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Meet Me On The Battlefield

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[Legendary Defender MMORPG game]

[Game chat log: Team Voltron]

ShiroGONE: Lance get a shot off him on the head

Sharpshooter: k

AlteanPrincess: Nice shot Lance!

spacepigeon: we almost got him!

hunkyhunk: Woo lets do this!

AlteanPrincess: Uh, one problem with that…

spacepigeon: what

AlteanPrincess: Well, it seems that I’m almost out of energy, and my fireballs were what was dealing most of the damage. As well as the weakening spell.

ShiroGONE: Well then, this is an interesting situation…

hunkyhunk: Umm does the weakening spell stop regen…?

AlteanPrincess: Yes.

Sharpshooter: fuck

ShiroGONE: I would scold you for language but I think that’s a very well earned use.

spacepigeon: ye we b fucked

Sharpshooter: wait who thy fuck is HE

[Global chat log]

kogayne: Saw you were struggling and decided to help.

[Team Voltron chat log]

spacepigeon: he has a v fantastical username

hunkyhunk: That is v true

Sharpshooter: that is a v great username but im salty that he is 1 upping me

hunkyhunk: AND he just took out the boss

ShiroGONE: There goes all that valuable team XP, all going to nothing because he appears to be a rogue.

AlteanPrincess: Sigh

hunkyhunk: Lance dont do what I think ur gonna do

Sharpshooter: im gon fight him

hunkyhunk: Ugh

[Global chat log]

Sharpshooter: yo rogue dude fight me 1 on 1

kogayne: Umm, okay? Why though, I just helped you.

Sharpshooter: 1: bcuz i said so 2: u just 1upped me 3: my team needed that TXP

kogayne: Okay I guess.

[1v1 Battle Commenced]

[Battle Completed! Showing 1st and last hit]

Sharpshooter used rifle; 4 HP taken off kogayne

kogayne used Blade Of Marmora; SUPER HIT 80 HP taken off Sharpshooter

[Sharpshooter defeated; kogayne wins]

[10 Rogue XP to kogayne]

[Team Voltron chat log]

spacepigeon: howd the great battle go

Sharpshooter: i choose not 2 talk bout it

hunkyhunk: Hah lol

Sharpshooter: Hunk, my buddy pal bro bestie fave internet friendo, i thought u were on my sideee

hunkyhunk: *shrugs*

ShiroGONE: What weapons did he have?

Sharpshooter: ...a blade of marmora

spacepigeon: SHIT rly

spacepigeon: we need 2 get him on our team and get him in the gc

AlteanPrincess: Someone needs to ask him.

hunkyhunk: That person is Lance

Sharpshooter: ugh FINEE

[Sharpshooter to kogayne]

Sharpshooter: gimme ur contact info my friends and i wanna at u 2 a gc

kogayne: Normally I wouldn’t do this, but currently I couldn’t give a shit so [###-###-####]

Bi-tchy added ###-###-#### to TEAM VOLTRON GROUP CHAT WOOOOO

Gremlin changed ###-###-#### username to RogueOne

RogueOne: Nice one.

Gremlin: thx i try

Daddy: Hello! I am Shiro, the leader of Team Voltron, and after we saw you helping us today, we were wondering if you wanted to join our team?

Daddy: Lance why is my name daddy again?

Bi-tchy: y not

RogueOne: Sure, I guess? I was kicked out of my last team for “not cooperating”, so I don’t know if you’ll want me.

Angel: Eh we dont care

RogueOne: So who are you all?

Gremlin: i am the great pidge, Bi-tchy is lance the one who fought you, Daddy is shiro, Angel is hunk, Queen is allura

Gremlin: and ur name is…?

RogueOne: Uh...

Angel: You dont have to tell us if you dont want to! It would just be easier to type rather than kogayne

RogueOne: No it’s fine! My name is Keith.

Queen: Hello Keith!

Gremlin: lit

Gremlin: ur LD username is fantastical btw

RogueOne: thanks?