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Bangtan Boys One Shots (Requests, etc.)

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Hey guys <3

I'm finally getting around to doing BTS oneshots; Where you guys decide what I write!!
You can pretty much request anything and everything, so don't be shy to ask. c=
I can't write everything, but I'll certainly try to work something out for you <3
Only thing I ask is you to be patient and not to be rude to others about their kinks/etc.

Now hurry and comment your filthy requests!! <3

~Chapter Index~

chapter 1 - Jungkook/Jimin. Roommate/College AU. Daddy kink. Size difference. Anal fingering. Dirty talk.

chapter 2 - Jimin/Yoongi. Vibrating Butt Plugs. Slight Hidden-Public. Clingy Yoongi. Slight Dirty Talk. Cute after Care.

(4) Update & roleplay

chapter 3 - Hoseok/Yoongi. Aphrodisiacs. Handjobs. Slight Dirty Talk. A tiny bit of aftercare.

chapter 4 - Jungkook/Yoongi. CG/L. Appa Jungkook. Yoongi getting overwhelmed and upset. Tooth-rotting cuteness.

chapter 5 - Jin/Yoongi. CG/L. Appa Jin. Jin accidentally upsetting Yoongi, but makes up for it later. Some cute stuff.

chapter 6 - Jungkook/Yoongi. Dom Jungkook. Power Bottom Yoongi. Semi-Public Blowjob. Namjoon watching & getting off on it.

chapter 7 - Namoon/Jimin. Dom Namjoon. Sub Jimin. CBT. Embarrassed Jimin. A bit intense.

chapter 8 - Hoseok/Jimin. Daddy Dom Hoseok. Sub Jimin. BDSM and blowjobs.

chapter 9 - Hoseok/Seokjin. Dom Hoseok. "Sinning in the practice room." Grinding. Mirrors.

chapter 10 - Yoongi/Jimin. Dom Yoongi. Sub Jimin. ROUGH fucking. Hair pulling. Voyeurism.

chapter 11 - Jungkook/Seokjin. Bottom Jin. Also player Jin. Jungkook playing hard to get. Leads to empty-classroom-fucking.

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Requested by ReinaPea <3

"Hi, can you write a Jikook one shot that has included Daddy kink and size difference? It can be something like Jungkook is Jimin's roommate and long time friend and Jimin has a crush on him. He is not sure if Jungkook is gay because the younger doesn't talk about his past relationships.

So, top!Jungkook and bottom!Jimin :)"

Top Jungkook, Bottom Jimin. Daddy kink and size difference.

Jimin sat with his roommate, Jungkook, while they watched a science documentary on physics. Jungkook loved science, although he hated to admit it, and thankfully Jimin didn't mind much. He claimed it was kind of cool

"Hey, you want a drink? I'm thirsty." Jimin said, standing. The younger of the two simply nodded,

"Whatever you're getting." He said, turning back to his show.

The blond walked off to the kitchen that wasn't far from their living space. Jimin and Jungkook were both roommates and students, taking college classes together. They'd been friends before even high school. Jimin took his time getting the drinks and some snacks to go along with it, knowing they were probably going to be sitting for a while since they didn't have classes today or tomorrow. Jungkook meanwhile waited patiently, continuing to watch his show. Jimin's phone suddenly went off, vibrating on their coffee table. Jungkook, curious, picked up the device to snoop a bit. He knew Jimin did the same to him, so why not? He looked at the notification on the bright screen, a text from someone named, 'Yoongi.'

Jungkook recognized the name from their anatomy class but didn't really talk to the other. The Korean man unlocked Jimin's phone, opening the chat and scrolling up to read.

Jimin: I don't know, Yoon. What if he's super vanilla and thinks I'm gross and then kicks me out or something?

Yoongi: AS IF. He might think its weird, but who cares? I DOUBT he'd kick you out.

Jungkook wasn't very fazed by the conversation so far.

Jimin: Yeah, but who tf wants to be called 'daddy' during sex. Everyone thinks its weird because they don't understand! They hear 'daddy' and automatically assume the person is talking about an actual father...

Yoongi: But what if he does understand and is okay with it?

Jimin: ...

Yoongi: Mhm. Exactly. Take a risk for once!

Jimin: There is no fucking way Jeon Jeong-guk has a daddy kink.

Jungkook's eyes widened as he realized they were talking about him. Duh, of course, they were talking him! Who else?

Yoongi: How do you know?

Jimin: Fucking fine! I'll tell him...

Yoongi: GOOD.

Yoongi: Did you talk to him yet?


So that's why Jimin had been quiet today. Jungkook read through the messages a few more times, and also saw that there had been other conversations between the two about him.


The brunet turned to see Jimin standing in the archway of the living room, drinks and snacks in hand, looking mortified.

"Ah... Jimin-hyung, sorry I was curious-"

"You read through my messages?!" The blond practically shrieked. Jimin sighed and walked over, setting everything on the coffee table. He put his head in his hands,

"Th-That's so embarrassing..." He whined, "You probably think I'm weird..."

"Hyung, I don't think you're weird."

Jungkook claimed, ushering the blond over to sit, which he hesitantly did so.

"How long?"


"How long have you liked me?" Jungkook asked.

"...Since freshman year." Jimin timidly replied.

"Yeah? Well, I've liked you since middle school." Jungkook claimed.

"...R-Really?" The blond asked a bit hopeful.

"You couldn't tell?"

"No, honestly.."

"Really? With the cuddling, hand-feeding you sometimes during lunch? Making you sleep with me sophomore year?"

"... I j-just thought you were being friendly..." Jimin said softly.

"Oh yeah. Two teen boys, sleeping and cuddling together at night. Just a normal day in Korea!" Jungkook teased. Jimin lightly hit him,

"It's not funny, Kookie!" The blond whined.

"Be careful, hit me again and I might have to punish you~" Jungkook teased more. Jimin blushed pink,


"Alright, alright, fine."

"... I still don't get it, I didn't even think you were gay... You never... You never brought anything up about anyone..." Jimin muttered.


The said blond looked up,

"Wha- MN!" He was cut off as Jungkook's lips slammed against his, making Jimin squeal out in surprise. Jungkook pulled back after a moment,

"Still think I'm straight?"

Jimin quickly shook his head no,

"Good." Jungkook hungrily went back to kissing the smaller blond beside him. The brunet didn't stop to pull Jimin into his lap, the older man straddling him. Hands reached up Jimin's shirt to pinch and tug on his nipples, causing him to moan out into their kiss. Jungkook detached from the kiss, leaning down to suck and kiss at the blond's neck and collarbone.

"Nn! Jungkook, more!"

"Say it."


"You know what I'm talking about. Say. It." The younger of the two commanded.

"...D-Daddy..." Jimin nearly whispered.


"Daddy...!" Jimin said, a bit louder.

Jungkook smirked against his flesh,

"Good boy."

Jimin bit back a moan, Jungkook going back to attack his collarbone. Teeth nipped and pulled at the flesh, then a tongue licking and sucking to soothe the sting.


"Please what?"

"Please, give me more!"

'Please give me more what?"

"Please give me more Daddy!" Jimin whined. Jungkook pushed Jimin onto his back, pushing his shirt up and leaning down to lick one of his nipples. The brunet reached a hand up to pinch and rub the other one as he sucked.

"Mnn, Daddy!" Jimin moaned out.

Jungkook bit Jimin's nipple softly, making him cry out. Jungkook smirked a bit and traveled back up to chastely kiss Jimin.

"Just tell me if you want to stop, alright?" He asked gently, and Jimin gave a small nod. The brunet smiled a bit and moved between the blond's legs, slowly undoing his jeans, managing to get them down. He lightly trailed his fingers over the obvious bulge in Jimin's boxers, making the blond shudder before he pulled his cock out from its confinement. Jimin definitely wasn't small, just average. The blond bit his lip hard as Jungkook pressed a kiss to the tip of his cock before dragging his tongue down the side of Jimin's length. He soon wrapped his mouth around the head, sucking softly.

"Fuck, Daddy! More!" Jimin whined, and Jungkook happily complied, engulfing the older man's length.

