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Running With the Wolves

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Oscar Pine noticed them when it was just three weeks into the start of the new school year. Even just as a freshman, he would have to be blind to have not noticed them in the hallways before then. So, he concluded they must be new.

The first was a tall man with shaggy blonde hair and a tattoo on his right deltoid muscle. He looked odd with the cargo shorts and chocolate colored, short sleeve button down but still managed to look ten times cooler then Oscar could ever dream. His tanned skin looked healthy and his head looked back and forth, scanning the hallway for something.

The next was a taller woman who looked like she shouldn't even be in high school anymore with her leather jacket, long blonde hair, and piercing violet eyes. The sunglasses perched on the top of her head held her bangs back as she picked at her fingernails with a look of boredom on her face.

However, the youngest was who really took his breath away. Deep chestnut hair with faded red lowlights on the tips, she was significantly paler than her companions, but still maintained a healthy glow. Her eyes shined silver and scanned the halls with a nervous shifting every few seconds. She was significantly shorter than the other two but still likely an inch or two taller than Oscar himself.

Subconsciously, Oscar looked down at himself. A stained white t-shirt from too many mishaps on his aunt's farm and baggy jeans that had to be held up with bright orange suspenders. Something he had been reminded of again as the obvious high school bully snapped them as he passed. "Loser," the brunette smirked at Oscar as he passed.

Oscar didn't say anything. How could he? The guy had a foot on him and would probably eat Oscar if he dared to challenge him. So instead, he stayed silent and watched as the three stunning strangers began to walk to the office.


"This place is total bullshit!" Ruby didn't say anything as Yang threw open the door to their new house in anger.

"Yang," their father, Taiyang, lectured as he closed the door behind Ruby who had followed Yang inside a few seconds earlier. "Watch the language."

"What are you going to do?" Yang taunted, a sneer twisting her face into an unpleasant expression. "Ground me? Make us move again?"

"If you learned how to control that temper of yours then maybe we wouldn't have had to move." It was a new voice that spoke and Yang and Ruby whipped their heads around to watch as their uncle and alpha Qrow descended from the staircase.

"It wasn't even like I turned on the assholes!" Yang tried to defend herself from the lanky male, though judging by his face he wasn't impressed with the effort.

"And yet you still managed to completely shatter their kneecaps and snap their arms like twigs," Qrow commented while shaking his head in disappointment. "That is something an eighteen-year-old woman should not be capable of in a matter of seconds with her bare hands and no recorded combat experience."

Yang could only snarl in response.

"Yang," Ruby spoke softly to her sister for the first time since getting home. "Maybe this will be a good thing?"

Ruby's attempt to comfort her sister fell on deaf ears though as Yang instead marched past Qrow, making sure to shoulder check him on the way, and fled upstairs. The stomping of her feet followed by what Ruby could only assume was Yang's bedroom door slamming. Then silence. Qrow sighed and shook his head again before turning his attention to Tai and Ruby. "So, how was the visit to get registered?"

"Well," Tai started, answering for Ruby. "I'm registered to teach history there luckily. Turns out one of their regular teachers quit instead of coming back after maternity leave so I have the job since their desperate for a fill in. Ruby and Yang will be starting their first day tomorrow."

Qrow nodded in approval and Tai walked past him and headed upstairs to likely talk to Yang and hopefully calm her down. Or get into a screaming match with her again like they had in the car. Ruby stayed though, her head still tucked down low.

"What's wrong kid?" Qrow asked gently as he placed a hand on the smaller girl's shoulder.

"I'm just... nervous about going to a new school again." The confession was no surprise to Qrow after what Ruby went through at her last school. The one they had been at just at the start before Yang snapped and they quickly had to pack up and move.

"I know," Qrow comforted while ruffling Ruby's hair. "I know it's hard for you to make friends since you're scared of letting something slip. And having your sister as your best friend isn't always easy. But it will get easier I promise. We just can't let non-pack members in. It's too dangerous. For us and them."

Ruby could only nod in response, but she still seemed a little down. Qrow rubbed the back of his neck and looked down at his sulking niece. "How about we go for a run, check out the area," Qrow suggested and Ruby looked at him with wide eyes.

"Really?" She asked a smile spreading across her body as she began to bounce on her toes. "But I thought you said we couldn't until you figured out the hunting patterns around the area."

There was the sound of gibberish screaming upstairs which caused the two downstairs to wince. "I don't know about you," Qrow stated as he looked down at Ruby. "But I don't want to be in the house while the two of them are going at it."

Ruby nodded quickly in agreement before they bolted out the door. Their clothes, in an unexplainable mist, vanished as they suddenly became a giant black and petite rusty red wolf. They ran and the forest melted into a blur of emerald and olive. The rich scent of dirt filled their noses as they sprinted as far as they dared go into their private woods.

Ruby lived for these runs. They could only run every so often. Otherwise, they risked getting caught by hunters. However, she lacked the stamina her uncle did and had to slow down for a drink. She whined for Qrow to go ahead before trotting down to the fresh scent of water. The small creek trickled, not thirty feet from where they had been running and she began to lap up the water.

Unfortunately, in the thrill of the run, she had completely forgotten to check her surroundings before letting herself be so exposed. There was a nervous snap of a twig, signaling someone moving. Ruby's large eyes quickly shot up, ears perked up and alert. Standing there was a scrawny boy with vivid hazel eyes and deeply tanned skin. His chestnut hair was a mess with a few stray leaves caught in it.

"Easy," the male said as he crouched down and extended his palm for her to sniff. "I won't hurt you."

Her head cocked to the side out of confusion. Wasn't he scared of her? Though, she did suppose they were in an area where wolves weren't exactly commonplace. Maybe he hadn't seen one before and just thought she was a dog? Cautiously, she sniffed at his hand. He smelled like the earth and evergreen pines.

After she finished sniffing him, he carefully pets the top of her head. She let him. He smiled at her before picking up a stick. "Any chance you want to play fetch?"

She let out a low growl in response. She hated the taste of bark in her mouth. Yang had told her she had to play fetch with her once, after putting the stick in her mouth Ruby had spit it out and turned back to human to chase down her sister.

"Worth a shot," the boy laughed before letting the stick drop down. "Got a family near here?"

