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Worlds Without an End

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Son of All for One

There’s a reason why Midoriya Hisashi hasn’t been in the picture.

He’s not dead…technically

After all, how can someone who never really existed be labelled as deceased?

Well, not really.

Midoriya Hisashi at one point or another did exist…

As did Yoemon Sanetomo,

Tsuchiyama Ryuichi

Takai Hidemichi

Kinoshita Taisuke

Imaizumi Katsuhiko

And many more…

Midoriya Hisashi died alone in a ditch in the middle of nowhere, his body burned to a crisp and beyond recognition, and Quirkless.

Midoriya Hisashi, however continued to live his life as a semi-successful person. He met a kind woman and after a number of years, proposed to her and married her.

Then he left…

The fun was over…

Midoriya Hisashi left on an important and extended business trip, leaving only fleeting memories, the occasional monetary support…and a wife.

A wife who gazed at a closed door with silent tears streaming down her cheeks as, unknown to her and Midoriya Hisashi, a new life began to grow within her.

A few years later when All for One had his battle with All Might and went into hiding to nurse his wounds, he had the distinctive feeling that he had forgotten something.

After all, severe head injuries can sometime result in the loss of memories…

And a number of years after that, when All for One in his dark room gazed upon the image of a certain UA student, he felt as if he knew someone with the same forest green hair and bright green eyes…