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One year later…

I rush to the bathroom and retch violently in the toilet. Urgh I feel awful. Michael hears me being sick…

“Amelia? Are you alright?”

“No not really, just been sick. Must have been something I ate last night.”

“Probably a good idea not to go into work today, don’t worry I’ll cover your class for you.”

“Thanks love.”

I can’t help but be worried about Amelia. We both ate the same thing last night so it can’t be food poisoning, unless she’s had a bad allergic reaction to something…

When Michael goes to work, I’m sick again. I decide to pop to the local chemist and buy a pregnancy test. I mean we have talked about children but haven’t really tried for a baby or anything yet. Oh well here goes nothing…

The kids keep asking where Mrs Preston is (it’s taken them quite a few months to get out of the habit of calling her Miss Fairbourne!) so I tell them that she’s not feeling very well but she’ll be back tomorrow.

I look at the line, pregnant. Well this certainly wasn’t planned… I start crying. Not through sadness but happiness. Am I really ready for this? I suppose I am 27… It’s like a dream come true, having a child with the person you love.

I check up on Amelia during lunch, hoping that she’s resting.

“Hello love, how you feeling?”

“Yeah feeling much better. Had a little rest in bed but now I’m up and about!”

“I’m glad to hear that darling. Have you managed to have something to eat?”

“Oh yeah I’ve had some soup and sandwiches. Are my class behaving themselves?”

“Oh yes just about! I think they miss you though. I know the feeling…”

“Oh darling I miss you too. I’m just glad they’re not playing up for you!”

I decide to keep my news a secret from Michael for now. I feel it’s better to tell him in person! I ring up the doctors and manage to get an appointment for in an hour’s time.

The kids still carry on being well behaved but I can tell they miss Amelia. I’m glad she’s feeling better though.

After seeing the doctor, I find I’m only 6 weeks pregnant hence the lack of a bump yet. It’s all so exciting! Michael comes back from work and gives me a big hug.

“Oh I have missed you today love.”

“I missed you too. I’ve got something to tell you.”

She indicates for me to sit down next to her on the sofa. I suddenly feel really nervous, is it good news?

“Well you know how I was sick this morning? I went to the doctors earlier just to double check and I’m pregnant. 6 weeks gone to be exact. You’re going to be a father.”

Michael jumps up. He picks me up and gives me a big kiss. Whatever reaction I was expecting, it certainly isn’t this!

“Oh you beautiful wonderful woman. I can’t believe it, I’m going to be a father again.”

I bend down to where Amelia’s stomach is and smile widely.

“Hello in there my little darling. Oh you’re going to be loved so much by me and your mummy.”

He lifts up my top and kisses my stomach. I laugh.

“Well I suppose we’d better get preparing then!”

Amy and Michael have two children, two girls called Ruby and Scarlett. They are brought up on all things Monty Python related and grow up to be very smart children. The Prestons are happily married for many years to come.