She let out a whine in response and he smiled. "It's getting dark you better get home."

She barked in agreement before taking off to catch up with her uncle. She was relieved that she was able to get away without making them move yet again. However, she still couldn't shake the sad smile the boy had on his face.

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Yang Xiao-Long has always considered herself a thrill seeker. When she was a kid she used to turn into a wolf and go hunting for the biggest game she dared. By the time she was sixteen, she could take down a bear with ease. However, with this new move, it felt like her father was trying to declaw her and turn her into a house pet. It was irrational. She knew why they had to move. Hell, she was the main reason they had to move. But she still didn't understand why everyone felt the need to treat her like what she did was wrong. She protected Ruby. That was all that mattered.

And now, she was walking an overcrowded hallway with a bunch of kids who had probably never left their hometown in their lives because of it. Yang could only groan as she popped her chewing gum. It was going to be a long school year. But Ruby could probably make it work so as long as she was happy, Yang was too.

"Excuse me?" Yang ignored the voice that was trying to speak to her. Probably some preppy chic that wanted to be her friend and show her around the school then gossip behind her back when the chic's boyfriend found Yang more attractive.

"Excuse me?" The voice called again but this time it was accompanied with a hand on Yang's arm. Yang's immediate instinct was to swing around and deck the girl. She stopped though. They had just moved there. She couldn't do that to Ruby- make her move again.

"What?" Yang asked as she glared at the shorter female that had caught her arm. The girl was cute by Yang's standards but a little too type A for her taste in personality. Her long white hair was tied back in a side ponytail. Her sky blue eyes almost melted into her pasty skin. She had a faint scar over one eye, and for a moment Yang was curious how she got it. But then had a strong urge to not care again as the girl began tapping her kitten heels and crossing her arms over her blue, sweater vest. Seriously, it was summer still? Who wore sweater vests?

"Your gum," the girl stated with an unfaltering gaze. "It's against school policy to chew it in school. Spit it out."

Yang rolled her eyes and spit out the chewy candy. "There are you happy?"

The girl gave a curt nod before continuing, "while you're top could stand to be a little less tight and longer I'm willing to let it slide since you're new here."

"You're so generous," Yang spoke with sarcasm dripping from her voice. Apparently, this girl didn't get it because she smiled like she wanted to give herself a pat on the back.

"I know," she spoke with a bit more chip in her voice. Yang could gag.

"Look bitch," Yang spoke in a quick and curt manner. "I don't know who the fuck you think you are. But if the office is willing to let me side then you should probably back the fuck off on the rules."

The girl looked like Yang had just spit in her face and then killed her cat after throwing a bucket of pigs blood all over her. "Why, how dare you! Do you know who you are speaking to?"

"Obviously not since I just said I didn't." This wasn't good. Yang was trying to keep her cool but she could feel the anger pooling in her belly and build up like a kettle about to whistle.

"Weiss, don't you have some freshmen to torment?" The new voice was enough to snap both girls out of their pre-catfight. Weiss looked back over her shoulder at the new female that had spoken, a pout firmly on her lips.

"But if I don't correct this now, it's only going to come back and bite us later." She paused to glare at Yang, "we need to nip trouble in the butt before it gets out of hand."

"I'll take care of her, you go find a freshman to bully into homecoming committee." There was a tinkling laugh in the girl's more quiet voice but Yang couldn't let herself focus on the stranger yet as she was still cautious of the girl, Weiss, that was standing before her.

"Fine," was all Weiss said before turning on her heel and clicking off down the opposite direction of the hallway as the one she had previously been heading down. Now was when Yang finally let her vision focus on the speaker and hell was she glad she did. This girl was much more Yang's type then Ice Princess. Her long black hair pooled around her like ink on the page of her pale skin. Golden colored eyes glittered in amusement as she walked closer to where Yang was standing. There was a cute satin bow on top of her head, but it didn't fit the rest of her more edgy clothing style. It also helped she was easily a D cup and had an ass for days but, as Qrow always said, it was the personality that mattered until you finally got them in bed.

"Sorry about Weiss," the dark-haired beauty said, now close enough that Yang could see the hints of lavender eye shadow she was wearing. "She's under a lot of stress right now. I promise she is normally laid back than that."

"Why does she think she needs to bark orders like that?" Yang asked, eyes briefly looking to see where Weiss had disappeared to before back to the beauty.

"She's the student body president," the girl said with a shrug. "She just takes the job a little too seriously sometimes is all."

"I guess you could say that if you feel like understating it." They both laughed. "So can I get your name gorgeous?"

The girl laughed again. "Blake," she said simply and Yang was glad to have a name and a face.

"Names Yang."

"Well Yang," Blake spoke with a small smile. "What class do you have next? I don't mind showing you. As the vice-president, it's kind of my job."

"That would be great, I'm totally lost." She was lying. She knew exactly where her next class was. "I have English with miss Goodwitch."

"What a coincidence, so do I."

Ok, maybe moving to a new school wasn't so bad.


When Oscar walked into his Sophmore Level Biology he thought he might have walked into the wrong room at first. Sitting, in the only empty seat behind him, was the girl with the pretty silver eyes. She looked nervous, all stiff-backed and darting eyes. When her eyes landed on him he gave a small awkward smile. The smile she gave back was just as awkward but it was enough to make his heart flutter a bit.

'Don't even think about it,' he thought to himself as he walked over to his seat that happened to be right in front of hers. 'She is way out of your league.'

She tripped lightly while walking over to him, but he didn't laugh. Instead, he just smiles at her as her face and neck turned the same color as the eyelet lace sundress she was wearing over a black t-shirt. There were a few snickers from others in the classroom and she quickly shuffled over to her seat, head ducked down low so as not to make eye contact with others. He wanted to say something to comfort her or find a way to make her laugh. His hazel eyes began to dart around his area to find something, anything to cheer her up.

However, he was too late and the bell rang- signaling Ozpin to start the biology class.


Yang was a little irritated that Blake was across the room from her, and at the front of the class while she was stuck in the back. But she didn't mind too much. At least she could stare and not creep the dark-haired beauty out.

"What are you doing?" It took Yang a second to realize that the question was directed at her. She turned to her right and saw a girl with her hair slicked back into a ponytail with freckles covering her entire body. Her eyes were a blue color that reminded her of dirty dishwater.

