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How Could I Ever Do Anything but Love You?

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There’s a certain giddiness to every interaction after that night in Ochako’s room, and it’s a wonder no one else notices. Their hands are constantly brushing, teasing little touches whenever they stand next to one another in the presence of their friends. They constantly bump into each other, a weird way of being able to touch each other, blushing as they stumbled over half formed apologies, their friends watching on with exasperated fondness, just waiting for them to both get it together and finally admit their feelings for one another.

They find little alcoves and hidden spots to catch a few kisses and sweetly whispered words, trying to keep the kisses light and their hands still but it was so, so hard. And no one even seemed to notice anyways.

It became a pretty regular thing for them to sneak into the other’s room at night, sometimes just to talk or study, sometimes to fall into bed and explore each other even further. They would guide the other tentatively on what they knew they liked, hands threaded together as touches were led over self made trails. And they learned themselves as well, muffling gasps and small cries as discoveries were made and adventures were had.

It also became regular to stay just a bit too long, falling asleep wrapped around one another and having to skillfully find a way to make sure none of their classmates noticed anything going on. It almost became like a training exercise, sneaking out of the other’s room in the mornings while everyone stumbled around getting ready, staying hidden as best they could.

They were high off the rush of it, the pleasant feelings and sheer joy that came with what was forming between them.

Of course, it all had to be end somehow.

They were pulled out of training in the gym one morning by Aizawa, who gruffly told his class that they had a mandatory health class, which he had previously not told them about. Everyone sat in their seats, still in their training gear, confused and unsure about what was going on as they watched Recovery Girl shuffle into the room.

Their teacher stood before his desk and looked down at them, the look in his eyes stern and unnerving as they waited for him to speak, eyes flicking between the two heroes.  “During the first year of our dorms, several students got in trouble for… Visiting one another’s room, but none of us are here to police a bunch of teenagers’ love lives. Which is why the,” The teacher grimaced now, showing his own discomfort with the topic, “Sexual education classes have become much more in depth.”

Immediately, everyone groaned, sinking into desks and whining as they all became very, very uncomfortable.

He stared the mortified teens down, frowning disapprovingly as they sunk down beneath the weight of his glare. “You are both going to sit through this class and if you bring your relationships into the classroom it will be instant detention. Am I understood?” He questioned. His students quickly and almost violently nodded.


And so the next hour went, the little old lady going over in detail and with plenty of pictures exactly what they could expect from sex, any diseases, and potential pregnancies.

There were a lot of pictures, each worse than the last.

They were let out after about an hour with pamphlets and instructions to come back to her with any questions, and the teens could barely make it down the hall before collapsing from the horror of what had just unfolded.

“That was mortifying .” Ochako squealed, burying her face into her hands. Izuku made a sound between an agreement and a scream, eyes wide and face so red he looked like he was about to explode. “I just… Ah!” She shivered, making a few sounds of disgust as she remembered the slideshow in all of its vivid detail.

“If anyone touches me I with throw up , I swear.” Toru spits out, and several people groan in agreement.

“We need to… Go put all of this in our rooms.” Iida haltingly said, more than a little thrown off by what had just happened. They had a few more minutes before classes started up again so they took the opportunity to quickly hide everything in their rooms, careful not to get too close to one another as they ran to their rooms taking a moment once they were alone to freak out a little bit.

For the rest of the day Ochako and Izuku were more distant with each other than they had been in months, careful not to even stand too close to one another or be left alone in the same room together.

That night they both went to bed feeling miserable and uncomfortable.

Ochako couldn’t seem to fall asleep, lying there remembering the awkwardness of the day and how she and Izuku couldn’t even seem to look at one another now. She worried it would continue, that for some reason now this would be where she was stuck, unable to even look at her boyfriend because sure, they’d been fine as they were, they’d been happy, but having this shoved into their faces...

She rolled over onto her side with a sigh and through the light coming through her curtains she could see the peek of a corner of one of her pamphlets peeking out of the desk drawer she had sloppily shoved them into.

A weird curiosity overtook her, fueled by uncertainties and lack of sleep, and she found herself pulling all of the papers out and going over them, forehead scrunched up as she looked them over.