"Mmn, gonna cum!" The blond moaned out, and Jungkook went faster, swallowing the cum that flooded his mouth. Jimin panted softly, not even flinching when Jungkook maneuvered his legs up to have access to his ass. The brunet ran off to retrieve a small bottle of lube, quickly coming back and returning to his spot between Jimin's legs.

"Do you play with your ass, Jiminie?" Jungkook asked sweetly and Jimin nodded in response, blushing darker.

Jungkook smirked,

"Good. Then that means it'll hurt less for you. I won't lie to you, Jiminie, I'm big."

Jimin moaned out at his words, nearly squealing as a lubed finger easily slid into him. Jungkook fingered the blond slowly, taking his time as Jimin clenched around him. When Jimin started whining needily, Jungkook added another finger, scissoring Jimin open. He slowly made his way to three and four digits, Jimin a moaning whining mess beneath him.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard, Jimin. Do you want that? You want Daddy to fuck you like the little slut you are? Of course you do."

Jimin blushed and moaned louder at the brunet's words, whining as Jungkook pulled his fingers free from him. The blond watched as Jungkook unbuckled his pants, pulling his cock out from his boxers. Jimin's eyes widened. Fuck, Jungkook didn't lie when he said he was big. Jimin bit his lip, suddenly worried and wondering how the fuck it was going to fit. The brunet noticed,

"Don't worry, baby. Daddy made sure to stretch you out good." Jungkook promised, squeezing lube into his hand to slick his cock, and line up at Jimin's waiting entrance.

"Beg Daddy to fuck you, sweetie."

"Nn, Daddy, please! Please fuck me, I need it! I need it so bad, I need you to fuck me and make me cum! Please!" The blond begging and nearly screamed as Jungkook pushed past his tight rim. Jungkook groaned,

"Fuck, Jimin... So tight...!" He said, slowly beginning to thrust. Jimin was already a mess, cheeks bright red and his eyes clenched tight as he arched his back against the brunet. Jungkook was soon pounding into Jimin mercilessly.

"Fuck, Fuck, Daddy! S-So big, more!" Jimin moaned out like a whore. Jungkook happily complied, grabbing onto the blond's hips and pushing his legs up to his chest, fucking him impossibly harder and faster.

"D-Daddy, I'm g-gonna cum!!"

"Good! Cum like the filthy little slut you are, Jimin! Cum, now!" Jungkook ordered, and Jimin cried out loudly as he came hard, seeing stars. Jungkook smirked as he watched Jimin's cum spill out onto his tiny abdomen, and soon came, painting the blond's insides. He pulled out slowly, panting hard.

"I'm gonna go get a cloth, to clean you up, okay?"

Jimin gave a lazy nod and Jungkook went off to grab a damp washcloth, carefully cleaning Jimin and himself. He redressed both of them, gently picking the blond up, allowing Jimin to rest against him comfortably. Jungkook noticed Jimin was already passed out and reached to pick up the blond's phone, returning to the chat between him and Yoongi. He snapped a quick picture of himself kissing Jimin's cheek, smiling at it a bit before hitting 'send.'

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Requested by Bts_Boombayah <3

Happy Birthday to Yoongi!! <3

Top Jimin. Bottom Yoongi. Yoongi won't quick pestering Jimin, Jimin uses remote control plug.

"Can you do Yoonmin but bottom yoongi, and like maybe something with jimin putting a remote control butt plug in him??
or like yoonmin but yoongi being like super cuddly like a koala while jimins on the phone or something like that??"

I smashed the two ideas together, so you got both <3


Yoongi was fucking bored. Everyone was either busy or asleep, and he had nothing to do. The blond sighed and got up out of his bed, walking around the house to try and find something to sate his boredom. Yoongi noticed Jimin sitting on the couch, on his phone talking. The Korean man smiled and plopped down onto Jimin's lap, leaning against the other blond who wrapped an arm around Yoongi's waist, continuing his conversation on the phone. After a while of just sitting, he was bored again. He turned around on Jimin's lap, facing him.

"Jimiiin..." He whined, tugging at Jimin's sleeve to get his attention. Jimin shushed him and gently pushed his hand away, effectively ignoring the blond in his lap. Yoongi pouted, reaching to tug Jimin's sleeve again, but Jimin only glared a bit, grabbing the older's wrist and moving it away. Yoongi stopped for a while, hoping Jimin would just get off the phone soon and watch a show or something with him. But he didn't. So Yoongi hugged onto the blond, a small whine passing the older's lips. Jimin simply hugged his hyung back, still continuing his business on the phone. Once Yoongi realized his whining and excessive hugging had no effect on the smaller blond, he began to repeatedly poke Jimin. Yoongi knew he was being a little shit, annoying the blond, but he just wanted attention.

Jimin took the phone away from his ear for a moment,

"Yoongi. Stop it. I'll be off the phone to deal with you in a minute." Jimin muttered and began talking again. Yoongi rolled his eyes a bit but was content knowing he'd get some attention soon. Not long after, Jimin wrapped up his phone call and turned his attention to the other blond in his lap.

"So you think you can just sit and pester me while I'm busy, hm?"

Yoongi shrugged,

"You weren't paying attention to me."

Jimin scoffed,

"Oh, don't worry. You'll get tons of attention now, hyung." Jimin said, standing and carrying Yoongi to his room. The younger blond threw Yoongi onto his bed,

"Pants and boxers off. I'll be back." Jimin muttered, wandering off.

Yoongi listened, stripping himself from the waist down. Jimin came back not long after, holding something behind his back.

"Bend over the bed, hyung," Jimin said, smirking as Yoongi quickly did so. Behind him, Jimin lubed up what seemed to be a simple butt plug, pressing it to Yoongi's entrance and slowly pushed it in. The older blond moaned softly.

"Get dressed," Jimin said suddenly.

"...What...?" Yoongi asked, a bit confused.

"We're watching a movie."

"B-But Jimi-"

"Get. Dressed."

Yoongi winced a bit in response to the tone of Jimin's voice but haphazardly pulled his clothes back on, biting his lip as he felt the plug moving inside him everytime he moved. Jimin leads him down to the living space, fiddling with the TV until he found a movie for them to watch. Jimin ushered the older blond over, making Yoongi sit down close to him. Yoongi was still confused as to what Jimin had planned. Yoongi could handle a plug, it wasn't too bad, just felt a bit- Fuck! Yoongi jolted as the plug began to vibrate.

"J-Jimin!" The blond whined out, hips bucking a bit as the plug shifted onto his prostate. Jimin smirked and held up a tiny remote. Sneaky bastard. Yoongi cried out softly as Jimin turned the plug up another setting.

"What's wrong, Yoongi-hyung?" Jimin asked innocently, hand snaking over to palm the older blond through his pants.

"F-Fuck off, Jimin! Tae and Hobi are in the other room, cut it out!" The older of the two whisper-yelled, attempting to suppress his moans. Jimin turned the plug up another setting.

"You may be older, Hyung, but that doesn't mean I can't tease you and make you writhe and moan and whine for me," Jimin claimed, his hand squeezing Yoongi's bulge.

"J-Jimin, Jimin, stop! I'll c-cum!" The older blond whined. Jimin smirked,

"Then cum, Hyung."

Yoongi bit his knuckle hard, moaning softly and cumming in his pants. Jimin didn't turn it off, and the blond next to him cried out as the plug continued to vibrate against Yoongi's abused walls. Jimin pulled Yoongi into his lap, grinding up against him.

"You gonna cum again, Hyung? Cum like the dirty little slut you are?" Jimin said, reaching a hand into Yoongi's pants to wrap a hand around his length. They were being loud and they didn't really care, the others had to of heard them by now.

"Jimin-ah! It's too m-much, sensitive!" Yoongi whined, yet was still rock hard and moaning.

"Cum." Jimin ordered into the older's ear, nibbling at his earlobe. Yoongi cried out like a whore, cumming for a second, his entire body shuddering. Jimin finally turned the plug off, lifting the blond into his arms. He carried Jimin to his bedroom, gently laying him down on the bed.