"Appreciating art," was Yang's response before her violet eyes flickered back to Blake. She was giggling at something a blonde and tanned beefcake with the first three buttons of his shirt undone and a gold medallion around his neck.

"Don't even try it, Blake is so straight it actually kind of hurts." This girl's nosy attitude was starting to piss Yang off and caused her to clench her fist. But with a deep breath, she calmed down fairly quickly.

"So is spaghetti till it's wet," Yang shot back and the sunkissed girl rolled her eyes.

"Don't say I didn't warn you," was all she responded as the teacher called class to order.

"Alright, settle down. I know it's a Friday but the school day isn't over yet," the blonde milf snapped at the class and a few of the boys made a mad dash for their seat and sat at attention. Other's had a look of terror and went to their seats with more caution.

"Now, before class begins I want you to all get into groups of three and discuss what you thought of the chapters last night-" she paused and her green eyes looked like acid. "And I mean the chapters. Any side discussions will be met with severe punishment."

The class all acknowledged her in unison and began to scatter to find their friends. Yang was already getting up to try and get Blake in her group but she had already been snatched up by blonde beefcake and a guy with blue hair and a side buzz that screamed 'too cool for school'. She laughed and they pushed their desks together to begin talking about the book.

Yang grumbled a little bit and leaned back into her seat with her legs crossed. There was a chuckle next to her and she turned to glare at Ponytail. "What?"

"You always act like a child throwing a tantrum?"

Yang was starting to get really sick of this girl.

"Hey, let's work together!" It was a new voice that spoke up and startled both Yang and Ponytail. The girl had a ginger pixy cut and dressed like a ten-year-old who's only life ambition was to be a princess.

"Sure Nora," Ponytail answered with a small smile. "Don't know about grumpy pants over there."

Yang growled again. Instead of answering with words though she just slid her desk next to Ponytails and pixy cut giggled before turning a desk to join them. "So I'm Nora," the pixy cut girl introduced herself with a bright smile that went well with her pale complexion and big blue eyes. "And the emo in the closet is Ilia."

"Hey," Ponytail, or Ilia, protested to Nora. Yang couldn't help but laugh as Ilia glared at her. Ilia's blush looked almost red against her skin and could almost be considered cute if her personality wasn't such a pain.

"Names Yang," Yang extended her hand to shake with Nora.

"So have you two heard about the rager Scarlet is throwing tonight?" Nora asked with her eyes going wide. She was almost bouncing in her seat she was so excited.

"No," Ilia said simply as she pulled out the book they were supposed to be discussing.

"Well he's having on and Ren and I were going to get a group of our friends together. I figured you, Blake, and Sun would want to come. Since you three are childhood friends and all." Yang's mouth fell open a little bit at the news that beauty Blake was friends with stick-in-the-mud Ilia.

"I'm sure Sun and Neptune will want to go together. I might get her to go if I can convince Weiss to go."

"And how are you going to get Ice Princess to go?" Nora retorted; the two of them ignoring Yang's shock at the recent news of Ilia and Blake's friendship.

"Simple, tell her Neptune is going to be there."


"Are we just going to ignore the fact that, that," Yang paused to point at Ilia and then pointed to Blake to finish. "is friends with her?"

"Yes, just like we will ignore you being a dumbass," Ilia restored opening her book to the appropriate page. "Now as far as the book goes, I think Darcy was a total dick to Elizabeth then he met her. I mean, come on, you don't tell her a girl is ugly on the first encounter."

Yang stayed quiet during most of the conversation about the book. But the wheels in the head were turning about how she was going to go to a party and bag Bellabooty and stick it to Ilia's face.

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Oscar was waiting at the end of the long driveway to his aunt's farm when Jaune finally pulled up in his rusty old pick up truck. The engine was just as loud as Oscar remembered, and was the reason why he waited for Jaune at the end of the lane and not at the house. The noisy rumble would be sure to wake his aunt up even if she was a heavy sleeper.

"Ready to get hammered?" Nora had asked the question, yelling from the bed of the truck with her childhood friend, Lie Ren, smiling softly behind her.

"Nora," he started with his voice being just loud enough to be heard over the engine. "I doubt there will be anything stronger than beer or wine at this party."

"There will be if Scarlet has anything to say about it!" Nora was practically screaming in her giddy voice and Oscar just rolled his eyes as he got into the bed with the two friends who swore they weren't 'together together'.

"Just remember no pictures," was all Pyrrah said from the front passenger side of the truck. The window hatch between the cabin and the bed being open for her to chat with their friends more easily.

"Don't worry," Jaune comforted his friend with a hand to her knee. "No one is going to let the star of the volleyball and track team get a twenty percent. Especially since everyone likes you."

Oscar couldn't help but note the blush that crept over the red head's face as she looked at Jaune though thick dark lashes. He also wasn't going to be the one that told his dense friend from childhood that she was smitten with him.

"Well, let's head out. I want to get there so I can talk to Weiss before she completely ignores me."

And that was exactly why.

"Don't you think you should give up on that already?" Oscar asked as he leaned against the cabin. "Didn't she shoot you down about thirty times already?"

Jaune shrugged, completely missing the dark look of envy and sadness that washed over Pyrrah's face. "She just needs to realize she needs a good guy and not a model from GQ magazine is all."

"Wait you actually read a fashion magazine and not just comic books?"

"Shut up Nora!"

They all laughed and the tension that had been in the truck melted away as they began to joke and take bets on who would get wasted first. Ren was the sober driver for the night after Jaune drove them to the party, so he stayed relatively quiet most of the ride. Though that didn't stop him from rolling his eyes and giving Nora the occasional soft, affectionate look.

Oscar didn't know if he would like high school parties or not. He was always so socially awkward that he didn't think he would. But watching the laughter after he took up the offer from Jaune to go to the party after hearing a rumor the new girls would likely make an appearance, he wasn't regretting his decision. Even if the silver eyed girl whose name he had yet to learn didn't make an appearance. He would still treasure these memories.


"Yang this is crazy," Ruby hissed to her older sister as she watched the blonde begin to scale down the tree that scraped against the window.