Everything was clinical, which helped, and there were things explained that she’d had some questions on, sure. But, recently in her head  sex had become inevitable and more than a little anticipated as they had become closer and closer. But they’d been racing toward everything in their relationship with little mind to anything else, and maybe they should take a breath. Maybe they should talk it over.

She takes a deep breath and as quietly as possible opens her window, slipping out and keeping it open just a crack, taking a deep breath as she jumped up, becoming weightless with a thought, keeping a hand on the building to guide her as she floated up to his window, tapping lightly on the glass and hoping that she wasn’t waking him up.

He came to the window in a too big hoodie and sweatpants that looked incredibly comfortable, hair a little more messy than usual, a little nervous as he could barely meet her eyes.

“Hey.” She whispered, and a small smile quirked his lips.

“Hey.” He whispered back, stepping  away to let her in. They stood there for a moment, awkward in a way they haven’t been with each other in a while.

“I think we should talk… About stuff.” Ochako muttered, shyly peering up at him.

“Y-Yeah.” He agreed, turning and fumbling with the pamphlets that were laid out in an unorganized pile on his messy bed, so he had obviously been doing the same thing as she had been doing.

“We’ve never…” She hesitated, sitting on the edge of the bed, toying with the edge of a pamphlet about birth control. “We’ve never really talked about what we’re doing.”

“What do you mean?” He asked, sitting beside her, though a little farther away than he usually did.

“We’ve been dating for over half a year now and we haven’t even told any of our friends. Are we going to?”

Izuku laughed a little, somewhat strained. “It’s been really funny keeping it hidden from them, kind of like a game, but now… They’re probably going to be pretty mad at us for keeping it from them for so long, right?”

“Probably.” She agreed, wincing a bit at the thought.

“But there’s still a part of me that likes that this is just between us. I think that if we tell them we’ll have less time together and that they’ll expect stuff from us. I don’t want that to happen.” He muttered, blushing. She couldn’t help her fond smile.

“I agree. But I still think that we should let everyone know. I don’t think we really need to hide, you know?” She prompted, and he nodded. “And then, um,” She flushed, feeling herself start to get a little overwhelmed but she tried her best to control it, focusing on staying grounded. “Sex.” she finally blurted out, and they both went a deep red at the topic change.

“Yep.” Izuku squeaked, voice strangled by embarrassment.

“We’ve, ah, gotten close.”


“Do you… Are we comfortable? With that? Together?” She asked, and there was a few beats of thick and uncomfortable silence before Izuku managed to nod.

“I think…” He squeaked, voice a few octaves higher than usual, “ I know , that you make me happy. Really happy. It’s fun, being with you, and I really really like you. I… I have this future I imagine.” He says, tone turning a bit urgent and excited now that he knew what to say, turning more fully towards her, “I always have. It’s where I’m a hero that everyone can depend on and one who brings joy and safety to everyone under my protection. And then… I’ve never really imagined anything past that, but then… You.

His tone is almost reverent and she flushes, joy soaring through her veins in a way that was nearly painful with how amazing it felt.

“Over the past few months we’ve been together I’ve realised I only ever thought about being a hero and I’d never really been seeing anything about other parts of my life but now…” He hesitated, a small smile curling his lips as he peeked over at her, “When I think about it I always see you. Now you’re there, saving people and making the world a better place and then we’re just… Together. And I really want that.”

“I do too.” She whispered, smiling so big it made her face hurt, and their kiss felt good and right and perfect, sweet and brief.

They pulled back and Ochako stared at him a moment, taking in the nervous quirk of his lips and the happy shine in his eyes and the way she felt, in this moment, so full of joy that the future only seemed like a happy beacon calling out to her. Loving him, in this moment, felt like the beautiful inevitably she had been racing toward.

“I want to have my first time with you.” She told him quietly, linking their hands together.

“Me too.” He told her, wrapping her up in a big, tight hug that made everything feel right.



They plan carefully, both wanting so much to come of this, both wanting it to be as perfect as they could make it.

They both made excuses one weekend, Izuku saying he was going to visit his mother, Ochako saying that she was going to spend time with a friend and stay the night at her apartment. They’d booked a hotel room for the night, something small and simple, with good reviews and they they could both afford. They hadn’t wanted a love hotel, the entire concept and thought embarrassing. They’d wanted everything with this to be simple and pleasant and good .

