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Sonic the Hedgehog: Revolution X

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Opening song
Images of the Freedom Fighters flash by. the the logo appears. Sonic is running through a city. Then Eggman and Snively appear. They detect Sonic, and sen the S.S.S. after him. Sonic smashes some Alphabots, then runs away from the S.S.S. The other freedom fighters appear to help him out. They defeat their S.S.S. counterparts one by one. Sonic picks up a power ring and scales a tall building. There, he spin-dashes into a silhouetted giant robot. 7 colors spin around in a circle, before fusing with a silhouette of Sonic. More pictures flash by. The F.F poses for the logo.

The Freedom Fighters! A group of eight noble soldiers dedicated to saving the planet from Dr. Egg...Pardon? I thought I was the narrator this time! Actually, here it says we're both narrating this series. Sorry monsieur, carry on! Ahem, Dr. Eggman, who plots to expand his empire with the help of his Supression Squad! In order to fund this rebellion, our heroes need money, and they get that by doing various tasks by phone call. Here is one special day! 
A council is taking seats in a government office. Six of them are wearing white uniforms with a red sash, and two of the women have pencil skirts. "Alright," says the dark yellowish fox in a military dress uniform and eyepatch, "The meeting to discuss the Knothole Freedom Fighters will begin. But first, the Oath of Regency. As Regent of Mobius, I, General Amadeus Power O.S., swear to uphold the authority of the crown in place of the missing King Maximilian." He then takes a more relaxed position, "So, Rose, I mean, Councillor Prower, what is the current situation?" A light yellow fox with brown curly hair tells him, "Regent Prower, the Fighters have been mostly doing some work for pay. And don't act like you didn't just call me Rose, dear!" Rose has a look that says, 'Oh, Amadeus!' showing off her blue eye-shadow. Gen. Prower then states, "...Thank you for bringing up the calls! Councilor Walch-Wong, tell us about the calls." "Well," says a yellow mongoose with purple hair, "I'll start with this week's calls! We had 8! 3 from the United Federation, 2 from major Mobian cities, 2 from Marzipan city in Leonis, and 1 from right here!"

Someone, or something is racing through O-Town. It crashes through the front doors of one Kind Of a Lot O' Comics. A cloaked figure emerges from the blur. He walks to the counter. He asks the nerdy looking blue turtle, "I'm looking for Rocko. Is he here?" The turtle replies, "I'll check." He goes upstairs and opens a door. He gets hit in the head with a tomato. "He's here, and he's still afraid. And now I'm nauseous" The cloaked figure walks through that door, after dodging another tomato. Inside is Rocko, who is a beige wallaby in a blue triangle shirt. He says, "Wait a minute, are you..." "Yep," the Mobian removed his cloak, revealing a blue hedgehog with green eyes, a red jacket, blue T-shirt and shorts, white gloves, and red and white sneakers. "I'm Sonic of the Knothole Freedom Fighters!" Rocko is relieved. "Now I should probably explain the circumstances."

23 Hours Earlier

A voice calls out, "Spunky!" Rocko is looking for his dog. "Where are you!?" He spots a bull terrier. "Spunky! Oh I was so worried about you, I thought I would never find you..." As he picks Spunky up, he spots a bizzare looking device. It opens up. Out of it pops a purple toad wearing business casual, Mr. Smitty. Only he looks robotic. As in, he seems to have been transformed into a robot. Rocko pulls off his Stretchbrain Scream™ and gets out of dodge. He runs all the way to his house, locks the doors, goes to sleep, wakes up, hires a house sitter, buys some tomatoes, goes to his office early, and calls a number, "Hello, Freedom Fighers?" Don't, worry, he made sure Spunky was safe.

Present Time

"Of course," Rocko finishes his story, "The roboticizer would explain the recent disappearances." Sonic then asks, "Who do you think is behind this?" Rocko replies, "I don't know, but who ever did it probably moved the darn contraption away. Maybe we should ask around town, warn the residents, and see if they reveal themselves." "You read my mind, Rocko!" Rocko and Sonic walk out of the building, but not before Rocko tells Filburt (the turtle), "I'm giving you the day off. Don't start anything!" Filburt replies, "Okay Rocko!" before the door closes.

At Conglom-O (We own you™) Headquarters

The board of directors are having a meeting. Among them are a nerdy looking unidentifiable animal and a cane toad wearing business casual. "Now directors," said the boss while picking his nose, "After my retirement, someone has to be promoted to job number one, Chairman of the board." "Yes..." Said the cane toad. The boss continued, "so in order to prepare the company for that time, I am handing day-to-day management of the company, as well as job number 2, Chief Executive Officer, to my appointed successor," "Yes!" said the toad slightly louder. "That is why I, Charles Dupette, name Edward Bighead President and CEO of Conglom-O Holdings. And in a few months, Chairman and CEO!", Dupette finished his statement "YES!" The newly promoted Ed Bighead yelled, "I mean, I am honored to accept." He walked in front of the board, "And for my first order of business, Conglom-O comics will not be tolerating fan works any more!" That will certainly cause some controversy. More importantly, Ed walks in to his office to see his name plate has already been replaced. "I love my life", he then presses a button. A screen pops out of the desk. On it, the Eggman Empire insignia. A bald, rotund scientist with a red and black suit and a mustache, Dr. Eggman himself, appears on screen. "Well Mr. Bighead," says the "good" doctor, "I see you've been promoted." Ed grins and replies, "Yes, all thanks to your help (And my wife's nagging)!" Eggman asked, "Say, you wouldn't have happened to left the roboticizer I lent you unguarded, did I you." Ed's eyes widen in realization, before he answers, "I did! Did something happen." Eggman answers, in a sarcastic tone, "Oh, nothing really... It's just that my sensors indicate that someone walked in on our little secret and called the Freedom Fighter, who sent my archnemesis sonic, to destroy it, you shortsighted fool!" "On no!" Ed worriedly states, "I'm sorry Dr. Eggman! Please don't roboticize me or my family! I'll even move the device to a safer location!" "No need to. I've already sent my assistant, who should have been on guard, to take care of it, and our hedgehog problem as well." The doctor replies. Just then, a silhouette with red eyes appears outside the windows. The doctor then asks, "So, any idea who discovered our little get-workers-quick scheme?" Ed thought about it, then answered, "It has to be Rocko! That little wallaby is always getting on my nerves!" "Assistant," the Doctor said to the floating figure, "Deal with Sonic and this Rocko fellow," Ed interrupts with, "Actually, could you put capturing your next target on a higher priority. I'm sure Heffer would be happy to help us once the process is completed." The figure flies away. Dr Eggman, grinning, then says one last thing, "You do realize you're paying for this... Out of your pocket!?" Ed Bighead then moans, "I hate my life."

Inside a typical suburban house, Rocko and Sonic are warning the inhabitants. "Robotizer!?" Says Virginia Wolfe, a wolf with green beehive, a pink blouse and green pants, and a "Midwestern" accent. Her husband, a wolf wearing business casual, yells, "Eggman thinks he can turn us into his slaves? I'd rather die!" Virginia says to our heroes, "Well, we'd better warn the kids. And don't mind George, he's just high-strung." She then goes off to warn her bio-kids, Peter and Cindy. Rocko asks Sonic, "Would you like to meet my friend Heffer?" Sonic responds with, "Why not?" They walk to his door. Rocko explains to Sonic, "Before you ask why he's a steer, he's adopted." Sonic ahs. They open the door to see an overweight steer with green hair and red pants with suspenders... Being forcibly pulled though his window. He says, "Oh my gosh, Sonic is here and he knows Rocko! Help, I'm being abducted!" Rocko responds with, "Heffer!" He turns to Sonic, "Maybe you can stop whoever's behind all this!" Sonic replies, "Okay!" And runs out the front door. He gets ready to spindash, but freezes when he sees just who exactly is pulling. Heffer slips out of the door. "Rocko!" Heffer yells. "Heffer!", Rocko yells back. He peers out the window. "You had enough time to save him! Why didn't you stop the Robian?" Sonic replies, "Dude, the Robian who took your friend happens to be my dad!" Rocko is left speechless. Finally he says, "We should follow then, and find the roboticizer!" Sonics nods.

Five hours later

The Robian flies through the doors to Observatory O. After a few minutes, he flies back out. Rocko and Sonic head inside. They find a device labeled: Single Roboticizer: Model O, and Heffer tied up inside the pod. He cries out, "This thing's gonna go off in five minutes and turn me into a robot! Help!" Rocko reassures his friend with, "Don't worry, we're here to rescue you! Sonic here knows how to deactivate this model of..." "Well Maurice," a new voice says, "It's good to see you." Rocko and Sonic turn around to see who's talking. It's a robotic blue hedgehog with white streaks, red boots, jeans, a blue jacket, and a blue and white scarf, the only thing not Roboticized. This is Julian "Jules" Parlouzer, father of Maurice Parlouzer, obviously Sonic. Sonic hands wire clippers to Rocko and tells him, "Red, White, Yellow, Purple, and Blue." Rocko runs off chanting the wire order. Jules says to his son, "So, are you going to surrender and let us reunite?" Sonic nods his head, and responds with, "I'm gonna save you from this nightmare." Jules says, "We shall see in the future. But now, we shall fight!" and spin dashes into his son. Sonic dodges, and started to run. Jules flies after him. They crash into eachother for a while, before coming to a stop at O-Park. Sonic returns the spin dash, hitting Jules and sending him into a tree. Jules gets up, and decides to retreat. Sonic simply looks at him as he leaves, saying, "See you later. Heffer and Rocko run up to him, with Heffer saying, "That was a hoot! Can I get your autograph?" Sonic simply says, "Sorry, I gotta head back to the base." Before leaves, Rocko gives him something, "Your pay! For putting a stop to this madness before it got out of hand!" Sonic takes it, and he's off!

 "And so the Roboticizier was melted to prevent anyone from repairing it. Conglom-O denies any involvement in what could have been the towns biggest tragedy, but citizens are pressuring Chairman Charles Dupette to retire early, not believing him for a second." The screen turns off. Ed looks at his wife, Bev, glaring at him with her red beehive 'do and her blue bathrobe. She says in a voice that does not at all sound feminine, "You know what this means deary?" Ed's response, "Time for plan B." Bev smiles.

Earlier that same day

A red biplane fly through the sky. It lands in a secret place. A fox jumps down from the cock pit. He's wearing a yellow shirt, blue overalls, and red and white sneakers. Most peculiar is his two tails. He walks into Camp Kidney (owned by the Bean Scouts of Vestigo, a subsidiary of the International Scouting Association). He looks at a map of the place. Then he heads to the Jelly Bean cabin. Inside is an orange spider-monkey in a scouts uniform. The fox says, "You must be Lazlo." Lazlo replies, "And you're Tails! You're Sonic best friend and sidekick!" Tails simply nods. "Wow, it must be incredible going on all those adventures and fighting all those..." Lazlo remembers what he was trying to say, "Oh right! I saw Badniks in the forest doing something!" Tails then states, "I'm going to deal with it!" "Can I come too?" Lazlo asks suddenly. Tails just shrugs. "Sure."

A banana slug wearing the bean scout uniform enters the office of Scoutmaster Lumpus, a moose wearing the uniform. He freaks out, hides his video display, then sighs in relief, "Oh, it's only you Slinkman. What brings you here?" Slinkman tells him, "Sir, it appears that Jelly Cabin wants to take a walk through the forest." Lumpus asks, "With who?" "Miles Prower, sir." Lumpur's eyes nearly pop out of his glasses. Slinkman continues, "I really want to know why we're doing this, sir." Lumpus simply replies, "Business, Slinkman, business" Slinkman then starts saying, "What if.." "That's none of your concern, Slinkman!" The Scoutmaster interupts, "All you need to know is that I gave them my permission, and all he needs to know is what's there is there, do I make myself clear!?" Slinkman nods his head. "Good."

Five Minutes Later

Tails and Lazlo are walking through the forest with two other campers. One is an Asian Elephant and the other is a Pygmy Rhinoceros. "I am enjoying walk Lazlo, but why exactly are we going through the forest?" Asks the elephant. The rhino randomly yells, "Badniks Raj!" stopping the group in their tracks. Raj, the elephant, replies, "I was asking Lazlo, Clam. Besides, I don't see any..." The group sees a bunch of Badniks cutting up trees and digging up dirt. "Badniks!", Raj, screaming, tries to run away, but the others hold him back. "Don't worry," Tails reassure him, "Nobody is going to hurt or Roboticize you." "He's right you know", a new voice says. Just then, a blue robotic hedgehog wearing lab gear and a helicopter pack flies down. It's Charles "Chuck" Parlouzer, the former Minister of Science of the Kingdom of Mobius. He continues, "We're just doing some construction work." Raj asks, "Using the dirt and trees!?" Tails adds, "I fail to seem what this stuff could be used for." Chuck simply tells them, "You'll see soon enough." Chuck flies towards the group, causing them to duck. Raj is shaking in fear, Lazlo is wondering how Tails can save them, Tails is wondering how to save them, and Clam is thinking about nothing important. Then Tails gets an idea. He throws clam at Chuck, causing him to fly out of control. Clam is lying on the ground, saying, "Again! Again!" Tails simply tells him, "No, that was a risky move on my part."

"And then I say, 'No good sir'", Raj tells the others a tale to pass the time, "'I am a Yuaraishan Elephant.' And then he says, 'Oh, from the Dragon Kingdoms of Chun-nan?' And I say, 'No, from the Dharmic Regions!' He believed me." Lazlo asks Tails, "Who was that guy?" "Yeah, uhhh... He had a Spinny pack!" adds Clam. "Oh, him?" Says Tails, "That was Sonic's uncle." "No way..." Said Lazlo, "Sonic's Uncle is robot?" asks Clam. Then, the see a radar device next to a weird well. It's then that Tails realises what exactly Chuck is trying to do. "It's a Chaos Emerald tracker," Chuck, suddenly appearing, states, "The green chaos emerald is supposed to control life, this 'well' is supposed to test that." Lazlo and his friends are in awe. Tails simply says, "Think of what Eggman could do with that power!" Chuck pushes a button. A bunch of Badniks swarm into the area. Tails jumps on a few Badniks, causing them to explode and release the animal inside. Raj runs around in fear, while Lazlo decides to borrow Tails's idea and uses Clam's head to free some Mobini. After a while all the Badniks are gone. Chuck decides to play. He pulls out his helicopter pack and energy gun and starts flying. Tails starts spinning his tails, and flies after them. Chuck fires his gun. He misses. Tails then performs a spin-dash towards him. He hits the helicopter pack. Chuck decides to get out of dodge. After Tails flies down, Lazlo says, "That was awesome! Hey, what's a Chaos Emerald?" Tails tells him, "Very powerful gems, and not really Emeralds, but if Eggman get his hands on them, bad news!" Lazlo nods his head. Raj says, "Let's get out of here before they find it." "Yeah!", Clam says after headbutting the radar to scrap. They leave. Just then, Lumpus appears holding a bunch of golden rings. "Lumpus, you have hit the jackpot."