"I'll be right back, okay?" He said, kissing Yoongi's cheek. Yoongi gave a lazy nod, and Jimin went off to retrieve a damp cloth, coming back quickly and undressing the older blond. Jimin slowly and carefully pulled the plug free from Yoongi's abused hole, listening to the small whine that slipped past his lips. The younger of the two gently cleaned him off, trying to get him comfortable. He then laid down next to Yoongi, pulling him close.

"W-Wait, what about you..?" Yoongi slurred out sleepily, Jimin only shushing him.

"I'm fine. Cuddling with you like this is enough, Hyung." Jimin claimed, and Yoongi smiled at him a bit.

"Mn, night, Jiminie."

"Night, Hyung."

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Hey everyone <3

I'm working on the oneshots, don't worry! They'll get out!

Just a lot going on at the moment with school and other things. But I pronise I'll write everything! <3

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Requested by seokzjin <3


Top Hoseok. Bottom Yoongi. Aphrodisia & bets. Hoseok being a shit and teasing Yoongi.

"omg... one where hobi gives Yoongi some kind of magical aphrodisiac during like... a sleepover or something and Yoongi bets him like 20 bucks that’s it won’t affect him. But! It definitely starts to and Yoongi starts desperately trying to hide/deny how horny+sensitive+submissive+ditzy he’s getting and hoseok just kind of like... chills out with him. Ending is up to u lol. Maybe Yoongi comes in his pants aaaaaaaa
Also omg hoseok like..... teasing him about it? Asking him how he’s doing and smirking and laughing. Rubbing his fingers in little circles on yoongis upper thigh, adjusting in ways that cause Yoongi to have to cover little whimpers cause he can barely think straight oh noooooo
Maybe I should just write this ahshdjfkfk but thanks for at least reading this lmao (*´◒`*)(*´◒`*)"


"Did you tell Yoon yet?"

"Tell me what?"

Hoseok and Yoongi sat with a pile of blankets surrounding them, snacks in the center as they laid in front of a laptop opened with a video chat showing Taehyung and Jungkook.

"Hobi got some weird pill things," Tae commented.

Hoseok rolled his eyes,

"They're not 'weird pill things,' they're aphrodisiacs."

"What's that?" Yoongi asked, making everyone giggle.

"Oh god, Yoon, you're so innocent," Jungkook said and received a less-than-intimidating glare from the blond.

"Aphrodisiacs are foods that make you horny, Yoon," Hoseok said with a small chuckle. Yoongi went red with embarrassment.


"Mhm. But I got pills for them." Hoseok said, wrapping an arm around Yoongi's shoulder.

"I think it's bullshit, the pills at least," Jungkook said, grabbing a handful of candy.

"They are not!" Hoseok countered, and Yoongi listened to them bicker back and forth.

"Try them on Yoon, then!" Jungkook said, crossing his arms.

"What? No!" Yoongi complained.

"Please, Yoon? For me? So I can prove Kookie wrong?"

The blond bit his lip, contemplating if he should or not.

"...Fine." He finally said, Hoseok flying up to grab the small bottle of pills. He returned with them, screwing off the lid and pulling a pill out. He placed it in Yoongi's hand, also giving him a bottle of water.

Yoongi stared at the small thing in his palm, sighing and finally swallowing it down with the water.

"How do you feel?" Jungkook asked, to which Tae hit him lightly,

"Dumby, it has to take time to work in his system!"

Tae was right, so while they waited they played a card game, Jungkook and Tae bickering back and forth because Tae claimed the younger was cheating.

Then, Yoongi felt it. He felt hot, uncomfortable. He hesitantly tugged off his hoodie, leaving him in his t-shirt. Hoseok noticed and smirked at him.

"What's wrong, Yoon?" Hoseok asked innocently, Tae and Jungkook looking up from their cards.

"N-Nothing, I'm fine. It's your turn, go!" Yoongi quickly said. Hoseok chuckled, his attention returning to the card game. Yoongi shifted uncomfortably as they continued, biting his lip hard. How could a stupid pill make him feel this way?

"Yoongi, are you sure you're okay?" Hoseok asked in a teasing, his hand very gently sliding up his thigh. Yoongi nearly cried out at the small touch.

"Holy fuck, they are working!" Jungkook exclaimed, looking surprised.

"N-No they're not! I'm f-fine!!"

"There's nothing wrong with them working, Yoons," Tae said gently.

"Oh, shut up! You just want to see his dick!" Jungkook claimed, pointing accusingly and smirking.

"I do not!"

And then Tae and Jungkook's attention was pulled from the blond on their screen.

"H-Hoseok..." Yoongi gasped out needily, squirming. Hoseok looked the blond over, suddenly hanging up the skype call. He'd tell the other couple the details later. Hoseok trailed his fingers up Yoongi's shirt, lightly pinching the older's nipple.

"Nn, fuck, Hoseok, please! I need more." Yoongi whined, hands going for the younger's belt in an attempt to unbuckle it.

"Yoongi, calm down!" Hoseok said, gently grabbing the blond's wrists, "I'll make you feel good, don't worry." Hoseok promised in a hushed voice, taking time to lightly trail his fingers up Yoongi's thigh, to inner thigh, and back down. Hoseok leaned forward, pressing his lips to the blond's, Yoongi letting out a needy moan into the kiss. Hoseok pulled back,

"You don't have to worry about making me feel good, we coerced you into taking the pills so it's my fault you feel this way... Although I love seeing you squirming and whining for me." The younger of the two said, leaning to nip at Yoongi's neck, licking and sucking. Maybe the others would see the marks and know that Yoongi was his.

"Please! I need more, Hobi!" Yoongi whined, and Hoseok smirked, snaking a hand down to Yoongi's crotch, cupping the more-than-obvious bulge.

"Fuck, Hyung, you're so hard.." Hoseok commented, stroking Yoongi through his pants. Hoseok kissed him again, continuing his ministrations, causing Yoongi squeal out into their kiss, Yoongi's cheeks bright red.

"Mnn, Hoseok..!" Yoongi moaned when they finally pulled back from the kiss.

"I bet you're close, huh, Hyung?" Hoseok teased, hurrying to unbuckle the older's belt, managing to slip a hand into his boxers and stroking his length fast. His thumb rubbed back and forth over the slit, making Yoongi moan more.

"A-Ah, fuck, Hoseok! I'm g-gonn-" Yoongi couldn't finish as he came hard in his boxers and all over Hoseok's hand. Hoseok smiled, kissing Yoongi's cheek.

"Better, Yoon?"

Yoongi nodded tiredly. Hoseok let Yoongi lean back against him, idly stroking the older's hair gently.

"Well, I proved Kookie wrong," Hoseok said with a small smirk, Yoongi sending him a glare.

"......Just make sure no one else is around when you tell them.." Yoongi muttered, cheeks tinted pink.

"I won't, Hyung."

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Requested by Aliza1702 <3

CG/L. Little Yoongi. Caregiver/Daddy Jungkook. Yoongi gettin' anxious and upset and confused.
"an I make a request. Little Yoongi with caregiver jungkook there just hasn’t been many of them. Maybe one where everyone in BTS is trying to get yoongi to call one of them Daddy or Appa and yoongi gets hurt and he suddenly screams Daddy or Appa and that Daddy or Appa ended up being Jungkook. Thanks. I know this is brief but I wanted to see ur take on it. Have a nice day"


To put it simply, Min Yoongi was a little. He'd known this for years, but only had come out and told the rest of the group just recently. It was a few weeks into Yoongi revealing his big secret, and everything was going fine. He could comfortably lounge around the house in cute PJs, stuffies and pacis in hand. Everyone else in the group adored Yoongi, holding him and making him giggle. The small blond loved all of the attention the other boys gave him. The cuddling, holding, tiny kisses, all of it.

Now, he was sprawled out across Hoseok, Namjoon, and Jimin, who all managed to squeeze onto the couch. Taehyung and Jin meanwhile sat on the other couch. They had all fought to try and sit with Yoongi. Jungkook was in the kitchen preparing snacks for everyone. Yoongi hadn't been in little space for a couple of days, but it was hard to resist with Hoseok rubbing his head and Jin handing the blond his favorite stuffie moments before he'd sprawled out on the couch.

