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Living Together

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Jimi was sitting on the couch mindlessly staring at the tv. There wasn't anything to do. Bob was working on his music at the studio so he was home alone. He thought about his and Bob's friendship.

They got along fairly well, they had a lot in common they always had a joke to share or a drunken of the two depending on how weird they felt like acting. Jimi could say that Bob was one of his best friends.

Jimi hadn't gotten laid in a good while, he looked up at the ceiling letting his mind travel to foxy ladies in bikinis. He grinned at the thought and then imagined Bob in a skimpy bikini and burtsed out laughing. He laughed until his sides hurt. Bob looked pretty good in a binki though. He thought before getting up, 'maybe I should tell him.'

He went back to his room where he settled down on his water bed, he lit up a joint he had sitting on his dresser and took a drag. He held the joint with one hand and unfastened his belt with the other. He felt himself idly before going to stroke it.

He let out a sigh of relief as he sped up alittle imaging a group of the finest women he'd ever seen touching him and moaning, wanting him more than anything. He smirked as he imagined them all caressing and licking his cock. And then the door opened.

Jimi lazily looked over at the intruder. Bob looked at him for a little while and then adverted his gaze,''Umm Talk to me when you're finished okay.'' Bob says more to the wall. Jimi felt himself blush slightly his hand still on his cock. He awkwardly said,''Okay...'' Bob quickly closed the door and went to get himself a drink.

Jimi sighed emabarassment flooding through him,''Shit.''

When Jimi finished he sat down with Bob. Bob acted as if nothing even happened drinking his wine. ''I thought you were working in the studio all day?''

''We finished sooner than we thought we would. And from now on I know to knock...'' Bob said absently. Jimi snickered shaking his head. Bob shrugged and said,''Who did you think about? Was is that one girl from the café?'' Jimi tensed,''You know I don't like her man!'' ''You do.'' Bob says smiling.

Jimi laughed,''Nah I just thought about hot girls...and you in a bikini.''

Bob looked at him,''I hate you.'' Jimi bursted out laugh,''But you'd look good in a bra!'' ''Please stop.'' Bob says shaking his head,''I rather just be naked.''

''That's nice too.'' Jimi said looking as if he was imagining it. Bob punched his shoulder,''Don't you dare!''

Jimi said,''Have you ever thought of Jerkin it together?''

Bob nodded shyly,''Yeah...but I thought you wouldn't want to...'' Jimi looked at him side ways,''Bob you know I'm not exactly straight, I wouldn't have minded.''

Bob blushed and said,''You wouldn't want to with me would you?'' Jimi nodded,''Trust me I would baby.'' Bob squirmed,''Don't call me that man.'' Jimi scooted closer to him,''Why? because it turns you on?''

Bob leaned in and whispered,''Yeah.'' he started undoing his belt. Jimi looked at him amused. ''Jimi you don't have to do it too, I just want you to watch me this time.'' Bob said his voice becoming rough with arousal.

Jimi smiled as Bob pulled his cock out stroking lightly, Bob's head fell back on the couch as he let out a sigh of relief,''Fuck...''

Jimi bit his lip as he watched his best friend play with himself, he was feeling himself become hard again already. Bob whispered,''Talk dirty to me...''

Jimi watched him intently and whispered,''You like it when I watch you baby? I bet you wish it were my hands making you all hard and hot hm?'' Bob nodded and moaned.

''Pump that cock for me baby, how do you feel?'' Jimi whispered. ''It feels fuckin good...'' Bob murmured. ''Oh what a good boy doing as he's told...I want to play with those little perky nipples...can I baby? Can I make you feel good?'' Jimi said rubbing his hand on Bob's chest.

''Oh fuck yeah you can!'' Bob said his eyes shut as he felt closer to coming. Jimi pulled up his shirt and began playing with Bob's nipples gently sucking on one and playing lightly with the other. Bob let out a loud moan,''Fuck yeah! Oooh I'm gonna cum Jimi! I'm gonna fucking cum!''

''Come for me baby.'' Jimi murmured before roughly sucking and playing with his nipples again. Bob let out a shriek as he reached his climax.

Bob sighed as he calmed down,''Oh, that felt so fucking good.'' Bob says as he laid back back fastening his clothes back up. Jimi smiled,''You sound so sexy when you're horny.''

''Shut up.''

''But you do...''

''Shut it! This never happened.''

''But it'll happen again...'' Jimi whispered.

Bob blushed,''shut up already Jimi.''

''Are you emabarassed?''

''What do you think Jimi I just screamed like a fucking girl.'' Bob said blushing.

''But I love your screams.'' Jimi says leaning onto him.

''You creepy bastard you.'' Bob said jokingly and cuddled into Jimi's side. ''We should really do this again sometime.'' Jimi says. ''Oh we will.'' Bob says smiling.