"Come on Ruby, we're never going to make friends if we don't put our selves out there," Yang fired back as she seated herself on one of the lower branches to talk to her sister.

"A party with underage drinking is hardly what I would call putting myself out there," Ruby growled again as Yang shrugged and finally dropped to the ground with a low thump.

"Please Ruby, I need my wingman for tonight," Yang began to whine and Ruby could already feel her willpower turning to jelly. She hated when Yang did this. She knew she couldn't say no to her when she did this.

"Fine, but if dad and Uncle Qrow find out-" Ruby was cut off by Yang rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll take the blame. Now hurry up, it's going to take us a while to find the place."

Ruby huffed one more time before making her way down to the ground quicker and quieter then Yang had been. It was amazing the grace she could produce when she wasn't a nervous wreck. Not that the idea of going to a party didn't put her on edge, but knowing she could cling to Yang most of the night helped. Yang was already a wolf when Ruby finally dropped to the ground; luxurious shaggy blonde fur and violet eyes standing stark against the moonless night.

"You are lucky I love you," Ruby complained to the wolf who only wagged her tail in response. Ruby was careful to not let a slight smile slip through. Yang knowing Ruby was happy at her sister's excitement would only encourage Yang's reckless behavior. Without another thought for fear it would change her mind, Ruby turned as well.

Ruby was still smaller compared to her sister as they began to run off to the woods, but Ruby was faster then Yang. Despite the dark, Ruby led almost a whole ten feet ahead of Yang. They might not have known where to go, but as wolves, the direction of pounding music and the smell of booze was a pretty good direction to be headed in. They had run across roads and through the forest with ease until they came to a house in a clearing. It clearly belonged to money, with the large garage and creative architecture.

Just as Yang had been the first to turn into a wolf, she was the first to turn human again as well. Only now did Ruby finally notice what her sister was wearing as she herself transformed back into a human. "Yang," Ruby started with her silver eyes narrowing on Yang's apparel. "I think you forgot to put on clothes."

Yang was in a nude crop top that just barely was a few shades darker than her skin tone and at first, glance looked like she wasn't wearing any shirt at all. Her shorts were dangerously close to the curve of her ass and her calf boots made the creamy skin of her tights and knees exposed along with most of the rest of her skin.

"Actually, I am wearing clothes," Yang started with a mischievous look in her eyes. "But the goal is not to be by the end of the night."

"You are disgusting you know that?" Ruby asked as she trudged after her sister, her eyes noting what everyone around them was wearing outside and suddenly feeling overdressed in her black skinny jeans and a graphic t-shirt with a red cardigan.

"Relax Ruby," Yang said as she grabbed her sisters shoulders to give them a light squeeze. "Everything is going to be OK. You won't ever really live if you keep living in fear of everyone around you."

Ruby had relaxed at her sister's words of comfort. Yang was right. She was never going to make friends or get close to anyone if she kept being scared that they would find out her secret. She would be ok. Ruby wanted to thank her sister for the advice only to find her gone and leaving Ruby now standing inside a house alone filled with drunk teenagers.

This was not ok.


Ilia had to admit when she had let it slip to Weiss at lunch that Neptune was going to be at the party, she hadn't expected the heiress to go all out. Everything on Weiss screamed "new". From her hair that was freshly curled to her heels that Ilia had never once seen in the Schnee's shoe rack. Everything was either just bought that afternoon before the party or had been collecting dust and never worn. Hell Weiss was even wearing make-up, something she rarely did unless she was going to be seeing Neptune.

"So, is what under the wrapping paper new too?" Ilia teased as she gave her friend a once over. The dress was innocent enough, a little shorter then Weiss normally wore, but still nice. The blue color had faint silver sparkles that danced under the dim lighting Scarlet had to light up the house. Weiss had turned as red as the host's hair color, from her face all the way down her arms.

"Ilia, it is entirely inappropriate to ask that question in public," Weiss chastised as she shifted uncomfortably and her eyes scanned the room for any prying ears.

"So I'll take that as a yes." Ilia could only laugh as Weiss sneered at her. Ilia herself had not dressed to impress anyone. Instead, she just wore jeans and a rainbow checkered shirt. To make her friend feel less awkward though she did have her hair down but had slicked back the top half since it irritated her to no end when her hair was in her face. Weiss earlier had mentioned that she should wear her hair down more often and Ilia had only shrugged in response.

There wasn't really anyone at school that interested her. Or was really into girls like Ilia was. Most people knew that she was into girls and left her alone over it, but no one else shared the same taste that also shared Ilia's parts. So, Ilia just kind of resided herself to playing wingman for her friends and to tell herself that she would find someone in college.

She had seen Sun, Neptune, and Blake enter before Weiss noticed the three of them. Sun, with his aversion to shirts, wore an open button down to show off his abs and capris. Neptune dressed much classier though. A blue dress shirt and black vest with matching dark pants but no tie- choosing instead to leave the first few buttons open. Weiss would like that. Ilia had peeked over at her friend to see that Weiss had indeed spotted them.

"Close your mouth or you will catch flies," Ilia teased and patted her friend's cheek. Weiss simply huffed and straightened up, trying to seem busy as the group walked over.

"What does a guy have to do to get a drink around here," Sun whined which earned him a light slap on the arm from Blake even though she was smiling. Blake looked good and for a moment a twinge of Ilia's childhood crush on the raven resurfaced. She wore a tight black tank top with a purple plaid shirt around her waist, covering most of her dark washed jean shorts. Her eyes were still lined with violet, but Ilia didn't feel as strongly as she once had when that crush had nearly torn them apart. Back when Adam was Blake's life and they were just freshmen. Before he did everything to hurt her.

"You look good Schnee." It was Neptune's words that pulled Ilia out of her memories. Her dishwater blue eyes darting over to watch her friend. Weiss had swallowed hard, but unless you were watching her as intently as Ilia then it wasn't noticeable.

"You don't look so bad yourself." It was a cheap effort to cover up her speechlessness, but Ilia knew he wasn't any better. His hands wringing and twisting the skin around his fingers; probably to try and cover up sweaty hands.

"Care to grab a drink with me?" It was known since the fiasco that was Junior prom that Neptune didn't dance. So this was his way of saying he wanted to hang out with Weiss more. Not that Weiss ever caught on to that.