"Yoongi," Namjoon said.

Yoongi turned a bit, giving the younger his attention.

"Who do you consider to be your 'Appa,' Yoons?" Namjoon asked, and Yoongi looked a bit confused. He called Jungkook 'Appa' sometimes, but Yoongi sort of considered all of them to be his Appa, even though he didn't say it. They all took care of him, but YOongi had revealed his secret to Jungkook first before anyone, so Yoongi mostly felt the most comfortable with him. He shrugged, truly unsure. He'd never really thought about it much.

"Tch, obviously me!" Hoseok claimed proudly, playing with Yoongi's hair.

"Nuh-uh! I'm his Appa, he likes playing with me the most!" Jimin exclaimed, defensively.

"I think I'm his Appa, just because." Namjoon said, to which Jin rolled his eyes,

"I'm probably his Appa, he always comes to me when he loses his paci or stuffie," Jin claimed. Taehyung only shrugged,

"I play with him a lot, but..."

Yoongi was starting to feel anxious. Why was everyone yelling? And fighting?

"Come on, Yoons! Call me Appa!" Hoseok told the blond, gently squeezing his cheeks.

"No, Yoons! Call me Appa!" Jimin interjected.

Now they were all full of arguing over who Yoongi should be calling Appa, and it was scaring him. He looked nervously between all of them, unsure of what to do. So Yoongi screamed, causing Taehyung to clasp his hands over his ears from how loud it was,


Jungkook came rushing in from the kitchen, thinking the little had fallen or somehow managed to hurt himself again.

"Why'd Yoongi scream!?" He quickly asked, clearly worried.

Yoongi turned, noticing Jungkook, and raised his arms a bit, sniffling. Jungkook scooped Yoongi up from the trio on the couch, shushing him and rubbing tiny circles on his back,

"What'd you guys do to him?" Jungkook then asked, a bit angry.

"We didn't mean to upset him! We were just seeing who he wanted to be his Appa," Hoseok quickly said.

"Yeah, and then you started arguing and yelling at each other," Taehyung said.

Jungkook sighed,

"Guys, you KNOW how much Yoons hates it when we argue and yell. He's sensitive when he's in little space."

"Sorry, Kookie.." Jimin said.

"No, you should be apologizing to Yoongi!" Jungkook said in response.

"We're sorry, Yoons," Namjoon said, and everyone else muttered out their agreements.

"I-Is 'kay, Yoons is 'kay..." Yoongi said cutely, causing everyone to coo at him, making him blush and bury his face into Jungkook's shoulder.

"A-Appa..." The blond muttered. When no one responded, because they weren't sure who Yoongi was referring to, Yoongi looked up a bit and tugged on Jungkook's shirt,

"Appa, wanna go to bed..." Yoongi muttered.

"Cute!" Everyone cooed, throwing around comments about how adorable he was. Jungkook smiled, carrying the small blond to one of the dorms, placing him down gently into bed. He quickly went to grab Yoongi's stuffie and paci, returning with them and handing the blond both of the items. Jungkook pulled a blanket over him, effectively tucking him as he leaned down to kiss Yoongi's forhead.

"Nini, Yoons."

"Ni, Appa..." Yoongi muttered through his paci, already half asleep.

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Requested by Min_mckenzie <3

CG/L. Little Yoongi. Jin being mean for like 5 seconds and makes Yoongi cry. But Jin makes up for it.
"Like little yoongi and he is all cuddly but one member gets annoyed so he is mean and Yoongi cries but happy ending"


Jin had a horrible fucking migraine all day. He didn't want to skip practice, so it had worsened from that morning. The Korean man decided to try and take a nap on the couch, hoping it'd help relieve the pain. He got five minutes in before a high-pitched voice rang in his ears.


Fuck, how could he have forgotten? Yoons had been in little space the entire day, was he supposed to just snap out of it so Jin could be a princess and take a nap? No, Jin had a job to do, he had to take care of his little.

"Jiiin-Appa!" Yoongi yelled, jumping onto his Hyung's lap. Jin put on a smile, not wanting to upset the sensitive blond.

"Hey, Yoons. What's up?" Jin asked, ruffling the little's hair, making him whine.

"Appa, stop! You're messing up Yoonie's hair!"

Jin chuckled a bit, pulling the blond against him, cuddling him.

"Do you want to watch cartoons?"

Please say yes, please say yes, please say ye-

"Nuh! Yoonie wants to play dinos!"

"Awh, but Yoons, Appa's tired and wants to lay with his Yoo-"

"No, no! Jin-Appa prooomised to play dinos with Yoonie!" Yoongi exclaimed, tugging on Jin's sleeve.

Jin's patience was wearing thin, and in the back of his mind, he knew that that wasn't good.

"Yoongi, please just watch cartoons with Appa? We'll play dinos later or tomorro-"

"No! Yoongi wants to play dinos with Appa now!" Yoongi whined, once again pulling on the older's sleeve.

"Please, Yoongi? Appa isn't feeling the best."

"NO! Jin-Appa promised!"

Jin snapped.

"God, Yoongi, can't you ever just listen for once? For fuck's sake, I said I don't feel good!"

Yoongi went quiet, and Jin immediately felt horrible.

"Jin... You.. I... You don't have to take care of... You.." Yoongi muttered, suddenly out of little space, tears threatening to fall. The blond was quiet for a moment before furiously rubbing his eyes, then running off. Jin ran a hand through his hair. He'd fucked up, really bad.

Jin stood, going to find Yoongi. He knew the small blond would be in their dorm, so he grabbed a paci and a stuffie before he made the trip to the room. He hesitated to knock on the door, hearing loud sniffles and cries coming from the room. He softly knocked on the door,

"Yoongi? Can I come in, please? Appa's sorry, Yoons. Appa didn't mean to yell at you and make you sad. Please let me in?" Jin asked, listening. He heard no sniffles or cries for a few moments before the door opened a crack,

"...Does Appa promise?"

Jin smiled a bit,

"Appa promises."

Yoongi opened the door, immediately hugging onto Jin with a tiny sniffle. Jin scooped him up, pushing a paci past his lips and kissed his cheek.

"There. Better?"

Yoongi nodded.

Jin sat them down on the bed, handing Yoongi his stuffie as they cuddled. Jin leaned down and kissed all over Yoongi's face, making the younger squeal and giggle.

Jin forgot his migraine, because he remembered he had the most adorable little on planet Earth.

"Hey, Yoons, let's go play dinos, okay?"

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Requested by rc_glasses <3

Top Jungkook. Bottom Yoongi. Semi-public blow job w/ Namjoon watching. Flustered Yoongi.
"An idea I've had for a little while is YoonKook: TopJeongkook coaxes Yoongi into giving him a bj in the back of a packed car on the way home from an event. Yoongi is reluctant but secretly loving it. Bonus points for another member (not Jimin) watching and Yoongi gets turned on even more."


They had just finished a show and were exhausted. The amount of preparation that went into just one show was astounding. They all packed into the van, Jimin and Taehyung already half asleep. Jin sat in the very front, leaving Hoseok to be sandwiched in between Jimin and Taehyung, who were leaning up against him sleeping. This left Jungkook, Yoongi, and Namjoon in the very back. Namjoon had headphones in, just looking out the window next to him. Jungkook had Yoongi practically laying on him, seatbelt off so he could rest his head in the youngest's lap, where Jungkook idly played with Yoongi's hair. It was so soft despite the fact that everyone's hair was constantly being assaulted with harsh dyes and toners. Yoongi was sleepy, phone clutched in his hand. He looked so cute. Jungkook loved when his Hyung was like this, too sleepy to care about where he passed out. He usually would have hit Jungkook if the youngest tried to get him to lay like this. Yoongi wasn't mean, just a bit more serious sometimes than the rest of the group.

But Jungkook liked it.

He really, really liked Yoongi.

Everything about him.

Especially the constant pout plastered on his lips.

Jungkook bit his lip, picking up his phone on the seat next to him, opening up messenger and to a chat with Yoongi. He typed the simple words,

'Blow me.'