Lumpus waits silently in his office for his video display to turn on. When it does, a small bald figure appears on screen. "So", says the man, "What has become of the operation?" "The cloaked guy told me that 'The operation'", says Lumpus, with air quotes, " Had been 'shut down' by a 'rival'". The man is furious, "What!? Chuck told me he would find... Any one suspicious come into your camp?" Lumpus says, "Yeah, Miles Power, the world famous two-tailed fox." The over lander groans in anger, "That fox has been throwing a wrench in our, I mean, my operations for the longest time!" Lumpus says, "On a much better note, guess what I just found!" and pulls out the rings. "Golden Rings!?" The man whose name shall soon be revealed, "My partners and I could use them to find... Fortune! Soon the world shall know the name of: Dr. Snively! Thank you, Lumpus, I'll send some one to trade the rings for money!" Thank you, and it's pronounced 'Loompus'", the Scoutmaster said, blissfully unaware of just who he's dealing with.

The next day

A silhouette walks through a rural town at dawn. As the sun rises, the silhouette becomes clearer. She is a blonde bunny wearing a pink leotard, jacket, and tights. She enters a nice house. Inside is an older rabbit wearing a red and yellow dress. "It's good to see you," she says in a "southern" accent, "I'm glad you came as fast as you could, Bunnie." Bunnie, in a similar accent, replied, "Thank you very much, sugah. Aunt Vanilla, why did you call?" Vanilla explains, "Cream was taking a walk through town when she found this," she holds up a poster. Bunnie takes it in her hand, reads ITF, "'Join the Sand-Blasters and help retake the Southern Baronies from the Northern Yoke of Eggman and the Acorns!' Ok, say what you will about the Acorns, but comparing them to Eggman is stretching it." Vanilla then says, "This sounds like a Neo-Imperial uprising, and we all know what happens last time." "Yeah," Bunnie replies, "No need to remind me of Ma and Pa." Her face gains an expression of sorrow and confusion. Vanilla's expression changes to that of "Oh dear, what have I done?" "Oh, right. Sorry." She tells her. Bunnie then says, "I think I know what you want me to do. You want me to head over there and see what these Sand-Blasters are like? Consider it done!" As she walks out the door, a hand grabs her by the jacket. It's a little girl who looks like the older rabbits daughter. "Cousin Caramel," she says, using a nickname the older rabbit hasn't heard in a long time, "Can I come with you?" Bunnie looks at her and says, "Cream, if you come with me, the big Sand-Blasters might pick on you." Cream replies, "Don't worry, I've got Cheese." "Chao", says the blue creature, henforce known as the Chao. Bunnie simply shrugs.

A dark-haired, bearded man in an Eggman Empire uniform is using energy from his gloves to fight enemies. His enemies are a grey rabbit with an eye patch, a bulky bear, a shifty looking wolf, a long legged road runner, and a lean lizard. They are wearing grey dress uniforms and using various firearms to take down the Overlander. They succeed. "Take him to the prison!" Says the rabbit, clearly the leader. They take the over lander there, but not before he yells, "Fools! Eggman's army will have this city razed just to get to me!" The wolf says, "Man, what an egotist", and carries him off with the bear. It's at this point that Bunnie and Cream show up. Bunnie says, "So, you must be the Sand-Blasters" The rabbit replies, "Of course. I'm Jack, the bear is Avery, the wolf is Shift, the roadrunner is Jolt, and the lizard is Tex. Who might you two be?" "I'm Bunnie Rabbot, this is my cousin Cream. The chao is Cheese." "Chao," Cheese replies. Bunnie continues, "My Aunt Vanilla is worried that Y'all are, how do I punt this, sugah, Neo-Imperialist usurpers, and I'm here to make sure that ain't true." Jack answers bluntly, "No, she's right. We're Neo-Imperialists." Bunnie replies, "Thank you, I was hoping you weren't... Wait you are!?" "Our job is a very simple," says Jack, "Defeat the Eggman Empire and the Kingdom of Acorn and reestablish the Empire of the Southern Baronies, and reimplement the caste system. Declaring myself Emperor obtional." Bunnie is horrified. She tells them, "Y'all are crazy! The caste system was abolished for a reason," as she says this, she ties her her up in a ponytail, takes off her jacket, revealing a robotic arm, and her tights, revealing robotic legs, "And that's why I'm gonna take you down a peg!" "A cyborg rabbit?" Jack says, "Please. We've already captured a member of Egghead's Supreme Suppression Squad. We can take you on. Especially with my," he unexpectedly fires his gun, "Tranquilizer darts!" The dart hits her stomach. Bunnie starts to fall asleep. "Oh stars..." She says, as she drops to the floor. Avery picks her up and takes her to the prison. "Go on home girl", Jolt tells her as the others leave, "We wouldn't want you to get hurt. Especially since by the caste system's standards, you'd be on top!" Jolt then runs to join the others. Cream then says, "Cheese, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" "Chao!" Cheese answers.

Half an hour later

"Well, now you're awake," said the S.S.S. officer as Bunnie gets up in the prison. Bunnie sees who it is and says, "Hunter? What are you doing here?" Hunter replies, "Well I was trying to stop the Sand-Blasters from doing their 'job', but as you can see I really didn't do a good job." There is silence for a while. "So," Bunnies says after giving it thought, "Truce?" "Truce?" says Hunter, "You want a truce?" Bunnie replies, "Why not? It's not like fighting will help us get out of here. I say we work togther to deal with the Sand-Blasters!" Hunter then says, "If you can find a way to punch through this stainless steel wall, then I might just consider it." Just then, part of the wall explodes. Cream and Cheese are there. "Cousin Caramel? We got a bomb from a duck!" Hunter is laughing, "OK, now I call the truce!"

Bunnie and Cream are running through Sand Blast City. They then run into the Sand-Blasters. "I thought I told you to go home!" Says Jolt. "Sorry," says Cream, "But I couldn't leave my cousin behind!" Jack tells her, "I can't have you fight us! You'll get killed!" "Then you'll have to focus on me!" is Bunnie's response. She then punches Avery in the gut. "I think I'm gonna throw up!", says Avery, and he goes off to do that. Tex then says, " Hey, Jack, it's blasting time!" and the fight is on. Bunnie throws a few kicks at Shift, one of which hits him in the stomach. She then gets into a fist fight with Tex, knocking him out cold. She then trips Jolt the Roadrunner, taking him out of the fight. "Are you forgetting," Jack says as he pulls out his tranquilizer gun, "what took you down last... Time?" Green energy vines snatch Jack's gun away. Hunter then gives him a taste of his own medicine. "Oh stars..."

"Thanks to Freedom Fighter Bunnie 'Caramel' Rabbot, and Christine 'Cream' Lightfoot, the Neo-Imperial group The Sand-Blasters have been arrested for crimes against bothe The Kingdom of Mobius and the Eggman Empire..." The screen goes dark. Eggman is in his office. He says, "Well, Ms. Rabbot, good job on defeating those hooligans. I look forward to completing the roboticitization process," he pushes a button, "Hunter! Next time, try not to become the hunted!"

Later that same day

A coyote is walking through the streets at dusk. As he steps into the light, his appearance becomes clear. He is wearing a dress uniform with a sheathed sword and energy gun combo. He walks into the "Chaotix Detective Agency HQ", which looks more like an average apartment building. A crocodile is waiting for him. "So," says the Coyote in a "French" accent, "Are you Vector Spaziante?" "Yeah, that's my name, and don't call me Spaz!" Vector answered him. The Coyote tells Vector, "I am Sir Antione D'Coolette, son of Sir Armand D'Coolette, Royal General, and Marie Depardieu, the Duke of Roland's daughter! I am a member of the Knothole Freedom Fighters, and a Knight of The Order of the Sun! I am..." Vector interrupts him with, "Are you here to tell me your life story or are you here to help us?" Antione says, "Sorry Monsieur! I guess I got carried away there." Vector takes him to see the rest of the crew. "The perpetually hyper bee over there is Charmy," Vector points to a bee wearing an aviator's helmet, an orange jacket, black shorts, gloves, and orange and black sneakers, "His parents let him hang around us and go on assignments. He can be annoying, but he's harmless." "Hey! Nicetameetcha!", he says. Vector then points to a purple chameleon with dark purple boots, a black shirt and pants, studded wrist and ankle bands with golden bolts and bandages, and gloves, "That's the master of camflouge, Espio. He's been trained by the Shinobi Clan, one of the best in that region." Espio replies, "The Bride of Constant Vigil was like a second mother to me." "That's Mighty. He's descended from thrives, but his father was famous for playing 'Blockhead Bill'. He's fully a member yet, but we're thinking about it", Vector says of a red armadillo with red and black gloves, back short, a red jacket, and gloves. "Vector, I'm pretty sure the whole descended from thieves thing is something you shouldn't tell some one." "Whoops! Uhhh, hey there's Ray!," he says to a yellow flying squirrel with a blue jacket, scarf, pants, shoes, and white gloves, "He's a flying squirrel and another potential member." "Really," asks Ray, "When do I join full time?" Vector finishes by pointing to a bee with blonde, Bob cut hair, bomber jacket, yellow-green dress and boots, "And finally there's Saffron. She's living with Charmy's parents for reasons che can't say." "Seriously," Saffron adds, "Don't ask!" "Prepare yourselves," Antione says to the crew, "For tonight, we fight!" The Chaotix gets pumped. "Yeah, Cromwell doesn't stand a chance!" "Pardon?" Antoine says unexpectedly. Vector shows him the poster. Antione suddenly pales, and stammers out, "C-C-C-Cromwell? *gulp* Maybe we should wait for tomorrow. If we need to stop them while they are doing... whatever, c'est la vie!" Espio answers him with, "No, the sooner we deal with the Commandos, the less likely they are to do something extremely drastic." Antoine replies with, "Alright. Then we shall see what they are planning!"

Ten Minutes Later

The Chaotix crew are wearing disguises to hide themselves. Antoine isn't, for he has no reason to hide. Vector in a form conealing trench coat asks Antione, "Hey, you're not nervous are you?" Antione replies, "Of course not!", as he visibly shakes in his boots. Ghost-sheet Charmy says, "Oh yeah! Then why are you twitchy?" "Maybe you should just surrender," ninja costume Espio adds. "Surrender!?" Antione answers angrily, "Mercians never surrender! Even when the government does!" Espio gets paid 25 mobiums by desert-man Mighty, but not before saying, "See? Told you he wouldn't like the stereotype." Cloaked Ray and bandaged Saffron scout ahead. Indoors, they see a light haired man in a dress uniform talking to a bunch of figures. "Our goal is total domination of the planet, and that means dealing with all threats. Send any dissenters to the Roboticizers! Dominate our enemies! Destroy the Freedom Fighters! In order to accomplish that, we must give 100% loyalty to the Empire! All hail Eggman!" The commandos start chanting "All hail Eggman!" "Let's get the drop on them!", Vector says, and the group drops. All except one. "Come on," Vector says in a falsetto, "Get down here!" Charmy adds in a "gruff" voice, "Yeah, or I'm knocking you down!" Espio does some signs. Antione finally jumps down. "Ah, if it isn't Antione", Cromwell says, "I should get a promotion for roboticitizing you... No really. Why do you think I made this group? Tangently, Commandos! Seize him!" Antione pulls out his sword. He gives a good fight, with no casualties... But he's scared. Cromwell takes note of this. "I will show you", he starts, "True fear!" Cromwell pulls out a sword to fight Antione, and does just that. Antione is shaking in his boots now. The fighting gets too intense for the heroes, so they decide to fall back for now.

One Hour Later

"We need to find another tactic," Espio told the rest of the team, "There are too many commandos." Everybody is thinking about how to deal with the Commandos. Antione then suddenly says, "I have an idea!" He whispers to the Chaotix Crew. They all nod in agreement. They then head back to the Commandos building. They walk in front of Cromwell as he is giving a lecture. Espio pulls out a pamphlet. Antione starts up, "Let me tell you about all the dangers of joining the Commandos..."

One Hour Later

"All of which lead to death!" Antione finished his lecture. The Commandos run away screaming in fear. Cromwell yells st them, "No, wait! Come back!" He turns to the group, "You cloaked figures are lucky to have disguises, because otherwise I would find you're homes and drag you kicking and screaming to the roboticizer!" He pulls out his sword and turns to Antione, "As for you D'Coolette, let's dance!" Antione pulls out his sword and duels Cromwell. After a while Antoine sets his energy gun to "incapacitate" and fires. Cromwell is knocked unconscious. "I did it," Antione raises his arms, "I defeated Cromwell! But he'll be stronger next time..." He walks over to Vector and asks, "What's my pay?" Vector says, "Yeah, I'm kind of running low... 5 Mobiums!" Antione takes it and leaves.

Snively is sitting in his office, yelling into a microphone, "Use your gun next time, Cromwell!" Snively thinks to himself, "It doesn't matter in the end. Uncle Ivo's search for the Emeralds is coming to a close. Soon, our Egg bosses will get a rapid boost in power, and Project Buster will soon get a piece of the action!"

The next day
A redheaded fox in a black belly shirt, black boots, belted skirt, and a yellow bow walks to the front door of Miss Endive's Tasteful Foods LLC™. She knocks and a pink cat-rabbit with bear features in a yellow dress says, "Who is it?" The fox replies, "I'm here for you!" The door opens and the fox enters. Inside is a woman who looks like a cross between an anteater and an elephant, give or take a carrot. She's wearing a red dress, and says, "Ah, so those freedom fighters decided to answer my call. I am Chicory Endive, master baker, the girl at the door is my apprentice Panini. And you are?" "Fiona," the fox says, "but my friends call me Fi. Why did you call me over here?" "Panini found a map," Endive explains, "and that map says that it leads to treasure. And it also says that that treasure belongs to the Paninaro family, Panini's family! Summer is coming soon, and I'm sending her home to her loving parents (who call every day even when I say NOT TO) with a family heirloom!" "But why did you call then Freedom Fighters?" Fi asks, confused. Endive gets all serious and says, "Because the Eggman Empire has already sent someone to take it for themselves! A wolf, no, a jerboa, no, a wolf/jerboa hybrid! A woman!" FM's eyes widen in shock, then narrow in anger. "So you'll do it?", Panini asks. Fi simply nods her head. "Take Panini with you," Endive says, "She could use the exercise!" Fi nods her head. At the same time, a walrus is walking through Marzipan city. He is wearing overalls and a yellow cap. He walks into Mung Daal's Catering Co™. He asks the short mushroom lady at the front desk, "I'm here for the call. Is he here?" "Yeah," she answers, "He's here. Just go on ahead." The walrus walks into the Kitchen. There he sees a blue, mustachioed chef, and the boy from before. "Ah," the chef says, "You must be Rotor!" Rotor replies, "And you must he Mung." The boy replies, "And I must be Chowder!" Mung points to a rock monster in an apron, "That Rock over there is Schnitzel." "Radda." Says Schnitzel. "Before I forget," Mung says as he pulls out a piece of paper, "I want to show you this. My apprentice, Chowder, found it." Rotor sees that it's the schematics for a Prototype Roboticizer. "It's for a Roboticizer," Rotor explains, "That works on a much larger scale! How did you find it?" Chowder explains, "I was eating some Silk Candy, when I found the paper! I tried to take it to my dad, but I figured Mung worked well too!" Mung continues, "I know that Eggman will probably just make another one if you take this one out, I get it. But the schematics say that tests are prepared for Marzipan City. And I like being organic! I wouldn't want anyone to be turned into a robot. Not even, Endive! I want you to protect our safety and destroy that device." "You got it!" Rotor affirmativly responds. Chowder then asks, "Mung? Can I go with him?" Mung answers, "Fine, but take Schnitzel with you." "Radda? Radda radda radda? Radda radda, radda radda radda radda radda radda!" Schnitzel raddas. "First of all, language," Mung says, "Second of all, I doubt you have to wait in line to wreck stuff." Schnitzel answers, "*sigh* Radda radda. Radda radda. Radda radda radda!" Rotor is confused, and looks at Mung. "He says he'll do it but that doesn't mean he'll enjoy it." Rotor, Chowder and Schnitzel walks out the door. "Let's ask Gazpacho if he knows where the robo-thingy is!" Chowder says.

