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“You know, for a 9-dan your tsumego is awfully poor.” Ogata’s finger hovered over a very specific location on the upper left area, tracing the cluster of black and white as if emphasising his point. “I don’t know how you managed to miss the chance to reduce this and kill it. An insei could’ve done better.”

“Can you just drop this already? You’ve mentioned it five times already and I’m getting tired of explaining myself to you.” Shindou slapped Ogata’s hand aside in a gesture of frustration of being patronised for a mistake he made from being terribly hungover, “I won the match, alright? Besides, I know how to solve it!” He insisted, slamming both of his hands on the ground in-between his crossed legs.

“Prove it, then.” Pushing his glasses up his nose, the bespectacled man stared the professional sitting opposite of him down. He crossed his arms as Shindou dipped his fingers inside the go-ke with such force the stones made loud clatter. With his eyes closed, he slammed a white bead onto the go-ban, making Ogata sigh as he replied with a 10-2.

“Then I’ll—” The 9-dan paused after he did a quick scan on the board and saw that his cluster was dead. He abruptly got to his feet and pointed at the Judan title holder. “Ugh! It was your fault!”

At the accusation, Ogata found himself bursting into laughter, something that usually only happened in the beginning of a match before his opponent lost by over 10 moku, and that was enough for heat to start developing on Shindou’s cheeks in embarrassment. “My fault?” He chuckled, running his fingers through his hair and looked at the younger male through the rims of his glasses. “Because I won the Meijin title and you decided to match me in drinking even lightweight as you are? I recall myself specifically telling you that you have an oteai match tomorrow and being hungover wouldn’t help. What did you say to me, Shindou?”

The addressed male’s face was beet red at that point as he clenched his fists and looked away, not wanting to repeat the words he clearly remembered saying last night at approximately 11 PM.

“What did you say, Shindou?” Resting his right cheek on his curled fingers, he kept his eyes fixed at the man in front of him, a smirk plastered on his lips.

The 9-dan inhaled, knowing full well that there was no escaping this humiliating predicament as he shifted his eyes to Ogata, his disgustingly tantalising smirk, those sultry eyes directed at him through the rims of his glasses and the way his voice dropped an octave as he said his name. “’I’ll let you fuck me raw in the car if I don’t manage to outdrink you.’” As a response to the heat suddenly spreading to the back of his neck, Shindou cupped it. Ogata had been waiting the longest time for him to give the green light for the clichéd car sex that Shindou had been trying to avoid at all cost due to how embarrassing of an idea it was. Two years in the making, and Ogata’s wish was fulfilled yesterday. It probably wouldn’t be too humiliating if either one: Shindou wasn’t a drunken, babbling mess who probably passed out in the middle of their lovemaking, or two: if Ogata had been equally drunk that neither could get their dicks working. He decided that he liked the latter better.

“You should’ve known that you were playing a losing game, Shindou.” The new Meijin clicked his tongue as he shook his head. The younger male was built a lot smaller than he was, shorter and hadn’t been a massive alcoholic like he had been when he was his age. “But considering how you missed this important life and death problem, I shouldn’t have expected any more. Perhaps I shall teach you.”

A jolt of electricity ran through Shindou’s very being and he burned, understanding the true purpose behind his carefully delivered sentence.

“I believe that you will be able to see what I see from here.” Ogata lowered his voice as he took a split second to tilt his head towards the space between him and the go-ban but making no attempt to move.

Red-faced, Shindou thoughtlessly shuffled around the board and towards the man and slowly reverted to a seating position. However, just when he was halfway on the endeavour, Ogata’s large hand moved to his stomach and threw him down onto his lap.

The man leaned forward to nibble on the 9-dan’s earlobe and whispered softly, “I want you to think long and hard about it.” Ogata smirked, darting his tongue on the back of Shindou’s ear to draw out a squirm from him. “Only when you are certain that you have it right, that you are allowed to tell me your thoughts.” He purred as he slowly unbuttoned Shindou’s plaid yellow shirt.

It had been two years since they started dating and not even once did Shindou ever manage to form a coherent thought with Ogata breathing into his ear, chest heaving up and down against him, the expensive cologne intruding his nose and those damned calloused fingers rubbing his most sensitive spots. Today was no exception it seemed, as he struggled to play out the tsumego in his mind.

As he tried to get his mind out of the gutter, Ogata finished unbuttoning his shirt and had moved on to work on his pants, letting his half-hardness sprung out its confinement. He leaned into the back of Shindou’s neck to suckle on the skin with the intent of leaving large hickeys all over it while doing lazy strokes on the cock wrapped inside his hand.

It wasn’t the hardest life-and-death problem Shindou had ever encountered granted that he didn’t have someone jerking him off and that he wasn’t hungover. Biting his lower lip to scrape whatever focus he had remaining in his brain, his eyes focused on the board.

“12-2.” He managed to let his voice out, as pathetic as it was.