They fumble through check in, the desk clerk giving the both of them exasperated looks, obviously knowing what they were up to. They stand exactly two feet apart as they ride the elevator, small travel bags held tight in their nervous hands, neither of them even able to look directly at the other.

The room, when they enter it, is small, a neat double bed with white sheets and a white comforter tucked up against the wall, a small bathroom connected with all of the necessities. The curtains on the window were opened to reveal the side of the building next to them and Ochako hurried over to close them, taking a moment to press her hand to her furiously beating heart in an effort to calm it.

“T-The room is nice.” Izuku stutters out, looking wildly around for a distraction. “Um, I wonder what channels the TV has!” He asked as he hurried over to the guide the hotel had provided, “They usually have some pretty good ones, so-”

He’s cut off by the gentle touch of Ochako’s hand on his shoulder, turning him around to face him, something about the look in her eyes taking his breath away as she cupped his face in her hands, careful of her fingertips.

“I want this.” She murmured, bringing their faces close together, “I’m nervous, but I do.” She admitted, shaking a little.

“I do too.” He whispered back, their breath mingling intimately between their close lips, eyes meeting in the most direct and open way they ever had. Their mouths meet and it’s slow, lips brushing tenderly long moments before they open to admit timid tongues that explore like it’s the first time all over again.

Their hands are slow to move, pushing jackets off shoulders to fall down to the ground, forgotten for the moment as they move slowly toward the bed. Shoes are kicked off without a thought as they move, and when they finally pull back to catch their breath it’s with Ochako laid out on the bed and Izuku held above her, arms on either side of her head and knees pressing into her hips.

She pushes him back far enough to slip her shirt up and over her head, dropping it off the side of the bed and watching with shuddering breath as he hurried to do the same.

They take in the sight of each other and were mystified.

Ochako was laying back, hair flared out on the pillow around her head like a halo, lips pink and eyes lovely as she drank him in, her chest moving quickly as she struggled to recapture her breath. Her bra was a pretty pink thing that lifted her breast like an offering, the small jeweled bow between the cups flashing at him as her chest moved. She wasn’t as ripped as some girls in their school, but the muscles of her stomach showed strongly, the fat at her hips soft and inviting, and her arms we nearly as defined as his own. He had to gasp desperately for breath in an effort to get himself back under control.

Ochako was having a similar problem as she took in the way his abs clenched at their position, his well sculpted chest calling out to her lips and hands like a siren’s song. His hair was a mess, as it always was, but something about it in this moment made her want to run her fingers through it, to see his eyes go heavy in that sweet sort of pleasure like they always did when she played with his hair.

She wanted to run her nails down his chest and back to watch him shiver in the way she had discovered he could do, wanted to turn them over and lay atop him, keeping all of him trapped here with her selfishly forever.

Instead she reached for the button of his jeans, flushing when he looked at her with wide eyes.

“We don’t exactly need pants.” She muttered, and he made a strangled noise of agreement, staying still to let her slowly fumble her way through the buttons and zipper of the garment. When she finally shoved them down he rolled away from her only long enough to kick the pants off and away, returning to their previous position before she could even begin to think about missing him over her.

Her mouth went dry as she took in the sight of him in only his black boxer briefs, his thick, strong legs revealed to her. She could see the bulge of him within and could tell he wasn’t fully hard yet, but was getting there. She was just reaching out to touch him, to run her palms down his chest and sides to feel him, when Izuku reached out to tentatively undo her own pants.

It took a moment longer to peel these off than his since they were a bit more form fitting, but for some reason that made it all the better as he slowly peeled her jeans down her legs, revealing the pretty pink lace panties she was wearing, a shade that didn’t quite match her bra, and the pale and delicious thickness of her thighs and then her defined calves, all the way down to her feet where she had painted her toenails a faint sparkly color.

It all made him ache and want to devour . He wondered, in that moment, how he could have ever wanted anything other than the girl beneath him. Food, sleep, water, it all seemed like such a stupid notion when compared to her in this moment.

He carefully cups her waist, running his hands over her soft skin as she began to do the same, and the soft plane of her stomach called enticingly to him, so he leaned down to begin brushing kisses over her there, feeling the strong muscles jump at that first touch.