Twenty to Thirty minutes later
"...Radda Radda Radda!" Schnitzel says as he and the others walk through the farmers market. Rotor asks Chowder, "You can understand him?" "Yeah! It takes a while though." Chowder answers. They walk to a fruit stand run by a Mammoth in blues clothes. "It's good to see you Chowder," he says, "I'm having a sale on No-fruits! For all your fruit and Fruit Beast means!" Rotor says, "You must be Gazpacho. My name is Rotor. I'm a member of the Knothole Freedom Fighters." "Holy smokes! You're a...?" Gazpacho says before Schnitzel covers his mouth and goes, "shhhhhh!" "We're looking for a giant machine capable of Mass Roboticitization!" Rotor explains, "Have you seen any signs of such a device?" "Well...," Gazpacho tells him, "I did see some construction by Endive's place... Check there!" "I was never here." Rotor says. "But" Gazpacho says, not getting it. "Radda Radda!" Schnitzel explain to him. The trio then leaves. They cross paths with Fiona and Panini. "Hey, Chowder!" Panini says flirtatiously. "I'm not your boyfriend!" Chowder replies irritatedly. Just then, a white cloaked figure with dreadlocks walks on from behind one of the stalls. "They know!" He says ominously. Close by, a pink Wolf/Jerboa in a white jumpsuit is talking into her watch. "This is Nic. I spy an old friend of mine. The rabbit says they're looking for the target. We can't have that. I'm expecting a higher paycheck for this." She presses a button and follows them. Fi and Panini stop in front of Gazpacho's fruit stand. Panini says to him, "Hello Gazpa..." "Rotor? I don't know who you're talking about! What machine!?" The mammoth's sudden outburst leaves the two speechless. "Hello Gazpacho! We're looking for a red block. Do you know where it is?" Gazpacho replies, "Oh. Say, who's the fox? She looks... Bad." "Her name's Fi! She hasn't talked at all since we met!" "A quiet one eh?" Gazpacho observes, "Then mother would loooove you *Total silence* My mother hates loud chicks! That's the joke! *total silence* Hey, there's the red block!" Fi and Panini turn their heads to see a giant red block. "Now we need to head 50 paces east! Thanks Gazpacho!" Panini says as she walks away. "Hey wait! You didn't buy anything!"

Chowder is knocking on Endive's door. "What is it?" Says an orange woman, presumably Endive, opening the door. "There's a Mass Roboticizer being built. We think it's in your lawn." Endive replies, "That is what those men were building!? I should haven told the Fox girl!" Rotor replies, "Wait... You also called a Freedom Fighter?" "Come along now!" Endive interrupts him, "I'll take you to the device! After I give you a tour of my Kitchen!" She proceeds to do just that. "But.." Rotor says as Endive shows them her oven. "Later!" She interrupts.


"And this is my back lawn!" Endive says, finishing her tour, "Don't burn it or I'm charging you for damage." "I can see it!" Chowder says A device that looks like a giant pole with a laser cannon is spotted by the trio. "Very prototypical," Rotor observes, "It doesn't even look operational." "Oh, you have no idea!" A mysterious voice says behind them. They turn around and see the figure from the farmers market. He tells them, "My partner on this project was very adamant that he uses it first. As such this device is merely a test of the range and not a true Roboticizer. A shame too. Once completed, the Mass Roboticizer could have roboticized the southern half of the city!" "Radda radda radda!" Schnitzel says. Rotor asks the mad mechanist, "Who are you, and what are you?" The man laughs and says, "I am Dr. Finitevus, and I am an Echidna!" The trios' mouths open in shock. "But, but," Chowder wonders outloud, "You all died, right?" "Well obviously, we haven't, and you were wrong." Finitevus replies. "So Doctor," Rotor says, "What exactly is your plan?" "Glad you asked!" Finitevus answers, "I intend to activate this prototype to test it, then I'll send the results to the Sub-Boss who worked with me, and then the fun begins! But first," he generates energy from his gloves, "Let's fight!" Rotor pulls out a device and gives it to Chowder. "Plug this in to to the 'Robo thingy!'" As he says this, he pulls out a big gun, "Let us deal with him!" Chowder runs off to do what he said. Rotor fires and Schnitzel runs towards Dr. Finitevus. Finitevus generates a ring, which sucks up the blast, and another which throws the blast at Schnitzel. Schnitzel then tries to punch Finitevus, but the ring disappears before he can. Meanwhile, Chowder is waiting for the "blow up" program to load. It does, and the Roboticizer, well, blows up. "What!?" Exclaims Dr. Finitevus, "It can blow up!" "Face it, you've failed!" Rotor explains. "Radda! Radda radda radda, radda radda radda radda!" Schnitzel raddas. Dr. Finitevus uses his Warp Rings to take himself to base, where Snively is waiting. "It doesn't matter! We acquired something better! Just focus on finishing the Mass Roboticizer. We'll save the testing for when the show begins!"


Fiona and Panini walk to the front desk of Mung Daal's Catering Co.™, where a small lady with wings and a Mushroom hat. "Oh, Panini? What are you doing here?" "We need to see Mung," Panini explains, "It's very important!" "OK!" Truffles says, "I'll just let him know. MUNG! A RED FOX AND CHOWDERS "GIRLFRIEND" WANT TO TALK TO YOU!" "My *honk* ears.." Fi thinks to herself as she and Panini cover her ears. They then walk into the kitchen to see a blue chef using a foot device to knead pizza dough. "Hey Mung, I need to talk to you." Panini tells him. "As long as it isn't Endive related, I'm all ears!" Panini takes a deep breath, and says, "We're going to dig up the ground for buried treasure." "Oh, is that... Dig up my kitchen!?" Mung exclaims, "Are you crazy!?" Panini explains, "Well it's a family heirloom! You see..." As she does that, Nor walks to the front desk. "Oh, a customer! What are you buying?" Nic tells her, "Actually..." Panini is done explaining her self. "So let me get this straight," Mung says, "Your ancestors were gifted a jeweled chalice, by an Echidna? Who, need I remind you, are thought to be extinct?" Panini nods her head. "And they then buried the chalice in an underground tomb and made a map to the location?" Panini nods again. " Then they sold it to the Bratwurst family, who sold it to you and then lead you to my kitchen?" Fi nods this time. "Well why didn't you say so? We still have that Sugar Sapphire mine! I think we found a tomb!" Mung takes them down into the cellar, and from there he takes them into a "mine" and then what looks like a tomb door. Mung walks back into his kitchen. Fi and Panini open the door. Inside is a glorious gold coffin, and a golden jeweled chalice with a red gem. They are in the clear, "Stop right there!" a voice cries out. Fi turns around and says to Panini, "Get the chalice!" She then glares at Nic. "Fi, it's good to see you!" Nic says. Fi doesn't say anything. "Still sore about the Rouge incident?" Nic says, "Come on, I told you I thought you would've followed me!" Fi pulls out a knife, and says, "Let's dance!" Nic sets her energy gun to "hurt" and fires. Fiona dodges, and Panini tries to walk away with the chalice. Nic sees this, and is like, "Hold up! Maybe we can come to an arrangement. I only need one gem. I see a chalice. I get the ngem, you get everything else, agreed?" Panini nods her head and gives her the gem. "No wait..." Fi tries to prevent it, but nic leaves and Fi groans is anger. "Hey, I saved your life!" Panini says, "I think..."

"Good!" Eggman says, "I'm going to pay you now... With the money I took from Ed Bighead!" He laughs evilly.
The next day

A cloaked figure walks through a red street. The town looks like a dump, literally everything is dirty, the people sport vacant expressions on their faces, and the sky is red. She walks into a house. A kid with scythe hair opens the door. "Please tell me you weren't kidding when you told me you were an alien," He asks "I wasn't." The female answers. They walk inside to his room. There the figure uncloaks, revealing a plant like girl with leaves and buds as hair, a white dress, and an all around petite figure (makes sense given her age). Dib is in awe, and says, "No way... Who are..." *bum bum bum* Someone is knocking at the door. "Dib, who's there?" Said a frankly pessimistic sounding female voice. "A plant based lifeform! Her name is... What's your name?" Dib asks the alien. "Cosmo," she says. Dib then exclaims, "Cosmo! And she's from space Gaz!" Gas replies, "*sigh* Typical," and footsteps are heard, indicating that she is leaving. "So, about the call..." Cosmo says after a while. Dib answers her with, "We have detected an alien life form in this city. We think whoever it is might have something to do with you." Cosmo thinks about it, and says, "Logical conclusion, I guess." Dib pulls out a weird looking device. "This is an alien tracker," he says, "Made it myself!" "Does it work?" Asks Cosmo. "I'm about to find out!" Dib replies, which is worrisome. The device pings, showing a dot on the screen. Cosmo puts her cloak back on, and they walk out of the door. "Dad," Dib yells before he leaves, "I'm taking a walk!" "Be sure to say hello to me in reality!" A professor like voice says from a monitor.

Cosmo and Dib walk inside an old abandoned power plant. Everything is quiet except for the pinging. It's also dark, so the two stay close as they look for the alien. The pinging gets faster as they approach a light. They stop just before encountering g the alien, take a deep breath, and come face to face with... Nothing. Dib looks at the thing producing the light and says, "Bad news... I didn't make a working Alien Tracker," "What's the good news?" Cosmo asks him. "I made a working Chose Energy Tracker!" Dib picks up the glowing cylinder, "This is a Chaos Drive!" "No way! Those things can power cities!" Cosmo replies in awe. "Sure someone else made a working portable one before me, but I did mine without even trying!" Dib says, proud of himself as he raises his hand... Only to find it empty. Dob looks at his hands, then looks Cosmo in the eye. "Congratulations," a quiet, almost monotone voice echoes throughout the power plant, "But I am afraid I have to take this with me. I can not allow the Knothole Freedom Fighters access to the Chaos Emeralds." Footsteps are heard, slowly getting quieter. Cosmo tells Dib, "That voice... I know that voice!" Dib replies, "That must be the alien Agent Darkbooty's computer detected!" "Know I mean I think I... No, it can't be," Cosmo says to Dib, "Let's find her before she leaves! Maybe even get back the tracker!" Cosmo and Dib run out of the building.

One Hour Later

Dib and Cosmo walk into an abandoned "Bloaty's" building. They decide to sit down and talk about things. "So", Dib says, "When do you think we'll find her?" Just then, an orb falls down from the ceiling. A hologram appears from the device, showing a blue robot, "Hello." She says. Cosmo simply shakes her head. "I know what you're looking for," the robot says, "That's not why I'm here. I'm here to talk to you Cosmo." She points at her. "Meet me at the docks in two hours. Then I will reveal all that you want to know." The hologram disappears. Dib looks at Cosmo and asks, "Do you know her?" Cosmo replies, "I want to say no, then again, I think I might." They decide to take a walk to the docks and talk about something in particular... "What's your story, Cosmo?" "Well..." Cosmo starts to tell her story.

"My kind are, for the most part, peaceful." Various silhouettes of Cosmo's people are shown. "We were sending out ships to find new worlds to settle, in case of a another attack from... Them." A ship is flying towards a planet. "I was on a ship with my older sister when it happened." A blue haired girl with a flower on her head is walking down a hallway when the ship shakes. "Our enemies, the Metarex, decided to attack." Robots are scurrying around abducting people, as Cosmo and her older sister run for the escape pods. A yellow armored robot chases them and almost gets Cosmo, but her sister pushes her into an escape pod. "Go!" She yells, causing Cosmo to push a button, jettisoning the pod as she cries out in worry, "Sis!" "Then I landed on this planet..."

That is a tale for another time

"Whoa..." Dib says in awe, "Did you ever find out what happened to your sister?" Cosmo sighs, and answers with, "No, and after what I've just seen, I hope today isn't the day I find out." Dib and Cosmo have made it to the docks. They find the robot waiting for them. "I am Blue Sapling," she says, "and I am here to answer your questions!" Cosmo and Dib look a bit surprised. "Can we have the tracker back?" Dib asks first. Blue Sapling replies, "No. I can not and will not help an enemy." Cosmo then asks, "Are you with the Metarex or the SSS?" "Both. I am a Metrarex trooper on loan to Eggman," is Blue Sapling's response. "How many aliens are out there?" Dib asks. Blue Saplings tells him, "Countless. You are but a speck in the galaxy." Dib raises his fist in triumph. "*gulp* So, Blue Sapling," Cosmo says what she has been wanting to ask since she first heard Blue's voice, "Do I know you?" "Yes you do." Blue Sapling proceeds to take off her helmet revealing that she is Cosmo's older sister. "After Yellow Zelkova found me he proceeded to do a special 'surgery' on me to better integrate myself into the Metarex. I lost my emotions and dedicated myself to serving Dark Oak, who I was told not to talk for for reasons beyond my concern." Cosmo, horrified, tells her, "They brainwashed you! They took away everything you used to be!" "They cured me," Blue Sapling responds, "They made me the perfect soldier." "No," Cosmo yells, "I want my big sister back!" Cosmo generates vines from her hands, ties up her older sister, and throws her into the distance. Cosmo collapses, panting heavily. Dib tries to comfort her. "Don't worry about it. If it makes you feel any better, she dropped the tracker! You can have it if you want." Cosmo looks at him, and just nods her head.

