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The university's basketball team had a yearly tradition; a fundraising auction. It's simple really, the players fix themselves up, they stand on stage to be ogled by the people who are there whilst the mc gives an intro about them, then the bidding commences.

Yoongi, the new student who moved to this school just this year and a person who is also a part of the basketball team, did not know this.

Well, not until a few days ago.

He tried to get out of it, he really did.

(“Coach?! Is there really no other way that we can raise funds other than this?!” “It's tradition, kid. This is the final time we're going to talk about this, okay? Now, shut up and do 10 more laps! Go!”)

But it didn't really go so well.

So now, here he is. Waiting by the stage, since he was told he'd be the next one up.

Yoongi isn't gonna lie. He's kind of nervous. Part of it is how he feels uncomfortable just by thinking about the people who are gonna be looking at him once he gets on the stage, the other is insecurity like what if no one bids on him? That's gonna be so embarrassing. He'll probably crawl into a hole and die, if that does happen.

Before Yoongi can think any further than that, he gets nudged by someone behind him saying that it's his turn now.
So he breathes in and out for a sec then proceeds to climb up on stage.

Once positioned in the middle, Yoongi feels a little blindsided the the stage lights pointing at him. He blinks a few times to readjust then he glances to the crowd of people in front of him. He wills himself not to sweat or maybe puke, he needs to save himself from even more embarrassment if he does end up not getting bidded.

He knows he should probably do something to attract people to bid but he's so nervous he just stands there idly while he listens to the mc doing an intro about him.

“Our next gentleman that we have right here goes by the name Min Yoongi also known as the ace rookie, having transferred here just this year but is already one of our notable players. When he's not on the court though, he likes composing music, bath bombs, and taking his dog on walks.”

He hears some distant murmurs of the crowd.

“Shall we start then! Bidding starts at ten thousand won! Do i hear ten thousand won?”

It's quiet for just a few seconds before a female voice says, “Ten thousand won!” As she raises up her hand.

Yoongi looks towards her, not really recognizing her but he is somewhat thankful that at least someone bidded on him.

“Fifteen thousand won? Do i hear someone going for fifteen thousand?”

“Fifteen thousand won!” says another girl who Yoongi also doesn't know.

He hears the murmurs getting louder.

“Eighteen thousa-” the first girl was in the middle of saying when another voice, a deeper one than the last few said, “Twenty thousand won!!”

Yoongi glances around looking for the owner of the voice, his eyes widen a little bit to see that it's a guy who was bidding on him.

“Ooh! Twenty thousand! Anyone going for Twenty five?” the mc says into the mic while looking at the crowd in amusement.

“Twenty five!!” The first girl says again while waving her hand.

“Thirty!” the guy counters.

“Thirty five!!” the girl says now standing up.

“Fourty!” he shouts calmly.

“Fifty!!!” the girl has a little bit of a wild look in her eyes now, like she's taunting him to go any further than that.

A few seconds pass. The mc was about to ask if that's the closing of the bid but then the guy finally says, “A hundred thousand won.”

Yoongi's eyes widen more and he hears the crowd’s ooohs.

The mc then says, “Wow! A hundred thousand. Going once? Twice? Sold! To the guy with the orange hair!”