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I think I’m finally clean

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“You can leave your stuff here,” he said while pointing at the space under the bed. Jungkook gazed at where the other wanted him to put his suitcase and gave Jimin an increduled look. “Seriously? You want me to let all my beloved clothes right where the spiders live? Hell no.” He clasped his arms together, his lips turning to a cute pout, making Jimin giggle. “Aw Jungkookie, ain’t no spider gonna steal your basic bitch shirts, chill,” he mocked, leaving the other with an even bigger pout and furrowed brows. “Perhaps they’ll make a home in your Timbalands though,” he continued, his eyes holding tears from laughing at the other’s face. “Sweet mother of baby Jesus,” Jungkook gasped, holding his bag to his chest with a truly concerned expression, “take my soul, not my boots”, closing his eyes as he was actually praying. The other boy couldn’t stop chuckling at his silly cousin, and was about to keep on scaring him when the doorbell rang. “The fellas are here!”, he turned to Jungkook with a smile on his face, excited for the boy to know his bestfriends, “leave the freaking bag anywhere and let’s go meet them, come on!”. Jimin was already going downstairs at full speed, while Jungkook gave a second glance at the room and turned to his precious bag again, before deciding “nah, I’ll just carry you with me”, following the other through the house.
When Jimin opened the door, what he and Jungkook, who was right behind him, expected to find were normal guys. What they actually got was the brightest human on earth wearing the hugest grin on his face, holding tiny animals in his arms along with a grumpy, skinny boy right behind him.
“Hi,” the smiley one said, “I might have adopted 5 cats in the way here”, he continued with a sheepish look, though no one could actually get mad at that face. The man was basically the sun itself, Jungkook thought to himself. “And that’s the Hoseok we all know and love,” Jimin took the chance to make the formalities, gesturing his hand as a sign for Jungkook and the boy to take acknowlege of each other. Before anything could happen, a very sour Min Yoongi passed right through them, ignoring the so called introductions and pointing to the kittens, “I had nothing to do with that,” then continuing his way to the living room, where his body was soon lying in the coach. The 3 boys, (and 5 cats) standing still in the dorway, glanced at each other before they all started giggling at the later’s actions. “Don’t worry, Yoongi-hyung pretends he’s though, but he has a really soft heart,” Hoseok blinked at Jungkook, who only nodded and looked right outside, where the most handsome man was coming to their direction. Glowy brown locks, soft skin and pink lips, the boy seemed like a God and Jungkook felt like kneeling down to him, pushing the thought aside with struggle. Jimin spoke first, “Seokjin, you came!”, with a cheerful tone and happy eyes, while Jungkook could only stare. The beautiful one answered, “And how could I miss the coming of this pretty boy?”, with a low husky voice, looking straight into Jungkook’s eyes, who could melt right there, right now. The later gave a small giggle, looking away as soon as his cheeks started blushing, giving away his attraction towards the other. “Don’t mind him, Kookie,” Jimin interrupted the boys meeting, saving his cousin from future embarrassements, “he’s just messing around with you,” the boy finished explaining, acting like Jungkook was a little kid and Seokjin, your big bad local fuckboy. He didn’t mind though, he kinda wished the handsome guy would pin him to the nearest wall and smash their lips together into the most heated kiss ever, but Jungkook wouldn’t admit that to anyone.
Jimin then lead them all to his room, where Jungkook finally felt safe enough to let go of his suitcase, which was still being tightly held by him.
He saw Yoongi for the second time that day, except now for long enough so it was actually possible to Jungkook take a closer look at the boy’s sharp features. The grumpy looking boy seemed older than all of them, and by his more mature posture, Jungkook assumed he was. His big fringe fell through his pale face, covering most part of his dark, small eyes, that by the way looked way too tired, taking note of the brown bags which showed under them. He then wondered what would keep Yoongi awake at night, feeling quite sorry for the boy who was now splattered onto Jimin’s bed. Before he could continue to analise his elder, Jungkook felt fur rubbing into his legs, looking down to find two of Hoseok’s kittens staring right into his eyes, like they were asking for his attention. “Aw,” Hoseok cooed, “Ross and Rachel seem to like you Jungkookie!”, letting the nickname slip through his lips, giving zero shits about having only met the other for about an hour or less. And to be honest Jungkook didn’t mind at all, letting a small giggle escape from his mouth, feeling glad to be taken so good care of.
“Did you seriously name your cats after the Friends characters?,” Jimin said with an increduled voice, even though he was used to his buddy’s odd behaviours. “Well, just look at them!”, Hoseok pratically screamed with excitement, making the rest of the gang close their eyes with cringe, while a sleepy Yoongi glared at him with narrowed eyes and a huge pout on his lips, which just to clarify, Hoseok thought was the cutest thing he has even seen. “Stop that!”, the older said, incapable of dealing with any more of Hoseok’s never ending joy, which not only pissed him of, but also scared him a little. “Stop what?”, the happy boy answered with a confused look, the smile never leaving his goddamn long, boring, irritating, glowy, and pretty fucking too beautiful for Yoongi’s own sake, he thought to himself before snapping back at him. “Doing that thing with your face when you’re happy. It’s making me nauseous.”, and before Hoseok could say anything, the elder rolled over to the other side of the bed, facing the wall, and mentioned to everyone keep it down, he was trying to taking a freaking nap people, for gods sake!
While Jungkook kept caressing Rachel and Ross, he could hear Jimin and Seokjin mumbling something in the back of the room, both of them facing the window. However, their voices were too low for him to acknowledge words, leaving the boy alone with his killer curiosity. Jungkook just couldn’t help it, he would frequently stick his nose into places he wasn’t invited, only and just because he cared way too much about everyone. Fortunately, to his delight, Hoseok joined the conversation, which meant that the other two boys privacy was about to end, since the later didn’t know shit about keeping his tone down.
“Do you think Tae will show up this time?”, the bright boy said, though he didn’t sound so bright now. Jungkook couldn’t help but notice the huge change of his voice when he mentioned this unknown person, wondering why his tone was now cautelous and worried, sad, but still hopeful. “Don’t count on it,” Jin continued with a tired voice, almost as he was used to that kind of question, seeming freaking sick of dealing with it, the listener boy thought. “He never does, Hobi.”, Jimin whispered sweetly, trying to comfort his friend from his recent disappointment. Jungkook felt weird. So, the stranger was a boy. But who the hell was he? Why wasn’t he here? And most importantly, why were the boys talking about him as if he was dead, voices down and a thousand secrets under their whispers?
Before his mind could explode with thoughts, he heard the loud noise of the doorbell ringing, startling everyone there, except for Yoongi, who was still imerged in his nap. “I’ll get it,” said Jimin, “it’s probably the pizza guy.”
The room fell into deep silence. Seokjing was staring at his nails as if they were the most interesting thing there; Hoseok was holding Chandler really close to his lips, making kisses noises, now back to his normal happy face; and Jungkook was quietly observing everything, an odd feeling emerging from his gut, like things were about to change forever.