It went through, making Yoongi's phone buzzed. Yoongi let out a little huff (which Jungkook thought was fucking adorable) and unlocked his phone, opening up the chat. Jungkook watched his Hyung stare at the message for a bit, before finally typing,


Jungkook typed,

'Blow me.'


'Becuase I like you and you're cute and I'm horny.'

'Are you on something? We're in a fucking van packed full of our bandmates, Jungkook.'

'So? Everyone's asleep, and Joonie and Hobi have headphones in.'

He didn't get an answer.

'Please, Hyung?'

No answer.

'Hyuuung, pleaseee? I won't be a brat, for like, a whole month."

'For fuck's sake, fine.'

Yoongi shifted off of Jungkook's lap, onto the floor of the van. There was surprisingly a ton of room. Pale hands reached up to unbuckle Jungkook's belt, Yoongi almost looking annoyed by the task. Yoongi smirked a bit seeing how hard Jungkook was in his boxers. The Maknae stifled a groan as Yoongi pulled his cock free, stroking him slowly. Jungkook looked down at the blond, biting his lip hard as Yoongi wrapped his lips around the head, sucking softly. Jungkook bucked his hips up into his Hyung's mouth, letting a tiny moan out, Yoongi engulfing the younger's cock.

Jungkook bit his knuckle hard, trying to stop the moans that threatened to leak through.

Beside them, Namjoon stirred awake, looking at his phone for a few moments before looking around the van.

He thought he was dreaming when he saw it, but then it hit him that what was going on was very real. Jungkook, flustered with his teeth digging into a fist to keep quiet, and Yoongi on the floor with Jungkook's cock down his throat. Namjoon couldn't help but stare because, fuck, it was hot.

Jungkook finally noticed Namjoon's staring and his eyes went so fucking wide they looked as though they were ready to fall out of his head. Namjoon simply brought a finger up to his own lips, silently telling the other to stay quiet. Yoongi noticed, too, but didn't stop. He was going to make his Maknae cum even if the whole group had to see. Namjoon bit his lip as he watched, hand eventually snaking down to his crotch, palming his now obvious bulge. Jungkook watched, a few moans slipping out. Yoongi was deepthroating like he had a degree in it, and Jungkook couldn't help the few small moans that slipped past his lips. Namjoon had pulled his cock out, jacking himself off while he watched. Jungkook tangled his fingers through Yoongi's hair, forcing him down further and fucking his mouth.

Jungkook felt close. It'd been building up and he was ready to fucking explode into the warm throat that was around his cock.

"F-Fuck... Yoongi... I'm gonna cum.." Jungkook whispered, voice a bit hoarse.

Namjoon meanwhile came only moments after Jungkook finished his sentence, hand clasped over his mouth to stay quiet.

And that was what did it for Jungkook; He came, hard, right down Yoongi's throat, a louder moan slipping out making Taehyung stir in his sleep. Yoongi swallowed everything, pulling off and moving to sit in the Maknae's lap.

Yoongi kissed him hard, hands moving up to cradle his face. Yoongi pulled back eventually, resting his forehead against Jungkook's, smiling a bit. Yoongi glanced over to Namjoon, who winked at them and fixed himself.

Jungkook did the same. It'd be fine if others saw them cuddling and being cute, but it'd be a bit difficult to explain if they saw the couple with Jungkook's dick out.

Yoongi sat in the younger's lap for the remainder of the ride, Jungkook holding him close. Occasionally Jungkook pressed a kiss to the back of Yoongi's neck, silently thanking him.

They soon returned to their hotel, Namjoon having to help Hoseok get Jimin and Taehyung inside.

Yoongi tapped Jungkook on the back, making the Maknae turn,


Yoongi looked a bit flushed, gaze downcast. Finally, he spoke up,

"I...L-Like you too..." He mumbled, cheeks pink.


"I like you!"

Jungkook realized what the blond was trying to say, and grinned like an idiot. He hugged onto Yoongi, picking him up and kissing his cheek.

"Put me down, Brat, we're in public!" Yoongi said though he was smiling and trying not to giggle.

"Come on, Hyung. Let's sleep."

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Top Namjoon. Bottom Jimin. CBT.
"can u do a minjoon one where jimin has the biggest cock and ball torture kink,, and joon helps out hes cute boyfriend jimin with it"


"Oi, Yoongi, lemme use the computer. I need to write up a letter."

Yoongi grumbled as he was kicked from HIS own office, but didn't complain and let Namjoon sit in the chair in front of the computer, sliding out from the room. Yoongi clearly hadn't been working on the computer anyways, only using the desk, considering it was still logged into Jimin's account. Namjoon just went with it, knowing the letter wouldn't take long to write. The idol finished writing the letter quickly, sending it out in an email and closed Google. Namjoon didn't feel like giving up the office so soon, just to annoy Yoongi a bit, so he played around on the computer. He saw a few different folders on the desktop, decided to snoop around a bit. I mean... He WAS Jimin's Hyung after all... And boyfriend. He totally had rights to rummage through his personal folders and completely ignore his privacy. Yeah.

Namjoon came across a folder labeled, 'cat pics.' Which made zero sense because Jimin secretly hated cats. Was he trying to be sneaky and hide something? Namjoon quickly double-clicked on the folder icon, revealing a few more folders. He clicked on the first folder, labeled, '1.'

It was porn. Tons and tons of porn. Even pictures of Namjoon they'd taken together. Namjoon smirked a bit at this discovery, ready to tease Jimin about it. He clicked out, then quickly skimming through the other folders in the main folder, finally coming across a folder labeled, 'CBT.'


Namjoon didn't know what that meant, but he clicked on the folder anyways. He looked through the pictures in the folder and was surprised. Inside were a TON of pictures. Namjoon finally looked up the meaning of 'CBT,' not surprised that it meant 'cock and ball torture.'

Well, that would explain things a lot. Namjoon began to look into it more, searching up what was commonly done and how. He apparently lost track of time, jolting when he heard someone practically scream his name. He turned in the chair, spotting Jimin, who looked HORRIFIED.

"J-Joon! Why are you on my account!" Jimin whined, moving in front of the computer to quickly log out, Namjoon also pulling the blond down to sit in his lap. Jimin squeaked, squirming, but Namjoon held him tightly.

"Minnie, why didn't you tell me about the.. Well, you know?"

Jimin blushed bright red, covering his face with his hands.

"Ughhh... So you did see it..." He muttered into his palms. Namjoon gently wrapped his arms around the smaller man's waist.

"Jimin, I'm not upset or weirded out... If that's what you're worried about."

"...You're not?" Jimin mumbled.

Namjoon chuckled,

"Of course not, babe. Everyone has different kinks."

Jimin looked dumbfounded. He had expected Namjoon to push him away in disgust, yet here he was, sitting in his Hyung's lap while Namjoon comforted him.

"...You promise you're not..?"

"I promise, Minnie."

"Pinkie promise..?" The blond muttered, making Namjoon chuckled.

"You're cute. But yes, pinkie promise," he claimed, gently linking his finger with Jimin's for a moment. Jimin smiled a bit,

"Okay. Um... Joon?"


"Can we.. Can we um, maybe... Try some of the stuff..?" Jimin asked timidly, cheeks bright red.

Namjoon gave a small worried face,

"Jimin.. I don't know if I can. I've never done anything like that before, and I really don't want to seriously injure you."

"Please, Joon? We don't.. We don't have to do too much, just a little! And I'll tell you if it hurts too much or I don't like it.. I promise!" Jimin claimed, giving Namjoon his best pout.

"Oh... Alright. But you HAVE to promise you will tell me if you don't like it... It's important, Minnie."

Jimin smiled and nodded,

"I promise I will."

Namjoon grinned a bit kissed the blond's cheek,

"Good boy."

Namjoon scooped Jimin up and walked to their room, setting him down on the bed.

"Stay, I need a few things," Namjoon ordered, knowing his tiny boyfriend would obey him.

Jimin gladly obeyed the older man, waiting patiently as Namjoon drifted out of the room and back in with a small bag. Jimin recognized it as their toy bag and shifted excitedly.