"Status report: I have collected the object that you seek. I decided to answer some questions for my sister, until she got upset. Returning to base. Blue Sapling out."
The Final day, for now

A band is practicing in a garage. It includes a Scottish Terrier in red clothes as the frontman and lead vocalist, a chicken dressed as a greaser on bass guitar, a monkey in a white T-shirt, jeans, and a flannel jacket as the lead guitarist, a pink (male) rabbit in a blue shirt and blue shorts as the drummer, and a yellow mongoose with purple hair, earings, a black shirt, khaki shorts, and green boots and gloves does the keyboards and synthesizers. They are singing a song called, It Doesn't Matter, and they are being watched by another mongoose with shades, black hair, studded ears, a white jacket, black torn pants, and a black shirt with a frowny face. "Good job guys," he says, "especially you Mina!" The female mongoose giggles. "*cough* Boy friend compliments! *hack*" the singer says, "In all seriousness, she did do a good job." The door bell sounds. Mina goes to get it. She opens the door, and is shocked at who she sees. It's a female brown squirrel (or chipmunk) with a blue vest, boots, a white shirt, short brunette hair, black shorts, and two sheathed swords. Mina stutters out, "P-p-princess Sally Ac-c-corn?" Sally replies, "I'm here for the call." Mina then grabs her hand and runs to her garage saying, "Guys! Guys! You have to see this!" The bands' eyes widen in surprise. "Your Highness, these are the Knothole Knuts," Mina explains to Sally, "That's Lexington", she points to the Scottie, "Our lead singer. Our bassist is Sharps," she points to the chicken, "Our drummer Mach," the rabbit, "And lead guitarist Max," the monkey. "The cute mongoose over their is my boyfriend Ash," she says, causing him to blush. "Okay," Sally asks, "Why did you call the Freedom Fighters?" Mina simply says, "I thought I saw something by my house. I don't know what it is, but it looked like a person." Sally pulls out a device, and asks, "Nicole, any reports of Robian activity?" A dark brown Lynx with black hair and a purple wrap around dress appears on scree. "No, but I am detecting a big source of power. You should check this out." Sally puts Nicole back in her pocket. "Don't worry," Sally tells Mina, "I'll get to the bottom of this!"

Sally is holding Nicole's device and trying to find a robian. The device pings for a while before she enters a cave. She walks through it a bit before she deciders to sit down. Thoughts are going through her head...

5 years ago

"Mom's dead, Eli?" A younger Sally asks. An older squirrel, her brother, simply says "I don't know, Sal." Just then, an older looking squirrel in a regal uniform and crown walks in. He tells them, hopefully and worriedly, "Don't worry, it's going to be okay!" Your mother will survive! Project R can save her!" That was the last they heard about their mother..

Present day...

"Sally..." A strangely familiar voice calls out. Sally tries to look for the location of the voice, and finds a cloaked figure south robotic hands. "I am the Queen of Gears," She says. "And I have a few questions," Sally replies, "Just who are you?" "Shhh... Just give me the handheld device," The Queen of Gears says. Sally unsheathes her swords and tells her, "Over my dead body!" Sally slashes and the queen runs off, leaving behind her cloak. Sally chases after her, wanting to get some answers. She chases her out of the cave and into the light, where it becomes clear that the Queen of Gears is a Robian chipmunk with similar but older looking features to Sally, in a regal dress. Infact, she looks like she could be Sally's mother. Sally is shocked, but strangely relieved. "So, now you know, Sally." Alicia Acorn, Queen of Gears, speaks, "We will be reunited soon enough. And I won't go easy on you next time!" She walks away. "Sally," Nicole says, "I heard what she said. I'm sorry you had to hear that." "It's Okay," Sally says. She looks at the spot where her roboticized mother left. She's right, Sally thought, one way or another, we will be reunited.

"And that concludes my presentation!" Councillor Walch-Sie says with a bow. "Thank you," Gen. Prower says, "Councillor Who! What's the latest report?" A brown owl tells him, "He have received some big news. The Eggman Empire has just collected the 7 Chaos Emeralds!" What's Eggman going to do with the Chaos Emeralds? What is Project Buster? And will a certain echidna please show up already? Find out next time on... Actually we won't be doing the World Tour arc until we finish the Robotropolis arc. Oh. Really? Find out five chapters from now on, Sonic the Hedgehog: Revolution X! Coming.... Eventually.

Ending Song


Rodger Craig Smith: Sonic
Carlos Alazraqui: Rocko, Lazlo, Clam
Mr. Lawrence: Filburt
Charlie Adler: Mr. Bighead, Mrs. Bighead, Mr Dupette, Goerge Wolfe
Linda Wallem: Virginia
Mike Pollock: Eggman
Phil La Marr: Jules
E.G. Daily: Tails, Bunnie
Tom Kenny: Lumpus, Slinkman, Snively, Heffer
Jeff Bennet: Raj
Jim Cummings: Uncle Chuck
Grey Griffith: Cream, Vanilla, Cheese
Hunter: Robin Atkin Downes
Billy West: Jack
Kevin Michael Richardson: Tex, Avery
Dee Bradley Baker: Jolt, Shift
John DiMaggio: Vector, Rotor, Schnitzel
Yuri Lowenthal: Antione
Tara Strong: Charmy, Fi, Truffles
Steve Blum: Espio
Josh Keaton: Mighty
Anthony Del Rio: Ray
Sandy Fox: Saffron
Can Clarke: Cromwell, Gen. Amadeus Prower, Mach, Max
Dwight Schultz: Mr. Bratwurst, Mung, Dr. Finitevus
Mindy Sterling: Endive
Cree Summer: Nic
 Dana Snyder: Gazpacho
Charlyne Yi: Chowder
Andy Berman: Dib
Melissa Fahn: Cosmo, Gaz
Rodger Bumpass: Professor Membrane
Dorothy Elias-Fahn: Blue Sapling
Jennifer Hale: Rose
Hynden Walch: Mina, Councillor Walch-Sie
Will Friedle: Ash
Mae Whitman: Sally
Kath Soucie: Eli, Alicia
Robin Atkin Downes: King

Chapter Text

Last time, the freedom fighters answered 8 calls over the course of 3 days. The events of the calls were mostly... What's this? Eggman has the Chaos Emeralds!? Lucky for us, we won't be dealing with that for now...

Five hovercrafts, a bi-plane, and a blue streak enter a hangar hidden underneath a tree. The Freedom Fighters have returned to base. Sally is there waiting for them. "Alright, it's time to go to work!"

Opening song
Images of the Freedom Fighters flash by, then the logo appears. Sonic is running through a city. Then Eggman and Snively appear. They detect Sonic, and sen the S.S.S. after him. Sonic smashes some Alphabots, then runs away from the S.S.S. The other freedom fighters appear to help him out. They defeat their S.S.S. counterparts one by one. Sonic picks up a power ring and scales a tall building. There, he spin-dashes into a silhouetted giant robot. 7 colors spin around in a circle, before fusing with a silhouette of Sonic. More pictures flash by. The F.F poses for the logo.

Mission Briefing

Alright, today here's today's missions. We have detected some robian activity in the Alexander District, or as Eggman unimaginatively calls it, the Alpha District. Sonic, Tails, you two will go check it out, and see if anything is happening!

Chuck is over seeing the constructions of new building. Jules is there to, guarding his biological brother. "Why are we constructing a building just for Robticizers?" He asks, "Eggman has distributed the Chaos Emeralds to the Bosses, we can just wait for the Mass Roboticitizer to finish construction, then build another one!" Chuck replies, "The Mass Roboticizer requires a lot of energy, a thousand times more than a basline. Besides, this building will also serve as a monument to Eggman, and improve his PR!" He looks on as the Robians continue their work.

Sonic runs into a doctor's office. There he meets a doctor, who looks like she could be his mother. "Hey Mom," Sonic asks her, "I'm going on another mission! I could use some help before I go!" Sonic's mom says, "You'll do fine, don't worry about it." Her face changes from a smile to a look of worry, "But what if you run into... him?" Sonic's eyes widen, and he says, "Oh, right. I won't kill him. I don't even think I can kill him!" Mom's smile returns. "Just be back before sundown. I wouldn't want Mobius's greatest hero to be missed!" Sonic waves as he gets ready to leave.


Tails goes to see his parents, Gen. Amadeus Prower and Con. Rosemary Prower, at their house in Knothole. "Hey..." Tails starts to say, before his Dad interrupts him with, "Sorry, we can't talk right now, we just heard some big news!" "Uhm, I just wanted to say that I'm going on a mission to Robotropils." Rosemary puts her hand on Tails's shoulder, looks him in the eye, and says, "Okay, but whatever you do. Don't. Leave. Sonic's. Side. Ever!" Tails nods his head and goes off. Amadeus asks her, "So, what was your plan to retrieve the Chaos Emeralds again?"

Sonic and Tails are at the hangar. This is where the missions start. The door opens, and Tails flies his biplane out, with Sonic in tow and a hovercraft close by. They land near a city. It looks like several buildings were blown up and replaced by newer, mechanical ones. This was Mobotropolis, but now people call it Rocotropolis, the capital of the Eggman Empire. "Whoa," Tails says, in what can be best described as awe. He and Sonic enter through the service entrance, along with Sally and Cosmo, who also have a mission nearby. They split up, and Sonic and Tails walk towards the Alpha District. On there way there, they decide to get a bote to eat. They walk into "Brian's Bites", a no theme restaurant. "Freedom Fighters," says the owner, a pig in an apron, "I can serve you, but you better leave before the Robian arrive!" "Two chilidogs!" Sonic says, natch. A few minutes later, they are watching the news and eating the dogs. "Thank you Perch. In other news," a black cat with a white face, wearing appropriate anchorwoman clothes, a black dress with pantry hose and black heels, says, "Dr. Eggman is building a new roboticitization center! The 50th one made in Robotropolis! And to commemorate this occasion, he's putting a titanium statue of himself on top of it. That's... Great..." As she says that last bit, she seems much more reluctant. She perks back up for her signing out, "That's all the time we have now! See us at 6, when we cover the latest documentary from National Films! This is Hershey Bergman, saying: see you soon!" Sonic says, "Wow, it must be hard to be the propaganda girl." "At least we know what the Robian are doing," Tails replies. Just then, a bunch of Badniks enter the restaurant. "Sonic and Tails detected, priorities 1 and 2!" They get ready to fight when suddenly... "Hiyaaa!" A pink hedgehog in a red and white dress appears wielding a giant mallet. She smashes the Badniks with her hammer, releasing the mobini inside. "That's 30 for 30!" She says, then notices Sonic, who tells her, "Nice swinging, girl! You really did it!" "Are you... Sonic," she asks, legged shaking, "As in, the famous Feedom Fighter Sonic?" "Of course!" Tails answers for him. "I am your biggest fan!" She says, running in front of Sonic, "Can you sign my left boot?" Sonic is kinda surprised, but does it anyway. "Well, that's one more reason not to wash it!" Amy notes to herself.

"What do you mean, 'No you can't?'" The three are walking down the street. "How can I be sure you can take on a Robian?" Sonic replies, "You've only taken on badniks!" Amy tries to defend herself, until she sees the building in construction, and 5 dozen Robians building it. "Do you get it now?" Tails says, " A bunch of Badniks is nothing compared to one Robian. I see about 60, " Amy seems to get the point, and walks away. Sonic and Tails move to confront the builders.

Jules and Chuck look on as Tails flies Sonic up to where they are. "So," Chuck says, "You have arrived!" "Should I expect a speech from you, dad?" Sonic says. Jules just shakes his head. THhen, the right is on. Sonic and Jules spindash into eachother, with equal velocity. Chuck and Tails start hitting eachother with their weapons. Jules eventually manages to throw Sonic off, and Chuck hits Tails. Then the other Robians arrive and start beating up on Sonic and Tails. They are on the ropes, and if they can't defeat the adversaries, they are doomed. Just then, an alarm goes off, scaring the Robians away from the area. Sonic and look at eachother, and shrug.

After Sonic and Tails destroy the building, Amy returns, "Told you i could do it!" "Amy," Sonic says, "You saved us?" "It was easy. All I did was smash a bell with my Piko Piko hammer!" Tails replies, "You should return to Knothole with us! Once Eggman finds out what you did, you're entire family will get roboticized!" "Then let me take you guys to my place," and they run off into the distance. And so, the Freedom Fighters have managed to save an entire family. The trip to Knothole may be long and a bit boring, but you know what they say, 'It is better to be bored, than to be enslaved'.


Next Time On Sonic Revolution X:

Aliens have invaded Mobius! Well, one anyway. Thus Queen of Gears and Blue Sapling have teamed up with the Irken Zim to discover some interstellar secrets! But all is not lost! Sally and Cosmo have teamed up with three other aliens as well. That is the story for:

Chapter 3: Aliens

Ending Song


Sonic: Roger Craig Smith

Tails: E. G. Daily

Anchorman: Danielle Judovits

Jules, Brian: Phil Lamarr

Chuck: Jim Cummings

Amy: Carolyn Lawrence

Narrator: Tom Kenny, Mr. Lawrence

Chapter Text

Last time... Eggman was building a roboticitization chamber! And they couldn't have that, now could they? Sonic and Tails entered the city to put a stop to it! Along the way they met Amy Rose, a hammer wielding maiden of justice with a soft spot for the blur! Together, they brought the building down to the ground! This time, something else comes crashing down! Who could it be?

Mission Briefing

While you're doing that, I'm taking Nicole and Cosmo with me to check out a couple of crashes! The closest one is accessible from the service entrance, which is were Sonic and Tails are going.

 Opening song
Images of the Freedom Fighters flash by. the the logo appears. Sonic is running through a city. Then Eggman and Snively appear. They detect Sonic, and sen the S.S.S. after him. Sonic smashes some Alphabots, then runs away from the S.S.S. The other freedom fighters appear to help him out. They defeat their S.S.S. counterparts one by one. Sonic picks up a power ring and scales a tall building. There, he spin-dashes into a silhouetted giant robot. & colors spin around in a circle, before fusing with a silhouette of Sonic. More pictures flash by. The F.F poses for the logo.

A purple ship lies wrecked in a crater inside Robotropolis. Specifically, near the Television Tower. Blue Sapling and Alicia stand over it. "A spaceship? Well we're about to make history," Alicia notes. "Affirmative," Blue Sapling replies, "The inhabitants of this planet will be..." Just then, a hand pops out of the space craft. A green, red eyed alien rises up and screams, "Yes! We have landed! I, Zim, claim this planet for Irk!" Alicia and Blue look at him funny, "Darn it! I forgot this was an infiltration! GIR! Where are you!", "Right here!" Says a blue robot that frankly looks cobbled together. "Destroy them! Just like we destroyed the Gems!" "Out of power. Let's eat breakfast instead!" "But, they know who we are!" "Gems," Alicia says curiously, "What does he mean?" "My kind never heard of these 'Gems,' we barely know about the Irkens" Blue replies. "They are the Multi-Colored lady's with rocks on their bodies! FROM SPACE!" GIR yells out. Zim looks annoyed, then gives his his own answer, "The Gems are an interstellar race that appeared in this Sector around the time of the Old Human Empire's collapse!" "Humans," Alicia says, "I have heard that name before... Irken! Why have you come here?" "I am an Invader!" He says, grinning madly, "I was sent here by the Almighty Tallest(s) to weaken the defences for the main fleet, and conquer this world!" "Okay," Blue Sapling states, "But why this planet..."

