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The Dragon and The Damsel

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The night was quiet, except for the tapping of heels from the top of the tower. You hated this. You had such a perfect life back in your castle. With all the maids waiting at your hand, suitors lining up to court you for his own. For him to take you back to his castle. But too bad for them, you've already chosen a fiancee. A handsome prince from an opposing kingdom. You were supposed to be planning your wedding by now, along with your soon-to-be husband but nooo, you just have to be taken by that nasty, edgy mcedge dragonlord.

You look over at the window, resting your arms on the windowsill as you look over at the horizon. It’s been almost a week. Where is your knight in shining armor? The person that you deeply love? The one that took your heart away?

You let out an impatient sigh as you rest your cheek on your hand and stare at the stars. Someone just have to save you right? You're important to the kingdom. The only loved child of the king. Surely someone will rescue you?

You sit over at the windowsill, a soft voice coming out of your mouth as you started singing. A song that your mother used to sing to you every night.

We notch our bows, and wait for the ‘morrow.
Cold is the night, and nary a tear
For on the morn’ we head into shadow
There is no room for our fear. 

His eyes are cruel, his evil is endless
Black is his soul, and ne’er will he rest
‘Till all the world lies cover in darkness
And none who’d fight him are left. 

Tha’nera! Telezia!
Fly straight and true o my arrow!
The day of destiny comes
I’ll follow the path only fate knows 

Tha’nera! Telezia!
Forwards to glory, my sisters!
Today our hearts beat as one!
When hope is the faintest of whispers.” 


There was a moment of silence as you hum the music, your fingers ghosting along the strings of a lyra as if you’re creating music from the instrument that you usually use whenever you sing songs that was taught to you.


Our songs of fire, our footfalls of thunder
On we will go, this army of light
Though peril’s storm may tear us asunder
For our dear home we will fight 

Geraint the Gold, Argenta the Silver
Cloaked from our sight yet saviors to all!
When all seemed lost, and blood flowed in rivers.
Down the Black Dragon did fall! 

Tha’nera! Telezia!
Fly straight and true o my---”


Would you shut the hell up?!” 

You immediately stopped singing and you opened your eyes to see the large skeletal head of a dragon glaring at you, its red eye lights glaring right into  your eyes and you yelped, immediately scrambling back. Which was definitely a bad move since you fell down onto the floor with a graceless 'thud’.

“O-Ow…..” you whimpered and glare at the draconic head before standing up and dusting yourself. “What is wrong with you?! I’m pretty sure I have the right to sing out my woes and sorrows!!!”

And I say, you’ve sung enough. ” it growled back, voice deep that you were so sure that it was magic that’s coming from him. “ My tower, my rules.

“Excuse me?! Your tower? Uhuh, right. As if I’ll just believe that! I don’t see any proof that this tower actually belongs to you!” you said as you crossed your arms in front of you, glaring at the skeletal dragon head that’s just outside your window. “And I demand that you should return me back to my kingdom, you….. YOU GUTLESS FLYING LIZARD!!!”

Oh that made him furious. His red eye lights have taken a shade darker as he roared at you, making you fall down onto the floor again with a thud and stare wide-eyed at the dragon that’s keeping you locked up in the tower. You didn’t realize before now that you were already shaking and you slowly start backing away from the window.

The dragon seems to be satisfied with this and its form turns smaller, its spine seeming to straighten up and the next thing you know is that it’s standing inside the room on two feet. Its head is similar to its larger form only smaller and its wings and tail are visible behind it. Judging by the clothes, you assumed that this dragon is a he….. well, kinda. Honestly you can just kinda tell it straight away.

Once the skeleton started walking forward towards you, your panic rises up which made you back up a bit quicker until your back touched the wall making you quietly gasp in surprise as you looked over at the wall before looking in front of you, meeting the dragon’s blood red eye lights once again. You can feel your heart pounding inside your chest out of fear and you hold onto your arms as you tried to act like you’re not afraid but boy you’re pretty much scared shitless towards this monster.

This tower is mine. It’s a part of my castle. If you didn’t fainted when I was carrying you then you would be able to see it, you shrieking imbecile.” He snorted as he kept his hands behind his back.

You glared at him. “Why did you kidnap me? Out of all the royalties that you could have kidnapped, why does it have to be me?!” you exclaimed and he snarled at you, making you flinch at the sound and the glare that he returned but you kept your ground.

It is none of your business. ” The young dragonlord growled as his tail flicked in annoyance. “ Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have duties to attend to.” He said as he turned around and started walking towards the window, the skeleton tail dragging behind him.

“And what? Leave me up here to rot?” you asked. Well, it's not like you haven’t been eating. A tray of food would just appear on your bedside table every time you would wake up. Although you would love to have a change of clothes or maybe a shower would do you good. “A princess has her needs too, you know. If you’re planning to keep me alive that is.”

The dragon turned to look back at you, scowling a little. “You are being provided with food, are you not? What else could you possibly need?” he asked as he puts a hand on his hip and glare at the human in front of him.

“I am being provided and I am…. Quite thankful for that.” you said, hesitating at the last words. But then you were taught by your mother that you should be grateful for the nice things that are done to you and well….. The food was cooked quite excellently. “But I’m not talking about just food. I do have my hygienic needs as well and a new set of clothes would be nice too.”

He stares at you with those red eye lights of his, as if he’s trying to see if you’re lying to him. “Fine. Someone will come here to assist you with that tomorrow morning. ” he said as he turned his back on you again and starts walking towards the window, standing onto the windowsill before he turned to look at you again. “ Are there any more questions?

You went quiet for a moment.

“A…. A-Are you gonna kill me?” you quietly whispered.

The dragon stared at you and snickered, “We shall wait and see, human.” and he leaves.

That answer didn’t help your dread at all. You hold onto the small heart pendant resting on your chest as you bring your knees closer to your chest and hug it, pulling yourself closer as you bury your face, trying your best not to cry but obviously failing.

‘I’m….. I’m really going to die, huh?’ You dully thought to yourself. 'He’s gonna fatten me up before he gobbles my fat body up.’

A quiet whimper comes out of you as you curl yourself into a ball. Scared of what could possibly happen to you.

Gods, you could almost feel your heart threatening to come out of your chest. You let out a small shuddering breath as you closed your eyes. Honestly, you just want to go home. You know that you have to find a way to get out of this place.

Oh, that’s right. Someone will come and guide you outside the tower! Surely that someone will have mercy for you right??? Oh, you just hope that’s the case. You don’t even know if you can take it. Staying in this tower for another week. You have to go back to your own kingdom and live a happily ever after with your prince.

As you try to think of a plan, you felt your consciousness slowly slipping away before you fell asleep on the ground.