"Strip, Minnie~" Namjoon ordered with a grin, watching as Jimin hastily pulled his clothes off, leaving himself completely nude with a cute blush across his cheeks. Namjoon sat down on the bed and leaned against the headboard, gently pulling Jimin over to sit in his lap. The older of the two wrapped a hand around the base of Jimin's cock, catching Jimin's soft moan with a kiss. They kissed for a while, Namjoon absolutely dominating Jimin's mouth with his tongue. Namjoon slowly ran his hands over Jimin's creamy skin, producing small needy mewls from the blond. The elder pulled back finally, pulling something out from the back and revealed it to be a cock ring, sliding it down Jimin's length.

"I know you, Jimin," Namjoon said in response to the younger's whine, " You'll cum way too fast."

Jimin's blush darkened, making Namjoon smirk. Namjoon reached again, pulling a slim, black box out from the bag. Jimin recognized it immediately, letting out a nearly inaudible gasp.

"How did you..-"

Namjoon shushed him.

The box contained five different sounds, varying in size. Namjoon had actually found the box months earlier, but had no clue what they were, and figured it best to just leave it be and not ask. Now, however, he knew quite well what they were meant for.

Namjoon kept the blond in his lap as he poured copious amounts of lube over Jimin's cockhead, hand slowly spreading the lube. Namjoon wanted to make sure there was plenty of the slick, not wanting to injure his beloved boy. Namjoon picked up the smallest sound, checking one last time to make sure they were completely clean and safe, and then gently and slowly began to push the rod into the blond's cock. Jimin let out a small gasp of pain,

"O-Oh, Joon.. Ngh, hurts..!"

Namjoon quickly slowed down,

"Too much?"

"H-Hngh.. N-No, not enough!" Jimin whined, and Namjoon just chuckled and shook his head a bit.

"Shut up. You'll take what I give you, slut."

Jimin shuddered,

"Y-Yes, Sir.."

Namjoon continued the slow fuck of Jimin's cock with the sound, finally gently pulling it out and pushing in the third size after pouring more lube out. Jimin cried out softly, relishing in the burn. The blond shuddered and leaned forward to rest his head against Namjoon's shoulder, biting back a moan as Namjoon's scraped his nails up Jimin's length. Namjoon continued all of this, slowly turning Jimin into a moaning, whining mess.

"N-Namjoon.. N-Ngh! Namj-joon, p-please! More!" The younger of the two whined, practically choking on air once Namjoon pulled the sound out and pinched the head of his cock. The older of the two wrapped a hand around Jimin's length, letting out a shuddered breath in response to the loud squeal that leaked out past Jimin's lips.

"A-Ahn.. N-Namjoon, please, f-fuck.. Pl-Please fuck me, I n-need it!" Jimin cried out, voice absolutely wrecked as tears fell down past Jimin's cheeks.

Namjoon pushed the blond off of his lap, maneuvering Jimin to get him on his hands and knees. The older idol managed to find the forgotten bottle of lube, drenching Jimin's hole and his own fingers in the slick. He immediately pushed two fingers past the tight rim, Jimin's hands on the sheets beneath him held in a death grip. Namjoon quickly finger-fucked the blond's ass, working up to four fingers before pulling his hand back and quickly replaced it with his cock. Jimin arched his back and let out a silent scream, body shuddering. Namjoon sank in all the way, bottoming out, letting out a soft content sigh as he pulled back out and slammed back in. Jimin turned into a sobbing. moaning, needy mess, unraveling in front of Namjoon as he was fucked hard. Namjoon made sure to not forget about Jimin's cock, pumping him hard and urging on an orgasm Jimin wouldn't be able to have yet because of the cock ring. He gently dug his nails into the hard length in between strokes.

"J-Joonie Hyung! Ngh, p-please! I need to cum!" Jimin cried out, Namjoon only fucking into him harder as a free hand reached to unlatch the ring from Jimin's abused cock,

"Cum, baby boy. You've earned it,"

Namjoon groaned out, getting close. Jimin clenched down onto the cock inside of him hard, cumming with a loud moan, cum spilling over Namjoon's hand. The older of the two groaned loudly, burying his dick deep into's Jimin's ass and came hard, coating Jimin's wrecked insides.

Namjoon panted hard as he pulled out, Jimin's front already collapsed onto the bed. He pulled the blond close, arm wrapped tightly and protectively around Jimin's waist.

"I love you, Minnie."

"Nm.. Love you too, Joon.."

Chapter Text

Daddy Dom Hoseok. Submissive Jimin. BDSM Components.
"Can you do Jihope?
Uh a bdsm/daddy kink with a really subby Jimin."

Jimin cried out softly as he was roughly thrown onto the bed, Hoseok moving to crawl on top of him and attack his neck with kisses and tiny bites. Hoseok pulled back,

"Stay right here," He practically growled shifting off of the bed to grab the things they needed to play.

"Ngh, hurry!" Jimin whined.

"Shut your mouth, you little whore. Teasing me in the restaurant like that? You'd better be ready to take a lot because I'm not stopping until I'm completely satisfied. Got it?" Hoseok growled, pointing accusingly at the small blond sprawled out on the bed.

Jimin bit back a smirk,

"Y-Yes, Daddy.." He muttered.

Hoseok walked off to get what he had planned, which included rope, a buttplug, and a lot of lube. He came back with these essentials, tossing everything down on the bed next to Jimin, who bit back a small moan at the sight of the items, Hoseok climbing back over Jimin to continue his assault on the blond's pale neck.

"Ngh... D-Daddy..." Jimin moaned out quietly as the older's teeth tugged at the skin near Jimin's collarbone.

Hoseok pulled back,

"Get on your hands and knees." He commanded, watching Jimin scramble to get into the exposing position. Hoseok pulled the blond's arms back, pushing his front down gently onto the bed. Hoseok carefully tied Jimin's arms back, making sure the knots weren't too tight. Jimin patiently waited for Hoseok to continue, squealing when he felt cold, slick fingers prod at his entrance. Hoseok roughly fingered the boy open with two digits, quickly replacing them with a medium-sized plug. Jimin let out a soft whine as the plug nestled gently against his sweet spot. Hoseok sat back,

"Now get up here, and suck my cock, whore." He commanded, watching with great amusement as Jimin tried to maneuver himself over without hands. The smaller man managed to get into a somewhat comfortable spot, leaning down to press a kiss to the head of Hoseok's dick. Jimin licked a strip up the older man's cock, making him groan. He then finally engulfed Hoseok's cock, sucking softly. Hoseok carded his finger's through the younger's hair, gently pulling on the dyed strands. Jimin let out a small mewl around his Hyung's cock, Hoseok bucking his hips up with a groan as the cute noises Jimin made vibrated through his shaft.

"Fuck... You're doing so well, Jiminie." Hoseok said, only making Jimin want to do better and make the older man cum. Jimin increased his pace, mouth and tongue moving faster on Hoseok's dick.

"G-Gonna cum soon, Jiminie! Be a g-good boy and swallow all of Daddy's cum, yeah?" Hoseok commanded, hand tightening into an iron grip on Jimin's hair as he fucked the younger's mouth and throat. Hoseok came down Jimin's throat with a low groan. Jimin obediently swallowed everything, panting softly as Hoseok pulled out. The older of the two pushed Jimin back and flipped him over onto his stomach, gently working the plug out of Jimin's cramped hole.

"You better be ready, because Jimin?"


"That plug was the only prep you're getting."

Jimin squealed as Hoseok's lubed cock immediately hit home, all the way up to the hilt in Jimin's ass. The plug was only half the size of Hoseok's monstrous cock, and the stretch burned and ached, but felt so good, and all Jimin could do was lay there like a good boy, moaning like a bitch in heat as Hoseok roughly fucked his tight ass.

"H-Hah, Daddy!! S-So big!" Jimin whined out.

"Who knew Park Jimin was such a little cockslut," Hoseok growled possessively, making Jimin whimper. Jimin screamed as Hoseok rammed directly into his prostate.

"H-Hoseok! I'm g-gonna cum! Hng, please, h-harder!"

Hoseok happily complied, fucking into the little blond beneath him harder and faster.

"Cum, you slut! Cum now!"

