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In Another Time

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Levi shivered, wrapping his arms tighter around him, breathing hot breath into his palms to try and warm them up. It was the middle of the winter, the Scouting Legion was out on an expedition, but a storm hit them and they had to take shelter in the trees.

Levi was on the top of one of the trees, keeping a lookout for any titans that came their way.

“Captain” Levi blinked, looking over to where his title was called.

“Yes, Jaeger?”

The brat smiled, his cloak in his hands. “I was just coming to make sure you were alright. It’s freezing and you’re up here all by yourself”

“I’m fine”

Eren stayed silent, eyes raking down Levi’s body “You’re shaking”

“Like you said, it’s freezing”

“Here” Eren held out his cloak, bright smile on his face.

Levi was stunned slightly. “W-what about you?”

“I’m a titan shifter. My body is way to warm having one inside me all the time” Levi glared slightly. “I won’t get cold, unlike you”


Levi glared harder at the forest green fabric in the brat’s hands before he nodded, reaching out for Eren to hand it over. But the kid had different plans.

Eren walked closer and swung the cloak around Levi’s shoulders, standing uncomfortable close as he did up the button. Levi gulped, suddenly feeling hot. The captain kept his eyes forward, trained on how the  pale yellow fabric shifted over tan collar bones. Levi couldn’t help but pull his lip between his teeth to keep himself from licking the caramel skin in front of him.


“Captain” Levi blinked, realizing Eren had long done up the cloak but hadn’t moved an inch back, hands still on the raven’s shoulders.

“What?” Levi snapped, needed Eren to back up before something happened.

Amusement flickered in teal eyes. “You know what”


Levi final looked up, getting lost in the beautiful pools of blue, green and gold. He growled, shaking his head before glaring. “No, Jaeger, I have no idea what you want”

“You” The raven was taken back, sputtering over his words.


“I want you Captain Levi, and I know you want me too” Where the hell was the awkward brat I meet all those years ago? I guess he’s not much of a brat anymore. No, he was now nineteen years of age, not a single bit of baby fat on him, replaced with taut muscles. His hair was longer too and he always had it pulled loosely behind his head, long strands still covering his face most of the time.

“I-I don’t want you”

“Yes you do. I see the way you look at me, during training and my shirt is drenched in sweat and I have to take it off, or in the showers. You watch as I rinse soap off”


Grey eyes widened, cheeks flushing beautifully and he stuttered, not wanting to admit that what Eren was saying was, indeed, true. “N-no”

“Yes” Eren smirked, placing his thumb and pointer finger on Levi’s chin before lifting his face up. Levi gulped, shutting his eyes tightly when Eren leaned closer.


A sudden rush of insecurity and uncertainty washed over the brunet and he changed his course last second to kiss the ice cold, red nose.    

He pulled back, watching how his captain’s brows furrowed in confusion as he blinked his eyes open, looking embarrassed and unsure. His thin lips parted and he spoke in a whisper. “You missed”

Eren grinned before placing a gentle kiss on Levi’s lips.




Two days later, Eren finds himself tossing and turning in his bed at the Scouting Legion HQ. Not being able to sleep from the mixture of snoring from his roommates, and the want to kiss Levi again. They hadn’t been able to talk about what happened, Eren needed to leave right after the kiss so no one would become suspicious as to what was taking him so long, and they hadn’t been alone for the past 48 hours either, until now.


Eren sat up and pulled on his pants, deciding to shirtless and shoeless. He was slow and quiet walking to Levi’s office/room. If he was caught he would be in trouble and surely be punished.

Soon after, Eren found himself outside Captain's office, candlelight seeping from the crack under the door. The titan shifter pressed his ear to the door, not hearing anything but papers shuffling, he raised his fist up to rap on the door.

He heard Levi groan and a chair being pushed back. “I swear to fuck, Eyebrows, you just gave me this paper work, give me more than a hour to go over everything” The door was yanked open, revealing a pissed looking Levi, but his expression changed to shook when Commander Erwin was not the one smiling at him.

“Hello Captain”

“E-Eren?” Levi’s eyes moved down Eren’s body, staring intently at perfectly sculpted abs. It’s nothing he’s never seen before, abs, he had a nice pair of his own, but something about that delicious v-line made Levi weak. “Wh-what are you doing here? It’s past curfew, you should be in bed”

“But I needed to see you” Eren stepped into the office, pushing past Levi. The raven choked slightly, shutting the door on impulse.

“Eren, you can’t be here”

“Why not?”

“Because” Levi groaned. “Because you can’t. If we get caught-”

“Caught doing what? We aren’t doing anything wrong. Yet” In one quick movement, Eren had Levi pinned against the wall, pressing his lips to the others, doing the thing he’s been craving since their first kiss on the tree.