She sighs beneath him as he explores, running her fingers through his hair and over his shoulders as he slowly moved up, pausing as he ran into her bra.

Since they almost always met up at night in one another’s rooms, she’d rarely worn a bra when they’d gone this far, and if they had it had usually been a sports bra. Never this delicate pink contraption.

“It clasps in the front.” She whispers, and he doesn’t want to ask her what that even means, so he takes a moment to trace his fingers over the garment in careful study, blinking when he realized that on either side of the little bow there were small hooks. He pulls at it experimentally, and blinks in surprise as the hooks slide free and her breasts are released in an almost dramatic manner that has his mouth going completely dry.

He pushes they cups aside and, after taking a calming breath, begins to trace his lips over the curve of her flesh, taking her nipple into his mouth gently. She sighed as he experimentally sucked -- they had only just started trying this act a few weeks ago, and both were still a little uncertain of how best to do it. With Ochako’s whispered instructions of, “A little harder,” and “Keep… A little more, okay?” He soon had the girl panting, gasping at the heat that built within her.

She tugged him up with the hands in his hair, sloppily pressing their mouths together and drawing the boy firmly on top of her, shivering as her damp nipples scraped against his chest. She shifted slightly, bringing him between her legs and pressing up, bringing one leg up to hook around him and press him into her. He groans as the hard length of him is pressed against her, simultaneously finding relief and feeling a building desperation as he rolled his hips into her.

He stroked his hands down her sides and paused just as his fingers touched the elastic band of her panties. He pulled back, panting as he flicked his eyes down to the barrier of her underwear and then back up to her’s, and he swallowed thickly at how her pupils were blown wide and how she looked so perfectly flushed and mussed.

“Should I?” He asked, and she nodded, lifting her hips so that he could slide the small slip of dampened cotton down her thighs, eyes wide as he took her in as she was revealed.

They’d always kept their underwear on as that very last barrier, for some reason both thinking that if they kept them on they were keeping themselves from making that next step. She hides her face in the crook of her elbow as she throws her arm over her face.

She’s beautiful, wide hips and thick thighs, pale skin and a small gathering of brown curls, some of which have become clumped together with her wetness.

“Can you show me how to touch you?” He croaked, holding one of her calves in his hand and stroking softly, and still hiding her face she nodded tightly, prompting him to press a kiss to her knee as she lifts her other hand to drift down to brush through the small curls above her core, fingers shaking as she slowly slipped her fingers between her lower lips to flick her clit, flushing down to her chest as she could practically feel her boyfriend’s eyes intent on her movements.

She bites back a sound when he carefully widens the opening of her legs to better see, and begins to move her fingers a little bit faster, hoping to distract herself from the embarrassment of the moment by instead focusing on the pleasure of it.

“Deku,” She whispered, finally lifting her arm off her face to blink down at the focused boy, feeling herself grow hotter and wetter at the intense look on his face, “You too. Show me.” She demanded, fingers focusing their strokes as he pulled away to slip his own underwear down, flushing as his dick sprung free from its confines, stiff and red, a bead of precome slipping down from the shaft as she watched.

He took that wetness and carefully spread it down his shaft, biting his lip and looking away for a few moments as he slowly began to stroke himself. She watched, mouth slightly agape as she heavily breathed, eyes wide as he fisted himself, taking in every twist of his wrist and every miniscule reaction.

She slips her fingers down and inserts one and then another, a small gasp at the slight stretch to it. They watched each other as they sought their pleasure, the moment building between them with every gasp and every moan.

Finally, finally , Ochako gasps and feels ready like she never had, anticipation overwhelming the nervousness that sizzled beneath her skin, and she wants more.

“Izuku,” She gasps,and the boy stutters at her use of his real name, “Where is the…?”

“Oh! Um, here!” He gasped, scrambling off the bed to grab his bag and dig through it, pulling out the box of condoms he had secretly bought in preparation for the night. He fumbled in opening it, leading to the box basically disintegrating in his over eager hands, small foil squares falling everywhere as the boy curses his luck.

Behind him, Ochako giggles, sitting up to watch as he fumbled to pick up a condom and then hurry back to her on the bed. She watches, curious, face red and breathing a little quick as he tore the foil package open and slowly rolled it on, face down but ears a violent red as he didn’t look at the girl before him.