Jimin's hole clamped down tight as he came hard, back arching beautifully. Hoseok came moments after with a growl, flooding Jimin's insides with hot cum. They stayed like that, bodies pressed together as they panted softly. Hoseok carefully pulled out from the younger's abused hole, wringing a tiny whine from Jimin.


Jimin nodded.

"Good," Hoseok said with a small smirk, collapsing down beside Jimin and pulling the already half-asleep boy close to him.

Chapter Text

Top Hobi. Bottom Jin. Sinning in the practice room.
"All I want right now is some 2seok "Hobi helping Jin hyung with his dancing + a side order of making out and dry humping in the practice room" <3 trying to keep quiet and watching themselves in the mirror walls :heh :"


It started with all of them practicing, Hoseok constantly noticing the little hiccups in Jin's dancing. He either seemed behind and out of beat or just forgetting what to do and messing up more than he should. So that's when Hoseok went to the older man,

"Hey, Hyung, don't be offended or anything, but I really noticed that you seem to.. Struggle? With keeping up. You mess up a lot."

Hoseok kind of felt bad, but SOMEONE had to say it.

So there they stood, just them in the practice room. Mirrors surrounded them on the walls so they could see themselves and how they danced. Easier to catch their own mistakes.

"Alright, ready to start?"

Seokjin smiled and nodded,

"Mhm! You lead."

They started their most recent routine, and it started out pretty well. Jin was almost a bit hesitant with dancing but seemed to quickly get over with Hoseok reassuring him. Then soon after, Jin messed up a large portion of the routine. Hoseok stopped them, and gently moved his arm and guided him. While he did this, Jin looked up at the mirrors to watch and get a better idea, but instead had to hold back a gasp as he noticed how good Hoseok looked. The red-haired man wore a light blue t-shirt that slightly stuck to his frame due to sweating. His hair was messy, strands sticking up here and there as he panted softly.

"Jin-Hyung? Are you listening? I said you have to move your arm up like this."

Jin jolted a bit in surprise, jolted out of his thoughts abruptly.

"Uh, yeah, I'm listening. Sorry." Jin said gently.

Hoseok smiled a bit,

"It's alright, but please pay close attention. It's important for yourself and the entire group. We have to all be in sync with the way we dance."

Seokjin gave a nod of understanding, and they continued. Jin was still extremely distracted by Hoseok, so it wasn't long before he messed up again.

"But I thought you said I have to move my leg," Jin moved his leg back and to the left, "like this?"


"No, you have to move lik-" Hoseok took a step forward, and tripped, falling directly into Jin, both of them collapsing to the floor. Jin let out a shaky breath, cheeks heating up. They both stayed like this, frozen, unsure of what to say or do. Jin was ready to move back, arms pushing himself up slightly until he was pushed back down, Hoseok's lips colliding against his.
Hoseok pulled back,

"Is this okay?" He quickly asked, Jin nodding,

"Yes, yes please, I really want it.." Jin said, voice barely a whisper, Hoseok sliding off of Jin, and motioning him over. Jin happily situated himself in the younger's lap, arms draping over Hoseok's shoulders almost from instinct. Hoseok leaned forward again to kiss him, Jin melting into the kiss. The younger of the two gently held onto Jin's waist as they made out, completely forgetting about practicing for the time being. The only thing they cared about at that moment was the extreme need to touch and kiss and probably fuck. Hoseok suddenly bucked his hips up against Jin's, making Jin let out a surprised moan. The younger of the two smirked against Jin's lips, hands traveling down more to cup Jin's ass in an almost bruising grip. Jin pulled back,

"HNg, fuck, Hobi! Hah, more, please!"

Hoseok complied, the heel of a single hand pressing against Jin's crotch. Jin's thighs quivered as Hoseok slowly moved his hand.

"Fuck, Hyung, you're so hard.." Hoseok teased, Jin hiding his face in Hoseok's shoulder.

Hoseok gently grabbed Jin's chin, pushing his face up and to the side.

"No, watch us," Hoseok commanded, pulling his hand back and continuing to grind up onto Jin, Jin biting his lip as he watched. Seokjin let out a soft moan as he watched, Hoseok leaning to kiss and lick at Jin's neck and collarbones. They just looked so good together.

"I'm not going to fuck you yet, it's too soon. But, I will make you cum and moan and squeal." Hobi said with a smirk. "You have to grind down on me, too, Hyung."

Jin gave a small nod, quickly doing so, making Hoseok groan. Hoseok's grip tightened on Jin's ass, guiding the older man as he ground down on Hoseok's crotch.

"Ahn.. H-Hobi, I'm close, g-gonna cum!" Jin moaned out, back arching a bit.

"Ngh, m-me too, H-Hyung..!" Hoseok groaned out, hips moving faster as he leaned forward to kiss Jin again. Jin moaned loudly into the kiss, cumming hard in his pants like a horny teen. Hoseok didn't last much longer, also coming hard with a groan. They sat, panting softly, Jin leaning against Hobi. Hoseok wrapped his arms around Jin's waist,

"Well... I guess practice really will have to wait until later, we're all sticky and gross now." Hoseok said with a chuckle.

"Definitely worth it though.." Jin said tiredly.

Hoseok kissed his cheek,

"We'll practice a different day, I want to go home and nap with you now."

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Dom Yoongi. Sub Jimin. Rough sex, voyeurism.
yoonmin really rough sex like reaaally rough but no au just canon and jimin face down ass up while yoongi just nonstop fucking him and pulling his hair then one of the members comes in and they dont notice so the member calls everyone to watch the oblivious assholes until they notice theyre being watched


As soon as they got home from the interview, they quickly dismissed their other bandmates and rushed up to their shared dorm where Jimin was slammed against a wall, Yoongi not even bothering to lock the door as his lips slammed against Jimin's. Jimin let out a soft mewl into their kiss while Yoongi pinned the smaller blond's arms to the wall above him. Yoongi bucked his hips, grinding his clothed cock against Jimin's crotch making him squeal. Yoongi pulled back,

"Get your clothes off, and get on the bed," Yoongi commanded, watching Jimin practically run to their bed and pull his clothes off. Yoongi smirked and grabbed a bottle of lube and a condom. He wasn't in the mood to tease and torment Jimin; He wanted something quick and downright filthy right now. He went back to their bed, forcing two lubed fingers into Jimin's waiting hole, Jimin letting out a wanton moan. Yoongi quickly fucked Jimin open with his fingers, building up to four until his patience snapped and he tore open the condom and slipped it onto his hard dick. He knew the condom would make it easier to fuck Jimin hard.

Yoongi gripped Jimin's hips hard enough to bruise before slamming home into Jimins tight hole. Jimin cried out and pushed his hips back, wanting to take more of Yoongi's fat cock into his little hole. Yoongi smirked and began fucking Jimin hard and fast, hips slamming against his thick thighs with each thrust.

"How's it feel, Jimin? How's it feel to be fucked wide open by my cock?"

"Fuck, s-so good!" Jimin moaned in response, whining when Yoongi tangled his fingers into his hair and pulled.

"Damn right it does! Moan louder, louder like the little whore you are!"

Jimin did just that, moaning out Yoongi's name.

Unbeknownst to them, Tae had his ear pressed against the door, listening to Yoongi ravage his friend. He called Jungkook, Namjoon, and Hoseok over, Jin eventually joining them.

"Open the door a bit, I wanna see!" Jungkook whined,

"No, they'll catch us watching!" Jin said in response, Taehyung opening the door a crack anyways.

"Holy shit.." Hoseok said quietly to the sight that greeted all of them.

Yoongi, forcing his cock deeper and deeper inside of Jimin with absolutely brutal thrusts, Jimin's hair pulled back tightly, his cheeks pink and tearstained as he moaned and whined.

"Hng, Yoongi! Fuck!"

The rest of them couldn't help but watch.

Yoongi glanced over by the door, hearing soft whispers, smirking wide, suddenly slowing his pace as he leaned down close to Jimin's ear,

"Looks like we have an audience, Jiminie."

"Hn?" Jimin made a small noise, confused until he spotted the rest of the fucking group all packed in at the door, watching Yoongi fuck his ass. His cheeks reddened with embarrassment.