"I would love to," she said with a soft smile and followed him into the kitchen. Ilia giving her friend a thumbs up as she left.

"You know," Blake started as she stared after where Weiss and Neptune disappeared into the growing crowd. "I never would have thought you two would get along."

"Neither did I, but we somehow do," Ilia agreed as she began to nurse her own drink of cheap, warm beer.

"Who's drive out of you two?" Blake asked with wide golden eyes full of concern.

"Neither of us," Ilia answered before going into further details. "Klein, her butler, knows where we are and is going to take us home when we're done. He knew we would sneak out anyway and wanted us to be safe. So he offered."

"She's lucky to have someone looking out for her like that," Sun noted before taking a deep drink of the beer he had managed to find in the few minutes their attention was diverted. Ilia ignored the hit of jealousy. She was used to it. She was alone, at least in the terms of family. Even if she was living with Blake's family now. It wasn't the same as her own family that was long gone.

"Yeah she is," was all Ilia answered before her eyes began to drift again. Big mistake.

"Excuse me," Ilia answered sharply as she rose to her feet eyes locked on a blonde that was searching in the distance. "I think I just found a pest."

Sun looked and Blake but Blake could only shrug in return as she watched Ilia march off to confront the blonde that Blake vaguely recognized as Yang.


"What the hell are you doing here dressed like that?" Yang hadn't expected the accusatory question. Especially from someone just a little taller than her chest.

"Uh, partying, duh." Was all Yang said before trying to push past Ilia and look for Blake.

"I don't know what kind of parties you went to at your old school but if you do that here you are going to get slut-shamed," Ilia fired back without missing a beat.

"Let them try, I don't care what they say." Yang's eyes shot a glare of violet and fire at Ilia and the blonde could feel a small sense of gratification at the catch in the smaller female's breath. "Now, do me a favor and point me in the direction of your booty-licious friend."

"Not with that attitude I won't," Ilia quipped back. Her eyes looked so unimpressed by Yang that the blonde almost felt miffed.

"If you won't help I'll just find her myself," was all Yang said before pushing past the brunette- making sure to shoulder check her on the way. Though, Yang did note that she looked better with her hair down.


Ruby found herself pushed into a corner as far away from people as she could. She did finally spot Yang in the distance though, chatting with a dark haired girl and a blonde boy that reminded Ruby of a surfer.

Well, at least her sister was having fun. Ruby gave a soft smile. Yang had a lot more friends when they moved and so Ruby knew it was hard on her. Even harder when none of them wanted to talk to her anymore after the incident.

Ruby still blamed herself partially, even if Yang told her she had nothing to be sorry for. But Ruby couldn't help it if she had maybe been a little more outspoken or stood up for herself maybe the bully would have left her alone and Yang wouldn't have finally snapped.

"Hi." The greeting was enough to startle the young wolf out of her mental pity party. She vaguely recognized the boy. He was the one that sat behind her in her biology class if Ruby remembered right.

"Hi," Ruby said back with a small smile.


"Um, you have silver eyes." Ruby blinked at the sudden statement from the classmate of hers and noticed when his face started to twist in panic and his hands began to move as he talked. "I mean, it's just an observation. You don't see it too much around here. And the conversation was a little awkward and I really wanted to talk to you but I didn't quite know how and... um... I'm just making myself seem creepier aren't I?"

Ruby laughed, for the first time that night she actually laughed.

"It's OK," Ruby reassured him as she finished her giggling fit. Glad to see he hadn't run away at her sudden outburst. "My name is Ruby."

She extended her hand to him and he eagerly took it, shaking it a little too long for what was probably socially acceptable.

"Oscar," he introduced himself with a small smile. A gleam lit up his hazel eyes and Ruby suddenly remembered him. But not the shy boy that had been in her classroom. She remembered the sad boy she had found in the woods on her first run at the new place.

"So Oscar," Ruby continued as she began to shift her weight back and forth from the balls of her feet to her heels. "What are you doing here?"

He rubbed the back of his neck and averted his gaze before saying,"a friend wanted some back up while asking a girl out but she shot him down. So now I'm just kind of here till he and his other friends finish getting wasted."

Something felt off about the answer but not enough for Ruby to push it. "What about you?"

"My sister said something about making friends, but ran off the second we got here." Ruby made a note to get Yang hell for it the next time she saw her sister. "I don't really do parties so I'm just kind of chilling till she's done doing... whatever she's doing."

"So... any chance you want to be socially awkward with me?" He asked and his smile showed just how awkward he probably was about this whole situation as well. He was a few inches shorter then he so she guessed he was still only a freshman on top of being socially awkward. She remembered that feeling and gave a small smile in return.

"Sure," Ruby answered.

Chapter Text

Ruby knew it was late. But she wasn't really paying all that much attention to her phone. She was too busy laughing with Oscar at the people around them. Oscar would point at people and give them names and Ruby and him would take turns making up what they were saying.

"Hi my name is Neptune and I'm a bad boy with a crippling fear of water," Oscar said in a ridiculously cool guy accent.

"My name is Weiss Schnee and I am a rich girl who thinks you are super cute," Ruby added as she mimicked Weiss' speech pattern. The two had giggled at the back and forth conversation between the two until Neptune was making out with her against the wall. Then the two younger teen tried to look everywhere but where Weiss was shoving her tongue down his throat. Both were drunk and fumbling with their clothes as they disappeared down the dark hall.

Ruby and Oscar both looked at each other once the pair were finally out of sight before they both burst out laughing. Neither one of them had been drinking but they were so high on endorphins they might as well have been. Ruby couldn't remember the last time she laughed this hard with someone that wasn't her family. They had exchanged questions back and forth with each other.

From what Ruby has learned so far about Oscar Pine was that he was an only child. His father had run out on him and his mother when he was a kid and a few years later she died in a car accident. Since then he had been living with his Aunt on her farm just a few miles away. He wasn't sad about the situation, like Ruby, he couldn't really remember his family. Ruby had shared her sentiment of losing her mother at a young age as well. Then the topic had changed to who was apparently a godparent of Oscar's of sorts. Or rather, he had suddenly moved to town when Oscar was ten and he grew close to Oscar's family rather quickly.