Levi’s eyes fluttered closed, melting beneath those lips, wanting more. A whine escaped the raven when Eren pulled away, but it was quickly replaced with a moan when those lips pushed against his neck.

“E-Eren. Stop” Levi pushed at the brats shoulders until he moved back.

“What’s wrong?”

Levi looked exasperated. “This”

“There’s nothing wrong with this”

“There’s a lot of things wrong. Let’s name a few, shall we?” Levi pushed Eren further away. “One: I’m your superior officer. That’s illegal. We could both lose our military status Two: If the Military Police find out, they will think I’m going easy on you, and we can’t have that” Levi sighed. “Three: We’re both men. Homosexual relationships are viewed as wrong, and we could be executed for it”

Eren glared at the candle flickering on his desk. “That’s stupid. There’s nothing wrong with loving someone, the gender shouldn’t matter”

“I agree” Levi sighed.

Eren seemed to be thinking for a bit, before grabbing Levi’s arm and pulling him into his chest and kissing him deeply. Levi struggled only for a second before going limp in Eren’s arms, kissing back.

They pulled away slowly, not wanting to stop. Eren gently stroked Levi’s cheek. “I’m willing to take that risk if you are” He smiled softly. “I’m tired of keeping my feelings inside me. I just wanted you to know how a feel, in case something happens”

“Nothing’s going to happen”

“You don’t know that”

Levi blinked at him for a moment, before looking down at his feet. “I-I like you Eren” The brunet beamed. “But...we can’t let anyone know about us. It could kill us”

“No one will know” Eren leaned back down to kiss him.




The next few months were filled with the two males meeting in secret. Nothing happened between them, nothing more than making out and wandering hands. They never had time for anything else, always to scared of being caught. But they both wanted more, and they had plans to once the war was over and they retired from the military. They talked about getting a small cottage by the ocean side.

It was a dream that was most likely not going to be fulfilled, but it was something to fight for.  

The Titans would never be defeated. Or so they thought.


It was just after Eren’s 20th birthday, about a month or so, that the last Titan was defeated, and the humans were free.

It was a long, horrible battle, many lives were lost, both soldier and civilian, but humanity won. They pulled through and stood tall in victory.

That’s where all the survivors were. Inside wall Sina, celebrating their win. It was the first time anyone but Eren as seen Levi smile.

Cheers and music could be heard all around the square. People dancing and yelling in joy. For once, Levi didn’t mind the screams and people surrounding him. This was a cause for celebration.

He looked around the square. Eren was standing with his friends, or, the ones that made it. Sasha and Jean were not among them, having died protecting others. Sasha sacrificed herself for a mother running with her newborn. Jean was protecting Eren’s titan.

Levi looked at his shoes, sorrow filling his heart at the remembrance of his fallen squad members. Then he looked up towards the sky, a proud smirk on his face. Their deaths were not in vain, they got us here and we would live for them.     

“Here Shorty” Hanji came up to him, a mug of ale in their hands. “Drink up, we won” Levi rolled his eyes but drank the alcohol given to him.

Commander Zachley then walked to the stage, clearing his throat and raising his hand. Everyone fell silent. “We won” He smiled. “After over a century of fighting, we won” The crowd cheered. “Every last titan is gone” More yells. “Except one” Everyone’s happy mood turned confused. “There is still one titan left” Zackley’s eyes roamed the crowd. “And he’s standing right in this courtyard”

No. Levi thought.

“Eren Jaeger, I hereby sentence you to death, for being a Titan” He slammed his mallet down on the podium. “Take him away”

No. The ale fell from Levi’s hands and he turned towards were Eren was to see three guards leading the young man away. “No”




“They can’t do this” Mikasa yelled, slamming her fist into the stone wall of the dungeon. “You’re a war hero!” She glared at the bar keeping Eren out of reach. The brunet was sitting on the floor near the bars, Armin was clenching his hand.

Levi was leaning against the wall, arms folded, much like how they first met. He wanted to kiss the brat, hold him in his arms, but no one knew about their relationship. “Hanji is talking to Zachley now. They’ll convince him to change his mind”

Mikasa snapped her glare towards the captain. “Why are you even here? It’s not like you care about Eren anyway” Levi knew she was only saying these things because she was angry and needed an outlit, but her words still stung.

“I’ll have you know, Ackerman, that Eren is still my subordinate, and he is still under my supervision, and news flash sweetie: You’re not the only person in the world that cares about him” Mikasa just stared at him. She then rolled her eyes and turned away. Levi scoffed. He didn’t need this.

He walked past her, ready to leave but Eren’s voice stopped him. “Levi, where are you going?”