"Let's give them a show, yeah?" Yoongi said, pace picking back up, now fucking Jimin even harder "cum, Jimin, cum now." Yoongi ordered, Jimin's hole clenching down tight on Yoongi's cock, making him groan loudly. Jimin came hard, cum ruining the sheets below him. He cried out softly as Yoongi kept fucking him, finally cumming and flooding Jimin's insides with hot cum.

The group scattered as they finished, Yoongi shooting all of them a hard glare which clearly said, "fuck off."

Jimin panted softly, wincing as Yoongi pulled out of his ruined hole. Yoongi pressed a sweet kiss in between Jimin's shoulder blades, getting up to clean his exhausted lover and himself.

They fell asleep, blankets pulled over them as they cuddled each other close and kept warm.


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"Hey!! I really love your writing! So can you please write about badboy jk and playboy jin? Where jin tries to seduce jk but jk ignores him (it's actually working but jk plays tough xD) till he sees jin flirting with someone else so it's lead to rough sex :D? Omg this is so embarrassing to ask xD, but I gotta fight for my otp, right? Also I would really appreciate it if they were enemies or rivals, cause I LOVE the concept xd. Oh, also, bottom jin please!

Thank you so much for the wonderful chapters♡"


Jin could fucking scream when Jungkook pushed past him just to get to the front desk first to turn in his paper before him. The little shit did things like this constantly, knowing fully well how much it pissed Jin off. Jin was two years ahead of Jungkook, but somehow the younger boy wormed his way into an AP physics class. And yeah, Jin did have an issue with his younger peers disrespecting him.

He still wanted to fuck the shorter brown-haired boy, though. Jin thought he was cute.

Jungkook spun around and said,

"Oops, sorry, Seokjin- hyung." with a shit-eating grin, and Jin smirked.

Did he want to smack Jungkook for mocking him? Yes. Did he want to slam Jungkook against the wall of the classroom and fuck him raw in front of everyone? Absolutely.

So, of course, Jin mocked him back by flirting and playing with him.

But he kind of did that with every boy in the school.

Except he actually meant it with Jungkook.

"Not a problem, cutie."

"Oi, both of you, knock it off and sit back down."

Their teacher snapped, so they did and returned to their seats.
Though they weren't too far away, Jungkook being two seats in front of Jin. Jungkook felt a tap on his shoulder, the sweet, slightly nerdy girl behind him handing him a small folded note. He quietly thanked her and opened it.

'we should meet after class and "study" together (;'

Jungkook grinned, knowing it was obviously Jin, and scribbled back a response, folding it back up and asking the girl to return it to the idiot.

Jin opened it and 'tsked' at what it said.

'Inappropriate! o:'

Guess he'd just have to try harder then.


A few days later, Jin spotted Jungkook in the hall with his friend Taehyung.

"Hey, sweetie. You free after 8th?" Jin turned to Taehyung, "You can come too if you want."

"You sound tense, need a cig?" Jungkook responded cockily, making Tae laugh out loudly.

"Aww, still think smoking is cool?" Jin mocked back.

Jungkook lightly pushed him,

"Shut up and go look for bald spots, Oldie!" Jungkook said with a grin.

Jin smirked a walked away.

He had a new plan forming.

He went a few weeks without teasing and flirting with Jungkook, but this was all part of his plan. He could already tell Jungkook was a bit confused. It was after 8th, and many students were still roaming around the halls, messing around or staying after for a legitimate reason. Jin knew Jungkook came this way after 8th. So he decided to play with one of the quieter boys, a year below Jungkook. He did his usual bullshit, the boy blushing and stammering, and that's when Jungkook turned around the corner, eyes instantly pinning on Jin. He just stood there for a few moments, staring.

But inside he was having a fucking meltdown. How dare Jin fuck around with another kid and not him.

So Jungkook stomped over to the older boy looking like a pouty nine year old who wanted apple slices.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

Jin grinned inside of his head but only stared.


"You're fuckin around with him?" Jungkook looked at the boy, "Who the fuck even is he?"

Jin shrugged,

"I tried getting your attention, but you ignored me."

Jungkook fucking growled and grabbed onto Jin's wrist with an iron grip, pulling hard, walking them to some abandoned classroom.

"Fuck, calm down!"

"Shut up!" Jungkook yelled back and pushed his elder into the room, closing and locking the door. Jungkook pushed Jin further back, onto what would be a teacher's desk.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Jin said through gritted teeth, not liking the situation he was in at all.

"What? You'd thought I would let you fuck me after that? Pft, yeah okay."

Jin didn't answer.

"...Is it your first time bottoming?" Jungkook said, kinda surprised.

"Do I look like I get fucked to you?"

Jungkook giggled like a little shit,

"Cool." He said, pretty fucking happy that he got to be the one to pop Jin's cherry. "I'm not gonna be SUPER rough or anything since it's your first time, but I'm not gentle."

Jin huffed out in response and blushed when Jungkook began to unbutton his pants, pulling them down and off. Jungkook didn't hesitate to pull off his boxers,

"Oh fuck, you're big."

Jin smirked at this,

"Heh, next time you can ride me then when you're not mad and pouting like a ten-year-old."

"Shut up, oldie. Do you have lube? You fuck everyone, you must have at least a packet."

Jin stared at him.

"You actually think I fuck everyone?"

"Well yeah, you go around bragging about it."

"Kook you idiot, I only did it to fuck with you. I flirt, but I don't fuck much. But I do have a packet, I planned for today, though I thought it'd be the other way around." Jin said with a smirk, digging in the pocket of his jacket to toss some lube at the younger boy.

Jungkook only blushed,

"Whatever, we'll talk about it later.." he muttered, a bit embarrassed.

Jin grinned, quickly crying out when Jungkook's lubed finger slowly entered him. Jungkook looked a bit panicked,

"Does it hurt?" He quickly asked.

"N-No, just surprised is all."

Jungkook gave a single nod, stretching him gently for a while before adding a second finger, Jin softly hissing out in pain. Jungkook scissored both his fingers, biting his lip at how Jin whimpered, before adding a third, trying to be gentle but just a little unforgiving at the same time. Jungkook finally pulled his fingers out a while later with an extremely obscene noise, smirking at Jin's blush.

"...I need a condom too."

Jin let out a put-on sigh, reaching into his pocket again.

"So unprepared.." Jin muttered, mocking a bit, as Jungkook slid on the condom, using some of the lube that dripped from Jin's hole to slick his cock.

"I wouldn't act so cocky if I were you," Jungkook said, grabbing onto Jin's hips, "Remember the position you're in?" and he slammed forward into Jin, with a soft groan, Jin crying out at the sudden intrusion.

"Fuck, so tight.." Jungkook groaned out. Jin whined in response, back arching a bit against the younger boy. Jin suddenly cried out loudly when Jungkook brushed against his prostate.

"F-Feel good?"

Jin nodded.

"Good. And Jin?"


"Get ready, because I"m gonna start fucking you now."

Jungkook pulled out and slammed back in immediately, Jin's mouth opening in a silent scream. Jungkook picked up a fast pace, fucking Jin roughly.

"Hng, fuck, J-Jungkook!" Jin whined out, already a moaning mess.


"Oh... H-Harder!"

Jungkook smirked like a bastard, fucking Jin raw. Jungkook pushed Jin's legs back against his chest, going deeper than before, fucking right into Jin's prostate with each thrust.

"H-Hah, K-Kookie, gonna cum!"

"Ngh, m-me too, Hyung!"

They both moaned louder, Jin remembering just in time to move his jacket up before cumming all over his stomach. Jungkook moaned at the sight before cumming hard, filling Jin up to the brim.

They both panted softly, Jungkook carefully pulling out, Jin whimpering a bit.

"I'm gonna be so sore tomorrow..." He muttered.

Jungkook smiled a bit sheepishly, grabbing tissues from the counter to clean both of them up.

"S-Sorry... Um, if you want, we can skip tomorrow and hang at my place, and I'll take care of you or whatever. Sitting on these school chairs after this wouldn't be too fun... I, uh, know from experience..." Jungkook mumbled out a bit quickly, blushing a bit.

Jin blushed too,

"...That sounds nice, actually."