Ruby then noted how close she was closer to her uncle than her own father, even though she wasn't biologically related to her uncle at all. When Oscar noted that Ruby and Yang didn't really look alike, Ruby told him how they were only half-sisters. They just grew closer and closer as the night went. Maybe because they were roughly the same age or because neither of them had any intention to drink. But it was still nice.

"So, how do you think Yang is doing over there?" Oscar jerked his chin in a pointed matter to where Yang was now leaning heavily on Blake who was doing her best to support Yang while also not spilling the wine cooler that Yang had shoved into her hand nearly an hour ago. Blake was on her third now.

"I think Yang is being Yang," Ruby noted. To be honest, she hadn't thought much of Yang's social life. Mostly cause the people her sister hung out with tended to be loud and not Ruby's type of crowd at all.

"Hey, Oscar we need to leave." Both teens were started by the quieter voice. Ruby's silver eyes ran up and down the sight of the male that had spoken. He was Asian with long raven hair and soft magenta eyes and a matching highlight in his hair. Ruby was quick to connect his appearance with the description Oscar had given her earlier of his sober driver.

"What's up Ren?" Oscar asked the question even though Ruby knew there was no way he missed the taller blonde male that was slumped over Ren's shoulder.

"Jaune saw Weiss and Neptune go into a room together and found where the hard liquor was being served," Ren explained as Jaune mumbled something intelligible.

"What about Nora and Pyrrah?" Oscar asked his hazel eyes filling with concern for his other friends.

"Pyrrah didn't end up drinking, and since Sun and Neptune lost their sober driver she agreed to drive them and Nora home in Neptune's car. Blake is going to hitch a ride with Ilia and Weiss since her and Ilia live at the same place anyway."

"Sorry," Ruby said suddenly as she eyed where her sister was. She tried to ignore the puzzled look on Ren's face but he didn't question her sudden apology.

"Besides," Ren began to continue as he tried to keep balance as Jaune clung to him and claimed repeatedly that Ren was the only one that would ever love him. "I'm scared if I don't get Jaune home now he's just going to make a bigger ass of himself then he already did in the kitchen."

"What happened in the kitchen," Oscar asked with wide eyes.

"You don't want to know." Ren then lets his eyes drift to Ruby again with a soft smile. "I'll let you say goodbye to your new friend. We'll be in the truck. Don't keep us waiting OK."

And with that Ren did his best to drag Jaune out of the house leaving Ruby and Oscar alone again. Oscar turned to Ruby with a sheepish smile and she gave him an apologetic glance. "I guess I have to go," Oscar stated.

"Yeah," Ruby agreed with an equally apologetic look. "See you Monday?"

Oscar let a wide smile grace his face and a deep red blush colored his tanned skin, making his freckles pop even more. "Yeah, see you Monday."

And with that Ruby was alone. She quickly let out a sigh as soon as he was gone, though it was more of a huff as she shifted her gaze to her troublemaking sister. It was time she dragged the bombshell home.


Ilia knew she was going to regret the amount she drank tomorrow. At some point, she had stopped sipping beer and instead just started to drink straight up vodka from her cup. At the time it had been to drown out Yang's shitty pickup lines to Blake. Ilia could see Blake trying to pretend she didn't notice but also see that she genuinely wanted to get to know Yang better since she knew how to make the raven hair girl laugh and blush.

After about the fifth joke both Ilia and Sun had exchanged a look and went to the kitchen to grab the bottle of UV blue vodka. That was about two hours ago and over half the bottle was gone between the two of them. Now that all of them were definitely drunk it was definitely something to watch. Especially since it turned out both Sun and Yang were clingy drunks and both were trying to hang on Blake for support who could only giggle in response.

Ilia should have known better than to drink because now not only did she lack a filter, she also couldn't keep her eyes above chest level. The more she drank the easier it was to ignore Yang's antics and focus on her assets instead. Ilia would be lying if she said she wouldn't give anything to have her face buried between Yang's boobs. Or better yet, Yang's head between her legs so Yang could stop talking. But then again, knowing Yang, she would find a way to keep talking.

"Enough," a new voice finally called out. Ilia had to turn her head slowly to look at the new girl since she couldn't feel her face and had a horrible case of vertigo. "Yang we are going home."

"Ruuuuuuuuubyyyyyyyy," Yang moaned as the blonde unlatched from Blake and shifted to cling to 'Ruby' instead. The poor girl was half a foot shorter and looked like she was having trouble standing with the blonde's weight.

"Guys, guys, guess what," Yang said in a loud whisper and a wide smile. "This is my baby sister Ruby. I love her very much."

"We can fucking see that," Ilia drawled. She knew she would regret saying shit like this in the morning but right now she didn't care. However, Yang was too far gone to care what Ilia said and instead she nuzzled her head into Ruby's hair.

"I am so sorry," was what Ruby finally said her wide silver eyes looking horrified at her sister's behavior. "I'm going to take her home now."

"Noooooooooo," Yang protested but didn't move from where she was clinging to Ruby. "I want to stay with Blakey."

Ruby's eyes shifted to look at Blake and smiled softly. "I'm guessing you are Blake." Blake nodded in response as she still tried to stay balanced with Sun hanging on her. "I'm sorry about my sister. She's normally not this clingy I promise."

"Liar," Yang giggled and Ruby rolled her eyes.

"Have a good night." And then Ruby was dragging Yang out of the house, leaving Ilia alone with her thoughts. Honestly, they seemed a little too weird for even her standards.

"Any idea where Weiss is? I think it's time the three of us headed home."


By the time Pyrrah managed to round up Nora, Sun, and Neptune the party was already down to its last stragglers that Scarlet was desperately trying to shoo out of the house so he could call a twenty-four-hour cleaning crew to come. Halling all three of them into a car by herself was even harder. Both Sun and Nora were whining because their better halves had already left while Neptune was so out of it in his own world. Pyrrah would have to remind herself in the morning to ask Weiss what she did to him to get his so stupefied.

Though, even though Pyrrah was a little jealous of the heiress, she had to admit she had skill. Maybe if she just talked to Weiss she could figure out how the hell to get Jaune to see her as more then just a friend who helps him study. The roads were dark and a light fog had rolled in. She was squinting her green eyes to try and better see the roads but it was still hard when Nora kept trying to grab onto her arm in a hug.

