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For Fuck's Sake!

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"FUCK!" I screeched, tripping over the doorstep, face-planting into my home, my knee 

As I stumbled up and through the door, slamming it behind me and making sure it's locked, then toss my backpack onto the floor near the sofa which I promptly slump into, I groan.

This day could not get any worse...

First, I had been late.

Second, it had begun to rain and I hadn't brought an umbrella and my coat decided to rip so I was soaked.

Third, if I haven't pissed myself, the rain has touched my pussy more than anyone except maybe a doctor.

Fourth, I think I've scraped my knee because ow...

Muttering to myself about all the ways my life has become shit today and it's probably someone's fault or mine for not petting that cat, I leant my head back against the sofa 

Sometimes, I wish I were somewhere else entirely. Somewhere where I wouldn't have to give a shit who shagged which Kardashian or who had the weirdest dress at an awards show most people couldn't afford to buy a ticket to.

Too bad there's nowhere like that except Amishland and I'm not willing to give up my wi-fi...

Now what shall I watch?

Before I can make any decisions, my TV turns on without me touching anything; the Walking Dead theme screeching from the TV, ripping into my mind making me slap my hands over my ears.

Jesus, what did I sit on? The remote with the same controls as a freakish vibrator?

The Walking Dead theme begins to glitch, turning into a wail before what feels like a knife, digging between the layers of my skin and beginning to peel, rips into me and from behind my lungs I feel the pressure that squeezes so hard I feel myself fading away as my eyes shut.

"Where am I?"

When I opened my eyes, I was standing in a hospital. Only this was the sort of hospital where stupid teenagers roamed before they were ripped into by some fucking ghost or whatever. Paper was strewn everywhere and oh, would you look at that, there's a smear of blood on the wall like someone's vag has sprung a leak on their period.

If this is Outlast I swear to God... Not even in the mood to fuck any psychopaths today...

Taking a step forward I tripped on something trapped around my leg and once again my knee paid the price for my lack of grace.

Untangling my leg, I slipped my bag off my leg and onto my shoulders, laying against my back, and I slowly make my way through the place, the light flickering making me want to shit myself even more.

I apparently wasn't paying enough attention as my leg slammed into a bed in the hallway. So why doesn't it hurt as bad as hitting my knee on the floor?


"Nurse, help!" a man choked out from behind the door with the bed in front of it. "Nurse, help!"

Moving the bed out of the way, I opened the door to reveal a man in a hospital gown shaking in the fetal position on the floor, tubes in his arm connecting him to a machine.

Falling to his side, I can barely speak for the relief of finding another person in this shit-hole that's not an axe-murderer or a randy teen who basically advertises all of their holes for sale as well  so I wordlessly pull him free of the tubes, trying to be gentle when he winces shakily.

"Easy does it, easy does it," I mutter as I help him up

"W-Water," he rasps.

Supporting him with an arm around his back, his left arm over my shoulders, I walk him to the joined room which I assume is the bathroom and opened the door.

At the sight of the sink he launched himself off of me, collapsing against the sink. Turning on the tap, he began to swallow mouthfuls of liquid.

Out of the corner of my eye, I watched the open door, fearing for my life and now the life of my 'patient'.

For fuck's sake, why is this my life?