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The Valar's Gift and Soul Songs

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Hobbits are unique in many ways. From hearing the soul-songs of others to remembering past lives, there are many secrets hobbits have that the other races are unaware of. One such secret is The Valar's Gift. A second chance to change what has already passed and forged a better future.

It is, Belarose Baggins thought while staring at the wall of the bedroom she had not been in since she was a tween, perhaps the most well-kept secret in all of Arda. So well kept, that even most hobbits think it a myth. She got up from her bed on silent feet, and carefully walked towards her door. Opening it, she froze as she heard something that she hadn't heard since Fell Winter.

Take my hand, take a breath

She continued silently down the steps, heart beginning to beat faster.

Pull me close and take one step

Reaching the kitchen doorway, Bel stopped and watched. Inside the kitchen, with the table pushed to the side were Bungo Baggins and Belladonna Baggins nee Took. Her mother once more teaching her father a dance she had learned on one of her adventures.

Keep your eyes locked on mine

And let the music be your guide

Bel kept a watch over her parents as they danced, lost in the music of the song and each other. She could see the love that shined so brightly in the pair's eyes, and she found a fond but sad smile twitch her lips upwards. The last time she had heard their combined soul-song had been shortly before Fell Winter before her father was lost and her mother soon followed.

Won't you promise me? (Now won't you promise me? that you'll never forget)

We'll keep dancing (To keep dancing)

Wherever we go next

The sound of the duet, unsung by mortal voices and unheard to the ears of other races washed over her. Eyes closed, she listened as her parents' souls continued to sing in harmony, the both locked in a world with just the two of them. A thought occurred to Bela as she leaned against the doorframe. Slowly, she blocked out the noise of her parents' song and turned her focus inwards, towards her own.

I should have stolen every moment

Now there's a page with not enough on it

Where we belong

Bela tensed and nearly lost her focus as the unfamiliar song that had risen up to greet her. Gone was the cheerful childish song that had been hers at this age, the mourning one after Fell Winter or the bittersweet one after the Quest for Erebor. As she continued to listen she had to admit this song suited her more, especially as the chorus struck.

Love who you love

With all that you have

And don't waste the time that flies so fast

One line struck her the most. Something she had wished bitterly for years that she had done.

And say that you do

She had never told Thorin that she loved him. At least not in any compacity beyond that of a friend. And the line didn't just apply to him. After she had lost her parents, she had wished for the rest of her life she had told them how much she had loved them more often.

I hope the days come easy and the moments pass slow

Bela jerked her eyes open at the sudden change in songs only to meet the eyes of her concerned parents. She knew why they were looking at her that way. Soul Songs had few reasons to change (though occasionally someone does have more than one - it's incredibly rare though). When you met your Heart you would gain another one - always a duet, and when you had children as well (You also have one for any siblings/close kin or friends). But a change to the song that represented something integral to who you are wasn't something that happened for no reason.

As a child, Bela could count on one hand the number of people she had known as more than just neighbors or acquaintances or distant relatives who had that happen. Lobelia's and Otho's had each changed when they had been forced into an arranged marriage with each other - they were each other's Heart but they had not been ready for that step. Old Took's had changed when her grandmother passed away. As had her own mother when Bungo had been lost.

As an adult, Bela experienced this with the dwarrow after Thorin, Fili, and Kili had been lost. With all of the Fellowship after the quest to destroy the One Ring. So for her to (in her parents' eyes) wake up with a new soul song, it was a concern.

"Belarose? What happened?" Bungo frowned at his daughter. Her new soul song was both lovely and at the same time worrying.

And each road leads you where you wanna go

"I have a lot to tell you Papa, Mama.

And if you're faced with a choice, and you have to choose

"Come sit down Bela. We'll listen." Belladonna had alway's known the things her daughter wouldn't say. That last sentence eased a tension in Bela that she herself had not noticed.


I hope you choose the one that means the most to you.


'That's exactly what I plan on doing.' Bela thought as the male voice washed over her as her parents lead her to sit in the living room. As she looked at them, taking in her very much living parents, she knew that she had a lot to do to make sure all of her family had their happy endings.