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Bangtan Boys One Shots (Requests, etc.)

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Hey guys <3

I'm finally getting around to doing BTS oneshots; Where you guys decide what I write!!
You can pretty much request anything and everything, so don't be shy to ask. c=
I can't write everything, but I'll certainly try to work something out for you <3
Only thing I ask is you to be patient and not to be rude to others about their kinks/etc.

Now hurry and comment your filthy requests!! <3

~Chapter Index~

chapter 1 - Jungkook/Jimin. Roommate/College AU. Daddy kink. Size difference. Anal fingering. Dirty talk.

chapter 2 - Jimin/Yoongi. Vibrating Butt Plugs. Slight Hidden-Public. Clingy Yoongi. Slight Dirty Talk. Cute after Care.

(4) Update & roleplay

chapter 3 - Hoseok/Yoongi. Aphrodisiacs. Handjobs. Slight Dirty Talk. A tiny bit of aftercare.

chapter 4 - Jungkook/Yoongi. CG/L. Appa Jungkook. Yoongi getting overwhelmed and upset. Tooth-rotting cuteness.

chapter 5 - Jin/Yoongi. CG/L. Appa Jin. Jin accidentally upsetting Yoongi, but makes up for it later. Some cute stuff.

chapter 6 - Jungkook/Yoongi. Dom Jungkook. Power Bottom Yoongi. Semi-Public Blowjob. Namjoon watching & getting off on it.

chapter 7 - Namoon/Jimin. Dom Namjoon. Sub Jimin. CBT. Embarrassed Jimin. A bit intense.

chapter 8 - Hoseok/Jimin. Daddy Dom Hoseok. Sub Jimin. BDSM and blowjobs.

chapter 9 - Hoseok/Seokjin. Dom Hoseok. "Sinning in the practice room." Grinding. Mirrors.

chapter 10 - Yoongi/Jimin. Dom Yoongi. Sub Jimin. ROUGH fucking. Hair pulling. Voyeurism.