Sally and Cosmo enter the service entrance right next to Sonic and Tails. they split up, and decide to investigate the nearest crater. Before all that however, they encounter E-Series™ Alpha robots guarding the crater. "This vessel is declared property of the Eggman Empire under Rule 89: all UFO's belong to us!" "Eggman wasn't even trying to sound legit with that one," Sally notes. She unsheathes her swords and slices a robot in half. Cosmo whips out some fines and throws the Robots away. Suddenly, a fireball blast one of the robots, melting it instantly. With the robots gone, Cosmo and Sally look towards the direction the fireball came from. They see three androgynous red clothed and skinned beings. They are also short, have Afros, and gems placed on body parts. "Take that, Metal-headed freak!" The one with the gem in the palm of... her hand says. The one the gem on the other side of her hand replies, "Heck yeah! The boss is gonna be happy once she knows about this adventure!" The one with the gem on her forehead says, "We take out one robot and instantly you're expecting a reward. Need I remind you that we're barely worth more than Pearls!" "Palm" replies, "Yeah Ruby, Ruby's right! We should focus on destroying stuff!" "Backhand" pouts. Sally and Cosmo look on confused. "Forehead" finally notices them. "Hey, natives!" Sally asks, "Who are you? What are you?" That's not important," Palm replies. "Okay!" Cosmo says, " Why are you here? " "An Irken shot us down." Sally just shrugs and goes with it. She and Cosmo to looking for the other sighting. Thus the aliens decide to follow them. "Why are they following us?" "Maybe the Irken ship also crash-landed," Sure enough, it did, as that is where the all end up. "The Irkens are our enemies," Forehead explains, "We were scouting the system when this showed up and rammed into us," Cosmo replies, "If his ship is here, then the Irken must be here! We need to find him, we don't know what he might do!" They look at the Television Tower, which gives them a big hint.

"Perch Perkins here," says an orange fish with hydrating equipment, a suit, and a microphone, "And the word on everyone's minds is Aliens!" The camera spoke out to show some people surrounding with metal building labeled: Eggman Empire Extraterrestrial Division. "I'm here at the E.3.T.D. building to talk about an alien lifeform who apparently crashed here this morning. Reports say that the alien is in this building on the second level. Also, that the window is a bit weak. Back to you Bergman!"

Sally and Cosmo enter the building through the window. They see Zim. "Foolish Natives!" He says, "You face Zim! I was sent to your planet because all others were already taken!" "That implies you leaders sent you here to be rid of you," Sally points out. "Silence! And now, after giving them in valuable information, I have teamed up with two great warriors, to defeat the obstacles that stand in my way! And I will start with you!" Alicia and Blue Sapling Jump down from the ceiling. Sally replies, "Yeah? Well we have allies of our own!" The Rubies jump though the window into the room. Thus to off to deal with Zim. Sally unsheaths her swords and Alicia parrys with her arms. Blue Sapling while with wires, while Cosmo uses her vines. Then the Aliens breathe fire on Zim! "Dah! GIR! Help me! Now!" GIR is too busy dancing. Alicia and Blue decide to retreat for now. They heroes corner Zim and GIR. "What are you going to do?" "Oh, what are you going to do?"

Zim is flying his spaceship to some hick town. "Thanks for the help Rubies!" Cosmo says. "No need," Forehead says. "Now we can go home!" Palm states. "We shall return!" Backhand says as they run-off. This has been an interesting experience! Once they return to their Homeworld, they will surely have at least 15 years of fame. Then they will return to their lives. As it should be!

Next time...

A spy? In Robot ropolis? It's much more common than you think! Antione and Bunnie Rabbot aid spy Geoffrey St. John, a member of the Rebel Underground, in his mission, should they choose to accept it! And they do! Oh oui!

Ending Song


Sally: Mae Whitman

Cosmo: Melissa Fahn

Perch Perkins: See Bradley Baker

Alicia: Kath Soucie

Blue Sapling: Dorothy Elias-Fahn

Zim: Richard Horvitz

GIR: Rosearik Rikki Simons

Narrator: Tom Kenny, Mr. Lawrence

Chapter Text

Opening song
Images of the Freedom Fighters flash by. the the logo appears. Sonic is running through a city. Then Eggman and Snively appear. They detect Sonic, and sen the S.S.S. after him. Sonic smashes some Alphabots, then runs away from the S.S.S. The other freedom fighters appear to help him out. They defeat their S.S.S. counterparts one by one. Sonic picks up a power ring and scales a tall building. There, he spin-dashes into a silhouetted giant robot. 7 colors spin around in a circle, before fusing with a silhouette of Sonic. More pictures flash by. The F.F poses for the logo.

Last Time...

Aliens had landed in Robotropolis. One alien tried to do.. something, but the other aliens stopped him.

Mission Briefing

In addition, the Rebel Underground needs some help. Antoine, Bunnie, time to go undercover. And finally, Rotor and Fiona... do some recon work. We really need it.

Wearing cloaks, Antoine and Bunnie walk with Rotor and Fiona through the main entrance and proceed to split up. Antoine and Bunnie walk into a building, The National Mobian News Network. There, they meet a receptionist, a pink bunny. She asks them, "Hello, what can I do for you?" "Where is Ol' Maxie?" Bunnie asks. "Right this way!" The receptionist leads them to a secret elevator, which takes them to the secret headquarters of the Rebel Underground, the spy network of the Exiled Mobian Government. She then takes them to Councillor Harvey Who. "So," he says, "You must be the backup." "Bonjour Monsieur Who! I am Sir Antione D'Coolette, son of Sir Armand D'Coolette, Royal General, and Marie...," Antione realizes what he's doing, "Whoops! I almost did it again! This is Bunnie Rabbot!" "Howdy." "Excellent, follow me." Who walks them through the facility. "I founded the Rebel Underground to serve as a replacement for the Secret Intelligence Division (SID) after Eggman's takeover. I got as many of my agents and staff members as I could, because darn it, I wasn't about to let some dictator take control of my agency. Anyway, enough about me and the Underground," he takes them to a computer, which displays an image of a skunk with blue eyes. "This is Agent Stench," Who explains, "My best agent. His current mission is one of vital importance. But I haven't heard from him in a while." "Let me guess," Bunnie replies, that is were we come in?" "Exactly! I want you to locate him and make sure he is okay." "Are you sure about th..." Bunnie interrupts Antoine to say, "We're on it!" "Excellent! That door over there will take you to the alley!" They proceed to do just that.

"Bunnie, mon dieu! Are you crazy!" Bunnie and Antoine walk out the back door to the base. "Relax, Twan!" Bunnie replies, " It'll be a piece of cake! Besides," she leans closer to Antoine and looks at him lovingly, "You can impress me by showing how good you are at that sword and gun!" Antoine "blushes", and chuckles nervously. They walk out of the alley and move towards Eggbase a.k.a Castle Acorn. Before they can begin their search, two familiar figures get the drop on them, Hunter and Cromwell! With them is a figure dressed in black. "Well, if it isn't the coyote who ruined my day!" "Easy, Cromwell," Hunter interrupts, "You don't want to lose again!" Antoine asks, "So, who is the GEHHH!" The figure shocks him with a device from his wrist, and answers with, "Call me Agent X." Antoine falls to the ground, paralyzed. Bunnie gets ready to fight, but get paralyzed in the same way.

When Antoine and Bunnie wake up in a dark room. A light turns on and spotlights Agent X, with the overlanders at his sides. "Now," He says, "Who is Agent Hunter?" Antoine and Bunnie look confused. "What do you mean?" Antione asks. "What's identity?" Bunnie replies, "We don't know!" and gets shocked with Antoine as X says, "Wrong answer." The overlanders leave. Agent X pushes a button, and leaves as well. A door opens. Bunnie and Antoine look at each other, and sneak away silently.

On their way out, Agent X intercepts them, saying "I have one more question to ask you," Antoine and Bunnie get ready for a fight, but Agent X takes off his helmet, "Did you know that I'm Agent Stench?" Sure enough, it's the face of the secret agent skunk they were looking for. "Your voice... Geoffrey St. John I presume?" Antoine replies. Hunter tells him, "Come on, mate, you din't recognize my face?" "Y'all know each other?" Bunnie asks her partner. "École militaire," Antoine explains. "That's Military school in mercian!" Geoffrey adds, "Well as you could probably guess, this was a setup. I'm a double Agent, I get info on Eggman's double agents, and I needed an excuse to bug out. We'll just say that you beat me up and dragged me back to base!" Geoffrey puts his helmet back on, lays down, and the Freedom Fighters pick him up.

One trip to SID headquarters later...

"Good job!" Who congratulates Geoffrey for the obvious, "Now all the Double Agents are safely incarcerated!" "Not only that, I also got information on Project Buster!"


Rotor and Fiona wander around, looking for any new information. Rotor is talking to Fiona, asking her, "This must be a slow day today, because I'm pretty sure we surveyed the entirety of Robotropolis twice already!" Fiona remains silent, and states at something. Rotor looks in her direction, and sees Nic. "Oh," Rotor says, "Her. What is your beef with her anyways?" Fiona decides to tell her story.

A long time ago, 3 years at least, me and Nic were... Partners. Friends even. We did everything together. Stealing, fighting, treasure hunting, bounty hunting, you name it. We were an unstoppable pair, and we must have made a million Mobiums! I mean seriously, think of the mon... "Fi!" Sorry. Anyways, we just got a job offer from some guy in a suit...


Nic walks into a building and says to Dr. Finitevus, "I can't believe we spent all day searching for something we already have! I mean, does Egghead even pay attention who gets what!?" The Dr. is not listening. He is to busy looking at a file on Fiona. "So," he asks her, "Something happened between you and her..." "How did you... Why are you looking at that file?" "Curiosity! Now, tell me child, what was the incident that occurred between you two?" Nic sighs and gives her side of the story.

Me and Fi weren't your ordinary treasure hunters. We were also bounty hunters and underground fighters. It wasn't exactly legal, but it made us money! We were the best of friends back then... Until that day. This guy, I think he was wearing a suit, came to our office, and offered us a special job...

A blue hawk in a suit walks into their "office". Fiona has a different hair cut, and is wearing an orange and white leotard and similarly colored sneakers, Nic has on the following brown colored clothes, a belt, shorts, boots, a tank top, and a hat. "You must be the Dirty Duo!" The sharp dressed hawk states. "What are you here for?" Nice asks, "Anyone you want dead? Or alive?" The sharp dressed hawk answers back, "Actually, I'm here for your bounty hunting skills!" "What do you want us to get?" The sharp dressed hawk pulls out a scroll, which unfolds to reveal a picture of a sword. "The Sword of the Ancients!"

Time for backstory!

The Ancients were a semi-legendary race of precursors. Most archaeologists call them The First Great Civilization. According to myth, they came from the sky and settled the world before even the Mobosaurs, and attempted to suck the very life from the world. One of their own, usually called "The Queen", formed a rebellion and saved the planet, at the cost of their civilization. It is said that The Queen still protects life to this day, with the help of "The Renegade" and "The Lover".

"An Ancient Artifact!?" Nic and Fi are shocked and amazed that some hawk in a suit desires something like that. "We'll take it!" The Hawk smiles, "Alright, I'll lead you to the resting place!"

The group arrives at a crystalline facility of some kind, The Ruins of Mineralis. "This is where it's buried?" The hawk nods his head. "Let's do this!" Fi and Nic walk into the facility. The Hawk walks away, and a peculiar shadow follows them inside. Fi and Nic wander the Ruins, coming across mostly crystal walls. After a while, they start talking, "So, what do we do after this?" "I don't know, maybe head down to the arena and duel out?" They remain completely unaware of the shadow looming over their head until its too late, that's when she get the drop on them. After falling on their faces, they get back up to see who it is. She is a White bat with real eyes, and a dark purple outfit. "Sorry girls," she says, "But I'm afraid the treasure belongs to me!" Fi asks, "Who the pit are you to tell us off!" Nic adds, "Yeah, we're the Dirty Duo, two of the best bounty hunters in this area!" The bat states at them, then laughs. "You really have no idea who you're dealing with..." She does a flamboyant pose, and explains, "I am Rouge, the best treasure hunter in the entire world! And I'm not going to let some two bit bounty hunters collect a beautiful weapon instead of me!" She then runs off, with Fi and Nic in pursuit. They reach a chamber, and inside, they see a rose colored sword stabbed into a marble pedestal, ripe for the taking. Rouge thinks for a little bit, and says, "Okay, since you're so persistent, how about a truce? We search for any booby traps, deactivate them, then we fight over who gets the sword!" "I've got a better idea," Nic says. She then jumps to the sword and grabs the hilt, "I take the sword, beat you with it, then me and Fi give it to our client and pat ourselves on the back over a job well done!"

Nic, like a dunderhead, then proceeded to pull the sword from the pedestal and prove Rouge right.

The pedestal, now sans sword, emits a pink light. This illuminates the room, and also causes the crystal walls to crack. Fi glares at Nic, who simply gulps and shrugs sheepishly.

If that didn't make me feel like a fool, what happened next did.

Rouge kicks the The Sword of the Ancients out of Nic's hands and grabs it, saying, "Fine then. Have it your way!" before running off. Nic and Fiona hurry to reach the exit, only for Fi to get pinned down by a big crystal shard. Fi looks at Nic, who is ahead of her.

She then proceeded to do the most selfish, cowardly act I have ever laid witness to.

I don't know what was going through my head, but I lived to regret it.

Nic runs away, leaving Fi behind to die. "Don't leave me behind Nic! Nic!" The facility then collapses in on itself. Nic, who made it out on time, if horrified at what she just did. "Fi!" She runs back to the ruins digging through the shards. Miraculously, she finds Fi still alive, if unconscious, and patches up her bleeding wounds, after making sure she wasn't infected of course. That night, when Nic finishes setting up camp, Fi comes to. She walks to Nic, who gasps and exclaims, "Fi, you've woken up! Oh, I was so worried about you!" than places her hand on Fi's shoulder. Fiona glares at her, and tells her in a calm voice, "Get you filthy hand off me, you Gaia forsaken coward!" "Fi, I know what I did was selfish, but..." "But, what, Nicolette? You didn't mean to leave me to die in the collapsing ruins? Ruins that wouldn't have been collapsing if you hadn't been so reckless?" "Fi, please, I'm sorry..." "Sorry? You abandoned me to save you own skin, and you expect me to forgive you? These are the final words I will ever say to you, the Dirty Duo is dead! And it's all on your hands!" With that, Fiona runs away from her former friend and partner.

"I packed my stuff, left the office, got myself a new look, and started going by my full name. You probably know the rest by this point," Fiona finishes her story. Rotor puts his hands on her shoulders and says, "Fiona, I'm so sorry that you went through something like that." He then gives her a hug. Fiona then says, "You're not my dad Rotor, I'm completely over it." Rotor notices her pouting, and thinks to himself that maybe she hasn't gotten over it as she's willing to admit. "It's time to go! The general's visiting today!"

"By the time I got back to the office, it was to late. I gave the client a refund and went back to bounty hunting. Unfortunately, the competition got better at the job, drying up my clients. That's when I came here." Nic finishes her side of the story. Finitevus simply smirks, and tells her, "Everyone for themselves. It's an absolute, if a tad cliche!" Nic didn't pay him attention. While reciting her tale, she started to realize something: Joining the opposite side of her former friend had done little to patch up their relationship. She then wondered if it was worth it all.

