’m your Master now so you have to do as I say.” He grabbed the sleeve and tied a sling around his left arm, “I command you to carry me down the cliff.”

The dragon stared at him, then stood, turned around, and started walking away.

Oh that fucker.

Bakugou did not run, but he did power walk to catch up with the limping reptile, “Hey! Did you not hear me, I said-”

He was cut off when the dragon suddenly turned around, all teeth. Bakugou immediately reached for his sword but the action was lost when instead of closing around him, the teeth sunk into the fur of his cloak. The fight left him momentarily in his confusion as he feet were then no longer touching the ground.

After a moment, the dragon started moving forward again, going in the direction Bakugou had originally came from. It didn't take long for what the red fuck was doing to sink in, the asshole was scruffing him! How dare he!?

Bakugou kicked and flailed as much as possible without needlessly jostling his left arm, “Oi! What the fuck do you think you're doing!? I am NO hatchling you airbag! I am your Master and I demand to be carried properly!”

He threw in a blast or two for good measure.

He was completely ignored.

This was infuriating, he spared this dragon’s life and this was the thanks he got? Ungrateful fucker.

He continued squirming until the dragon all but dropped him onto some grass. Bakugou jumped to his feet and fired a blast at the ungrateful red ruck for good measure, then took a moment to take in his surroundings. The village was out of sight and the cliffs that surrounded it were no longer casing them in.

Instead there were uneven jutted rocks that would eventually lead up to the rocky cliffs, but it appeared they were uphill of them now. Fuck. He needed to go back to get his payment, and collect his murderous horse.

Bakugou groaned, and walked around the big red shit. He was was too proud to get carried like that again. He was a Hunter, not a hatchling - and he’d be damned if that happened again.

The dragon had other plans, apparently. Even with an admittedly bad limp, the dragon’s strides were longer than the human’s and he was able to catch up and block Bakugou’s path back down. His head lowered, slightly mismatched eyes studying the human as if he had potentially gone mad.

Bakugou snorted and shoved the inquiring head aside, “Get out of the way. I have a payment to collect on and a horse to find.”

Red - it was easier than calling him the useless waste of space lizard that he was - scoffed, and scruffed Bakugou again, but instead of walking further away, he turned and started picking his way down the hill that would lead to the village.

“What did I say about carrying me like this?!” He screamed, bringing a fist up and punching the dragon’s nose. A rumble was his response.

Bakugou tried to pry the strong jaws open with his good hand, but all that got was dragon slobber all over his arm.

“I hate you. I should have killed you when I had the chance.”

The dragon hummed, and set Bakugou down. At least he was smart enough to know not to come close to the village. “You better fucking stay here. If I have to track your ass down I will saw your horns off and sell them.”

Red sat down obediently, though something in his expression was a bit too smug for the Hunter’s liking.

Bakugou scowled, “Shitty lizard.”

Red trilled in response, the scar over his right eye pinching when he closed his eyes.

“Don't look so pleased with yourself.”