And they were.

He heard Jimin’s steps into the hallway, except they weren’t the only ones coming. Jungkook listened closely, noticing his friend’s loud foot noises, followed by slowly, quieter ones. The door suddenly opened and he definetely wasn’t prepared for what was behind it, or better, who was.
“KIM TAEHYUNG!”, Hoseok screamed as soon as he saw the boy, running to him and engulfing the other into his arms, now tightly wrapped around the later’s neck.
So that was the guy everyone was talking about sooner.
Jungkook gets it now. He gets the previous mumblings and odd voices. He gets Hoseok getting sad just mentioning the other’s name. He gets Jimin trying to make it better. He gets it. God, it meant perfectly sense. Everything fell right into place while he stared at the stranger at the door.
Standing there, Kim Taehyung looks like a fallen angel. With sulky red eyes, hallowed empty cheeks, chapped lips and greasy blonde hair, the boy seems to not know where he is or how he got here. However, Jungkook doesn’t think he has ever seen anyone so incredibly, magically, oddly beautiful in his entire meaningless life.
Taehyung looks right back at him. His heart skips a beat before he can register everything that’s happening, and he can’t help himself to stop staring at the other. Taking a closer look, he notices how uncomfortable the other seems, and the air feels suddenly heavy in the room. There’s sadness written all over Taehyung’s thin body; shaky bruised hands, scratched wrists, dark purple marks in his legs, and to Jungkook’s concern, his scalp looks uneven, like something was violently thrown at his head.
It’s too much. He can’t watch this. His stomach does flips and the boy feels like throwing up. Jungkook wonders how the others seem so unaffected by Taehyung’s presence. “He made it!”, Jimin slightly enters the room, a huge grin in his face, which is followed by Jin’s giggles, Hoseok’s yelps and Yoongi’s loud snores.
Taehyung itself holds a dark expression, like he was drowning right there and no one even noticed, too damn busy cheering for his own comeback to actually see how broken he was. He feels like screaming his lungs out, but it would take too much energy out of him. Also, he learned way too soon not to let his emotions out.
Jungkook, on the other hand, can’t stop fidgeting at his own shirt. He wants to reach to Taehyung and tell him he notices it. He notices him.

Jungkook knew people have the tendency to think nothing’s hurt when they don’t see blood. But he sees Taehyung. And he will clean his deepest wounds until they close. Every single one of them.