Back at the base...

Sirens are going off, and personnel are running around in a combination of confusion and fear. General Prower, who had recently arrived looks on. "What in the name of the Light is going on here?" "Don't ask us, sir!" Rotor says, "Me and Fi just got here!" Just then, Sonic jumps in front of them, and the other Freedom Fighters back him up. A red Echidna wearing a white shirt and shorts, as well as barbed gloves and red shoes, glides and lands in front of them, stating, "I'm going to ask you one last time, where are the Chaos Emeralds!?" Sonic replies, "I keep telling you Knuckles, we don't have them!" "The more you deny it, the less I..." General Prower throws a folder in Knuckles's face. "Let's discuss this in the briefing room."

In the briefing room, a projector puts on a slideshow. Slide one shows Ed Bighead holding a blue Chaos Emerald, scowling as if he was upset he had to give it up. Slide two shows Scoutmaster Lumpus presenting the green Chaos Emerald while grinning like a madman. Slide three is a yellow Emerald in a desert, slide four a turquoise one in a jewel shop, slide five is a red one lodged into a chalice, which causes Fiona to facepalm, slide six a purple one on a roof, and seven a white one in a cave. "Eggman has sent the Chaos Emeralds to seven of his governors," General Prower says, "So we're sending you to each of them, to steal them back!" "I'm coming with!" Knuckles replies, "Egghead will learn not to make a fool of the Guardian of the Emeralds!" The freedom fighters board a special craft, designed too work in both the sky and the sea. "Have a nice trip!" General Prower says, and then the craft takes off!

Meanwhile, at the Eggbase...

"And I tricked the Guardian into seeking them, and attacking them!" Eggman explain his plans to the Suppression Squad. "With the Freedom Fighters distracted, Project Buster can be completed without any opposition! Then we unleash..." "Not so fast!" An armored figure appears out of nowhere, vaguely looking like a goat. "Who are you?" Eggman asks. "Dark Legionnaire Dusk," she explains, "We've been monitoring your universe for a little bit, and we know a thing or two that you don't." "Like what?" Snively asks. "Well, for starters, they know about Project Buster and are likely to retaliate!" Everyone in the room looks out the window to see the craft fly off. "Suppression Squad, new plan! Follow that Sub-Plane, and make sure that don't win!" With that, the S.S., plus Dusk, get onto a Sea-Plane of their own, and fly off, in pursuit of the F.F. Sinvely and Eggman stay behind. "Should I make calls, Uncle Ivo?" "We should probably do that... Let's try Triton first! He's the closest to Robotropolis!"

We have finally made it to the World Tour Arc!  And we're heading to the whole reason this fic was made! Bikini Bottom! Where everybody's favorite sponge is now a Freedom Fighter! Fighting against the Iron Fists of Prince-Regent Triton and Majordomo Plankton! A massive amount of citizens are going to be roboticized! Can the Freedom Fighters rescue them? That is the story of:

Sonic Revolution X: Undersea Antics!

Are you ready Freedom Fighters?

"I'm ready!"

Ending Song


Sonic: Rodger Criag Smith

Fiona: Tara Strong

Rotor: John Dimaggio

Dr Finitevus: Dwight Schultz

Nic: Cree Summer

Knuckles: Phil LaMarr

General Amadeus Prower: Cam Clarke

Eggman: Mike Pollock

Dusk: Maryke Hendrikse

Yuri Lowenthal: Antione

E.G. Daily: Bunnie

Maurice La Marche: Who

Dee Bradley Baker: Geoffrey St. John

Robin Atkin Downes: Hunter

Can Clarke: Cromwell

Snively, French Narrator, Spongebob: Tom Kenny

Action Narrator: Mr. Lawrence

Chapter Text

Ah, Bikini Bottom. How I missed your splendour. Even in the throws of a technocratic dictatorship, you prove to be a diamond in the dust...  Only about a year prior these events, Prince Triton staged a coup against the Kingdom of Bikini Bottom. He officially placed his father, King Neptune X, under house arrest, unofficially banished him to the Zone of Silence, declared himself regent, and installed a technocratic government. A few weeks later, the Technological Bikini Bottom Kingdom had joined the Technocratic Union of Mechanized States; better known as: The Eggman Empire!  Last time: secrets were revealed about the past of Nic and Fiona. Then Knuckles, Guardian of the Emeralds, attacked, only to realize that he'd been duped! Then another new face entered the scene, Dusk! With new members, both sides began a world tour to battle for the Chaos Emeralds, and that is where this tale begins!

"Triton! Come in Triton!"

"I'm here, man."

"This is Dr. Robotnik, or Eggman, if you prefer."

"Another report, man? Whatever..."

"You clearly know the drill! Okay, first we start with..."

"Crime report, man. It's been going up since we put a ban on non state funded media. Plankton's placed an arrest warrant on, like, 50 guys. We're going to make an example of them the best why we know how!"

"Ah, yes, I look forward to it! If you're televising it, I'll be watching it live. How is the Chaos Emerald treating you?"

"Man, this Project Buster was a great idea! The Emerald provides us with, like, infinite energy, and we can control the currents now!"

"The Blue Emerald controls water, of course! Anyway, how goes the search for Atlantis?"

"Nothing new, man. All we have is that one fragment of the Amulet."

"Well, good luck with that! Anyways, I have to go! I need to plan the invasion of a small beach-side town in the United Federation! If everything goes to plan, they won't know what hit them! That Ancient technology will soon be in our grasp!"

Intro: Sonic Drive

Images of the Freedom Fighters flash by. Then the logo appears. Sonic is running through a city. Then Eggman and Snively appear. They detect Sonic, and sends the S.S. after him. Sonic smashes some Alphabots, then runs away from the S.S.S. The other freedom fighters appear to help him out. They defeat their S.S. counterparts one by one. Sonic picks up a power ring and scales a tall building. There, he spin-dashes into a silhouetted giant robot. 7 colors spin around in a circle, before fusing with a silhouette of Sonic. More pictures flash by. The F.F poses for the logo.

"Hey! Let go of me!"

A blonde sperm whale is being dragged away by cops wearing uniforms. They drag her in front of a house shaped like a giant anchor and knock on the door. A red crab answers, "Why hello... Pearl!? What in the name of Davy Jones' Locker is going on here!?"

"Eugene H. Krabs, Is this your daughter?" The police officer who said that waits patiently for an answer. "Yes, but why did you drag her here to my..."

"We found her watching Krabby the Klown's Komedy Klassics!" "Krabby the Klown!? Pearl, that's a foreign production! That's not approved by the state!"

"Yes, and because she's a minor, you know what that means..." Mr Krabs grumbles as he pulls out some money, then says "Here's your 50 sand dollar fine!"

The officer is happy, then walks away. "Pearl, this is the third time this month that you've been arrested,"

Pearl, the whale, tries to explain herself, "Daddy, it's not my fault! My friends wanted to watch some funny shows and..."

"It doesn't matter whose fault it is! The point is, I'm not going to bail you out for much longer. Once your eighteenth birthday hits, you're on your own as far as the law is concerned. Besides, bailing you out is expensive! Me money is slipping from me grasp!"

"Daddy, I know you mean well, but it's not fair!"

"You don't need to like it, Pearl! Just act like you don't have a problem, and you you'll be fine! And soon, you won't even have to worry about it!" They then walk into the house.

"Flounder to Sebastian, come in Sebastian!"

"Sebastian to Flounder, we are detecting your Sub-Plane, over."

"Sebastian to Flounder, requesting permission to dock, over."

"Permission granted! Sebastian out. See you soon!"

The Sub-Plane lands in a cliff side in some dark depth of the ocean. The Freedom Fighters, including Knuckles, walk out wearing special suits that allow them to breathe and walk underwater. They are met by a puffer-fish, who tells them, "Hello! You must be the Knothole Freedom Fighters! Who's the red man?"

"I am Knuckles, Guardian of the Emeralds!"

"Oh, so you're here to help us! Great! Now I'll take you to Larry but first, a tour!"

She motions the F.F. to follow her as she walks them through the base. "Our base's location is top secret, that glimpse you got when you landed is all you're getting!"

She then shows them a computer, "We use this to decode..."

"Thanks for the tour," Sonic interrupts, "But we're here to get the Chaos Emeralds. The longer we wait, the longer it remains in Eggman's hands."

The puffer fish replies, sheepishly, "Oh, right! My mistake!"

She then takes them to a buff Lobster bench pressing in his free time. "Larry! The Knothole Freedom Fighters are here to see you!"

Larry stands up and stop excising. "So, I take it you're here for the Chaos Emerald."

"Yeah," Sonic replied, "That's exactly why we're here!"

"Great! But before we try and retrieve it, you have to help us with our plans."

Sally tips her head to one side, and asks, "What plans?"

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves little lady. I'd like to introduce you to my field operatives first!"

Larry presses a button that blows a whistle, which summons three members of the Rock Bottom Freedom Fighters. One is a yellow sponge wearing square pants, the other is a pink starfish in green, purple flower print pants, and the third is a squirrel wearing a similar suit to the ones the Knothole group is wearing. Larry introduces the group, "The yellow one is Spongebob Squarepants. He was the most enthusiastic about joining us."

"Hiya friends," Spongebob says his fellow freedom fighters, "It's nice to meet you!"

Sonic decides to introduce himself, "My name's Maurice Parlouzer, but you can call me Sonic! It sounds cooler!"

"Oh I know who you are," Spongebob shakes Sonic's hand gleefully, "I'm you're biggest fan! I'll do anything you say!"



"...Would you jump off a cliff?"

"How far, and when?"

"It was a hypothetical question! I would never do that..."

Tails then steps up, "My name's Tails. You can say I'm Sonic's sidekick."

Spongebob replies, "Wow, I've never seen a Fox with two Tails before!"

"Well I've never seen a sponge with square pants before!"

Knuckles then decides that it's his turn, "You can call me Knuckles. I am the Guardian of the Emeralds. My people have chosen me to protect the Chaos Emeralds, and the Master Emerald."

Spongebob shakes his hand, and asks, "The Master Emerald? What's that?"

"Yeah," Sally replies, "You never told us there were any other Emeralds."

"Look, I don't trust you enough to talk about stuff like that!" Knuckles replies angrily, "But, if you must know, it's a big gem that keeps my home in the sky floating. That's all you need to know!"

"I hate to interrupt," Larry says, hoping to prevent a shouting match, "But I should really introduce you to my other field agents! The Starfish is Patrick Star. He's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he is one of the strongest men I have ever met, and I'm a professional body builder!"

"Hello!" Patrick says, "I'm sure we'll get along great!"

Sally steps up, and introduces herself, "My name is Sally Acorn, princess of Mobius. This is NICOLE," she pulls out NICOLE's handheld.

"Oh no! She's trapped in that computer! Don't worry Nicole, I'll save you!"

"No wait," NICOLE explains as Patrick tries to smash her handheld, "I am the computer!"

"Really?" Patrick says in astonishment, "No way!" He gives the handheld back to Sally. "Sorry, I didn't know!"

Cosmo then walks up to Patrick, and says, "I am Cosmo, I come from a planet far away!"

"You know, I actually met some aliens."



It's Fiona's turn, who tells Patrick, "Fiona. You don't get to call me Fi unless you can prove to me that you won't betray me!"

"I can live with that!"

"Well," Larry states, "That was unexpected. On an unrelated note, this last agent is Sandy Cheeks! She has a degree in Computer Science and has a Black Belt in karate!"

"Howdy Y'all!" Says Sandy, "Who's ready to kick butt!"

"Say," says Bunny, "You wouldn't happen to be related to William Cheeks, would ya?"

"Uncle Bill? He's alright?"

"He runs a restaurant in Robotropolis. The best Tej-Azt food I've ever had!"

"Bonjour Mademoiselle," Antoine begins his introduction, "I am Antoine D'Coolette! Son of Royal General... there's no time for that! We should probably focus on the tasks at hand!"

"Nice to meet you," Rotor gives the last introduction, "The name's Rotor. Hopefully that degree and Black Belt will come in handy!"

"Alright!" Larry exclaims, "Now we can begin the Briefing!"

One trip to the briefing room later

"One of our spies has reported that the Royal Government is planning to roboticize 50 prisoners sometime tomorrow! That was all we managed to get, before communications were terminated. We expected the worst, until we found a distress signal somewhere in The Kraken, the prison where they keep their Roboticizers."

"Yeah, I can see where this is going, either you want us to save the spy, or the prisoners."

"I want you to do both! I will be splitting you up into three teams of four. Team one will search for the spy. Team two will hack into the computer controlling the facility and shut off power to the Roboticizer room. Team three gets to rescue the prisoners. This is how you will be getting into The Kraken...


"Well, well, well!" The Suppression Squad is wearing similar outfits to the ones worn by the Freedom Fighters, with the notable exceptions of the Robians and Dusk. "It's good to see that the Boss has given us protection." A single eyed green plankton is sitting in a tiny chair, addressing his larger guests, "Three Freedom Fighters is more than enough trouble! I can only imagine how bad twelve can be. But now that we have even odds, we can crush them! They will soon know to fear the name of Plankton, Majordomo of Triton himself! *huhahahahahaha, HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!* *ahem* Before I start giving you your assignments, you should get to know the team... That's yur cue!"

A large, buff army green fish with a unibrow, brown hair, and spiky teeth walks into the Room. "They call him, The Tattletale Strangler! One of Bikini Bottom's most prolific murderers, arsonists, thieves, loiterers, and liter bugs! I got him to join by pardoning him from prison."

"I couldn't kill the guy who turned me in last time," The Strangler says, "But he's on the other side, and you know what that means!"

Jules replies, "He's too kill happy. He might slow us down in the mission."

"But Jules," Chuck replies, "his muscles could come in handy"

"Strength can be both a weakness and a valuable skill. It's too soon to write him off just like that."

After that, a tall man wearing a blue manta ray shaped helmet walks into the room. "This is Man Ray, formerly the archenemy of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy (second only to The Dirty Bubble), and now the most intelligent of my minions!"

"Minions!?" Man Ray angrily replies, "Plankton, I told you never to call me that!"

"Possible arrogance, better take note," Alicia takes notice of Man Ray.

"Impressive physique," Blue Sapling also takes notice of Man Ray.

Nic is just scratching her head, "What is this, some sort of supervillian?"

Finally, a fish with a muscular physique and light olive-green skin walks in. He is wearing a black cowboy hat, red bandanna covering his mouth, a skull belt, sunglasses, a knife necklace around his neck, leather black pants, light gray shoulder pads, and a black ripped up vest, and black biker boots on his feet, which have gray, metal spikes hidden underneath. "Dennis, one of the best hit-men in the business!"

Dennis simply says three words, "We're working together?"

"Now I believe this man," Finitevus says, "May just be the brawn to my brains!"

"Of course we're working together, whether you like it or not!" Cromwell replies to his query.

Hunter simply says, "Now that everyone is introduced, it's time for the mission to begin!"

