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to see another side of you

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“No wait! Deku—”

There was darkness and Midoriya Izuku, known by most as the Pro Hero “Deku,” landed hard on the ground, concrete digging into his uncovered hands, gravel biting into his skin, and his breath wrenched from his lungs.

Immediately rolling to the side, he wobbled to his feet, eyes blazing and fists raised, blood dripping down his cheek from an earlier cut.

With the silence around him, he dropped his hands to his side, cautious. In all the noise from before, the sudden and profound silence was disturbing. Instead of screams and yelling, instead of buildings crumbling around him, he heard what would be considered a normal day. Cars in the distance, traffic and trains.

He was… in a park? Alone. No one else was near him, no one looking at him oddly for suddenly appearing from thin air.


How long would the effects last? They’d been told it was a time shift, but previous victims weren’t sure how far back they were thrown. The only constant was that it was a fifteen minute period, before everything got dark and they woke up where they had previously been. The user was small time, robberies and the like, but they didn’t think he’d been working with others, that there’d been more to his operation than just him. The clues hadn’t added up to that, only showed a man working small-time, possibility working up to wage larger attacks.  

“Hey, are you a hero?”

Smile at the ready, Midoriya turned, hand raising to wave. “Hey there!” The two standing before him—he only knew one of them. He choked, hand dropping to cling at his uniform, other hand raising to grab his wrist, steadying the shaking. “Y-you…”

The teenager blinked at him, then looked up at the dark haired woman standing next to him. She blinked back at him, then focused her gaze on Midoriya, tilting her head. Her hand raised to grip hard at the teen’s shoulder, his wince telling of her power. “I’m sorry, has my student given you trouble before?”

“Student…” Midoriya echoed, looking between the two, eyes filling with tears. “He’s your student…” he whispered, swallowing hard. The woman looked at the teen in her hold, the boy flinching.

“I didn’t do anything, I promise!”

“No, no he—” Midoriya let go, raising both hands up carefully, offering a pained smile. “No he—” He swallowed hard, forcing the trembling to stop. “He’s helped me—so much.” Both stared at him and he raised his hands to rub at his hair, eyes closing. “Sorry, sorry I’m not—there was a quirk and I—” He opened his eyes, dropping his hands to place them at his side, taking a steadying breath. A stronger smile now. “I was involved in a fight, and apparently, he sent me much further back than we thought he would.”

The woman relaxed—his teacher, Midoriya reminded him, taking in her face—and smiled hesitatingly. “I’m sorry to hear that. You know my brat in the future then?”

Midoriya stared at her, then to the blond teen beside her. Fifteen, maybe. He was about her height, but Midoriya knew he would grow much taller, grow broader with strength and power.

Midoriya straightened up to his own height, standing only a bit above them. “It’s strange, seeing him so young.” He smiled widely. The woman blinked, looking at her student, while vivid blue eyes stared back at him in confusion.

“So… you know me? In the future?”

“I do, Yagi-san.” The blond hummed thoughtfully. “My name,” Midoriya braced a hand against his chest, the other spread to his side, “Is Midoriya Izuku. I’m a hero. And it was your faith in me that allowed me to achieve the dreams I always had. And I have you to thank, Nana-san.” Midoriya dropped his hands, bowing low to the black haired woman. “Without your faith in him, I would have never become a hero who always smiled.” He straightened up.

She was staring at him, expression unreadable, but not unkind. The teenaged version of his mentor stared back at him with wide eyes. “I trained you?” Yagi whispered, awed. “Really? So, I—I really become a hero?”

Midoriya nodded once and the boy looked down at his hands, smile wide with hope. The woman’s mask cracked to allow a warm smile, before her gaze focused back on him. He tilted his chin up. “So my pupil takes on his own. What is your Quirk, young man?”

Lightning crackled along his skin, veins glowing red before he let his power fall dormant. She tilted her head, humming thoughtfully, while Yagi blinked rapidly.

“You have so much power,” Nana murmured, raising a hand to tap at her lips. “Such a great student you’ll have, Toshi!” She ruffled Yagi’s blond hair, the teen swiping at her arms as she laughed. Midoriya smiled as well, swallowing hard as the younger version of his teacher scowled and batted her away. “I knew you’d grow up to be great!”

“A symbol of peace, for all to look up to,” Midoriya said, grinning as the teen that grew up to be the Number One Hero blushed, jaw dropping open in surprise.

“I am? Really? Really?” Nana wrapped an arm around his neck, continuing her assault on his hair. “Nana! Stop!” She laughed, but let go, watching him fondly. “And you? Are you a great hero too?” She cuffed him around the head and he pouted. “If I’m his teacher, it’d be obvious, right?!”