"Nora," Pyrrah pleaded with her intoxicated friend for the third time on the drive. "Please stop grabbing my arm."

She finally got Nora to let go with a sigh as the strawberry blonde passed out with a loud snore the same way the boys had. Pyrrah once again focused on the road again, only to slam on her breaks as hard as she out and jerked the steering wheel off the road in a knee-jerk reaction.

A blonde wolf had gone running across the road.

The car tumbled off the steep path and hit head first into a tree. Everyone was wearing seatbelts thank god, but the hair bags went off and Pyrrah's vision was already begging to blur.

"Oh my god are they dead?"

"Ruby, go get help!"

"Alright, just make sure they aren't dead."

"NO, no, no, no, no, please be ok."

Pyrrah couldn't recognize the voices as she began to feel a warm and sticky substance run down from her hairline to her face. Then everything went black.


Qrow had known his nieces had snuck out minutes after they left. He had been on a run and caught their scent, tracing it to the party where they were. Qrow had known if Tai Yang had found them he would have dragged them out by his wolf teeth if he had to. Qrow however, felt to such parental tug. He knew the girls were stressed about the move and he was just glad they managed to find some friends to hang out with.

What he hadn't expected for when he waited up to give them a lecture was Ruby bolting in the door, already back to being human. She was a mess of bumbling words, hardly anything was making sense. Never the less, he followed Ruby to where she led him and...

he smelled the blood before he saw it.

It was thick and coppery, laced with the smell of leaking oil and gasoline. Luckily he could hear four pulses. All four of the teenagers he could see in the car were still alive for now.

"Please," Ruby begged as she looked at him with her eyes that reminded Qrow so much of Summer. "We have to save them."

"Ruby, Yang," He started with a sad groan. "They aren't our concern. It wasn't your fault this happened. They were drinking and drove off the side of the road."

"But that isn't true," Yang cried out. He could tell she had been drinking by the hysteria in her voice. "I ran across the road and they saw me. The driver panicked and swerved."

"Still you don't know-"

"Yes I do," Ruby interrupted now also being on the verge of tears. "Pyrrah was sober."

Qrow let out a low groan. He knew he wasn't going to win against his nieces, but he also knew that they didn't understand what they were asking of him. "The odds of them surviving the bite are almost as low as them surviving an ambulance ride."

"But at least we will know we tried everything we could." Yang protested back and both girls were holding each other close. It reminded him of so long ago when Raven and Summer had begged him to save Tai.

Maybe it was nostalgia, or maybe it was the thought of his precious nieces not being alone anymore. But he changed, and in turn, sauntered over to each of the bodies to bite them.

The groans of pain were the sound proof that the bites had happened as they disappeared with the licks Qrow used to seal the wounds. How inconvenient that licking only healed wounds inflicted by wolf claws and bites, not other bodily injuries. When he rose to his feet as a man again he pulled out his phone and dialed for an ambulance, reporting the accident.

"Head home, girls," he said and it was now the order of the alpha. They nodded and quickly left. Leaving Qrow to deal with the mess. He sighed again once the girls were gone and looked at the kids he claimed to have found.

"I hope we made the right choice."

Chapter Text

Jaune hadn't even opened his eyes yet and he could already feel the nerves pinching from a headache and feel his stomach rolling. He really should have stopped drinking when Ren told him too but he didn't, like an idiot he didn't. Didn't help he was being shaken awake instead of waking up naturally.

"Jaune, get up. Jaune..." The voice trailed off only for him to get a rough slap to the fight. "Wake up Jaune!"

"I'm up," Jaune groaned while rubbing his now tender cheek. "The fuck is wrong Ren?"

"It's Nora," Ren said as he left Jaune's bedside and was already tearing through his large cedar chest to throw a change of clothes at the blonde.

"What about her?" Jaune asked as he was still groggy and sitting upright. "If she didn't come home last night you can always ask Pyrrah. I'm sure she just spent the night there."

"No, she isn't at Pyrrah's," Ren replied with his back turned while Jaune got dressed. Jaune never knew Ren to be this frantic so he dared not question his friend. "I just got a call from the hospital. Nora and Pyrrah along with a few other guys in our class were in an accident."

Jaune could feel every muscle in his body tense and his blood turns to ice.

"Let's go," was all Jaune replied as he threw on a hoodie for the early morning chill and they hurried to Jaune's truck to head to the hospital.


Ilia was already eating her breakfast by the time Blake woke up. The two of them had been dropped off by Kline and climbed up a tree to the second-floor balcony of Blake's room. Judging by how calmly Blake's parents were going about their business Ilia would guess they had no idea what had transpired the night before. That was perfectly fine for Ilia. The last thing she needed was a lecture from Ghira and personal questions from Kali.

Blake came down a few minutes later. She was smiling and in a good mood despite the fact that Ilia could swear there was a faint hint of green in her cheeks. Ilia had been pretty back when she woke up and was faining a cold this morning. She had been nibbling on some strawberry jam toast when Blake came down and took a seat next to her on the kitchen island.

"It is way too early for you to be this happy," Ilia teased as she took another tentative bite of her toast and a small sip of water.

"It is never too early to be happy," Blake giggled back as she smiled at the stack of pancakes Kali set in front of her. "Dad what are you still doing here? Shouldn't you be at the office already?"

Ghira worked for a non-profit organization that supported environmental awareness, but most of their money actually came from the book he wrote about the various species of animals that were poached around the world and solutions to stop said poaching.

"I was just heading out, I wanted to see my three girls before I went off." Ghira was the closest thing Ilia had to a father, and it always warmed her heart when he expressed how much he thought of her as a daughter. He kissed all of their foreheads before taking off to work in his tiny electric car. It never failed to make Ilia laugh as she saw the hulk of a man get into the shoebox car.

Once he was gone Kali let out a wicked smile. "So," she asked as she sat at the kitchen island with Ilia and Blake. "How was the party last night?"

Blake choked on a bite of pancake and Ilia just looked down in embarrassment. The two of them knew better than deny it. Kali never confronted them about something they did unless she already knew the answer and confirmed her evidence.