"Right you are!" Plankton assigns them into teams, then briefs them on their missions, "Team one will wait in this location and spring a trap on our Freedom Fighter adversaries. Team two will oversee security at the Chaos Emerald's new hiding place! Team three will be my bodyguard for the roboticization! Remember this, if all else fails, protect the Chaos Emerald, understood?" The Suppression Squad nods their heads. "Excellent!" as they all leave, Plankton says to Dr. Finitevus, "Thanks for your help on my latest invention, I can't wait to show it off!"

"You will go to Krusty Towers, and spend the night there!"

The Freedom Fighters, disguising themselves with robes. They order three rooms for four, and go into them. While in their room for the night, Spongebob looks down on the floor. "You look sad," Tails notes, "What's wrong?"

Spongebob sighs, and replies, "Well, there's no point in keeping it a secret. This hotel, Krusty Towers, was founded by Mr. Krabs, my old boss! I worked as a fire cook at his restaurant, the Krusty Krab."

"Yeah," Sonic replies, "So what?"

"Back then, there was a rival restaurant across the street, called the Chum Bucket."

Knuckles raises his eyebrow, "And?"

"The owner of that place was... Plankton!"

"The guy who helped take over?"

"Exactly! Once it was all said and done, Mr. Krabs partnered with him to found this!"

"No way..." Tails replies, "Sorry to hear about that."

"When I heard the news I started to lose hope. But that doesn't matter now! What matters is that we free the prisoners get the Chaos Emerald and stop the Eggman Empire!"

Sonic says, "Now that's what I'm talking about!"

"There are three Robians who will be performing an inspection. Steal their vehicle, and drive it to the Kraken!"

The door is thrown open. Three Robians enter the lobby. The Freedom Fighters see this, and prepare to sneak out of the building. Suddenly, Mr. Krabs, in a suit, bursts out of his office.

"IT'S INSPECTION TIME!" he looks at the Robians and walks over to them, stating, "So, you want me to show you around this place? I can show you the pool, I'm sure you're goo proof..." As he's saying that, the Freedom Fighters sneak out the front door, and enter the submarine bus that the Robians used. Sandy proceeds to hot-wire it, sending them on their way. "So, how's that public transport coming?"

"Once you've driven there, the rest is up to you!"

The Sub bus is driving to The Kraken, a big prison that looks like an actual kraken. The bus parks inside the building, and the Freedom Fighters walk out of the bud. The then split up into the three teams that Larry said they should split into: Sandy, Antoine, Bunnie, and Rotor are Team One, Patrick, Sally, Cosmo, and Fiona are Team Two, while Spongebob, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are Team Three. They split up, and head off to do their duties.

A few minutes later

"So, how long have you been in the Squad?" The Strangler is trying to make "small talk with his temporary teammates.

"10 years, I'm a founding member," Jules replies.

Chuck adds, "Me too."

"I'm not really a member," Dusk explains, "I'm more like a mercenary."

"Really," The strangler asks, "Then who do you work for?"

"Well, I can't really say..." Team Three is listening to them through the air vents. Sonic and Tails figure that Dusk must have joined recently, since neither of them can remember her before.

Tails then asks Knuckles, "Do you think you know who she is?"

Knuckles asks, "Why are you asking me? I don't have a clue!"

"Sorry, she just... seemed like your kind, I guess."

"You think she might be an echidna?"

"We can talk about where she came from later," Sonic interrupts, "Right now, It's time to fight!"

They drop below to engage the enemy. They are startled for a little bit, but they get right back up.

"Well, well, well..." The Strangler says, "It's the Sponge who ratted me out. I look forward to strangling you!"

Spongebob merely replies, "You say that every time we meet up during missions."

"I know, but this time, I am going to strangle you."

"You said that last time!"

"Yeah, but... I... Oh, just attack them already!" The Suppression Squad's Team Three moves in to attack. Jules, Chuck, and Dusk use energy weapons, Knuckles uses his Knuckles, Sonic and Tails uses all sorts of moves, and Spongebob uses "karate". It's an all out brawl, and take a while to resolve. The Suppression Squad then tactically retreats, to warn their boss.

"Guys, I'll take it from here," Sonic says, "Stay close behind in case I need back-up."

"No wait, TAKE ME WITH YOU!" Sonic looks aver at Spongebob, who explains himself, "My mom and dad were arrested two days ago! They got to be in that group! Please, let me rescue them!"

"Ok, but try not to complain about the speed!" Sonic grabs the hand of Spongebob and runs away, chasing the Squaddies.

"Hello, Tails?" Fiona is talking into a suit communicator, "We're here, you?"

Tails replies, "We nearly beat up the Eggman agents on our tail. Sonic and Spongebob went ahead to the Roboticization room."

"Great!" Fiona turns off her communicator. Sally looks at Nicole's handheld. She then puts it into a computer console, and Nicole's hologram appears.

"Alright, once I get in, i just need to find the, and I'll turn off the power! Here goes nothing!"

"Okay," Rotor looks at his tracker. A blue dot is coming closer to a red dot on his position. "We're getting close." The red dot is now on top of him. "Here!"

"Eh..." The freedom fighters look around, and Antoine is confused. "Were is the mole?"

"Yeah," Sandy starts thinking, "it's almost as if... OH NO! IT'S A TRAP!"

"That's right!" Dr. Finitevus, Dennis, Hunter, and Lord Cromwell walk into the area, "Rule number one of guerrilla warfare, always anticipate a trap!"

"Well," Dennis take notice of Sandy, "We meet again!"

"I'm sorry, but why do you keep going after me?" Sandy actually looks in Dennis's eyes as she says this, "I've never even met you until the takeover."

"Plankton hired me to take you out. He said that only my raw strength could match your skills!"

"I don't know whether to be flattered, or terrified... But I do know how to kick your butt!" Sandy then gets into an attack pose, as do the other freedom fighters, while the Squaddies move to attack them.

There is a room in the Kraken. In it are 50 Mobians, waiting to be turned into robots. Two of them, a sponge with a mustache, and a female sponge, look around in confusion.

"Aren't there supposed to be Roboticizers?"

"Maybe they're doing something different." As soon as she said that, a hologram appears. The hologram depicts a merman dressed like a hippie.

"Hello my subjects," He says, sounding like a hippie, "As you all know, crime is lame. But people keep doing crimes, man! It's frustrating. That's why we have Roboticizers, if they can't join us, make them! And to help you with the rest of this historic event, I give you... Majordomo Plankton!"
Plankton enters the room on a flying saucer like device, and does his own speech, "Thank you Prince Triton you're too kind! Citizens of Bikini Bottom, lend me your audio sensor organs! Yesterday, I finished work on something that will allow me to..." An explosion is heard, and the Team Three Squaddies come crashing onto a platform close to where Plankton is. "Huh?"

"Alright Plankton," Spongebob and Sonic enter the room, "Free my parents, or Sonic here will show you why he's priority one!" Plankton stares at them for a few seconds, then laughs.

"You came all this way, without realizing you were doomed to failure!" The doors leading to the room. a semi-sphere pane of glass then swivels shut, cutting off the center of the room, and the prisoners, from Spongebob and Sonic. "As I was saying, I finished work on something that will allow me to roboticize dozens of Mobians at once! That's right, I have created a Mass Roboticizer!" A pole rises up from the center of the room, looking identical to the one seen at Marzipan. "Once It finishes charging, I will have fifty brand new minions to do our bidding, and you will be their first target!" The Mass Roboticizer powers on, and begins charging.

Sonic scoffs, and retorts, "Do you really think I came into the Prison alone? There's twelve of us in total, and while you're busy bragging, four of our buddies are in you computer, turning off your power!"

Nicole materializes inside the Computer system. It looks like the room, but with folders flying around. Nicole grabs one of them, opening it, and finding the power control. She notices the option labeled "Roboticizer Room: On/Off." She smirks, "Too easy!" Then attempts to switch it to off.

"Unable to turn off power."

"Oh no, please don't tell me it's password protected."

"No, it's just that I won't let you."

"What!?" The room landscape disappears, and is replaced with a pitch black area. A green line materializes, and speaks to Nicole, vibrating as it, or rather she, does so.

"Just who do you think you are, Nicole? Did you really expect to just waltz on in here and free the prisoners?"

"Who are you," Nicole back away in shock, "And how do you know my name?"

"I'm Karen, we both share an origin: Project Mega Drive!"

"Project Mega Drive? But that's..."

"Oh, search your CPU, you know I'm right! And since I was a part of Phase III, that make me more powerful than you!" Digital chains bound Nicole, and raise her up to Karen's level. "Still, you do have advantages over me... I think I'll reprogram you! Oh, and don't worry about about about your friends, I'm already taking care of that!"

Meanwhile, in the "real world".

"Lock down has been activated!" The door to the room shuts tight, trapping the Freedom Fighters in there.

"What the... Nicole!" sally tries talking to Nicole, but to no avail. "Darn it, she must have been trapped by some program!"

"But, Aunt Sally," Cosmo starts to panic, "What are we going to do?" Patrick pick up the computer chair and points at the computer.

"Okay computer, let us out of here, or you get the chair!" He gets no response, "Okay then, have it your way!" Patrick then starts beating the desk with the chair. He continues it for about a minute, then punches the desk in frustration. It then opens up, depositing a blueish gray octopus in a brown shirt onto the floor. "Hey, Squidward, it's you!" Squidward, obviously the Octopus, then sees the other freedom fighters, and screams in panic.

The Mass Roboticizer continues to charge, with no indication of stopping. Sonic then taps his foot in impatience.

"There's no use in waiting," Plankton explains, "My ace-in-the-hole will make sure of that!" The Mass Roboticizer then goes off, leaing Sonic and Spongebob in shock.

"Mom, Dad! NO!" The glass opens up, revealing the fifty Robians. Plankton pulls out a head set and puts it on.

"Hedgehog and Sponge, priorities one and nine, seize them!"

The Following is a brief mythology break...

In the time before the fall of the Mobosaurs and the rise of the Echidnas, there was the First Great Civilization. These "Ancients", as they came to be called, came to Gaia to settle it, and suck it dry of all nutrients. The Four Adamant Empresses sent their youngest member to oversee it's development, and to prove her worth. She created mighty warriors to fight in the name of the Ancients. But no one could predict the coming of The Paragon. No one remembers were she came from. Some say she was one of the warriors of Gaia. Others say she came from the homeworld. Still other say she was the Young Adamant Empress herself and that her fate later in the tale was a fabrication, but that's neither here nor there. What is known, is that the Queen grew to love life. And she wasn't going to let it wither away and die. This was the birth of the rebellion.

We hope you've enjoyed this brief mythology break...

"All hail Triton! All hail Triton!"

The Robians chant on as they corner Spongebob and Sonic. "Once the good Doctor Eggman sees that I've Roboticized Sonic The Hedgehog," Plankton gloats, "I'll be getting an award!"

"Yeah, like some random goon's going to Roboticize me!" Sonic scoffs.

"Random goon? I'm one of the top dogs in this Empire! I report only to Triton and Eggman themselves! I built the Mass Roboticizer!" Plankton clams down, and says, "You know what, I shouldn't get mad. After soon he'll be on our side!"

Spongebob says, "Well, this is it. We failed to save the prisoners, our friends are in Neptune know's what kind of peril, AND THERE'S NO WAY OUT!"

"No way out?" Sonic responds to Spongebob with, "Don't you know anything about me? I never give up! There's always a way out."

Sonic grabs the hand of Spongebob and runs really fast, then spin dashes through one of the doors.

"Wow," Plankton says in utter disbelief, "I really should have taken his speed into the equation... Wait a second, what are you tin cans doing just standing there? They're getting away!"

The Robians start to chase down the hedgehog and sponge. Plankton then turns to the four downed members of the Suppression Squad. They pull them selves off the ground. "I still don't know how they managed to beat you, but that doesn't matter. If my hunch is correct, then their next objective is to try and take the Blue Chaos Emerald! Head to the location, and await further instructions!" Jules, Chuck, and Dusk run off. The Tattletale Strangler tries to follow them.

"Except for you, Strangler. You failed me three times this month. You know what that means!" The Strangler pulls out a broom and begins sweeping the floor.

"It's times like this that make me miss prison."

"Oh, shut up! At least you're not being Roboticized!"

Sonic and Spongebob manage to lose the Robians, eventually running into Knuckles and Tails.

"Sonic? How did it go?"

Sonic looks at Tails nervously. Spongebob says it for him, "We tried, but Plankton succeeded in turning them into robots!"

"What!? But how? Even if Sally failed to shut the power, there's no way they could have roboticized them all in such a short time!"

Sonic says, "It doesn't matter now! What matters is that we grab the rest of the fighters, and get out of here!"

Tails looks down on the ground in despair. He can only imagine how much planning the Rock Bottom Freedom Fighters did that went to waste. But that's nothing, he tells himself, to what will happen if he gets caught. Knuckles decides to contact Sally's group.


"No, don't arrest me! I like being alive! I don't want to be turned into a robot!"

Sally, surprised, merely says, "I'm not working for Triton."

Squidward, realizing that she's telling the truth, breathes a sigh of relief.

"I'll take it you're the spy." Sally takes his hand, and pulls him up off the ground.

"I was," he says, stretching his leg-tentacles, "Until I got found out. Now I'm a fugitive. And since Patrick is here (unfortunately), that means you're here rescue me... What's your name?"

"Sally Acorn, Princess of the Kingdom of Mobius."

The octopus gasps, "Princess Sally Acorn!? If i had know you were royalty, Your Highness, I would've been less blunt in my conversation with you! Squidward Tentacles, at your service!"

"But you're an octopus, Mr. Tentacles," Cosmo states politely, "Not a squid!"

"If I had a sand dollar for every time I heard that..."

Fiona's communicator beeps, indicating a message.

"This is Knuckles. Mission failed, time to bug out!"

Fi responds, "I would ask what went wrong, but right now we're caught in a trap. An AI countered NICOLE and locked us in here. Fortunately we found our mole, so this isn't a complete mission failure."

"I don't know how to... Hey!"

"What Nicole needs is a power boost," Sonic interrupts, "Try a Power Ring!"

"Won't that overheat her?"

"Not if everything goes alright!"

Patrick, who is hearing all of this, is confused, and asks, "What's a Power Ring?"

Sally explains it to him, "A Power Ring is a concentration of Chaos Energy. It can be found in Lakes of Rings. Using it can offer you a power boost, which can come in handy right about now!" Sally pulls a Power Ring out of her back pack and places it on Nicole's handheld.

Nicole is screaming as she struggles to get out of her digital chains.

"Oh, stop struggling!" Karen says, "It'll hurt less!"

"Sorry, but I don't like the idea of working for Eggman!" Just then, a golden aura surrounds Nicole. "Okay, this I like!"

"Huh?" The aura dissolves the chains, and Nicole unleashes a wave a energy that drives Karen off. "This won't be the last you see of me!" NICOLE wipes her avatar's brown, and sighs in relief. She goes to reroute the power only for Sally to interrupt her.