“You don’t just ask someone that, Toshi!”

“Well, I’m curious!”

“I think I am,” Midoriya smiled nervously, rubbing at the back of his neck. “It’s only been a few years, but, well…”

“What number?” Yagi asked, wiggling from Nana’s hold. “There’s still rankings, right?”

“Ah, well…” Midoriya looked away, biting at his lip. “S-seven…”

“What’s your name? Your Hero name?”

Midoriya looked up, seeing bright blue eyes wide with awe, and the woman behind him smiling widely, her hopes coming true. “Me?” Yagi nodded eagerly and Midoriya clasped his hands together. Darkness ate at the corners of his eyes and he stood tall. “I’m the Pro Hero, Deku. It’s nice to see you again, Hero All Might.”

Yagi shot up, brimming with happiness as Midoriya’s world disappeared, the two before him jerking and reaching out before black swallowed him whole.


“—ku! Deku! Deku-kun!!”

Midoriya jerked upright, gasping for breath as he looked around frantically, pulse running and breathing ragged. There were arms around him and he tensed, before relaxing at the familiar sight. “Uraraka. I’m okay.”

“Oh, oh, Deku, you just—you just disappeared!” She wailed, holding at him tightly, trembling. He patted her back lightly, smiling softly. “And you were just—just gone!”

“Sorry for the inconvenience,” he murmured, before patting at her shoulders. She let go and he rose to his feet, helping her up as he went. “Is he in custody?” Uraraka pointed towards the police vehicle, a man frozen in a block of ice and others knocked out cold. “Oh… I see. He went a little overboard.”

“Can you blame him?” Uraraka laughed, swiping at her eyes and taking in a deep breath. “They said it was okay, since it made it easier for transport, but he’ll have to thaw him out eventually,” she said, nodding firmly. “At-least he went easier on the rest, huh?”

“Small mercies,” Midoriya agreed fondly. “Shouto!” He raised a hand, waving to the figure in navy. Dual colored hair swished with his movement, and then the hero was smiling, leaving his conversation with the officer. The officer, for his part, blinked, a hand raised, before calling out. “Oh, I think they were in the middle of something,” Midoriya whispered. Uraraka snorted in her hands.

“Izuku,” the Hot-and-Cold hero greeted, smile soft. “Welcome back. I was worried. Nothing happened, did it?”

“Yeah, Deku-kun, what happened?”

Midoriya smiled, taking Shouto’s hand briefly and squeezing before letting go, Uraraka’s arm curling around his other arm as she leaned into him. “I think I went about forty years to the past.”

“No way! That’s a super long time!” Uraraka gasped, shaking his arm slightly. “What was it like? What was it like? I bet you didn’t see anyone you know!”

“Actually…” Midoriya paused, then looked down, smile growing. Uraraka shook his arm harder, demanding answers while Shouto raised a brow. “Dad looked super young.” They stared at him, blinking, and then Uraraka was jumping up and down, giggling as she kept ahold of his arm. He was forced to shift with her, but his smile didn’t fade. “He was so surprised! He was probably still in middle school!”

“That’s so adorable! I wonder if he remembers, or—or if he’ll know now or something! You’ll have to ask when you get home, promise me, Deku-kun!” she demanded, settling down and Midoriya no longer felt like his arm might pop out of his socket.

“I’ll be sure to text you when I get back then, Uraraka-chan,” Midoriya promised, smiling. “But until then, let’s finish up here, okay?”

“Sure thing!”


Izuku, my boy, the strangest thing happened today.”


“I just remembered something, from a very long time ago. It’s a wonder I forgot it, but you know how things go. It was a very hard time for me afterwards, you understand. With Nana.”

“Ahh, I understand. So what was it?”

“One day, we were just out for a walk, and, you’ll never believe it. A hero appeared, came from the future because of a quirk. He said, I became a hero, a great one. Called me All Might—that’s how I got my name. Nana was so proud, but I can’t for the life of me remember much else than that. I know that’s how I took up my name, and that’s what kept me through—through everything that happened.”

“Is that so? Funny, I had an interesting run in with a villain today.”

“Tell me about it!”

“He sent me to the past, about forty years back, maybe closer to fifty. And, you know? The strangest thing happened. I met the man I most admired in the world—as a teenager.”

“…what a clever one you are, my boy.”

“It was nice to meet you, Hero All Might.”

“Your mother will be hearing about this, young man.”

“I’ll see you for dinner then, Dad.”

“Don’t be late, son.”