“I need some fresh air”

“Don’t leave” Levi glanced over his shoulder. “Please, I want to spend as much time with you while I can” Eren reached his hand out to Levi as far as he could. “Please, don’t leave”

Levi looked at the outstretched hand and then the the pleading green eyes he’s grown to love. Without another word, he turned and walked to Eren, ignoring the other two in the room and grabbed Eren’s hand and sank to the floor, dirt be damned.  

They looked at each other for a moment, Eren’s thumb rubbing soothing circles into Levi’s hand. Levi smiled softly, it should be him comforting the brat, not the other way around. Levi looked down at Eren’s lips and wanted nothing more then to kiss them.

But before he could act on his want, Hanji walked in, looking grim.

“Well?” Mikasa asked.

Hanji sighed, looking at their feet. “He wouldn’t budge. No matter what I said, he didn’t care” They looked up. “Eren is to be executed by hanging at dawn.”

Mikasa fell to her knees, Armin started sobbing, and Levi just stared at Hanji, tears blurring his vision. A pair of warm hands grabbed Levi’s cheeks and turned him towards the owner. Eren leaned in and kissed Levi through the bars. A single tear escaped when Levi closed his eyes. The kiss didn’t last long, but it was the last they would ever have.

Eren made sure he had Levi’s eye contact before speaking. “I love you” Levi blinked, shocked. They had never said I love you before. It was implied in other things they said, like ‘be safe’ or ‘get some sleep’ but never once did they actually say it.  

Levi couldn’t stop the tears now and shook his head. “No. No no nonononono” He stopped moving his head to look at Eren. “I won’t let you die!” And with that, he left the dungeon, ignoring Eren calling after him.




Levi hadn’t shown up the rest of the night, leaving Eren to feel alone. Armin and Mikasa didn’t leave his side all night, but he felt rejected. He took Levi leaving as a sign of breaking up with him.

The trio didn’t sleep, just held onto each others hands. All too quickly, Military Police came with shackles. Eren let them cuff him and lead him away without fighting. What was the point, it would just prolong the inevitable.


One guard opened the door and the morning light barely lit up the courtyard he was at only a day prier. The air was chilly, it looked like it rained last night, how fitting. Eren kept his eyes on the noose as he was lead to it. He took a deep breath before climbing the small set of stairs.

The executioner grabbed his arm and lead his to the middle, over a trap door and slipped the rope around his neck.

He stared at the crowd, some looked happy, other’s heart broken, other’s even scared. Why were they scared?

“Today is the day humanity will truly be free from the Titan’s” Zachley’s voice spoke behind Eren. “Eren Jaeger, we thank you for your service, but this is how it must be” Eren rolled his eyes. “Now, does anyone have objections?”

“Yes” Levi climbing onto the stage, back straight and intimidating.

Zachley sighed. “And what would that be, Captain Levi?”

“You can’t kill Eren. He doesn’t deserve it. We would still be at war if it wasn’t for him”

“He is a Titan, there for, he is dangerous. I am not jeopardizing millions of lifes for him.”  

Levi swallowed. “Then you’ll have to kill me too” The crowd gasped.

“No, Levi” Eren struggled against his bounds for the first time.

“I can not kill you Levi. You are humanity’s strongest soldier, a hero amongst us, you don’t deserve to die”

“You’re right, I am a hero, but so is Eren. I don’t deserve to die, neither does Eren, and neither to they” He gestured behind him and almost all the Survey Corps members saluted. “You have to kill us if you want to kill Eren”

“Eren saved my life!” Someone held.

“He saved us all!”

“He killed the last titan, you can’t kill him!”

Eren smiled. These people were standing up for him. “How evil of you Levi. Using your status to control them” Zachley tsked.

“They are here because they want to fight for him, because they are willing to die for their comrade. I am not controlling them.”

Eren turned to Levi, to see him saluting, glaring up at the old man. “You do realize I can just kill Eren.”

“Then I’ll kill you”

Zachley laughed. “Sure.” He was silent for a moment. “Are you all willing to die for this monster?” No one moved. “Fine” Zachley motioned for the gunmen to aim their weapons. “Only kill those standing. Start with the blonde boy up front: Fire!” The gun shot rang through the yard.

Eren snapped his head forward. Mikasa was standing there, still in her salute, blood splattered over her left cheek. Armin was gone. “No!” Eren screamed.

“Fire at will!” Zachley yelled, and rifles were fired off. Blood splattered everywhere, bodies fell to the ground. “No!” Connie was gone, Hanji was gone, Mikasa. Everyone.

“No!!” I didn’t want this, I didn’t want them to die for me.

“Why is Levi still alive? Kill him! And kill Eren!” Eren snapped his head towards were Levi was standing.

The raven turned his tear filled eyes towards Eren, a breathtaking smile on his face. “I love you too” Blood splattered as the bullet came in contact with Levi’s hip.

“NO!!” The lever was pulled and the trap door beneath Eren’s feet opened. The brunet’s neck snapped and then nothing.