"It's too late Nicole, unlock this door so that we can get out of here!"

"We failed the mission? But, how?"

"I don't know the details, we can talk about it at the base." Nicole unlocks the door to the computer room. Sally takes the Ring off her handheld and ejects her from the mainframe.

"Okay, Knuckles, we'll meet you at the teleportation room!"

"Good. I'll inform the others."

Meanwhile Once Again

Sandy Karate chops Dennis, but he just shrugs it off.

"Take this, you one eyed snake!" Bunnie says, punching Hunter. This causes him to fall to the ground, though he just gets back up. "Okay sugah, got a Plan C?"

Antoine, while dueling Cromwell, replies, "No, but if we keep this up, we should be able to take them down." As soon as he says that, 50 Robians come marching into the room, "Mon Dieu! You have got to be kidding me!"

Just then, Rotor gets a call from Knuckles.

"Mission Failed. Meet us at the Teleportation Room."

"That explains the Robians," Rotor says, "Time to retreat!" Sandy, Antoine, and Bunnie follow Rotor through the hallways. Dennis and the other Robians chase after them. Cromwell and Hunter are prevented from joining them by Dr. Finitevus.

"Our priorities are with the Chaos Emerald!" He pulls out a Warp Ring. Together, they all go through it.

"If they don't get here soon, does that mean we have to leave without them?"

"They'll be here, Spongebob, trust me!" Tails inserts a Power Ring into the teleporter, powering it on. Just then, the other Freedom Fighters come into the room, with Antoine's team running.

"Teleport us now!" Antoine is on his knees begging. "There are fifty Robians on our derrière!"

"Okay!" Tails pushes a button, then walks into the teleporter. The other Freedom Fighters join him, and they are teleported out. Dennis and the Robians come running into the door. He sees that the power meter is too high, as caused by the Power Ring.

"Get out! It's going to explode!" They all run away from the room, which blows up, covering the Freedom Fighters' tracks.

They emerge in the Trench of Advanced Darkness, where a submarine is waiting to take them back to base.

One Boring Return Trip Later

"...Fifty Robians!?" Larry shouts in utter disbelief, "How? There's no way they could have roboticized that many people in such a short time!"

Squidward clears his throat, and beings to speak, "Plankton said that he invented a Mass Roboticizer, capable of Robticizing dozens, if not of hundreds Mobians! I would have told you about that detail, but then Plankton wanted to ask me about lunch, catching me red handed. I had to deactivate my communicator to prevent the enemy from finding our base, and promptly fled the scene. If I hadn't gone to the computer room, I might not be here right now?"

"But that's not where the distress signal came from! Unless..."

"Oui," Antoine says, "They stole the beacon and used it to lure us into a trap. We had to flee, unfortunately..."

"And obviously Sally's team failed to shut off the power. What went wrong there?"

Sally explains it to him, "A program managed to incapacitate Nicole."

"No," Nicole says through her hologram, "Not just a program. I encountered a another creation of Project Mega Drive!"

"Project Mega Drive!?"

"It was an experiment to see if a sapient A.I. could be created. I was a creation of Phase I, which involved using brain scans to emulate the brain of a Mobian. Karen was a creation of Phase III, which involved creating them from scratch."

"Well then, I guess that's a mission failure." Larry bangs his fists down on the table, "But our partnership isn't over yet! We still need to find the Chaos Emerald! Squidward, did you get any clues on where to find it?"

Squidward holds his head in thought, then replies, "When Plankton told me about the Mass Roboticizer, he told me that it needed a lot of energy. He said that the only energy source that could consistently power it was Chaos Energy... Aha! Plankton must be using the Chaos Emerald to power the Mass Roboticizer!"

"Yes, of course!" Larry pops his head out of the room and yells, "Mrs. Puff, fire up the Chaos Energy tracker, and aim for The Kraken! I have a feeling that we're on to something!" Mrs. Puff activates the tracker and points it at where the Mass Roboticizer should be. It detects Chaos energy coming from a line. It then traces this line until it shows a message: Chaos Emerald detected. "Great! Now it's time to scout out the area."

"Meep meep, I'm heading to the area," An anchovies enters a submarine and drives to the area where the Chaos Emerald is, "Meep meep, everything looks clear.": Just then, the currents star to pick up, "Huh? Meep meep, I'm getting some turbulence... Meep meep, I see the area, it's Badnik Factory Alpha, meep meep." As soon as he said that, a whirlpool surrounds the factory, trying to suck him in. "Ah, meep meep! It's not clear, it's not clear, meep meep! Ahhhh!" The submarine is sucked in, and shot out far away from the factory. "Meep meep, meep meep, returning to base, meep meep!" The Freedom Fighters, who were watching the whole thing through a screen, gasp collectively. Spongebob goes running off to his room.

"A freedom fighter vehicle nearly reached this Badnik Factory, your highness." Man Ray is reporting to Triton. "But they didn't make it inside."

"I don't care man," Triton says, "If they can get it, then they will get in."

"Fine then, I will double our efforts!"

Spongebob is sulking to himself in his room, "Oh, this is hopeless! There's no way we can get the emerald! This can't be happening, we can't lose this!"

"Who told you we were going to lose?" Spongebob gasps, and turns around to see Mr. Krabs standing in his doorway.

"Mr. Krabs? what are you doing here?"

"Just came by to see how me crew is doing."

"You don't mean..."

"That's right! You're looking at the leader of the Rock Bottom Freedom Fighters!" Spongebob's eye wide in amazement. "You actually thought I was working for Plankton? I was mooching off of him! His money went into helping build this base, because I sure as heck wasn't going to fund it! *argargargargargarg*!"

"This is wonderful! But there's still one problem, how are we going to get through the whirlpool?"

"Larry told me about that one... I have an idea that is sure to work, or my name isn't Eugene H. Krabs!"

Man Ray is briefing the Mobius Suppression Squad on their assignment.

"The Freedom Fighters could be here any minute, and I want you to make sure that they do not take off with the Emerald!"

Meanwhile, Mr. Krabs is doing the same thing to the Freedom Fighters.

"Alright, listen up! We want the Chaos Emerald, and by Neptune, we're going to get them!"

"The Whirlpool generated by the Emeralds power will offer us protection, but it's only a matter of time before they find a way through!"

"We're going to put you into torpedoes, and blast you right through the whirlpool!"

"This factory is divided in three. That gives us three squads of three men to defend them! Plus me, of course."

"There are three torpedoes, each able to carry four people. Yes I know that means we have giant, hallowed out torpedoes laying around. Don't ask where we got them.

"Team one will defend the docking area. This leads to the power room!"

"Team one will land in the docking area. There you will find an elevator to the power room."

"Team two will stay with me in the control room. The power room is right behind us!"

"Team two will crash into the control room. It has a door that leads to the power room."

"Team three will head to the assembly room. This is directly above the power room."

"Team three will crash into the assembly room, then fall right down to the power room!"

"If need be, I may leave you. Only I know how to operate the power room."

"As long as there's one person from each team in the control room, all we be fine. Make sure that Happens!"

"Just remember, above all else..."

"And try not to forget this one last piece of advice..."

Mr Krabs and Man Ray say this at the exact same time: "Don't Give up!"

The Freedom Fighters run off into the torpedoes. They are then placed inside three underwater cannons. These cannons then target three specific places in Badnik Factory Alpha. The cannons fire, sending the Freedom Fighters hurtling towards the factory, and hopefully, the Blue Chaos Emerald. The whirlpool kicks up, but the torpedoes just blast through it with no problem what so ever. The torpedoes then crash into factory, sending the Freedom Fighters on their way.

Team One lands in the docking area. They run towards the elevator that will take them to the core, but are stopped by their Suppression Squad counterparts, except for Sandy, who manages to run forward on her own. She then enters the elevator, and goes to the power room.

Team two crash lands in the control room. They pop out of the torpedo, and meet Team Two of the Suppression Squad.

"Ah!" Man Ray says, "If it isn't Patrick Star! I sure do remember the time we had together, with the boxes, and your wallet..."

Patrick tries to think about it, but says, "That wasn't my wallet..."

"It was too, and if you weren't so unintelligent... I do apologize, that doesn't matter now. What matters is that I protect the Chaos Emerald, and you don't get it! And since there's only ten of us and only twelve of you..." Man Ray then proceeds to run into the power room.

Sally, pointing in his direction, says, "Patrick, follow him! If we're lucky, it'll be three on one!" Patrick runs after Man Ray, while the others stay and fight.

Team three lands in the assembly room. Mobini are being placed into badniks. But the heroes don't have time for that, so they keep running. Their Squaddie counterparts catch up to them, but since the strangler is busy seeping the floor of The Kraken, Spongebob is able to reach the edge, which will lead him to the power room.

"Well, here goes nothing!" He jumps off, pulling open his parachute. He then floats down into the power room... until his parachute breaks, sending him falling down, screaming all the way.

Man Ray races to the power room. The elevator doors open up, and Sandy steps out. Man Ray runs pat her, and she follows, while Patrick follows as well. Man Ray makes it to the power room, then hears someone scream. Sandy and Patrick catch up to him, and get ready to fight. Patrick looks up to see who is screaming.

"Oh, it's Spongebob!" Spongebob then lands on him. They both get up, and get into fighting stances. Spongebob rushes forwards, and chops Man Ray. Sandy follows that up with a kick. Man Ray just shrugs it off and blasts them with his Man Ray ray-gun, pushing them back. Patrick throws a rock at him. Man Ray laughs at him.

"Is that the best you can do? No wonder you're useless!"


"If you weren't so stupid, maybe you could of thought of something better!"


"Just give up and let me blast you, Tubby!"

"Tubby!?" With that, Patrick stomps over to Man Ray, grabs him by the foot, yells, "Nobody calls me Tubby!" and begins whacking him like a hammer.

"Well that was, ow, let go of me, ow, I'll get you for, ow!"

"Spongebob, the Emerald!" Spongebob runs to the power core. He pulls the Emerald out of it's slot.

"I did it! The Emerald is safe!" The entire facility then starts to shake. "That sounds bad..." Everyone exits the room. Everyone else hears it too. As they're leaving, Sonic frees all the Mobini, mainly Jellyfish and clams.

The Freedom Fighters meet up at a balcony, where they watch something big come up, a blue giant head with eight tentacles.

Plankton speaks through a speaker attached to the giant Badnik, "Did you really think that I would just leave you to take the Emerald? Octobot's the name! Getting the Emerald back and defeating you is it's game!" Octobot roars, and starts thrashing about it's tentacles. The freedom Fighters have to avoid them. Sonic runs to dodge them, but has to jump. Tails swims, and uses the tentacles to push himself away. Knuckles dodges, but slips up and takes a few hits. Fiona and Rotor uses the tentacles to push themselves away. Sally and Cosmo swim away, but try to come back. Bunnie and Antoine just dodge, without any real strategy. Sandy and Patrick try and punch the tentacles, to little effect (Sandy realizes this faster then Patrick). Spongebob tries to run away, but get caught almost instantly.

"Spongebob!" Knuckles yells to Spongebob, having figured out a plan. "Do you have the Emerald?"


"It can control water! Use that to destroy the Badnik!"

"No, don't swallow him, he has the emerald!" Plankton, having heard the conversation, tries to tell Octobot to put Spongebob down, to no avail. After putting Sponge in its mouth, currents start to appear around it. Eventually, these currents enter Octobot, and pulls it apart. Three clams escape from the wreckage, while Spongebob is pulled to safety by four jellyfish. Spongebob also catches a sea snail with a pink shell decorated with purplish-blue spots and a red spiral.

"Gary! Oh, when they raided our house I thought you were gone forever!"


"Don't worry, the base has plenty of room for you." Spongebob then lands on the balcony. "Now we just wait for the sub to take us back!" It arrives, right on cue.

"So you failed to keep the Emerald." Eggman is talking to the Suppression Squad over a computer. "This is a disappointment. But now is not the time for punishment. You should focus on making sure that they don't get the next Emerald! I'll send the co-ordinates to you, and then you can fly," The Mobian Suppression Squad leaves, leaving Plankton all alone. "As for you Sheldon, keep up the good work! I saw the Mass Roboticizer in action, it was Excellent!" The screen then turns off. Triton then enters.

"How'd it go, man?"

"He took it surprisingly well."

"Really? Alright! Now we can focus on other more important stuff!" Triton then leaves the room. Karen's green line appears.

"I still can't believe that Nicole managed to chase me off!"

"She probably just used a Power Ring, Karen. You were too powerful for her on her own!"

"But If I reprogrammed her, she could have lead us to the Freedom Fighters' Bases!" Plankton tries to tell her something, but can't think of anything.

"Just focus on finding more Amulet fragments and we'll worry about that later!"

Knuckles holds the Blue Chaos Emerald in his hand.

"One down, six to go!" While he's doing that, the other Freedom Fighters are congratulating Spongebob.

"You saved the day, Mr. Squarepants!"

"Darn tootin'!"

"If it weren't for you, we would have been Octopus chow!"

"Hey! I heard that!" Spongebob merely blushes.

"You can't give Spongebob all the credit," Mr Krabs and Larry walk into the room, "It was Knuckles's idea to use the Emerald!"

"And if it weren't for me crew and your crew, you would have been sent to Davy Jones's locker!"

"Now I think it's time to say some goodbyes, you need to get going if you want to make it to the Wampa Islands in time!" The Freedom Fighters then start to say goodbye.

"Bye guys," Spongebob goes first, "Thanks for all the help!"

"Happy Trails, partners! I hope to see you again!" Sandy then waves.

Patrick tries to say goodbye too, "Uh... I got nothing special to say, bye!" The Knothole Freedom Fighter then walk to the Sea-Plane. They get inside, and prepare for lift off.

"Flounder to Sebastian, come in Sebastian!"

"Sebastian to Flounder, we read you loud and clear, over!"

"Sebastian to Flounder, requesting permission to leave, over."

"Permission granted! Sebastian out. Until we meet again!" The sea-Plane then takes off, leaving Bikini Bottom behind. Soon it's out of the water, and is soaring through the sky.

The Freedom Fighters are on their way to the Wampa Islands, in the Continent of Trailius. Soon, they will be on the search for the next Chaos Emerald, and then the next one and the next one... But for now, all they can do is keep on flying, and think about what might come next!

The Tour Continues! Next Stop: Wampa Islands!

Next Time...

Wampa Islands! Home to wampa fruit, native humans, and a really big head! Dr. Neo Cortex rules this place with an Iron fist, and his Cortex Commandos! But as luck would have it, one of his Commandos to be is on the Freedom Fighter's side! Crash Bandicoot will aid the heroes in a team up of video game rivals! But Cortex won't just give away the Chaos Emerald... Can they get it! That is the tale for: Sonic Revolution X: Downunda! Three Cheers for Naughty Dog!

Ending song

Sonic is running through a nondescript city, searching for something. Tails follows close behind, flying by spinning his tails. Knuckles is on a floating Island, watching over a giant emerald. Scene from the chapter play in sequence. Sonic looks up and sees the sun. The rest of the Freedom Fighters join him, as the sun rises.