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The rain pattered against the windows. There was the drip of the incessant leak in the corner of the kitchen. Will was sprawled over the couch, his legs hanging off of the end of it. A book lay closed on his chest. His arm was draped over his face. Nico wondered if he was sleeping. If so, he didn’t mind waking Will up. If he wasn’t, it wouldn’t be as much fun.

“It’s raining outside,” Will says. Nico curses under his breath. He liked waking Will up, liked seeing that sleepy smile. Will usually woke up before him, so he hardly ever got to see that sleepy-affectionate side of Will that then turned into soft kisses and cute dates. (Usually, he got the sleepy-affectionate side as Will was falling into bed, half-dressed and ready to just crash. That was usually just as cute but less fun.)

“Thank you, Sherlock. I thought it might have just been our windows.”

Will removes his arm to look at Nico, kicking his feet in Nico’s direction. “I don’t need your sass,” he grumbles. “Besides, even if it was just our window, it’d still be outside.”

Nico just sticks his tongue out. “I didn’t ask for your sass either.” Will just shrugs, sitting up. His is hair rumpled, and his shirt is riding up, exposing tan skin and freckles.

“We should go to the grocery store,” Will says. Nico raises an eyebrow. He didn’t hate the grocery store, but he’d had other things in mind. “We need food. And I need exercise.”

Nico laughs. “I hardly think grocery shopping is exercise. We could at least go to the mall.” Will pouts, shaking his head.

“Malls don’t have the same appeal.”

Nico nods. “Right. Because the grocery store is where all of the cool kids hang out.” Will nods slowly, yawning. He runs a hand through his hair, effectively rumpling it more.

“I mean, we are cool kids, and that’s where we hang out. So, yes. I don’t see the problem.” Nico laughs.

The two of them had settled into domestic life together quite well. There had been a few disputes (such as who hogged all of the covers, how to properly load a dishwasher, and whose turn it was to return the ever-wandering cat to the lady across the hall), but they’d managed to quell each problem quickly and effectively. Will hated unresolved conflict, and Nico hated being upset with Will.

“I think the cool kid ship passed us by,” Nico remarks. Will rolls his eyes.

“You’re wrong about that. Get your jacket on. The next stop is the grocery store.” Nico sighs, but he gets his jacket and shoes. It’s hard to say no to spending time with Will, even if it is a mundane trip to the grocery store. They’d had plans today, but they’d all been washed out when they both took a four-hour nap in the middle of the day. (Not that either of them was complaining.)

Will drives, and Nico fiddles with the radio. They had yet to preset any of the channels because they both liked a variety of music and could never seem to decide on what to listen to. So the radio chose for them.

“Do we actually need anything?” Nico asks. They’re in the fruit section, Will taking his sweet time to inspect each apple for bruises and any other injuries it could have acquired.

“I didn’t actually look at the grocery list,” Will says. He sets the apple carefully into the bag, picking up the next apple. “I think we needed milk and garlic. And that flour that you like using so much.” Nico nods. He had particular tastes when it came to his cooking ingredients. He figured if he was going to spend time doing something, he might as well do it right. (Will never said anything, but Nico also thought it tasted better with specific ingredients. Not any old flour or chocolate or oil would do.)

“And we should probably get some more cat food. I think Garfield is getting low.” Will nods. He’s found seven perfect apples, tying the bag up and setting it in the cart.

“He’s getting low because he eats so much,” Will says. Garfield was mostly Will’s cat. He’d seen an ad for a cat adoption and had gone without Nico’s knowledge. And then he’d adopted a cat without Nico’s knowledge. (Nico hadn’t actually known that Will had gotten them a cat until the cat had woken him up at three in the morning by knocking a few things off of the kitchen table.) The cat was named Garfield after the comic, and it seemed to fit as the cat was both orange and fat and aloof to anything Will or Nico cared about.

“So do you,” Nico says. He pokes Will’s stomach. Will glares at him before breaking into a smile. Yeah, Will had a little flab, but it wasn’t anything horrible. In fact, Nico rather liked it. He liked that Will was softer, the muscle carefully hidden underneath all of Nico’s good cooking and attention. He felt a sense of pride whenever he knew that he was keeping Will well-fed and healthy.

“You’re not looking so bad yourself.” Will winks. Nico flushes despite himself. They both know that Nico prided himself on his form. He was still thin, but he’d built up muscle and some height over the years. He was now only a few inches shorter than Will. Will was softer lines against Nico’s more defined ones, but it worked. (It more than worked, but those were not thoughts for the grocery store.)

They thread their way through the aisles, occasionally dropping things into the basket. Nico’s careful not to damage any of Will’s carefully inspected fruits and vegetables. Will’s humming to whatever song is playing through the speakers. It’s some pop song, Nico thinks. He’s never been into pop, but he did like the catchy rhythms.

“You should dance with me,” Will says. They’re alone in the canned food aisle. Nico had been trying to find the right kinds of beans he needed to make chili later this week. He turns around to find Will bowing to him, offering his hand.

“This isn’t a slow song, Solace.” He smirks. Will grins, setting the cans in the cart and taking Nico’s hands.

“Slow dancing isn’t just for slow songs, di Angelo. Besides, what if I wanted to tango? Or salsa?” Nico laughs. An older lady passes them, smiling.

“I remember when I was young and in love,” she says. She pats Will on the shoulder, grabbing a few cans and leaving them in peace. Will smiles at her back.

“May I have this honor?” Will asks. Nico rolls his eyes. He knows Will’s not going to back down from this, so he might as well give in. Besides, it won’t be the stupidest thing they’ve ever been caught doing. Will twirls Nico around, careful not to knock off any cans. The aisle is narrow, and they keep stepping on each other’s feet. The song changes, and Will picks up the tempo. Nico follows. Will’s hands are warm and familiar in his, and even though they’re both awful at dancing, it’s kind of fun.

A young father and daughter watch them, falling into their own little dance. Nico smiles. He loves Will’s infectious smiles, his laughter, his out-of-the-blue ideas. Will leans forward as the song ends, dropping a kiss to Nico’s forehead. Nico lets out a whine, and Will laughs.

“Got to keep it PG for the kids.” He winks, and Nico pouts. Will waves to the little girl and her father, pushing the cart and a pouting Nico down the aisle. Once they're out of sight of the family, Will swoops in for another kiss. Nico blushes.

“Will,” he sighs. Will pulls back, turning to the shelves like he and Nico hadn’t just been kissing. It’s not that Nico wants to make a scene in the grocery store, but now Will’s teasing him. He’ll swipe a hand over Nico’s shoulders when he’s getting something off of the top shelf, press his hand against Nico’s back when he’s moving behind him, kisses his cheek when he’s scanning the groceries.

They last until they get home. Then Will’s kissing Nico like he hasn’t been allowed to for weeks. Nico leans into the kiss, sighing. He loves kissing Will, loves the way it makes him feel, loves the way that it can go from innocent to passionate to affectionate.

They’re interrupted by the lady across the hallway. She clears her throat as she unlocks her door.

“I remember when I was young,” she says. “But I didn’t do it for the world to see.” Will blushes, but he’s shaking with laughter. Nico giggles. Garfield comes to join them as they put the groceries away, finding that they did, in fact, have a grocery list and that they hadn’t gotten a single thing on it somehow.

“Guess we’ll just have to make another trip,” Will says shrugging.