"How did you find out?" Blake managed to spit out after her near-death experience by a pancake.

"Oh please, you went out looking way too nice be staying in and studying, you weren't in your room when I checked, and I heard you two come home," Kali admitted before taking another sip of her coffee. "Just be glad your father sleeps like the dead."

"You don't plan on telling Ghira?" Ilia asked with wide eyes.

"No, I see no reason to. You girls were responsible and didn't drive yourselves, I see no reason to punish occasional mischief as long as it is just occasional." Ilia and Blake really loved having Kali as a guardian.

Just as this thought crossed their mind though, Blake's phone went off with a few short vibrations that reverberated loudly against the marble of the countertop. Blake took a little peak as the notification before dropping her fork. Before Ilia or Kali could even ask what was wrong Blake shot off like a rocket up the stairs to get dressed. Ilia followed quickly after but wasn't able to ask as Blake ran into her room. All Ilia could do was get dressed quickly and hope to cut her off before she left the house. Luckily Kali was ahead of her knowing the hung-over teen wasn't going to be able to pass her friend up.

"What is going on?" Kali asked in her mom voice that was impossible to ignore. Her arm was stretched to block the door from her daughter's immediate escape.

"Sun," Blake managed to choke out. "He was in an accident last night, along with Neptune, Pyrrah, and Nora."

"Alright," Kali said letting her arm fall again. "I'll drive. Let's go both of you, chop chop."

Yeah, they really loved having Kali as a guardian.


The one to text Blake had been Weiss. She was always the first to find out about any kind of accidents. It helped that her sister was one of the big shot detectives in town and always texted her when something involving a student went down so she could do damage control as the student body president.

The text she had received that morning though after taking some anti-acids to settle her stomach that morning, was enough to make her feel sick all over again. Four of her close friends had been in a car accident just a mile away from where the party had been. All rushed to the hospital via ambulance.

Weiss had never made Kline drive her anywhere so fast in her life. She had been sending out texts to her friends about the accident when they finally arrived at the hospital. Weiss leaped out of the car before Kline could even fully stop. She marched right through the sliding doors of the main entrance and up to the hospital's large reception desk. "I'm looking for the room numbers for Nora Valkyrie, Pyrrah Nikos, Sun Wukong, and Neptune Vasillias."

"One moment please," the receptionist said as she began clicking away at her keyboard. Weiss could feel her foot beginning to tap as she waited anxiously for the news. "Alright just down the hall and up the elevator to the third floor, rooms 316 and 312."

"Thank you," Weiss said with a curt nod before walking at a brisk pace to the elevator. The ride up was just as agonizing as the car ride had been as she exited and began following the signs to the room.

She stopped though at the sound of a familiar voice. She would recognize Winter's voice anywhere. No one spoke was as much precision as he sister did.

"Sir, if you would just answer my questions then this would be done already," Winter argued with someone that Weiss couldn't see.

"And I told you I would answer your questions at the station later this afternoon, I'm tired and I'm sure my family is worried about where I am." The voice belonged to a man with a husk to it that made Weiss nervous just at the sound of his voice.

"Sir, failure to cooperate will warrant detainment for resisting an officer... though I doubt you're a stranger to a jail cell."

"Careful Ice Queen flattery will get you nowhere."

"It wasn't a compliment."

"And I choose to see the glass as half full. Look all I know is I was up late reading and then I heard a crash. It's pretty quiet in the country, I went out to investigate and I saw the accident. I called the ambulance and road with to answer as many questions as I could."

"The accident was nearly a mile from your house so I doubt that for some reason."

"Does it matter? I was drinking as well, I don't remember all the details lady. Now can I go?" There was a low growl that Weiss guessed came from Winter.

"Very well, I'll be sure to call if I have any further questions."

"Yeah, you do that Ice Queen."

"That's Detective Winter Schnee to you!"

"Yeah, yeah," the man trailed off and for the first time, Weiss saw him as he rounded the corner. He was lanky and tall. His hair was dark and peppered with hints of grey. He had a heavy five o'clock shadow that had grown in and his eyes were a piercing ruby color. Her heartbeat quickened for some reason and Weiss felt her take a step back to press her back against a wall. Everything about him screamed dangerous to her.

Once he was at the elevator Weiss scampered to her sister, who was still standing in the spot she had been talking to the man, glaring at the direction he disappeared. Winter loosened up a bit though when she saw her baby sister and let a small smile grace her pale lips.

"Hello Weiss," Winter greeted and Weiss just shook her head.

"Who was that?"

"No one of your concern, why don't you go check on your friends." Weiss could tell that the conversation was over so she went to go check.


Qrow almost laughed at the joke that was patient-doctor confidentiality at the hospital. All it took was a broom closet and an eager nurse to learn everything he needed to about the teens he had bitten.

Nora Valkyrie was an orphan at the age of five along with her, at the time, foster brother Ren. the two had been inseparable from then on. Even going so far as to fight to be put in the same foster houses. Currently, they were staying with the Arc family in the country. Qrow had to admit getting her to distance herself from the boy would prove a challenge but if he managed to convince her that it was for his own good he guessed she wouldn't fight it too much.

Sun Wukong was the laid back kind of guy that everyone liked. His parents were always away on business and he had a few scrapes with the cops for shoplifting. Nothing too bad and nothing he didn't pay for if he was caught. Nothing too notable here.

Neptune Vasillias, favorite to be homecoming king. His mother died in a boating accident when he was a child and gave him a crippling fear of water. His father has buried himself in alcohol and work to bury the pain. Qrow could relate to that. But again, he wouldn't be an issue.

Pyrrah Nikos would be the worst to get under control. She was the town sweetheart and the star of the volleyball and track teams. Beloved by all, an honors student, and most likely to be famous someday as an Olympic athlete. Getting a girl like that to disconnect from society would be a pain, but he won't have much of a choice.

Maybe all of the kids would get lucky and die from the change.

He didn't have too much time to entertain the idea though as Tai pulled up in his jeep and Qrow pushed off from the outside of the building just as a dark haired girl and her ponytailed friend ran inside.

"Everything was taken care of?" Tai asked as he entered the jeep and shut the door.

"Yeah," Qrow responded. "Everything is taken care of."