There’s a moment where they aren’t quite sure how to proceed, sitting there just sort of staring at one another, but then Izuku carefully leans forward and they kiss sweetly, everything calming a bit as Ochako lays back, spreading her legs to let him between them as they continue to kiss, her arms around his neck, hands curled into fists so that she didn’t accidentally touch anything. He was hard against her stomach, the condom feeling like a strange, unknown separation between their skin.

He pulls back far enough to prepare himself, taking his dick in hand and breathing shakily as he shifted to press against her timidly.

“Yeah?” He croaked, and she nodded her head, spreading her thighs wider and taking a bracing breath as he pressed into her.

She winces a bit at the foreign stretch, wider than her fingers, longer as well. His hips stuttered with a whine as he pressed in too hard and too fast, causing her to gasp in discomfort.

“Sorry, sorry,” He panted, freezing hands gripping her waist tight enough to leave bruises, muscles tight and tense to keep himself still.

“It’s okay.” She whispered, lips twisting as she shifted, trying to get used to the feeling of of him inside of her. She closed her eyes and focused on the feelings of the invasion, foreign as it was. After a few moments of no movement her body seemed to realise that it didn’t actually hurt and she was able to force herself to relax, to settle into the new feelings.

Experimentally she clenched down, a lingering soreness still there that she easily ignored at the high pitched grunt Izuku let out at the tightness, smiling at the silliness of the sound.

“Alright,” She whispered, licking her dry lips and swallowing as she opened her eyes back up to take in the sight of the boy, the drawn lines of his face and the slightly pained quirk of his lips. It looked funny. “We can go now.”

He starts moving his hips, thrusts a little jerky as he gets used to the new sensations, face scrunched up almost as if he was in pain, hands fisted into the sheets on either side of her head and he panted and moved.

On one particular thrust he happened to grind into her clit a little on accident and Ochako gasped  at the pleasure lighting up her entire body from that single touch, reverberating so much more and with more power than whenever she had just touched herself. Having him inside of her and over her made that feeling seem to echo on and on and on and she wanted more.

Panting, she lowered her hand to begin to stroke herself again, biting of a groan when her fingers curiously sought out where they were joined and actually felt him there.

The pleasure built between them faster than it ever had before, so explosive that they were both shaking from the intensity of it, sweat beading on their bare bodies and mingling between them.

With her free hand Ochako reached out, hooking her elbow behind Izuku’s neck to bring him down to her, mouths meeting messily as they panted and gasped into the kiss, her legs circling around his hips as she began to try to roll up into his thrusts in time with him, fingers moving quickly as she raced toward the emerging end. He puts all his weight onto one arm and uses the other hand cup her face as they kiss, moaning into her mouth as the momentum builds toward infinity.

He’s the first to still with a groan, shivering as he finds his release, mouth open and face scrunched up in exquisite pleasure, breath hot and damp against her neck as he curls over with the power of the orgasm, and she follows a few moments later after she firms her strokes of her clit, a grunt let out as the feeling spreads throughout her body in waves of electric pleasure.

He rolls away to flop onto the bed next to her, breathing quick and ragged as he stares at her with wide, shocked eyes. She turns her head to face him, trying to catch her breath and calm her rabbiting heart beat, and something makes her smile, makes her start to laugh breathlessly despite how she’d been worried it would be too awkward. Despite the stringy strands of hair that were sticking to her sweat soaked face and neck and the soreness she could feel forming at her hips and thighs.

Izuku smiles brightly as she laughs, rolling close enough to press their faces together, and the joy of the moment is so overwhelmingly beautiful its what they’ll remember the most about the night years down the line.



They go back to the dorms the next day hand in hand, neither talking but more than content just being in each other’s presence. The air was fresh and clear, the sky was a beautiful shade of blue, and nothing could ever bring them down from the happiness they were both luxuriating in.

Not even as the glass of the bank they were passing shattered around the forms of two villains attempting to escape with their stolen loot, followed closely by the forms of two familiar heroes.

