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Earth Angel, Will You be Mine?

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"Lou, I'll take a Pepsi," you say, walking into the café with little more than a quarter.

The owner smiles at you as you sit in your normal bar stool. "Isn't it a bit early for a Pepsi, Y/N?" He teases, winking at you. 

You roll your eyes, but grin nonetheless. You may be new in Hill Valley, but the owner has been your closest friend since day one. He seems to know all the right things to say. Even if you don't agree with his treatment of one of his employees, Goldie Wilson, you try not to get too upset about it. After all, it's not your business, and Lou really is a good guy, after all.

"Actually, Father sent me here. He wanted me out of the house for the day. Apparently, the outside is nice."

Lou laughs. "What are you doing inside, anyway? What's there to do but twiddle your thumbs?"

You shrug. "Think about boys. Do homework. Write some stuff."

"You can hardly be serious."

"Oh, but I am!" Your cheeks redden a bit at the idea of telling Lou about your writing. "I'm not very good, but I do enjoy it."

You check the clock on the wall and is a bit disappointed to see how slowly time has passed. Lou passes you a Pepsi and you smile at him and sigh.

"What's the matter, Y/N?" He asks, washing a plate with a white rag.

You sigh. "I suppose I'm just missing my old home. I had so many friends that I loved and well... the boys were cuter," you admit with a giggle.

Lou rolls his eyes at you. "You girls just don't give up, do you?"

You sigh again. "How did you and your wife meet? Was it love at first sight?"

Lou puts the dish down and that dreamy look returns to his eyes. "We actually met during a party right before the first World War began. I couldn't keep my eyes off her and I knew when I talked to her for the first time that she was the woman that I was destined to be with."

"That's so romantic," you sigh. "I wish it would happen to me like that."

You don't notice as a boy comes in and sits a couple seats away from you, asking simply for a bowl of cornflakes.

You sigh again, imagining the boy you had a crush on back home. Jonah Harrison. He was tall and had green eyes, like a forest in spring. He was the one you wanted to be with... until you moved.

Suddenly, the doors burst open, and both you and Lou look up. Standing at the door is a boy about five foot five, his hair slicked back and his face looking lost. You examine his face, and decide to ask what was wrong.

You open your mouth to speak, but Lou gets to him first. "Hey, kid, what'd you do, jump ship?"

He furrows an eyebrow. "What?"

You close your mouth and turn to Lou. "What's with the life preserver?"

The boy walks forward a bit and looks at Lou desperately. "I just want to use the phone."

Lou looks back at you, confused, then back at the boy. "Yeah, it's in the back."

The boy nods and runs to the phone booth.

"He's a bit odd, isn't he?" Lou asks.

"He must be now in town," you reply, curious about him. 

He comes back out moments later, a page of the phone book in his hand. "Do you know where 1640 Riversi-"

"Are you gonna order something, kid?" Lou interrupts, seeming annoyed by the boy's strange behaviors.

"Uh... yeah. Gimmie... gimmie a Tab." He sits next to you and the quiet one sitting a few seats down.

You look at him strangely. Who is this boy?

"Tab? Can't give you a tab unless you order something!"

"Okay, give me a Pepsi Free."

Free drink? Who does he think he is?

Lou rolls his eyes. "If you want a Pepsi, pal, you're going to pay for it!"

The boy takes on Lou's annoyed look, and clearly frustrated, answers, "look, just give me something without any sugar in it, alright?"

Lou raises an eyebrow at him. "Something without sugar..." He pulls out a coffee and the boy throws a few coins on the counter.

He puts his hand on the back of his head, and it dawns on you how similar he and the guy sitting next to him look, as they both sit at the counter in the same position. 

"Hey McFly," you hear, and you groan. The town bully, Biff Tannen, just stopping by to do his daily dose of pain. You have so far avoided his wrath, as you are pretty, but not quite up to Lorraine Baines standards. No one will ever be as beautiful as her... at least, according to Biff.

"What do you think you're doing?"

The boy glares at Biff as if he's seen him before, though considering how new he is in town, you're not sure how they would know each other. However, your suspicions are confirmed when he mutters, "Biff," under his breath, as if he's surprised to see him. 

"Hey, I'm talking to you, McFly, you Irish bug!"

"Oh hey, Biff, guys, how you doing?"

The boy turns his face towards the quiet boy, known as McFly, and you sneak a glance at Lou, who just shrugs. You try to withhold your anger as Biff tortures poor McFly, and just focus your anger into curiosity, which makes it worse.

"I don't wanna see you in here anymore," Biff calls back to McFly as he leaves, and you sigh.

"Alright, bye bye," McFly replies innocently, and you sigh.

You want the mystery boy to talk to you, but he's staring at the McFly boy as if he were a ghost.

He drops his spoon and glances back at him. "What?" He asks, crudely.

"You're George McFly!" He replies, almost in awe. You can only wonder more about him. His voice is well... kind of cute, if you're being honest. You love the mystery involved with him, and his strange behaviors only make you more into him. 

You're snapped out of your trance by Goldie Wilson, who's trying to convince the McFly boy, apparently named George, to stand up for himself, which, after that display, you imagine won't happen.

"No, sir! I'm going to night school, and one day, I'm going to be somebody!" Goldie says. 

"That's right, he's gonna be mayor!" Mystery Boy calls out. This makes you suspicious. After all, how could he know that? Something about him isn't adding up for you, and now that you've met him, you can't help but want more. You can already tell that this boy is going to bring you adventure, mystery, and maybe even a romance.

You watch as George leaves while Goldie rants on, but Mystery has his back to it, and he somehow meets your eyes. His eyes are blue like a summer sky on a sunny day. His face is smooth, and you admire his small dimple on his left cheek. His mouth is drawn into a permanent line, but his button nose makes up for it. He gives you a quick smile, and your heart skips a beat.

Oh dear...

Goldie starts sweeping after Lou's near reprimand, and Mystery sighs and turns back to look at George, who's left. He drops his coffee back onto his dish, and when he hears the bicycle bell ding, he stands up. 

"Shit," he mumbles, and right as he's about to walk out the door, you stop him. 

"Wait!" You call out, and he turns to you, his face still looking a bit panicked. "What's your name?" You ask quietly.

"Uh... Marty," he says quickly, before taking off after George.

You turn back towards the counter, where you find Lou's knowing smirk. "I saw how you looked at him," he says. 

You scoff. "I don't even know him. All he told me was that his name is Marty."

"Come on, Y/N. I know what I saw!"

"It was nothing," you insist, folding your arms over your chest. "I need to be going anyway. Father would expect me home for lunch."

"It's only nine!"

"Well... we have lunch early on Saturdays." You quickly stand up and scurry off, only secretly hoping that you'll bump into the mysterious Marty again today.