Glancing at the go-ban for less than one second, Ogata replied breathily on his neck, “10-1.” One hand slipping on the back of Shindou’s jeans, he started to pick up the pace on his other hand enough for precum to start glistening on the tip of the 9-dan’s cock.

“10...” He gasped when Ogata gripped him tight out of the blue. “3!” Shindou shakily placed a stone to emulate the coordinates they said out loud. It was a miracle that he managed to not swipe his hand over the board and destroy everything.

Feeling that further distraction was required, the bespectacled man dragged the other male’s hips backwards against his crotch and until Shindou had to support himself by planting his hands firmly on the ground. Ogata slipped the jeans just enough for him to get a good look of his puckered hole. “11-2.” Said the male, watching Shindou placing another stone on the board with shivering hands. Smirking, he moved to the side to grab a conveniently placed lube.

Shindou felt like he was going to tear his lower lip when Ogata slipped his lubed finger inside him and curled it. “Uhm!" He squirmed when he felt a second one followed suit. Really, fuck that man and his ability to know where to pressure the right spot to force him into gote. “Fuck,” He breathed out after having his prostrate attacked mercilessly.

“And?” The Meijin asked, seeming disinterested.

“Fifteenoneohgod!” Shindou yelped, feeling his cock throb and more beads of precum started to leak out. “15-1.” Repeated the younger male when Ogata withdrew his fingers. He also took the opportunity to place a stone on the board as the bespectacled man busied himself with a condom wrapper.

“12-1” Ogata replied with mirth in his voice, hearing the soft clack as a result from a white stone being placed on the lid of the go-bowl. Slipping the condom onto his cock and pouring a generous amount of lube on it, he readied himself on the man’s entrance and he could feel how he pushed against him. “What’s next?” He withdrew teasingly.

Shindou sighed in frustration as he glanced at the board and played the next move. “9-2.” Immediately after he said it, he screamed, eyes rolled to the back of his skull as Ogata slammed his full length inside him.

Establishing a steady rhythmic pace, he rolled one of Shindou’s nipples between his fingers and hummed, “9-4.” Ogata slowly picked up the speed, pulling out halfway only to slam himself even deeper inside the younger male’s tight hole. He felt warmth as Shindou wrapped himself tighter around his cock. Shindou’s knuckles turned white as he tried his best to not lurch forward and knock the go-ban over from how hard Ogata was abusing his ass.

“8-1...” Opening his mouth wide to inhale some much needed air, Shindou forced words out as he dropped the black stone between his fingers to the ground instead of the lid of the go-ke. He didn’t have the opportunity to curse as Ogata slammed into him relentlessly and mouth creating more hickeys on his nape that he had to cover tomorrow.

“7-1.” Ogata’s breathing became heavier as he swung his hips back and forth. His cock, ensnared inside Shindou’s sweet, tight, pulsating hole, grew rock hard. He felt sweat developing on the back of his neck and slipping inside his expensive blue cotton shirt. At that point, Shindou could hardly form a coherent sentence as lewd moans escaped his throat in sync with the slamming of Ogata’s hips against his rear.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Was all he managed to say through his teeth, hands holding onto the cushion underneath him to prevent himself from being thrown forward into the goban. Ogata’s cock felt so hot and big inside him as he resisted the urge to scream at the thorough fucking.

Witnessing what kind of effect burying his dick inside his lover coaxed, he couldn’t resist a small dark smirk as he leaned forward once more, one hand idly caressing his thin waist and the other tracing ghostly lines over his lips, Ogata dropped his voice and said, “You wouldn’t dare risk dirtying a go-ban with your juice, now would you, Shindou?”

The 9-dan glanced at the expensive legged kaya go board in front of him and all he wanted to say was ‘fuck you, you can afford another 100 of these from your Meijin prize money’ but all he managed was pathetic moans and loud breathing after Ogata slipped his fingers inside Shindou’s mouth and played with his tongue. He was so close, just a few more thrusts and he would be finished, and Ogata knew it so that damned man slowed his movement. He took his sweet time pulling out of Shindou halfway before going back inside.

“Of course you wouldn’t.” Without having to look at him, Shindou could clearly see the smirk behind those words. “Now, be a good boy and finish the tsumego.” He muttered, pulling on his hair roughly until his face tilted upwards and towards him.

“Fuck you,” Shindou cursed through his clenched teeth, feeling Ogata’s cock slowly coming out and sliding back into his ass. He grabbed a stone from the bowl without looking at it and slammed it on the board. “11-1!” He yelled out at the double atari. As if on cue, Ogata pulled Shindou to his lap immediately buried himself inside him. Felt like he was suddenly split apart, tears welled up on his eyes and toes curled. Ogata was merciless as he wrapped his long fingers around Shindou’s slim waist to lift him up only to slam him back down until he released thick, warm juice all over his stomach. Ogata managed another few erratic thrusts before he finished.

Still balls deep inside Shindou, Ogata wrapped his arms around the panting and sweaty young man and whispered into his ear. “Feel like solving another tsumego?”

Shindou took a deep breath and leaned back into Ogata’s large chest, sighing. “Maybe in a few hours.”