“Mesmerize and Lady Python!” Ochako stated, shocked, a bit of deja-vu in the moment. Neither hero noticed them, too focused on the escaping villains, and while they both had a moment of wanting to go after to see if they could assist, a loud wail from inside the bank had them quickly going in.

The security guard was laying on the ground clutching his bleeding side, and the tellers were crouched behind the counter, the customers remaining pressed up against the wall in fear despite threat being gone.

“Hello, we are here to help!” Ochako announced as they both smiled and presented their provisional licenses, “Does anyone need medical attention?” She asked as Izuku moved to the guard. They’d both taken first aid classes as an elective for the past two years, so they would be able to help until the EMTs came.

Apparently one of the villains could shoot ice like bullets, but had terrible aim because there were two people who had been grazed and weren’t bleeding too badly, one person whose ear had been shot, and then the guard, who was the worst off, though from the placement it seemed that nothing vital had been hurt. One woman had a sprained wrist from where she had caught herself badly when falling, but all around there was nothing too serious, and they were able to manage until the police and EMTs got there.

The two full heroes come back with the captured villains to a good amount of cheers by everyone gathered in the middle of Ochako and Izuku giving their statements to an officer, and Mesmerize is the first to notice them.

“Hey!” She exclaims, bouncing over to them, her long white ponytail and silver bodysuit making it kind of difficult to look at her because of the way the sun was reflecting off of her, “I remember you two! You looking for an internship or something?” She laughed.

“We just seem to keep running into each other.” Ochako said apologetically. Mesmerize winked at her.

“Well, that’s fine. Always nice to see you guys working hard to becoming full heroes. Thanks for the help again.” She studied them for a moment, taking in how close they were standing to one another like their own sort of gravity was pulling them into one another, and her grin turned sly. “And I see that you two figured everything out between yourselves.”

They’re in the middle of stuttering out objections or maybe explanations when Lady Python’s sharp voice called out for her sidekick to return to her side. “Congrats!” The girl called over her shoulder as she hurried away.

Blushing, they both finished giving their statements and were sent on their way with the gratitude of the police for their quick actions, walking silently the rest of the way to the UA dorms, and just as they were about to enter the building Ochako slowly slipped her hand into Izuku’s and gave him a small smile.

“It’s time, right?” She asked quietly, and he squeezed her hand back in answer, nodding nervously just before they both looked forward and stepped decisively into the building.

On their way up to their floor some people that knew them from other classes stared in shock or gave out congratulations as they took in their clasped hands, and they both blushingly gave their thanks in return.

Stepping onto their floor, it was a little underwhelming to see only Denki in the common area, drinking a sports drink as he watched some basketball game on the TV.

“Hey guys.” The blond absently greeted, and the two of them bemusedly returned the greeting. “How was… Whatever you did?”

“Good.” Ochako said, voice a little strangled and at too high of a pitch to be normal.

“Huh. Okay.” They boy muttered, slouching further into his seat. The duo shared a silent look, finding the situation more than a little bit funny, and both moved to go down the hallway when they were stopped by a loud shriek, and the turned hurriedly to see a set of floating clothes where the sound had come from.

“You guys!” Toru exclaimed, the clothes jumping excitedly up and down, “You guys !” She squealed, “You’re together! ” And then she was running up to them and pulling them into a hug, continuing to squeal excitedly into their ears as she jumped.

“What?” Denki questioned, turning to finally look at them and taking in their clasped hands with no small amount of shock. “ WHAT?”

Everyone who was in their room slowly came out and the process was repeated for each, some giving a simple congratulations and others taking a little bit longer to get out their joy or shock.

Mina and Toru were practically hanging off of Ochako, asking excited questions in a tangle of words and high pitched noise that the other girl couldn’t help but laughingly answer. Izuku had never been patted on the back as often as he was then, and he couldn’t help but laugh when Denki launched himself off the couch to tackle him, ruffling his hair as he exclaimed again and again, “I knew it! I knew it!”

Bakugo stood back from everyone, scowling a bit at the celebration, but when Ochako met his eyes for a moment, the girl grinning so hard it hurt and so happy she almost felt like she was going to burst, he gave her a brief, sharp nod.

“When did this happen? Who confessed?” Momo asked excitedly, and the couple went silent for a moment, eyes meeting in a silent conversation that the rest of the room watched intently, so excited at how that was such a coupley thing to do.

