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Captains of the Sky by Sky Sailing (the Prom song)
Fireflies by Owl City (played at Em's house)
My Silver Lining by First Aid Kit (Josh & Sam's theme)

Aubade (n)
A song or poem meeting the dawn or a song or poem of lovers parting at dawn



Music. It had always played a part in Sam’s life. She always remembered that one song from every big event in her life; like the first song at prom when Chris stretched out his hand and asked, in the cheesiest voice he could muster, care for a dance, my lady? She had laughed then, smiling wide, and accepted his hand.

The first time she had visited Emily at her house; eyes wide, mouth gaping as she stared at the interior of the beautiful, ultra-modern penthouse apartment. Emily had her Ipod playing in the background, a soft, quiet tune that somehow expressed Sam’s wonder just perfectly.

One song always stuck in her mind the most, though - above all, that one specific song had its way of creeping back into her mind when she least expected it. Or maybe it wasn’t so unexpected after all, considering who’s song it was.

She had been sitting in the Washington’s living room, painting Beth’s nails in gaudy pink in preparation for some date Hannah had set up with a guy at school. Laughter bubbled up in Sam’s throat at a snarky comment from Hannah and she opened her mouth for an equally sarcastic reply-

Only for her thoughts to be splintered into a million pieces by First Aid Kits Silver Lining hollering at them from the stereo on the mantelpiece.

Seconds later a tall, gangly guy came careening around the corner and into the living room, bare feet sliding across the wooden floor. “Aw fuck, forgot my Ipod was still connected to that damn thing. My bad guys.” He snorted out a laugh, sending Hannah and Beth a half-apologetic smile. It took a moment to realise there was a newcomer in the room. When he flashed Sam his signature grin, a small part of her melted. “Hey, you must be Sam, right? Nice to finally meet the gal Hannah’s been so chatty about.”

From that day forth, Demons sort of became their song. Whenever the four of them hung out together, it always made an appearance - either by accident or on purpose. Every get together, every party, every study day - and those were frequent, since Hannah always left her homework too late and then needed Sam’s help to get it done in time.

Things were so easy back then, when their biggest worry was have I done the physics homework? or what am I going to wear to the party on Saturday? When Beth, Hannah and she spent their weekends shopping, or sneaked into an R-rated movie for the thrill of it.

Or when she and Josh skipped last period to hit the arcade. Just the two of them, crammed into a tiny booth, shoulders knocking as they tried to best each other at whatever new game made it’s appearance that month.

Yeah, everything had been so damn simple. Before the twins disappearance, before Josh went off his meds, before the Wendigos.

As Sam trekked up the white, snow-drowned mountain to the remains of the Washington’s lodge she knew, deep in her heart that no matter how desperately she wanted it to not be true, nothing was ever going to be simple again.