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BioShock x Reader Collection

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"What was that even supposed to be? You could've gotten really hurt!" (Y/N) yelled, throwing her arms up in the direction of the man who had just leapt off a sky-line, almost landed on the person he was supposed to be protecting, and shooting blindly as if it was useful at all.

Elizabeth pretended not to hear her friends outburst, and continued to look around for anything useful.

Booker on the other hand slouched against a wall and looked a little bit annoyed as he reloaded his rifle. "I'm fine though, aren't I? Elizabeth's fine, you're fine. I got it done."

(Y/N) cocked her head to one side briefly. He was seemingly always doing stupid things that would hurt him. "And you couldn't have a bit more of a instinct as far as self preservation goes?"

It wasn't that she didn't trust him. She had no other choice but to do so, at least at first and over time it had become easier to do so. No, she simply worried for him as much as she did for Elizabeth, who was her dearest friend.

It was stupid to admit, but she liked him, even without knowing much about him. Booker was the one getting them out of this flying garbage heap, anyways and they couldn't afford to lose him.

"Why do you care? As long as I'm still alive, I'll get you out of here. One stupid move isn't going too change that, you know."

As much as she wanted to say on that topic, (Y/N) had suddenly gotten a much better idea than to continue to argue. So she ignored the question of "Why do you care?" and began to speak.

"How about we agree to all to things a bit more carefully from now on, and not let ourselves get killed unnecessary acts of stupid self-sacrifice?" she stuck out her hand, offering a shake.

(Y/N) swore she caught the beginnings of an eye roll but it looked like he soon thought better of it. "Fine," he grumbled and slowly put his far bigger hand in hers. She used to opportunity of his slight distraction to pull him forward and plant a firm kiss on his lips.

Thankfully, he didn't look angry. Surprised, yes. Annoyed? Perhaps a little bit, but not altogether unhappy. "I apologize," she whispered. She was not sorry. "I should've asked first."

He ran his free hand, the one with 'AD' marked on it, to run a hand through his hair. Was he blushing? She had made him blush, and that had brought her more pride than it probably should have. "Uh, well. Unexpected, but I didn't mind it."

Good, she thought, bring that she intended to do it again.