“Almost… Eight months now.” Izuku quietly admitted, and the entire room went silent, everyone staring at them in shock.

“Eight… Months?”

“Yes.” Ochako confirmed, ducking her head at the betrayed looks that earned her from her friends.

“Why would you hide your relation from us for this long?” Iida asked, unable to hide the hurt in his voice and his two closest friends winced.

“There’s… We wanted to figure everything out between us before we brought anyone else into the relationship.” Ochako admitted. “Neither of us were really all that sure what was happening so we wanted a little bit of time.”

“Yeah, okay, but eight months?!”Mina exclaimed, looking at the two of them with a mixture of confusion and betrayal. “I mean-”

“I think,” Shoto said quietly, “We should allow them to explain fully before we begin to judge them.”

Izuku shot him a grateful look and then, shooting a look at the now downcast Ochako, swallowed past the lump in his throat, and tried his best to figure out what he could say to make all their friends understand why they’d made the decision they had.

“Neither of us have been in a real relationship before,” He said quietly, looking down. Ochako had had a few boyfriends in middle school that hadn’t lasted longer than a few weeks and he hadn’t had anything, so they’d both been nervous because it was all so new. That, and their feelings for one another had become so overwhelming even before they had gotten together that everything felt that much more important.

“We wanted to take some time to figure everything out before we told you guys, and I guess we just got caught up in everything. We weren’t… We haven’t been actively hiding everything from you, I promise. We just didn’t want anything to change and we were worried letting other people know would do that.”

“Yes, alright, but did you have to wait eight months?” Iida asked, obviously hurt. The couple had nothing to say to that.

“Ah, who fucking cares?” Bakugo snaps, shoving past everyone to get to the kitchenette. “We’re not the ones in the stupid relationship.”

As he stomps away everyone takes a moment to take a breath and realise he had a point.

“We are sorry for not letting  you guys know sooner. I guess we just… Got caught up in everything.” Ochako said quietly, and everyone accepted the apology, though some were still a little peeved.

They’re sat down on the couch with everyone sitting around them, pressed almost uncomfortably together as questions are lobbed at them like attacks. They want to know where they went on their first date, all of the things they’ve done together as a couple, if they’d met each other's families, and little things like that. It was weird since everyone was watching them almost expectantly, over-reacting to every little move they made towards one another, at the way their arms were pressed together.

It was all a little overwhelming, but the couple did their best to pacify their friends by answering everything they were asked.

Though, thankfully Mineta had been kicked out only moments after the questions started.



Finally ,” Denki groaned as he happily flipped through the rack of swimming trunks, “After years of waiting we’re finally going on a class trip to the beach! What do you think about these?” He asked happily, practically shoving a neon orange pair of trunks into Jiro’s face.

“They’re very you.” The girl said flatly after swatting him away. She was one of the few who didn’t want to buy a new swimsuit, and somehow she’d been dragged with the shoppers and was now in the men’s section paying more attention to her phone than her classmates around her.

She’s brought out of her study of her phone at Mineta’s whiny groan, too close for comfort.

“Look at them,” He whined, and they looked to where the boy was pointing to see Deku and Ochako standing together looking through one of the racks, flipping through the trunks.

“I like this one.” Ochako mused as she picked out one pair, and Izuku made a disbelieving noise.

“I don’t know. Really? I was thinking something a little more…” He points to a rack a little ways away.

“Hm, yeah, but these have pockets. Plus, those are too long.”

“I don’t like my knees.”

I like your knees.”

They were both practically pressed up against one another, voices low and looking a little too comfortable with each other. They were radiating happiness and contentedness, and the fact that they were a couple was as obvious as it would have been if they’d had a giant neon sign above them.

It was both incredibly sweet and sickening for their classmates to see.

“When will I have someone like that?” Mineta wailed as he attempted to latch onto Jiro, hands going up toward her ass, though the girl stopped him with a swift kick to the gut that knocked him back several yards.

“Never if you keep acting like this.” Denki said, unsympathetic as the boy began his usual sniveling.

Not paying their classmates any mind, Ochako and Izuku wandered over to the changing rooms, too wrapped up in each other and their discussion on how pockets should be on everything to notice the ruckus.